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School Girl Learns She Lives under Atheist Regime


If you are conditioned to not talk about God in public, even in institutions you are forced to attend, you live under an atheist regime. Parents can, with reasonable freedom, pull their kids out of public school and either use

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Teacher Tells Girl Bible Quotes Banned From School


Freedom of expression. It’s not a difficult concept. Basically, every human being has the right to speak his mind without fear of government punishment or penalty. Accepted, reasonable restrictions on speech are generally very loose, like no yelling “fire” in

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The Ruse Behind the Curtain: Evolution

evolution tree

Only a few generations ago, Americans were anchored in concrete ethics, felt the need to instruct their posterity in biblical morality, and understood the value of the founding fathers’ labors. Lamentably, our culture’s values and system of thought have drastically

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Cal State Disallows Christian Group for Christian Leaders

cal state christian

The leaders of Cal State are trying to drive the Christian witness from the campus. The claws of today’s insane definition of “tolerance” and discriminatory “non-discrimination” get bloodier and bloodier. Here’s the headline from the California Political Review: “Cal State

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Hating Evangelicals: Get Used to It

haters gonna hate

Pagans are usually going to engage in hating Evangelicals. It is nice when they act better, but don’t grow used to it. As Thomas Kidd well states here (“Can Evangelicals Be Likeable”), it’s nice when the Nicholas Kristofs of the

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Islamic Fascism: The Battle of Our Time


Once again, a Muslim gunman has lashed out at Western civilization over the weekend, killing two people and wounding several others in a brief terror spree in Copenhagen. It’s a sign of our times and should serve as yet another

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FBI: ISIS Investigations in Nearly Every State


Little did we know at the time President Obama said he had terrorists “on the run” that he meant on the run across the United States border. But since His Majesty has invited everybody and their grandmas from around the world

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Walmart Greeter Allowed to Bless Again

walmart worker

A Walmart greeter had been barred from saying, “Have a blessed day,” based on one complaint. This story isn’t about politics in the narrow sense, but it demonstrates some problems in our culture in expectation inculcated into us by the

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Feeling Among Elites That Christians 'Should be Eradicated'


University of North Texas sociologists George Yancey and David Williamson are issuing a warning that some of the most virulent anti-Christians in the country tend to be among the influential and elite. Yancey and Williamson, authors of the new book “So

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Skeptics Prove Their Own Arrogance While Attacking Scripture


When attacking Scripture, one should show some evidence you know what you’re talking about. If you’re a skeptic, looking for completely lame justifications for your unbelief in the God of the Bible, here’s the piece you’ve been looking for! The

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Don’t Lose Your Temper over “Merry Christmas”

happy holidays seasons greetings

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Should Both be Received with Tolerance in a Pluralist Culture. On Christmas Eve I was driving my family to another state for our Christmas celebration and had to stop at McDonald’s to eat a quick

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Virgin Birth: Because God's Grace Comes by Faith, not Works

wise men star

What is the meaning of the virgin birth? Perhaps the most popular answer to that question is that it is necessary to believe in the virgin birth in order to defend and affirm the deity of Christ. Jesus is both

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