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Supreme Court: Bow to the FDA Except for Killing Babies


Everyone must bow to the FDA except abortionists.   If you disregard the Food and Drug Administration directives you typically lose a great deal. The FDA has real power. Unless it wants to control how abortifacients are used. At that

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I Can’t Breathe

us over cliff

What makes us unable to breathe? I want to say right up front that I do not think that the cops are always right.  In fact, my involvement in on-the-street pro-life ministry has proven to me that the average cop

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The Nazis among Us Keep Killing Minorities and Disabled

Nazi Germany

Nazis claim to be Liberals because they are soooooo compassionate. Seriously: What do you call a movement that ardently defends homicide with a special emphasis on the disabled and on racial minorities? Does this name change if the members of

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Shock & Dismay for American Abortionists

Keep abortion legal_02

It seems American abortionists were expecting a lot more “progress” by now. As LifeSite news reports: Abortionist Curtis Boyd, who has been committing abortions since before they were legalized in 1973, was featured Friday by UK-based publication The Guardian in a piece on

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European Euthanizers Hold Conference… at Auschwitz

nazi gas oven

They claim that they only chose Auschwitz as a reminder of everything they oppose—that it “is the antithesis of everything that they hope to achieve, and they are seeking to reflect there upon what it means to kill out of

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Jonathan Gruber: Killing Babies Makes Life Better for Survivors


So now it turns out that Jonathan Gruber has written rationalizations for killing babies—a.k.a. “abortions.” The Blaze reports: “More Surprising Jonathan Gruber Comments Surface…and This Time They Have to Do With Abortion.” I’m not sure they are really that surprising.

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Did the War on Women Backfire on Democrats?

War on Women Badge

We already know that the War on Women worked backwards for Democrats. A great number of Republican women won office, defeating Democrat candidates. But was “the War on Women” itself the reason why so many Democrats were defeated—or at least

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Why Do We Have a High Infant Mortality Rate?


You should be neither excited nor depressed that the U.S. has a high infant mortality rate. There are lies, damn lies, and statistics. For a developed country, the United States have a high (yea, verily, very high) infant mortality rate.

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Kenyan Tetanus Shot Really a Eugenics Program?


Supposedly, a Kenyan Tetanus shot is trying to protect babies by targeting women of childbearing age. As CNS News reports, The tetanus vaccination program, sponsored by the WHO and UNICEF in coordination with the Kenyan government, has been ongoing in

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Down Syndrome: We Live among Killers

pregnant belly

Mother of a Down syndrome child gets to hear postpartum abortion suggestions. This is the best comeback I have ever read about. Sherry Clair was in the grocery store checkout counter with her young Down Syndrome child. At The Mighty blog, she

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Working Too Much? Stressed? Consider Getting A Post-Birth Abortion

nazi gas oven

“As for post-birth abortion, I would imagine that my colleagues would think the ‘post-birth’ part was largely irrelevant, as we believe very strongly in abortion on demand, without apology, and it’s plain and simple that we should look to the

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Rush Limbaugh Generosity Meets Liberal Hate

rush limbaugh

So Rush Limbaugh has tipped waitress Merritt Tierce $2000 on two separate occasions. Both times it was above and beyond the amount he was required to tip for good service (assuming he got such service; I have no idea). It

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