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Congressman Tells FDIC They Shouldn’t Be in Government


If the FDIC members are going to allow the abuse of power, they need to hit the streets. I’d never heard of Sean Duffy, but from this… I think I might like him. That said… I’m tired of ‘right words’

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Can Corporations Blackmail Employees to Not Talk?


When corporations blackmail employees they are firing by demanding promises in exchange for severance, should the courts honor the contracts? Let me answer the question I pose right up front: No. I believe in free markets, free trade, and the

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Democrat: Heirs Must “Earn” Inheritance from Parents

death tax

A Democrat Congresswoman, Linda Sanchez, recently displayed her thinking about justice, inheritance, and the “death tax.” Here are some quotations: What work requirements are there to inherit up to $10 million tax free? Why is that [a single mother] should

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Race Together - Starbucks Gets Beaten Back via Twitter

starbucks cash

A Starbucks Senior Executive found his politically correct Race Together campaign was silly; twitter let him know. If you think “race” is invoked for non-racial reasons all too often in this country, then the Starbucks campaign can only irritate you.

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Hertz Puts Cameras in Cars But Promises No Spying


Why put cameras in cars if you don’t plan to use them? So according to a Hertz spokesman there is nothing to worry about. An article at reports, Hertz has offered the NeverLost navigational device for years, but it

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Minimum Wage: Income Gap Widens in Seattle


Raising minimum wage doesn’t solve the income gap; it aggravates the income gap. Supposedly, a higher minimum wage is needed to deal with the income gap. But Seattle is showing us not only does a higher minimum wage not address

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The Warren Buffett Carbon Footprint Just Expanded!

warren buffett

His train blew up and dramatically increased the Warren Buffet carbon footprint. Poetic Justice? Proverbial karma? Days after Barack Obama vetoed the Keystone Pipeline to protect his big-time financial buddy Warren Buffett’s near monopoly on oil transportation via rails—allegedly because

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Private Security Makes Neighborhood Safer and Reduces Crime

seal security

A Houston neighborhood decided to not renew a contract with a constable, and instead got better service for less money from a private security company. I’ve written in the past about private companies and individuals supplying security for communities that

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Business Owner Turns Prize into Bonus for Workers

burger king

Owner of Burger Kings who won “Franchisee of the Year” award, sold it to give money to employees as a bonus. For those who want to think that no generosity ever comes to workers except by government mandate, perhaps this

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Poaching Workers? Employees Are Now Owned Animals?


Apple is accused of poaching engineers from a bankrupt company. Seriously? The Reuters headline pretends it makes perfect sense: “Apple poaching auto engineers to build battery division: lawsuit.” At first I thought (hoped) the headline was taking the perspective of

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Crony GOP Politicians Attack Private Business for Government

space station

We have at least three GOP politicians who want to obstruct a private space travel company in order to give more business to NASA. You really know the world is twisted, not when you have Republican Congressman promoting a state

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Silicon Valley Snubs Barack Obama

CyberSecurity Image Number 2

Major CEOs of Silicon Valley are upset about how Obama has refused to reform the NSA. As most readers will be aware, Silicon Valley has major left-wing, pro-Obama credentials. On gender and biology, many tech companies want to replace reality

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