First American Tyranny: We're Cool With That

Why President Obama hasn’t been physically dragged out of office at this point is one of those questions that will likely remain a mystery.

In case you missed it, Obama this week declared to his Cabinet that if Congress doesn’t do what he wants it to do, he will simply use executive orders to create and enforce any law he chooses.

Based on the silence from my many liberal acquaintances, the response to Obama from the Left is “so what?”

Obama repeated his declaration to the Democratic members of Congress, who then walked out of the meeting without talking to reporters.

Again, silence.

Did Obama talk too fast? Was he not speaking clearly?

For my hard-headed friends on the Left, let’s review: The president of the United States just declared that Congress is null and void as far as he’s concerned. Except for the fact that Congress will continue to burn through money like a hot knife through butter, and absent a formal declaration of dissolution, the Legislative Branch has effectively ceased to exist.

It’s still there in the sense that it occupies space, but that’s it.

Obama is acting like Jack Nicholson in “Mars Attacks”: “I want the people to know that they still have two out of three branches of the government working for them, and that ain’t bad.”

Except the invader here isn’t from another  planet or even another country. We’ve just witnessed a home-grown coup. (And one that many of us saw coming even before Obama’s first presidential victory.)

We are now living — officially — in a dictatorship.

So where’s the outrage?

Is Twitter so fascinating that you just can’t be bothered?

Grumpy Cat got your tongue?

Bill Maher didn’t make fun of it, so it hasn’t happened?

Is it the fluoride in the water?

Is it the legalized pot?

Or is it that after years of dumbing down public education, we are simply too stupid to realize what just happened?

Another review for the Left: The government derives its authority from the people. The Constitution is the contract that limits and defines what the government can do. The president under the contract is supposed to work with Congress and enforce the laws that Congress passes.

President Obama has just said he will not follow that contract he has with the people. He has broken the contract.

No Constitution, no presidency.

So if Obama, despite breaking his contract, continues to accept and enjoy all the perks of the president’s office while failing to honor his obligations, that makes him something else other than the president.

Now, what are you going to do about it?

I used to wonder how millions of Germans could allow a dictator to come to power.

We are now demonstrating exactly how it happens.




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  • adrefs

    Duh!! Is that NOT OBVIOUS?

  • mark

    Austria voted in Hitler by a whopping 98% and Hitler just walked in with all his promises! Now, how did that happen? Well, Obama is showing you how, just sit back and do nothing and you will see it for yourself in living color!!!

  • mrookergolf1

    Communism’s main tenant is the ownership and control of all means of production in a society. I think we are well on our way to being totally subverted in this country unless there is an uprising.

  • me1952

    Certainly some interesting historical parallels. Let’s see, a street thug who is the object of mindless adulation for reasons no one can tell you. The gradual stripping away of rights.
    Seven Days in May. If only we were so lucky.

    • Mac Boy


      *** March on Washington DC

      *** May 16th !!

  • Proud_to_be_American

    Well he ain’t no Gandhi!

  • Randall Lowe

    Look I am not a racist but they are using the fact that Obama is black to say that is why nobody likes him. To me its about following the rule of law and character. If a man is trying to take our liberties away and destroy my country it has nothing to do with his color. To me, i don’t care what color or what race a man is, its about his character and is he ruling according to the laws of the land? I actually would make a better president than Obama but unfortunately not just anybody can become President. Presidents are not elected. They are selected. The voting process has
    been hijacked and is no longer a valid way to vote for the right man for the job.

  • Admiral America

    Amazing how I post on some sites, and people call me a conspiracy loon, and things aren’t that bad. Just because they vote they feel they have power, and there’s no way the entire election process is rigged. Either they’re beyond uninformed, or in deep denial due to being terrified at the tyranny they’re living in. The ones like that who laugh at everything are the reason we’re in the toilet now along with the flouride heads whose whole life in one big party.

  • Robert Myles

    Have you all forgotten the Marine questionnaire at 29 Palms so quickly? it stated ‘if you are ordered to fire upon American citizen’s who refuse to surrender their firearms will you fire on them?’ 25% answered yes so we cannot totally count on even our own military for help. This is the litmus test he has used to Fire over 200 upper echelon officer’s. Only those who would pledge Allegiance to Him and Him alone SCREW the Constitution are now in power and control our Military. The American Spring scheduled for May 16 is much too far away it gives him and these officer’s way too much time to prepare for us and be ready for a mass murder on a scale only Stalin and Mao can be compared to

    • Proud_to_be_American

      I’m hoping that those who replied yes, were only doing so to placate those who seek to do us harm.

  • Jewely

    Well said.

  • Tampa Bri


    – Gather & store food, water, “supplies”
    – Clean all guns, fill all magazines.

  • Delftsman3

    Obama has already took the Constitutional top Generals and Admirals out of the way; only those that would do everything he wants done. He was faster as being the dictator than Hitler did.

    The voter box is begin for over now and it’s time for the ammo box to use now.

  • Parker Orfield

    Liberal Communist Dictator!

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