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Barack Obama Tells Evangelicals what to Believe and Do

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No one is surprised that Barack Obama is ready and willing to tell Evangelicals to be more like him. I remember back when Barack Obama “changed his mind” about homosexual marriage—that is, he found it politically expedient to admit openly

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Pro-Life Rand Paul Distinguishes Himself on Opposing Abortion

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Some other Republican candidates would hold to the same views, but pro-life Rand Paul is making them central to his campaign. I saw this on Rand Paul’s Facebook page. Here is a version I found on I strongly believe

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“Christian Singer” Amy Grant Fronting for Billionaire Depopulationists

Bill Gates

Amy Grant “has joined hands” to promote birth control for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Making sure that foreign brown people stop having so many children is a huge priority for many of the most wealthy Westerners. Warren Buffet

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Sofia Vergara Pretends She Isn’t Being Selfish to Deny Children

sofia vergara

It is understandable Sofia Vergara doesn’t want to raise children since she broke up with their father, but why should children be chattel property? The ex-fiance of Sofia Vergara wants to raise his children. And he has some. But he

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House Votes Down D.C. Pro-Abortion 'Discrimination' Law


Lawmakers in the House got up the nerve to strike down a law that pro-abortion groups want very badly. The law in question is the Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Amendment Act, and as you can figure from the euphemistic title, it’s

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Hillary Clinton Admits Her Agenda is Extremist

Michelle Obama Hillary Clinton 2016

By revealing she is fighting God and all belief in him, Hillary Clinton admits just how radical Leftism really is. So, Hillary Clinton thinks her unwavering commitment to murdering children should trump God’s Law. Uh huh, right. She is quoted

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Hillary Clinton Plans to Change “Religious Beliefs” for Abortion


Having seen what the Obama Administration has done for homosexuality to corrupt marriage, Hillary Clinton plans big things for abortion when she wins the Oval Office. Here is the quotation. I don’t think my interpretation is inaccurate at all. Far

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Remembering the Eugenicist Founder of Planned Parenthood

planned parenthood plan expand

Margaret Sanger, the Founder of Planned Parenthood, wanted “a stern and rigid policy of sterilization, and segregation.” The American Center for Law and Justice published a needed reminder about the agenda and ideals of the founder of Planned Parenthood. Here’s

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The Ruse Behind the Curtain: Evolution

evolution tree

Only a few generations ago, Americans were anchored in concrete ethics, felt the need to instruct their posterity in biblical morality, and understood the value of the founding fathers’ labors. Lamentably, our culture’s values and system of thought have drastically

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Anti-Christian Church Celebrates Baby-Killing


When a Presbyterian church holds a public celebration of baby-killing, you can be sure that it is possessed by the spirit of the Anti-Christ. Abortion is baby-killing. God knows every heartbeat. He sees in ultrasound. Every limb torn from a

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5 Reasons I am Thrilled with Rand Paul's Candidacy for President

rand ron paul

“Today I announce with God’s help, with the help of liberty lovers everywhere, that I am putting myself forward as a candidate for President of the United States of America.” – Rand Paul The two most conservative candidates, in my

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Abortion Consistency: No Murder Charge for Cutting Baby from Womb


Colorado is showing abortion consistency in how they treat a woman who stabbed a pregnant woman to remove the baby, and who caused the baby’s death. A woman had been pretending she was pregnant for months. Someone online heard about

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