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Why So Many Candidates Who Can’t Win?

rick santorum face the nation

The reason we get so many candidates is because they can personally profit from running even if their candidacy hurts the race. The first question I ask myself when I hear of some relatively obscure candidate running is: “What does

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Hillary Rodham Clinton Plans to Campaign Hard Left

I think this headline from the Washington Post is interesting: “Clinton is banking on the Obama coalition to win.” It is interesting because the Obama and Clinton wings of the party don’t seem to like each other at all. However,

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Benghazi Shows What Debauched Leaders We Have

Benghazi Deaths

Benghazi is not just a scandal and a crime but a warning of more to come if we keep voting sociopaths into office. In late September of 2012, my investigation into the attack on the United States consulate in Benghazi led

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The Pretense of Impartiality


There is no impartiality in our journalists or our judges; often they don’t even pretend to not be committed to a cause. Rod Dreher at the American Conservative pulls together several instances that demonstrate a complete lack of impartiality. Worse,

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Confirmed: US Funneled Arms from Libya to Jihadist Syrian Rebels

benghazi coverup

The White House denied it. Congress denied it. The Pentagon denied it. They were lying. You probably guessed that already because you saw their lips move. Good call. From World Magazine: “U.S. aided arms flow from Benghazi to Syria.” Documents

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How Silicon Valley Pays Off Hillary Clinton

hillary oligarchy

Silicon Valley both fundraises for Hillary Clinton and “pays” her millions for short speeches. For awhile now I have written about how Hillary Clinton is essentially being lobbied, bribed, and/or paid off through insanely lucrative speaking gigs. Wall Street has

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Rand Paul Is Right: ISIS is Far Worse than Saddam Hussein Was

iraq terrorism

Rand Paul makes the most obviously true statement about ISIS and Saddam Hussein, but it is one that other Republicans are running from. CNS News reports, “Sen. Rand Paul: ‘ISIS Is More of an Aberration’ Than Saddam Hussein.” Sen. Rand

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Hillary Clinton and Monsanto Make Dem Voters Unhappy

gov monsanto

Environmentalists don’t appreciate Hillary Clinton and Monsanto in bed together. Will that be enough to stop her? In a way, I’m sorry that no Republican will get in much trouble for being a Monsanto salesman. I don’t have a firm

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Pro-Life Rand Paul Distinguishes Himself on Opposing Abortion

rand paul

Some other Republican candidates would hold to the same views, but pro-life Rand Paul is making them central to his campaign. I saw this on Rand Paul’s Facebook page. Here is a version I found on I strongly believe

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Court to NSA: Patriot Act Doesn’t Allow What You Do

nsa obama

The United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has ruled that the Patriot Act does not allow the NSA to collect metadata. I am pleasantly surprised by this news even though I am pessimistic (or realistic) enough to expect

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NC Wants to Punish People for Talking about Food and Health

paleo food pyramid

The North Carolina legislature is about to prohibit us common people from talking about food and health because only doctors can be trusted. You would think, with a presidential candidate using a non-FDA-approved diet, that this kind of thing would

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Mike Huckabee Adds to the Problem of Too Many GOP Candidates

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.

Rather than support a candidate, Mike Huckabee added himself to the Republican confusion. “When a land transgresses, it has many rulers, but with a man of understanding and knowledge, its stability will long continue” (Proverbs 28:2). The ever-bloating list of

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