California Highway Patrol Settles Dispute With Fireman By Using Handcuffs

“The CHP is going to investigate,” [Chula Vista fire chief, Dave] Hanneman said. ‘I think a lot of this had to do with communication.’”

Umm, not really.

From U-T San Diego:

The firefighter had parked the engine behind an ambulance in the fast lane of Interstate 805 near East Naples Drive, where a sedan had flipped over a concrete guard rail and two people were reported injured.

Chula Vista Fire Chief Dave Hanneman said fire crews are trained to position their rigs to block oncoming traffic.

“I know clearing the freeway is a priority for the CHP,” Hanneman said. “Our No. 1 priority is the safety of our firefighters and patients.”

The CHP officer, whose name has not been released, told firefighter/engineer Jacob Gregoire to move the engine out of the traffic lane or he would be arrested, Hanneman said. He said Gregoire, who was checking the overturned car for any additional victims, answered that he’d have to check with his captain.

That’s when the officer detained Gregoire, a 12 ½-year fire service veteran, Hanneman said.

A CBS8 news video shows the firefighter jumping over a low concrete freeway divider, putting his hands behind his back and being cuffed. The CHP officer led him to a patrol car, put him in the back seat and detained him there for several minutes. He was not arrested.

Supervisors from both agencies met at the crash site and Gregoire was released, Hanneman said.

Being blunt, this has everything to do with a Highway Patrol officer who is on a personal power trip, and needs to lose his badge, forever. Even if the firefighter was somehow out of line (and the video doesn't back that up) the dispute could have been handled after the accident victims were all cared for.

Gee, I hope this officer's family is never in a situation where they need to be saved by a fireman, and another cop decides to arrest the rescuers before his loved ones can be brought out of danger.

Our nation truly is going insane.



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7 thoughts on “California Highway Patrol Settles Dispute With Fireman By Using Handcuffs

  1. You get exactly what you tolerate, this cop needs to loose his job and never be allowed firearms possession.

  2. He should lose his badge and pension.Ego manic.

  3. RobertNorwood says:

    If this had been a civilian blocking traffic I could see it but this is an emergency vehicle and a first responder/public servant. Where I live at least this would not be an uncommon sight or event, and no cop would come by and start that kind of nonsense.
    This clown is an idiot who needs to be put on the rubber gun squad.

  4. another IDIOT with a badge and a gun on a power trip...

  5. I disagree with the premis of this article. It has been a problem for years that emergency vehicles have gone to the scene of an minor automobile accident and parked blocking all highway lanes when blocking one or two lanes would have been sufficient to preform their duties. I have scene 6 lane highways blocked for long periods of Time and traffic backed up for miles for no reason except the emergency vehicle can park where he wants to includeing police cars.. I am sure the whole story is not told here , when the officer asked the fireman to move his vehicle and clear the lane he should have done so. The driver of a fire truck is normally not the medic on that vehicle. There has to have been a long standing problem for it to get this far. A happy medium has to be reached. So everyone can properly do their job and the public is not put at a disadvantage any longer than necessary before traffic movement is continued.

    • I will agree that sometimes there have been times where more lanes than needed were blocked but when they came on scene might have been necessary ,either way the fire captain out ranks the police { at the scene of wreck / fire } , so the fireman was right to want to confirm with his captain
      before moving the fire truck . P.S. There was an Ambulance in front of him !

  6. Was a time when any Conservative would stand up for cops.
    No more.
    Distrust of cops is probably the only thing
    that Libturds and Conservatives have in common.

    Cops have lost everybody, except other despicable cops.

    Oh yeah, big brave cops. justifying kicking your door in at gunpoint.
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