Science By Consensus Means Politically Manufactured Science: EPA Ignores Inconvenient Scientists

Supposedly, the EPA follows the scientific consensus. But, of course, once the EPA has adopted an agenda, the chances they will change or reverse their policies because of mere scientists are pretty low. Like the CDC, the EPA effectively claims to be The Voice Of Science. They don’t just dictate to us what science demands, they also dictate policy and conclusions to scientists.

Right now, the EPA is moving to unilaterally mandate lower carbon emissions, despite the fact that the technology for following their orders is expensive and unproven.

The EPA released a proposal in September that would set emissions caps for new coal-fired power plants and would likely require the industry to use carbon-capture technology, which involves burying the carbon underground.

Critics of the proposed rule say the technology, which is still under development, is too expensive, not commercially available and poses safety risks.

The EPA’s mandate is based on a theory of global warming that is contrary to the facts, cannot be argued for on any evidence, and constantly making false predictions. To deal with this situation, The EPA seems for be following the model for handling debate. In other words, they are stifling and censoring divergent points of view.

Republican leaders on the House Science Committee are accusing the Environmental Protection Agency of disregarding science in its push to impose carbon dioxide limits on power plants.

Committee Chairman Lamar Smith, R-Texas, and 20 other Republican lawmakers sent a letter to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy on Thursday, claiming the agency has "muzzled" members of its independent science advisory board.


The lawmakers claim the agency is ignoring dissenting voices on its science advisory board, which recommended a review of the science underpinning the newest power plant rule.


“We are concerned about the agency’s apparent disregard for the concerns of its science advisors,” the lawmakers wrote. “Science is a valuable tool to help policymakers navigate complex issues.  However, when inconvenient facts are disregarded or when dissenting voices are muzzled, a frank discussion becomes impossible."

The idea that the EPA is some kind of honest appraiser of current scientific consensus is simply a myth. They are captured by politics and they are a means for politicians to capture scientists—to decide which opinions matter and to reward the compliant while they muzzle the independent voices.

They don’t base their policy on scientific consensus. The EPA manufactures consensus to fit their preferred policies. It is not about truth. It is about power and wealth.



3 thoughts on “Science By Consensus Means Politically Manufactured Science: EPA Ignores Inconvenient Scientists

  1. This is what happens when the legislature abdicates its power to legislate (write laws) to unelected, regulatory bureaucrats. Oversight isn't much good when your powerless to stop them.

  2. I wonder what the Dimocrats are going to do when they give away all of their legislative power and Congress becomes irrelevant.

  3. This is what every Agency, every Department and every Appointee of the Obama Administration has done as well on virtually every issue or Policy they attempt to put into place, but this has been done by many past presidential administrations as well. President Bush claimed enhanced interrogation techniques "Water boarding", or simulated drowning was lawful,as well as the PATRIOT ACT which strips the U.S. citizens of virtually every Right they have, this is Repugnant to the Constitution.
    The Supreme court decided that Obama Care was lawful because the Supreme Court said it was a tax under the Taxing Authority all the while, the Obama Justice Lawyers argued that Obama care was a Penalty, and not a tax, yet the Supreme Court is not authorized to make and pass laws, they are only authorized to decide the Constitutionality of laws passed by Congress.
    Since Justice Roberts is not a Congressperson his decision should have not been able to be used to make Obama Care the Law, not to mention the fact that Obama has been changing the so-called law of the land called Obama care by himself without the input of Congress almost daily, this is also not lawful for a President to do. A Presidents duty is to make sure all of the Laws are adhered to, not to change the laws at will. Is here a Lawful way to stop Presidents, and Supreme Court Justices from changing the laws or the wording of the laws to fit their political will?