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Did the Stock Market Receive a Secret Bailout?

wall st bull

Is someone in the Government-Banking Complex actively manipulating the Stock Market? Only a few days ago, the stock market was groaning and “analysts” were blaming Ebola panic. But then things changed. Yesterday ended a four-day “winning streak” for the S&P.

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Airlines & Fuel Prices: How Our Media Leads Us Wrong

jet fuel

The media tries to make us want higher prices in how they report on fuel prices and airlines. We have discussed on this blog before how our elites hate low prices. The bizarre way in which this shows up in

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Liberating Women… to Serve Corporate Needs

denmark demographic winter

Is enabling them to freeze their eggs a form of liberating women or enslaving them? I don’t have a problem with the technology itself and I don’t have a problem with women holding down corporate jobs. But the fact that

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Gov at Work: Hurricane Sandy Victims Drowning in Paperwork

government competence

It is taken for granted that victims of Hurricane Sandy should get Federal help. Insurance companies cannot possibly be sufficient. Neither can private charity. Nor should people feel any additional pressure about where they choose to live. Floods and storms

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Elizabeth Warren, Hypocrite and Crony Capitalist

elizabeth warren

The Elizabeth Warren attack on Barack Obama for protecting the finance industry is a con job. Yes, Barack Obama was bought and paid for by Goldman Sachs and the rest of the finance industry, so her criticisms are true enough

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Andrew Cuomo Wants NY to Have Its Own Export-Import Bank


As Congress seems about to end the Export-Import Bank, Governor Cuomo wants NY Taxpayers to Fund Corporate Welfare. In one of the rare triumphs of reason over corruption in the Federal government, it looks as if a government office of

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Mexican Billionaire Predicts Three-Day Work Week. Why?

work week

Why do our elites want a three-day work week? Bait and switch? Social Security bailout? Other? God said that we should rest one day and labor six days (for awhile this was expressed in the opposite order, but Jesus’ resurrection

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Private, For-Profit, Company Fighting Ebola Successfully


Does it surprise me that Firestone Corporation earned this headline for their work fighting Ebola successfully in Liberia? Yes and no. I was surprised that the tire-making company is still in Liberia. I was there as a missionary-child and remember

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Walmart Stops Health Insurance for Part-time Workers

schiff wal-mart

Walmart has been vociferously criticized for paying minimum wage. Employees attack Walmart for providing a job, which they accepted, but which they say does not pay enough. (Enough for whom?) But now we find out this largest employer of part-time

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Big Pharma Makes Two Glasses of Wine Into a Disease

2 glasses of wine

How are two glasses of wine related to public healthcare corruption and crony capitalism? While this instance of Big Pharma giving itself a gift through government mandates comes from the other side of the ocean, it gives us an idea

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FBI Attacks Apple for Offering Privacy to Customers

bigbrother is watching

Why would we see a story about how the FBI attacks Apple and Google? Quite simply, because they hate the fact that the public is rebelling against their own lawlessness (if not the FBI’s, then at least the NSA’s). Thanks

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Walmart Banking May Help People Other Banks Won’t

walmart worker

When reading about this proposal for Walmart  banking originally I took an attitude of wait-and-see. Here’s the New York Times story about Walmart’s new offering: “Walmart Prepares to Offer Low-Cost Checking Accounts.” Here comes Wal-Bank. After years of thwarted efforts to

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