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Range War Not Hot Yet, But…

blm land 2 This is definitely one to watch--a man whose family has run livestock on the land since 1870 has had his cattle rustled (stolen) by the Federal government, and now they have also detained one of the rancher's sons for moving outside of the Feds' declared "First Amendment Area"… Gee, and here I thought that applied […] Continue reading →

Dear Mr. Holder, Put Safety Features on Your Own Guns

gun bracelet From the Washington Free Beacon: Attorney General Eric Holder said on Friday that gun tracking bracelets are something the Justice Department (DOJ) wants to “explore” as part of its gun control efforts. When discussing gun violence prevention programs within the DOJ, Holder told a House appropriations subcommittee that his agency is looking into technological innovations. […] Continue reading →

What Difference Does It Make? $6 Billion Vanishes From Hillary's State Department

Hillary Rodham Clinton The State Department made public a special "management alert" in which Inspector General Steve Linick warned  that “significant financial risk and a lack of internal control at the department has led to billions of unaccounted dollars over the last six years." According to the report, some $6 billion has gone missing during those past six years. […] Continue reading →

Our Uncivil Masters; NOT Civil Servants!

washington dc beltway The company that brought us Edward Snowden—who told us things we didn't know—now brings us a study explaining what we did know about our government. From The federal government is headed for a crisis, a new report warns, and without reforms, a homegrown problem threatens to derail everything from foreign policy, to entitlements, to […] Continue reading →