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Pray that All Dems Campaign on the Economy Like Joe Biden

Biden laughing

Joe Biden was boasting in the great economy we are now experiencing. I can only hope and pray that all Democrats join him. NPR left much of that part of Biden’s message out of their report on job training. So

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Auto Loans: The Entire Subprime Crisis is About to Happen Again


When the mortgage crisis hit, many people thought that it couldn’t take down the entire economy and bring about recession. They were wrong. So I have no way of knowing just how much damage the subprime bubble in used car

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How Does Crony Capitalism Improve the Economy? It Doesn't, but It Makes Cronies Richer


The most commonly offered alternative to capitalism is not socialism, but corruption, otherwise known as “crony capitalism.” That is when the government gives businesses special favors so that they get either a captive market or subsidies at taxpayer expense, or

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McDonald’s Owners Are As Pessimistic as Ever, So Let’s Double Their Labor Costs

ronald mcdonald sad

You would have to be living under a rock in this country to not realize that there are a shipload of fools who think that it is self evident that McDonald’s restaurants should be paying no less than fifteen dollars

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Elizabeth Warren Comes Out in Favor of Wall Street Loot

elizabeth warren

The U.S. government’s Export-Import bank is being condemned both by liberals and by conservatives right now. You would think with liberal critics like Ralph Nader and others, Elizabeth Warren would be leading the charge. But no. Far from condemning the

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To the Financial Elite, George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton Seem Interchangeable

printing money 2

I’ve mentioned before that some people are talking up Jeb Bush as a candidate for 2016. This mystifies me because it would, in my opinion, be a nomination that would put Hillary Clinton in the White House. Why would we

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Why Not Make the U.S. a “Tax Haven” for Corporations? Or for Everyone?!


We Americans like to flatter ourselves that we have the lowest taxes in the Western “Democracies.” That’s because we look at individual tax rates. When it comes to corporations, our tax rates are not low at all. There are many

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The Reign of Fear: What It Means That Ex-Employee Claims He Was Fired for Reporting Deputy’s Theft

target dog

All we have in this Washington Post story are conflicting claims. Nothing has gone to court yet. Nothing has been adjudicated. But, in my opinion, the man who was fired from Target is telling what every single reader will acknowledge

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Think Unions Are Opposed By Big Business? Think Again!

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So, did you hear how workers at the VW plant in Chattanooga recently voted down an attempt by the United Auto Workers to organize? The union thugs were really, really mad about it, but they lost. Oh, but there’s more

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Did You Hear the One Where Costco Said Politics Had Nothing to Do with Their Dumping an Anti-Obama Book?


I don’t know if Dinesh D’Souza would want to characterize his book, America: Imagine a World Without Her, so simplistically, but that is obviously how the decision-makers of Costco viewed it. They have pulled it from their stores. From Jerome

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“Foreign Aid” is Really Merely U.S. Crony Capitalism Enslaving the Poor via Taxpayer Money


If you want to know why Congress and the White House refuse to end foreign aid, the answer does not lie in their deep compassion. Let’s take the recent example of El Salvador, which we are threatening to deprive of

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Money-laundering Machine Tries to Cover for Hillary Clinton

hillary clinton

How do you keep your candidate loyal and reward him or her for good behavior? The very wealthy typically support colleges and universities. Thus, I have written before on how Ben Bernake’s lucrative speaking gigs are a way that our

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