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What Difference Does It Make? $6 Billion Vanishes From Hillary's State Department

Hillary Rodham Clinton The State Department made public a special "management alert" in which Inspector General Steve Linick warned  that “significant financial risk and a lack of internal control at the department has led to billions of unaccounted dollars over the last six years." According to the report, some $6 billion has gone missing during those past six years. […] Continue reading →

Obama Administration Thinks If They Pretend Not To See Defeat It Will Go Away

obama delusional The White House is giving reality the silent treatment. Pretending it doesn’t exist. From the Washington Times: “White House: Obamacare didn’t matter in Florida special election.” The White House doesn’t believe that Obamacare played a role in David Jolly’s special election victory in Florida on Tuesday. Mr. Jolly, a Republican, bested Democrat Alex Sink in […] Continue reading →

What Will You Undo For Me?

g k chesterton In his book titled “What I Saw in America,” G.K. Chesterton wrote the following: We are perpetually being told in the papers that what is wanted is a great man who will do things.  What is wanted is a great man who will undo things; and that will be a real test of greatness. These […] Continue reading →

More Red State Tyranny: Idaho Governor Signs First-Amendment-Cancellation Bill Into Law

ag gag What country do we live in? I hate the animal-rights movement. I don’t believe that commercial animal-using industries should be regulated on humanitarian grounds. (I’m more open to them on recreational businesses; I think criminalizing dog-fighting makes sense.) I fully support any farm or food factory bringing charges against trespassers or saboteurs to the full […] Continue reading →