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Big Brother Gains a New Foothold in California Charities


When Big Brother is watching you, he can tell anyone he wants about what you are doing. Here is a suggestion: in order to have open government I think there should be a public database that anyone can access in

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California Obamacare: Money Pit and Fountain of Lies

keg obamacare

California Obamacare is failing and is trying to hide its failure. Sharyl Attkisson has turned her journalistic attention to the California health exchange at the Daily Signal: “Incompetence, Mismanagement Plague California’s Obamacare Insurance Exchange.” Consultant Aiden Hill became a “foxhole

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How Often Is Police Abuse Hushed with Taxpayer Funds?

police brutality

One family refuses to back down from their lawsuit alleging police abuse despite being offered a “substantial amount” to settle. I’ve often noted how unfair it is, when police departments are successfully sued for the misbehavior of law enforcement officers,

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Violent Gang Has Fun When They Catch Thief

police brutality

The colors of this violent gang appear mainly grey, but you might be inclined to think of them as blue. The victim was a fleeing thief. He deserved some kind of punishment. What he got was an instant punishment on

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Judge: California Taxpayers Must Mutilate Man’s Genitals


California Taxpayers are on the hook because prisoner wants to be castrated so he can more closely resemble a woman. It blows my mind that men mocking the female form are not considered repulsive to feminists. But that is only

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Cal State Disallows Christian Group for Christian Leaders

cal state christian

The leaders of Cal State are trying to drive the Christian witness from the campus. The claws of today’s insane definition of “tolerance” and discriminatory “non-discrimination” get bloodier and bloodier. Here’s the headline from the California Political Review: “Cal State

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Can Corporations Blackmail Employees to Not Talk?


When corporations blackmail employees they are firing by demanding promises in exchange for severance, should the courts honor the contracts? Let me answer the question I pose right up front: No. I believe in free markets, free trade, and the

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Cal Students Demand to Rename Building for Cop Killer, Communist


UC Berkeley, the university that practically invented student protest as a form of recreation, is the site of one of the dumber recent spasms of outrage from the racial front lines. The Black Student Union says black students have been

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Janet Napolitano Can’t Stand Whiners that Liberals Cultivate


When student whiners hold an underwear demonstration against rising tuition, Napolitano doesn’t seem concerned about income inequality. This would be funny, if it weren’t so sad. The San Francisco CBS affiliate reports, “Napolitano Says ‘We Don’t Have To Listen To This

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Facebook Pictures May Lead to Life Sentence


A man is about to serve a life sentence for Facebook pictures that show no crime being committed.  There is nothing about this case that makes any sense. A man is facing the possibility of a life sentence because he

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How Valuable is American Citizenship? Ask These Women

palm aire resort

A news report about maternity hotels reveals how important it is to Chinese women that their children gain American citizenship. I have a friend on Facebook who always manages to find these kinds of stories. Otherwise, it would have disappeared without

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Crispy or Original Recipe? Solar Power Test Fries Birds in Flight


Every time I think about “green energy,” a little voice in my head that sounds like Katharine McPhee starts singing “Over the Rainbow.” (Sorry, Judy Garland fans, but this is the 21st century, and Kat’s got it all over the

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