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The Stupidity of the Facebook Diversity Report


The Facebook diversity report reveals low numbers, but an even lower respect for freedom and dignity. If you want to see a lion, a polar bear, a penguin, and a bison in a location that allows you to view them

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Commission Destroys Uber as a Viable Business


Uber is a rideshare app that the California Labor Commission has ruled is an employer that owes employment benefits. As the economy get worse, developing new ways of living more cheaply becomes more and more important. Ridesharing technology is one

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Santa Monica Shows Us How Government Ruins the Economy

The government ruins the economy when it forbids people from using their resources to make one another better off. To understand how stupid and short-sighted Santa Monica is being, let’s think about three groups of people. First, there are people

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Little Girls Tangle With the Man Over Lemonade Stand


Hard work and entrepreneurial industriousness are the key to success in America. Unfortunately, they’re also the key to harassment by police and bureaucrats, and possibly a citation with a fine. That’s what two young ladies learned in Overton, Texas, when they thought

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Companies and States Lying about Finances

Crossing out Lies and writing Truth on a blackboard.

States are hiding their liabilities and companies are exaggerating their stock market attractiveness by lying about finances. First there was Enron and then a few years later the housing collapse when we learned that the ratings on the mortgage-backed securities

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Tennessee Republican Politicians Force Higher Milk Prices


Because Tennessee Republican politicians are a bunch of socialists and corruptocrats. If you want to know why the response to Obamacare by Republicans has been so weak, the answer is easy to find. Republican politicians agree with Obama’s overall economic

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Another Welfare Queen Billionaire: Elon Musk

tesla store

The entrepreneurial gift of Elon Musk is his ability to follow the government money and ride the taxpayers to riches—his own. As regular readers will know, I have defended Tesla, a company started by Elon Musk, from Chris Christie, and

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Christian Business Guilty of Equal Treatment for Homosexual Couple

wedding rings

It isn’t about equal treatment; it is about thoughtcrime. A Lesbian couple came to a jeweler in Canada and ordered engagement rings. He agreed to the job, and took their deposit. Then the Lesbian couple found out that the jeweler

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Are Police Making a Scapegoat for Waco Gang Violence?

twin peaks

A restaurant is being permanently shut down after police criticized it for some responsibility in the Waco gang violence. You have probably seen headlines about the big gang war in Waco, Texas. One of the casualties seems to be a

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How Should Christian CEOs Treat their Employees?


While freely admitting that the reasoning in this essay at Christianity Today is sloppy, and the basis of the argument is not well grounded—non-sequiturs and misapplication aboundeth—I do think the overall concept is more than worthy of discussion. It is

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How Silicon Valley Pays Off Hillary Clinton

hillary oligarchy

Silicon Valley both fundraises for Hillary Clinton and “pays” her millions for short speeches. For awhile now I have written about how Hillary Clinton is essentially being lobbied, bribed, and/or paid off through insanely lucrative speaking gigs. Wall Street has

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Michigan Crony Capitalism: Secret Spending


A crony capitalism agency of the Michigan state government has hidden their expenses on their own authority. It is pretty amazing that our state governments pretend that taking taxpayer money and giving it to huge corporations is in the public

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