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Corporations Can Be Good and Generous because Sometimes People Are

southwest airlines And yes, that’s because corporations are people, for better and worse. Everyone pretends that the phrase “corporations are people” refers to the legal concept of “corporate personhood.” It doesn’t. It simply means that  corporations consist of people acting in cooperation. That’s why it is important to realize the restricting the “rights of corporations” is really an attack on people. The only way my writing appears on your screen right now is because of some corporations. Read more [...] Continue reading →

Did Veterans Affairs Deliberately Help Soldiers Mess Up Their Paperwork and Delay Care?

healthcare There is evidence that the Veterans Affairs bureaucrats decided not to tell veterans what they needed to do to apply for care. You might remember the Pixar movie, "The Incredibles." One of my favorite scenes was of Mr. Incredible's job at an insurance agency. He was supposed to turn down claims whether they were legitimate or not. Ironically, I think the popular perception that movie tapped into was one reason why people were receptive to Obamacare as our savior from the insurance agencies. Read more [...] Continue reading →

Feds Rob Man of Life Savings because They Can

robber When the Feds rob a man they simply list a groundless accusation which they never prove in court; the victim is not even charged. Tim Cushing at TechDirt writes of another typical outrage in the former United States of America: “Nail Salon Owner Sues for Return of Life Savings Seized by DEA Agents at Airport.” Here's something you see all too rarely -- not because the government's civil forfeiture programs aren't routinely abused – but because it's a good way to spend lots of money fighting Read more [...] Continue reading →

Our Great Country where Schools Can Give 11-Year-Old Girls IUDs without Parental Notification

iud gun The Daily Mail is reporting that thirteen schools in Washington State are distributing IUDs to girls as young as eleven. Here’s a story to help you celebrate your freedoms and your right to self-government this Independence Day: The Daily Mail reports, “Seattle high school sparks outrage over policy which allows it to give IUD contraceptives to girls as young as ELEVEN - without seeking permission from parents.” A public school in Washington State is offering taxpayer-funded intrauterine Read more [...] Continue reading →

Lois Lerner Emails Were Deleted by IRS Despite Subpoena

lois lerner They claim the Lois Lerner emails were erased with no intention of hiding evidence. It is a new day and, thus, a new opportunity for the IRS to be shameless about hiding evidence. It is hard to keep up with each new development. The last thing I reported was the IRS claiming to find more emails but refusing to give them up. Now, the Washington Times reports, “IRS erased Lois Lerner’s emails even after subpoena, audit says.” The IRS erased backup takes with Lois G. Lerner’s emails even Read more [...] Continue reading →

IRS “Finds” 6400 Lois Lerner Emails but Won’t Let Congress See Them

lois lerner They say they need to review the Lois Lerner emails to make sure there are no duplicates. They are just helping us out. Really? I would say that the shamelessness is unbelievable, but it is all too believable. The IRS has no reason to fear Congress. They come up with pathetic, transparently false excuses to refuse to allow Congress to find any evidence of wrongdoing. And they know that no one is going to do anything to make them comply. Fox Business reports, “IRS Finds 6,400 Lois Lerner Emails Read more [...] Continue reading →

For Ninety Days the Debt Level Remains Exactly the Same at the End of Every Day

burning money You can’t enforce the debt level when the government has the power to manipulate it. I reported back in April that the Treasury Department was playing the same games with the debt level that it is still playing now. The amount is frozen in place so that the debt level does not exceed the legal limit. Then it was a forty-day freeze. Now it has remained frozen at the same level for fifty more days. Thus, CNS News reports, “90 Days: Treasury Says Debt Has Been Frozen at $18,112,975,000,000.” The Read more [...] Continue reading →

How Politics Fails to Provide: Marine Sniper Rifle

ferguson sniper The marine sniper rifle is an example of how the government fails in providing goods and services. What happens when the people who chose the tools are different from the people who use the tools? The tool users find that they are not equipped the way they ought to be. The Washington Post published a story yesterday about how, despite prodigious military spending, Marine snipers are outgunned by the Taliban and many other armies. The Marine Corps is known for fielding older equipment. In the Read more [...] Continue reading →

TSA Allows 73 People to Work at Airports with Known Links to Terrorism

TSA_Uniform Do you feel safer with TSA on the job? Really? They gave security credentials to 73 people with known links to terrorism. That's right... 73 known to be the exact kind of people TSA is supposed to be protecting us from, yet the Department of Homeland Security gave them special access to places terrorists are trying to hit, and to the security procedures that would help anyone defeat what lame processes are in place. Also, according to NBC News, Further, the thousands of records used to vet Read more [...] Continue reading →

Wife Sues the Police Department for Cop Husband’s Death

police holstered gun A veteran officer and officer's wife sues the Police Department for accidental death because her husband said she should do so if he were accidentally killed. The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting this accidental death as a genuine accident. The Free State Project puts the term “accidental” in quotation marks to raise the question of whether it wasn’t accidental at all. Really bad stuff can happen in police departments, like a good cop being kicked out and charged with trumped up crimes, Read more [...] Continue reading →

Freedom of Information Act Is a Suggestion, not a Law

SpyNeighbor The Freedom of Information Act is ignored at will. Because who is going to make the government obey it? Sixteen thousand unanswered Freedom Of Information Act requests! From Real Clear Politics: JOYCE BARR, CHIEF FOIA OFFICER, U.S. STATE DEPT.: The State Department is committed to openness, it is critical to ensuring the public trust and to promoting public collaboration with the U.S. government. However, meeting our commitment to openness is very challenging. We have a large backlog of Read more [...] Continue reading →

National Review Weeps that Conservatives Don’t Love Big Brother

RandPaul The National Review put out another defense of NSA bulk data collection—i.e. unwarranted mass spying. I am not going to bother responding to everything in Andrew C. McCarthy’s long love letter to the NSA. Since the National Review has come out in favor of equating homosexual pseudo-marriage with real marriage, I don’t feel any need to apologize for disagreeing with a conservative magazine because the NR no longer deserves to be called one. From now on, anything in the magazine that is truly Read more [...] Continue reading →