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The Question of Authority, It Won’t Go Away

taxgeithner Former Obama Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner recently told host John Stewart on “The Daily Show” (on the Comedy Channel) that the big banks had to be bailed out because, in his words, it was “the only option, the only responsible, just, moral thing to do.” His reasoning went like this: Obama, Geithner and Company had to protect people from mass unemployment which, he said, is what happens in a financial panic “unless the government steps in and makes sure they try to keep Read more [...] Continue reading →

New Mexico Man David Eckert Subjected to Anal Cavity Search for Suspicious Posture

PoliceBrutality KOB4 reports: When David Eckert was leaving a Deming, New Mexico Wal-Mart parking lot, he rolled through a stop sign and unleashed a humiliating chain of events that almost stupefies belief. Deming police quickly pulled him over, and because a stop sign roll-through is obviously one of the typical earmarks of a danger to society, they asked Eckert to step out of his car. This is where things got crazy. (That is, if you don’t already think it crazy that the police are stopping people for harmless Read more [...] Continue reading →

French Court Upholds Fraud Conviction of Scientology

battlefield earth A French court of appeals upheld a fraud conviction against the Church of Scientology, confirming that the organization (relegated to cult status in France) had manipulated and deceived its followers into paying money for its dubious services. Stopping short of shutting down the French wing of Scientology, the conviction requires that nearly a million dollars be paid out to at least two French victims of fraud for various activities limited to the 1990s. Representatives for the Church of Scientology, Read more [...] Continue reading →

Pretty Much Everyone Hates Congress

The US Capitol Building According to a poll by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal, Congress is more hated now than ever. Eighty-three precent of respondents think Congress is failing. Wow. I saw a bumper sticker a few days ago that said, simply, “Fire Congress.” Apparently most people agree. It’s kind of mind-boggling actually. How did all these people get elected if 83% of their constituents think they aren’t doing a good job? Apparently it’s because people don’t know what to do with their disappointment. Read more [...] Continue reading →

Global Warming “Inexplicably” on Pause

global-warming Scientists riding the global warming bandwagon have puzzled for nearly a decade over why the increases of global surface temperature, which were the highest they’d ever been in the 1980s and 90s, slowed down to basically nothing in the 21st century. This slowdown actually prompted a change of nomenclature from “global warming” to “climate change” (which could conveniently mean basically anything). Well, a crack team of scientists finally has an answer for why global temperatures haven’t Read more [...] Continue reading →

Gallup Poll: It’s Still Bush’s Fault

Bush's Fault A recent Gallup poll indicates that two-thirds of Americans still blame Bush for America’s current economic woes. Though about a third of Americans blame Bush and Obama equally, most of us continue to lay the blame for the economic crisis squarely on the shoulders of the man who retired from the presidency more than four years ago. Apparently, it’s still Bush’s fault. There are a number of issues at work here. For one, economic policies don’t have immediate economic effects. For another, Read more [...] Continue reading →

The Civil Slavery of Black Americans

civil slavery There is no doubt that race relations in America are strained between black and white people (especially in the South). There are many racial prejudices and stereotypes that, at least in a general way, seem to correlate to experience. For instance, many white Americans (even ones who claim to be the stoutest supporters of racial equality) view black people as generally inferior in culture, language, heritage, wealth, family life, education, etc. There are reasons why these generalities exist. Getting Read more [...] Continue reading →

Imperial Terrorism and the US Drone “Double Tap” Policy

predator-firing-missile4 A recent article in Business Insider with the provocative title “It is Now Common Knowledge that US Drones Bomb Civilian Rescuers” is making the rounds on the internet. Based on a report from Reuters, it makes the claim that U.S. drones typically “double tap” targets. This would mean that it is the normal protocol for drones to strike a target, wait for a period of time, then hit the same target a second time (hence the term “double tap”). The second hit would be likely to hurt civilian Read more [...] Continue reading →

Scandal-hounded Spitzer Running for NYC Comptroller

former-governor-eliot-spitzer-is-running-for-new-york-city-comptroller Eliot Spitzer, the former governor of New York, resigned from office in 2008 after it was discovered that he had been visiting prostitutes—a good many actually, and expensive ones—on the taxpayer’s dime. Now that same man is running for New York City comptroller. Yes, that means that he would be in charge of the city’s finances. This is a man who apparently spent as much as $80,000 on a prostitute using campaign funds and/or state money, and now he expects the citizens of NYC to elect Read more [...] Continue reading →

What is the Civil Government’s Job? Justice!

justice I hear a lot about small government and big government, liberal government and conservative government, government by the people—whether we the people or me the people. You name it. I hear a lot about what the civil government is doing that it shouldn’t be doing. I hear very little about what it is supposed to be doing. What is the civil government’s job? Spoiler alert: it has something to do with justice.1 Let’s begin by Read more [...]No, not the french electronica band. Although they are good. [↩] Continue reading →

Church of Satan Says “Hail, No!” to Texas Pro-Abortionists

dana carvey satan In a bizarre move, the UK Church of Satan denounced pro-abortionists for taking Satan’s name in vain. How twisted must your cause be if even Satanists are distancing themselves from you? A short recap just in case you’ve been living in a desert for the last few weeks: Some Texas abortion activists opposing the ban on post-20-week abortions chanted “Hail, Satan!” at a group of pro-life activists who were, for their part, singing “Amazing Grace.” This invocation of Satan’s name, Read more [...] Continue reading →

Cornel West Upset With Obama’s Homosexual Favoritism

Cornel West Cornel West is upset. Nothing new there. But I find it humorous what he’s upset about now. Apparently, black people are getting “pushed to the back of the bus” as Obama spends the lion’s share of his time supporting the homosexual cause. Yawn. “Pushed to the back of the bus”? Racial issues aren’t being “put on the back burner.” No, that’s not racially charged enough. If you’re not talking enough about how much black people have suffered, you’re obviously just as bad as Read more [...] Continue reading →