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Joe Biden Goes Full Throttle for Transgender Military

Biden tech If Joe Biden is elected President there is no question that we will have a transgender military. We already knew this was coming to our military, but Joe Biden’s election, if he wins, would make it more certain. (At this point, I am treating Biden as a candidate. He is obviously campaigning.) In fact, it may be that Obama will make the change before he leaves office. If so, Biden will do all he can to enforce and establish a transgender military. According to the Associated Press, “Biden: Read more [...] Continue reading →

Jeb Bush was Heroic for Saying 'Stuff Happens'

jeb bush Jeb Bush said "Stuff Happens" in response to a mass shooting; I wish he and other politicians would say it more often. Jeb Bush is low on the polls, which I assume explains why he is speaking such common sense lately. The CNN headline tells us, “Democrats pounce as Bush defends 'stuff happens' remarks.” Jeb Bush is defending a comment he made Friday afternoon in the wake of the Oregon college shooting, when he said "stuff happens," and argued that officials should fight the impulse to react Read more [...] Continue reading →

For How Long will Towns Subsidize Candidates?

hillary oligarchy One local police force has refused to accept that it has the duty to subsidize candidates when they come and campaign. We already know that Hillary Clinton demands rock-star-level treatment when she is hired as a speaker. (Sadly, her behavior is imitated by at least one Republican). However, it is one thing to demand luxuries from people who voluntarily agree to pay you to speak at their event. It is quite another to visit a location in order to campaign for an office that you wish to hold Read more [...] Continue reading →

Only Four Years Ago Pushing Homosexuality was Embarrassing to Clinton

Hillary-Clinton Emails show that Hillary Clinton was not happy about pushing homosexuality on passports. The National Review is reporting on this as an embarrassment for Hillary Clinton, but I think it embarrasses the pro-homosexual forces even more: “E-mail: Hillary Clinton Lashed Out at Staff over Gay-Friendly Passports.” An e-mail included in the latest tranche of Clinton documents released by the State Department on Wednesday shows the then-secretary of state exploding at her staff over plans to replace Read more [...] Continue reading →

Here Comes the Senate Spending Splurge

rand paul spending The coming Senate spending increase is crazy; we should be capping spending rather than spending more. Mitch McConnell promised that there would be more government spending and that seems to be happening at the time I am writing this. The Associated Press documented the Conservatives' attempt to talk sense to the Senate: The Senate is on track to pass a spending bill to prevent the government from shutting down this week, over the opposition of the most hardline conservative Republicans. Tuesday’s Read more [...] Continue reading →

Donald Trump Losing Again, Except He is Still Winning

trump face The Republican Establishment and the Mainstream Media are certain of Donald Trump losing, but it isn’t happening. Over and over again, the media has told us that “Trump is finished,” but it is never true. Every time his campaign is supposed to end in shame, he stays ahead of all the other candidates. Most recently he was supposedly doomed after the second debate. But even if he didn’t do as well as some might have liked, he didn’t hurt himself. Now the media has to admit how wrong they Read more [...] Continue reading →

Trump on Other Republicans: 'They want to start World War III over Syria. Give me a break!'

syria iraq isis Donald Trump blasts Republican foreign policy and suggests our Syria position will cause World War III. While this speech does display some of the flaws of Donald Trump (which he thinks of as his strengths) it also shows some insight into American policy and into what the voters want to hear. This video was posted at The Hill. Interestingly, the accompanying story gives the reader no idea that crowds were cheering him in Oklahoma City: “Trump: GOP rivals want to 'start World War III over Read more [...] Continue reading →

Democrat Debate Organizers Cooperating with Obama Administration to Defeat Hillary

Biden tech Even though Joe Biden is not campaigning yet, the Democrat debate organizers are saving a place for him. A headline in the Washington Post makes the argument that the Obama Administration is working to defeat (or destroy) Hillary Clinton much more plausible. If you remember, several think that the Obama wing of the Democrats want to use Biden as their champion against Clinton. Now we find out that Biden has a “reserved” place waiting for him: “Debate organizers to Biden: We’ll keep the Read more [...] Continue reading →

Jeb Bush Is Right about Soak the Rich

eat the rich When he points out that tax breaks for the rich are not “unfair,” Jeb Bush Is right. I suppose this Politico headline will enrage many voters: “Jeb Bush defends tax breaks for wealthy.” The wealthiest Americans would receive sharply higher tax breaks under Jeb Bush’s tax proposal, the former Florida governor says, because they pay a disproportionate share of taxes in the first place. “The simple fact is 1 percent of people pay 40 percent of all the taxes,” Bush said on “Fox News Read more [...] Continue reading →

Have the Clintons Lost Their Magic?

09152012ObamaClinton Now that the Clintons are mired in new scandals, they seem to be getting snubbed by many celebrities who used to worship them. The Clintons, unlike most families, have an organization that represents them—The Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation. One can’t help but think that a change in behavior toward that organization might mean a change of attitude toward the family. Politico reports, “Clinton Foundation snubbed by the pope, Elton John, Janet Yellen.” The Clinton Foundation Read more [...] Continue reading →

Marco Rubio Casts Deciding Vote for Obamatrade without Reading the Bill

marco rubio us flags Marco Rubio decided it was his duty to support Obamatrade based on what he thinks (or hopes) is in the law. You may remember that Mark Horne wrote in January, “Republicans Want to Pass Obamatrade to Find Out What’s in Obamatrade.” Basically, people in Congress were defending the bill, promoting the bill, and planning to vote for the bill without having read the text of the bill. And now we get this from The Marshall Report: “Marco Rubio Screwed America, Big Time!” Marco Rubio what Read more [...] Continue reading →

The American Thinker on the Republican Prospects for 2016 Leaves Out a Detail

Ideology_democrat_vs_republican Republican prospects are not good if the grassroots and the Establishment can’t get together, but what motivates the Establishment? Robert Smith wrote about Republican prospects in the American Thinker blog: “The Bare Naked Truth about the GOP and 2016.” Here’s the dilemma – and it’s a big one. Electing a Democrat president in 2016 would be bad for the nation, very bad. Conservatives agree. Establishment Republicans do too, in important regards, at least. To avert further troubles Read more [...] Continue reading →