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France Tightens the Noose on the Populace because Terrorism


When France tightens the noose through controls and restrictions on the use of money, it is hurting ordinary citizens, not terrorists. A friend of the blog sent me this excellent newsletter article about new restrictions that the French government is

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School Administrators Draw Hair on Student’s Head with a Marker


Is this how school administrators are supposed to deal with violations of the dress code? When people think of government institutions in a negative way, they typically think of a place that rigidly enforces strict rules. But is that really

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Obama Administration Making Grab for Control of Internet


The mystery surrounding the Obama Administration’s “Net Neutrality” rules is giving way to panic, even on the Left. The Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler has refused, on the eve of the rules change, to even speak to Congress, which suddenly

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Enforcing Equality Is the Destruction of Private Businesses

ruby tuesday

Bureaucrats like enforcing equality because they like wielding power, not because they care about a just society. The fact that we have people working for the Federal government, looking for malcontents, to justifying bullying and vandalizing businesses, is a disgusting outrage.

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Principal: Let Children Protect Themselves With Cans


Since the nation’s public schools are gun-free zones, that makes them plum targets for any crazy looking to get his name in the paper by shooting a bunch of people. Liberals won’t ever admit that, but they know it or

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Dear Pentagon, Maybe Those Troop Benefits Help You (by Retaining Troops!)


The Pentagon did not prepare to hire and train enough people to use the drones they purchased. As we all know, one of our major military advantages is technological. But that doesn’t mean that the American soldier is unimportant. I

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Bruce Fein in Washington Times: End the CIA!


Why should conservatives support the liberal CIA? Other than Ron Paul, during his 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns, I never thought I would hear this from a conservative outlet. But Bruce Fein has re-launched the idea at the Washington Times:

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Obama Administration Keeps Churning Out Regulations

Number of Federal Register Pages, 2002-14

The White House is setting records on the speed at which it is creating new regulations. We all have heard about how much President Obama relies on executive orders or Presidential memos. Let me ask a hypothetical question. What if

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Homeschoolers Don't Work As Hard

in line school

Government bureaucrat says homeschoolers “don’t work as hard as kids in regular school.” According to the Homeschool Legal Defense Association, a woman in Virginia lost her child support payments because her child’s homeschooling was not recognized by the state. Patricia was complying

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Teachable Moment: Whole Foods Wants to Sell to Poor People

whole foods

The fact that Whole Foods wants to expand their market into poorer neighborhoods like Englewood in Chicago should tell you something about how businesses work. There are statements made in this marvelous story in the Washington Post’s Wonkblog that make

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Begging Obama to Be a Better Food Dictator

paleo food pyramid

We need food freedom, not a food dictator. This editorial in the Washington Post has some truthful statements but it starts with a false premise that it later retracts without acknowledging the discrepancy. The premise is that there is no

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Largest EPA Blackmail of Auto Companies, Ever

epa logo

EPA blackmail happens when the Environmental Protection Agency holds the U.S. market hostage so that a company cannot sell to them without paying off the EPA. The EPA has blackmailed Kia and Hyundai $150 million. From The Daily Caller, “Hyundai,

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