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Will the IRS Monitor Sermons? They Promise Atheist Group to Do So

1st amendment

Why would the IRS monitor sermons? Let’s get real about the First Amendment and modern Pansex culture. The Bible teaches that marriage is between a man and woman and that there should be no sexual activity outside a marriage. Defining

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Portland, Oregon’s Children’s Crusade: Opposing Evangelism

i am not a sinner

In light of how Bob Allen described “two theocracies” in his post on Islam and Liberal Progressivism, I now dub Portland, Oregon, the Progressive version of Dearborn, Michigan—only worse. The city where an ice cream parlor celebrated baby-killing is up

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The Left Officially Declares War on God

war on god

The meltdowns, lawlessness, and crises are coming so “fast and furious” now you can’t keep track of them all, which is why many of you probably missed a recent development that may actually be the biggest threat of them all

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Megan McArdle on Why the Secular Left was Fine Bullying Hobby Lobby

thomas tank engine

I don’t always agree with or like what Megan McArdle has to say, but this time she hit it out of the park. In reviewing the hysteria over the Supreme Court case in favor of Hobby Lobby’s freedom to not

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The Devil Went Down to Oklahoma


The Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall is the planned venue for a September 21 public performance of a Satanic Black Mass, for which tickets are being sold at $15 apiece. The Black Mass is being staged by a Satanic

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The VA’s “Systemic” Problem Shows the Failure of Secularism

judgment day

I haven’t collected evidence that most people in authority at the VA are committed atheists. But I am guessing that most are nominal believers who go to church seldom if ever. I’m open to counter evidence. But until I see

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Where did the Virgin Murderer Get His Worldview?

elliot rodgers

From the Daily Mail: “Social media reveals the privileged life of Elliot Rodger.” Elliot Rodger often complained on his YouTube videos that his life wasn’t fair. But, his own social media presence reveals that the son of Hunger Games assistant

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Supreme Court Decision On Prayer Is A Disaster, Not A Deliverance

oz curtain

Many Christians and Christian groups and even churches and church leaders are celebrating the recent Supreme Court ruling in a case known as Town Board of Greece, New York v. Galloway. It seems to be the conventional wisdom among these

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Supreme Court Vindicates Christian Prayer By Denying Christ


Last week the Supreme Court of the United States issued its opinion in the case of Town of Greece, N.Y. v. Galloway. You may recall that this town council opened its monthly meetings with prayers offered by local pastors.  These

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Sky to Fall After Supreme Court Ruling on Public Prayer


With one ruling in favor of public sectarian prayer on Monday, the Supreme Court has destroyed the country so many people thought they lived in, where Christians are sent to the corner and told to shut up, like the Founding

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Chinese Government Destroys Church & Persecutes Christians

felled church

You may remember I wrote about the Chinese Christians who protected their church with a human shield and how they are an example to us all. Sadly, the government has pressed ahead with the destruction it planned. From the Telegraph: “China

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States Should Let Atheists Have Their Vanity License Plates

atheist vanity plate

Of all the things that are wrong with the state of New Jersey, it is bizarre to me that this is where the government would draw a line in the sand. When I first saw the headline, “NJ woman’s rejected

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