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Atheist Gaia Believer Advises Pope on Climate


Like I said, the pope’s been listening to some bad advice. His recent encyclical preaching fear of global warming and promoting distribution of wealth and decreased use of energy as the “cure” is just a tragedy for the world. This

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Why Transgender Claims are Cowardly

bruce jenner wheaties detail

The purpose of transgender claims is to deny and hide from reality. That is never brave. John Steigerwald asks at the Daily Caller, “Is What Bruce Jenner Did Courageous.” I think a better question would be, “Is there any purpose

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Who Owns the Family?

This week I had a bit of an unnerving experience. Just having new tires put on the car, Neil, Joe and I were driving back from a speech I gave in Northern Baltimore County. It seemed like there was some

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Dear Liberals, If I Can Get Your Attention Away from “Caitlyn’s” Boobs for a Minute…

vanity fair jenner

Dear Liberals, about this transgender thing: don’t you think you might be just a little bit crazy? It is fairly obvious that you see the presence of Christians in this country as getting in the way of achieving your dreams

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Gay Atheist Rebukes Casual Christians

homosex sin christ

A so-called gay atheist really can’t stand to see professing Christians deny what they are supposed to believe for the sake of pleasing the crowd. Matthew Parris writes at the Spectator, “As a gay atheist I want to see the

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School Girl Learns She Lives under Atheist Regime


If you are conditioned to not talk about God in public, even in institutions you are forced to attend, you live under an atheist regime. Parents can, with reasonable freedom, pull their kids out of public school and either use

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Teacher Tells Girl Bible Quotes Banned From School


Freedom of expression. It’s not a difficult concept. Basically, every human being has the right to speak his mind without fear of government punishment or penalty. Accepted, reasonable restrictions on speech are generally very loose, like no yelling “fire” in

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The Ruse Behind the Curtain: Evolution

evolution tree

Only a few generations ago, Americans were anchored in concrete ethics, felt the need to instruct their posterity in biblical morality, and understood the value of the founding fathers’ labors. Lamentably, our culture’s values and system of thought have drastically

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Cal State Disallows Christian Group for Christian Leaders

cal state christian

The leaders of Cal State are trying to drive the Christian witness from the campus. The claws of today’s insane definition of “tolerance” and discriminatory “non-discrimination” get bloodier and bloodier. Here’s the headline from the California Political Review: “Cal State

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Hating Evangelicals: Get Used to It

haters gonna hate

Pagans are usually going to engage in hating Evangelicals. It is nice when they act better, but don’t grow used to it. As Thomas Kidd well states here (“Can Evangelicals Be Likeable”), it’s nice when the Nicholas Kristofs of the

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Islamic Fascism: The Battle of Our Time


Once again, a Muslim gunman has lashed out at Western civilization over the weekend, killing two people and wounding several others in a brief terror spree in Copenhagen. It’s a sign of our times and should serve as yet another

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FBI: ISIS Investigations in Nearly Every State


Little did we know at the time President Obama said he had terrorists “on the run” that he meant on the run across the United States border. But since His Majesty has invited everybody and their grandmas from around the world

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