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Rand Paul vs Rick Perry on Foreign Policy: A 2016 Preview

rick perry

There is no debate we’re a country in transition. The only debate is what we’re actually transitioning to, and whether we’ll be better or worse as a people for it. Such transitions challenge trusted traditions to prove they’re still relevant.

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What Are the Odds of Getting Contradictory Court Rulings on Obamacare on the Same Day?


I’ve mentioned recently that, due to some pleasant surprises from the Supreme Court, I have allowed my cynicism about the Supreme Court to fade a bit. After today it has returned. Yesterday began, as you probably know, with a wonderful

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To the Financial Elite, George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton Seem Interchangeable

printing money 2

I’ve mentioned before that some people are talking up Jeb Bush as a candidate for 2016. This mystifies me because it would, in my opinion, be a nomination that would put Hillary Clinton in the White House. Why would we

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Hillary Clinton Makes Rock Star-Level Demands for Those Hiring Her to Speak

hillary oligarchy

You may remember that at least one university tried to keeps secret the massive amount of money they were paying Hillary Clinton to speak on campus. But the Daily Mail is reporting that some of her contractual arrangements to speak

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More for the Corruption Files: Chelsea Clinton Gets $75k for Speaking

Chelsea Clinton

Do even Liberals think that Chelsea Clinton is such a great speaker that she deserves seventy-five thousand dollars for an address? Doubt it! But she does! Why is that? From the New York Times: “Following Her Parents’ Lead, Chelsea Clinton

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Hillary Clinton's Story: Court Made Me Defend Rapist/I Did It as a Favor

hillary PAC

For the record, I have no problem with the fact that, as a lawyer, Hillary Clinton defended a rapist. To the extent that she defends herself by pointing out that she was doing the job she was supposed to do,

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Voter ID Laws Do Affect Minority Voting… By Increasing It


According to Judicial Watch, we now have evidence about voter turnout in response to laws requiring proof of identity in order to vote. Judicial Watch announced today that on June 18, 2014, it joined with the Allied Educational Foundation (AEF)

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The Self-Righteous HomoRepublican Campaign

Bush boys

If Jeb Bush runs, you need to keep this article from Politico Magazine in mind, “Inside George W. Bush’s Closet.” The takeaway for conservatives is that many of the people working on big name campaigns are practicing homosexuals who expect

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Our Classy Next Democrat Nominee

hillary clinton

Hillary Clinton is supposed to be so wonderful and ethical. I remember that, back when her husband was president, they claimed his would be “the most ethical administration in history.” Barack Obama’s supporters have made the same claim for his

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CNN Wants You to Stop Voting for Candidates You Agree With


The moralizing begins with the link leading to the CNN story: “Blame yourself for partisan Congress.” Of course, the idea is nonsense. You didn’t vote for a partisan Congress. You voted for someone you hoped would be principled enough to

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Clintonites Use Trademark Law to Try to Suppress Political Speech

hillary oligarchy

By trying to suppress merchandise, the Clinton-supporters have just drawn more attention to them. They are basically selling the public anti-Hillary propaganda by trying to stop that propaganda. A “Super-PAC” has formed called “Ready for Hillary.” Naturally, they have a

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Hillary Clinton Jumps Off Obama Ship on Bergdahl-Taliban Deal

Michelle Obama Hillary Clinton 2016

As I have mentioned, the State Department has been pushing for the release of the five Taliban prisoners for many years. This means that, at the time Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, she was involved in these negotiations and

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