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Do Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush Stand a Chance?

bush romney

Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush don’t seem that attractive to the voters. One of my favorite funny moments from the campaign season leading up to the 2008 presidential elections was this one: Back in 2007, Giuliani was pushed forward as

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Could President Romney Lift People out of Poverty?


Mitt Romney wants to run a campaign promising to lift people out of poverty. Could he do it? I’ve already expressed my disbelief that Mitt Romney wants to run for President again. But his attempt to change “tone” is interesting.

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Will Jeb Bush Make the GOP Favor Homosexual Marriage?

jeb bush

There are signs Jeb Bush plans a hard push to the Pansexual Left. Of course, the mainstream media doesn’t call Jeb’s direction a “hard push to the Left.” Instead, the NBC News headline is: “In Early Stages, Jeb Bush Runs

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Why Is Mitt Romney Threatening to Run for President Again?

Romney Logo_cropped

What makes a two-time loser like Mitt Romney think he can win the next presidential election? Just after Jeb Bush was announced as the great Republican hope, suddenly Mitt Romney has appeared as the other GOP savior. Since Romney allegedly

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Democrats Gain Nothing and Republicans Lose Members


Despite their recent victory, the trend shows that Republicans lose members. OK, so I find this very interesting—and somewhat hopeful. It is from Gallup: “Record-High 42% of Americans Identify as Independents: Republican identification lowest in at least 25 years.” Forty-two

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Will the Republican Senate Allow Us to Learn the Truth about 9-11?


What reason can there be to hide the truth about 9-11? Only two years ago Bob Allen asked why the American public has not been permitted to know about those missing 28 pages in the report. So… our government acknowledges

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Drudge Points out Financial Dealings of Jeb Bush

jeb bush

Jeb Bush is changing his financial dealings to make it easier to run for President. I think running Jeb Bush as a candidate for the Republican Party is a horrible idea. The only way it could make sense is if

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Ben Carson: Threat to Establishment GOP?

Ben Carson

Ben Carson has upset hopes of unity according to New York Times propaganda. They undoubtedly must put hallucinogens in the water of New York City. What else explains electing two of the worst totalitarian, bonehead mayors in United States history,

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It is Time for a Christian Values Party


A Christian Values Party is needed as an alternative to the GOP. [EDITOR’S NOTE: Different writers for this blog have different opinions about third parties (see here, for example). I am posting this in the interest of considering opposing views

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GOP Money Already Choosing our Next Republican Candidate

Bush boys

Is GOP money going to be able to buy the next president or do we get to vote for him? Despite the fact that Republicans have been handed a huge victory on an anti-Obamacare platform, and despite the fact that

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Ted Cruz on Establishment Republicans and Climate Change

Ted Cruz_02

Cruz says Hell will freeze over before Establishment Republicans will listen. I sit here imagining Lindsay Graham and John McCain spewing coffee (and cursing, in McCain’s case), and Mitch McConnell choking on his Geritol, as they see this headline from

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Warren Buffett Becomes Hillary Sponsor

warren buffett

Warren Buffett is supporting Clinton for 2016. In a move that should surprise no one, Warren Buffett is investing in Hillary Clinton’s presidential run. Buffett got rewarded for his Barack Obama investments, so there is no reason he would not

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