New Study Shows Government Programs Always Become More Expensive Than Expected; In Other News, Sky Is Blue

Senator Tom Coburn, is releasing a report that shows that government projects are always more expensive than they are projected to be.

Mr. Coburn’s report, which used government agency figures, said Medicaid costs increased 31,212.5 percent in just 46 years — and that’s before taking into account the upcoming expansion of eligibility under Obamacare. The number of people enrolled in the program increased 1,290 percent over the same time period.

Meanwhile, costs for veterans’ health care increased 4,500 percent over the past 50 years.

The Senate voted Tuesday afternoon to move forward on a bill that would open up Veteran’s Affairs care to more veterans, potentially leading to a longer wait for low-income and service-disabled veterans who use VA facilities now. Mr. Coburn said on the floor Tuesday that Congress should work to better regulate the current organization rather than adding more people to a flawed system with little oversight.

Mr. Coburn’s report said part of the increase in costs stems from expanding the scope of the programs. For example Medicare, which was started in 1965 to pay for hospital care and supplement medical insurance costs, now covers a wider range of services including dialysis and kidney transplants, the option to use private insurance plans and a voluntary prescription drug benefit program.

So what does this mean for the projected costs of Obamacare? It means it is quite likely that the Affordable Care Act is going to be far more expensive than it is supposed to be. In fact, the paper predicts that it “will actually increase spending by $2 trillion once the law is fully implemented.” The Democratic claims that Obamacare was actually going to reduce the deficit and reduce spending will be proven false.

This is another reason why Conservatives must take every opportunity to get the law repealed. If we don’t, then it will eventually become worse than even we fear. In other words, the problem is not only how bad the law is right now. The problem is that it will continue to get worse.



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  • bobwhite

    And now Senator Tom Coburn and his do nothing cohorts will do absolutely nothing
    about that travesty that everybody has known about for several generations.

    • DrZarkov99

      Senator Coburn earned the nickname “Dr. NO!” by consistently voting against excessive government spending. He had his staff document a very simple way to reduce Federal spending when he had them collect the recommendations of all of the Federal agencies’ Inspectors General on how to reduce duplicative and wasteful spending in their own agencies. The report showed how that could have reduced spending by over $9 trillion in the next ten years. Unfortunately, Senator Coburn’s advice has never been taken, and he is now retiring due to health reasons, just when the Senate might be returning to Republican control.

      People get the government they deserve, and if other states sent people like Dr. Coburn to Congress, like Oklahoma did, we wouldn’t be facing the economic disaster soon to hit us.

      • smithsson

        Amen DrZarkov99!
        ….too bad I think he’s retiring after this last year.

      • bobwhite

        I stand corrected concerning the Senator. Thank you.

  • silvernotes

    Based on my expereince in healthcare and knowledge of how government programs are costed out and expand, I predicted from the beginning that Obamacare would top $3 Trillion (over the ten year projection period). Now I think it maybe even more.

    By the way, the only reason the Obama administration can claim the deficit is coming down is because the wars are winding down, but more importantly, Obama has set record revenue collections over the last couple of years….it isn’t because the government is spending less!


    That was probably a government study and there went more tax money for that which was it will be stuffed into a dark place and you will be incarcerated should you ever refer to this study again…..this government has to be shrunk a lot….

  • Mona

    They didn’t need to do a study for that. I could have told them.

  • abinico

    Yeah, I’ve never seen a defense program that wasn’t over budget by a huge amount.

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