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Planned Parenthood Pressures Media Not to Show Third Video

harvesting organs Planned Parenthood desperately wants to keep the truth invisible to the public. A third video was published yesterday, again providing evidence that Planned Parenthood traffics in harvested organs from aborted babies. Live Action News warns that the video disturbing: So what is Planned Parenthood doing in response? They are trying to get the News media to not broadcast footage from the video. The Truth Revolt got hold of one of their letters to a TV station in their post, “Planned Read more [...] Continue reading →

Carly Fiorina Points Out Planned Parenthood Hypocrisy

joker abortion body parts Planned Parenthood wants to save lives through murder, Carly Fiorina points out. Seriously? CNS News reports, “Fiorina: Planned Parenthood ‘Hypocritical’ for Using Ultrasound to Harvest Body Parts.” As I wrote before, Carly Fiorina reacted vociferously when the first video about harvesting intact organs was posted. Now she has followed up in an interview with Fox News. Carly Fiorina, a GOP presidential contender, told “Fox News Sunday” that Planned Parenthood lobbied against laws Read more [...] Continue reading →

Doctor Death Claims Livers and Lungs Are Not Baby Parts

partial birth abortion If babies have livers and lungs then how are they not baby parts? The Washington Times reports another desperate effort at spin: “Doctor: Don’t call them ‘baby parts,’ call them ‘products of conception’” A pro-choice doctor is challenging the term “baby parts” to describe fetal tissue and organs, arguing that they should be referred to as “products of conception.” In a Thursday article for the New Republic, Dr. Jen Gunter, a California-based OB/GYN, took issue with the Read more [...] Continue reading →

Why Won’t John Boehner Commit to Defunding Planned Parenthood?

planned parenthood flag Defunding Planned Parenthood makes sense to anyone who looks at our out of control spending, even apart from trafficking in dead baby livers. So why does John Boehner refuse to commit? From CNS News: “Boehner Won't Say That GOP House Will Defund Planned Parenthood.” During his Capitol Hill press conference on Thursday, asked Boehner: “By September 30, the House needs to pass a bill to fund HHS for fiscal year 2016. Will that law—whether it’s a stand-alone appropriations Read more [...] Continue reading →

A Sign that Planned Parenthood Is Vulnerable

hannibal planned parenthood Planned Parenthood is vulnerable and they have let us know it. How do I know that Planned Parenthood is vulnerable? Because they have began trying to hide their vulnerabilities. The Daily Signal reports, “Planned Parenthood Pulls Names of Corporate Donors After Coca-Cola, Ford and Xerox Object.” By Wednesday afternoon, Planned Parenthood had removed Xerox from its list of companies that match gifts to the organization. By Thursday morning, Planned Parenthood removed every company name Read more [...] Continue reading →

FOIA Request about Planned Parenthood Money Denied!

voltaire planned parenthood Planned Parenthood money coming from the Federal Government is off limits to FOIA requests. It is pretty clear that the investigation of the Planned Parenthood videos by the Department of Justice is going to be a naked act of aggression to punish anyone who dares expose the government-subsidized abortion pusher. The DOJ investigation was requested by Planned Parenthood’s political defenders. It will certainly follow their wishes and harass (at least) the one who exposed Planned Parenthood. While Read more [...] Continue reading →

Contact These Companies Who Donate to Planned Parenthood

twitter-followme Yesterday, the Daily Signal put up a list of the 39 companies who donate to Planned Parenthood. It had been 41, since it was based upon the list that Planned Parenthood displayed on their website. Since the article was published, Ford and Xerox made haste to let us know they are no longer listed donors of Planned Parenthood. This is important because large corporations notoriously do not want to take a moral stand if they do not have to. But the time for that is over. We ought to contact these Read more [...] Continue reading →

DOJ to Investigate Planned Parenthood Videos

abortionParts This could be either a good thing or it could be another Obama Administration cover-up in the making. For good or ill, the Department of Justice has announced that it will open an investigation following the release of two videos that have embarrassed Planned Parenthood by showing a doctor and another official discussing prices for delivering fetal tissue to researchers. Attorney General Loretta Lynch said, "I’m aware of those matters generally from the media, and from some inquiries that Read more [...] Continue reading →

Planned Parenthood Strikes Back: Time to Investigate, Prosecute Video Maker

expose planned parenthood Defenders of Planned Parenthood are attempting to use the powers of the Federal Government and California to punish their enemy. Obviously, when we see evidence of trafficking in the organs of killed babies for money and of illegal partial birth abortions, it is time to investigate… the person who provided the evidence of these crimes! From the website of Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, Reps. Jan Schakowsky, Zoe Lofgren, Jerry Nadler, and Yvette Clarke sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General Read more [...] Continue reading →

David Daleiden Is the Edward Snowden of Planned Parenthood

joker abortion body parts Undercover investigator David Daleiden says he has many videos exposing Planned Parenthood. When Edward Snowden exposed what the NSA was doing, he continued to reveal their practices for months. He had collected a lot of information, and the NSA had no idea what secrets he knew until he revealed them publicly. It seems that the man behind the Planned Parenthood video showing they sell dead baby organs (and a second one) has a lot more footage to upload. According to, “Expect a Read more [...] Continue reading →

Hiding Our Eyes from the Truth - Planned Parenthood

hannibal planned parenthood It is good to see Planned Parenthood standing publicly as vulnerable and naked as the babies they murder.  It’s good to watch as they get their pants pulled down below their knees.  It is good to watch them try to wipe the crumbs off of the corners of their mouth as they have just been caught in the proverbial cookie jar. Klanned Parenthood had been telling us for a generation that a “fetus” isn’t really alive.  They tell us that it is just a blob of tissues that feels no pain.  They Read more [...] Continue reading →

The Road to Moral Anarchy

crown The only way to pull us back from moral anarchy is to preach that Jesus is Lord. This past week our family has enjoyed berry picking. The wild raspberry harvest came in this week and they are delicious. When the sun strikes them they look like ruby jewels hanging in groups from the raspberry bushes. You can tell from the colors which are the ripest, a deep burgundy instead of candy apple red. Some of the fruit is so ripe when you simply touch it; it falls into your hand. Sometimes they are Read more [...] Continue reading →