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Why Lie?

Nature Red in Tooth and Claw

If there are no moral absolutes, then why not lie? Lying and moral relativism are rampant in America today.  Consider the problem with them. If relativism were true, then lying along with stealing and murder are all perfectly acceptable as

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Billionaires and Billions of Food Stamps

Food Stamps reported this week that, “A record 290 newcomers joined the Forbes billionaires list in the last year as world markets defied international turmoil. While wars, diseases and currency crises made headlines, tycoons from every continent but Antarctica managed to

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Thinking About Lying


Lying has been making the headlines the past several weeks. We’ve seen NBC anchor Brian Williams suspended for lying about a wartime story as well as lying in a Hurricane Katrina report.  How about the Imposter’s chief strategist, David Axelrod,

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Homosexual Activism Is Forcing Christians to Take a Stand

God and Politics

Forcing Christians to affirm and celebrate “gay marriage” will make them into people who resist. A headline in the Washington Post reads, “‘Relationship with Jesus’ doesn’t justify florist’s refusal to serve gay couple, judge rules.” “Religious motivation does not excuse

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While the West Declines Middle-Eastern Christians Stand

iraqi Xian Fighters

Middle-Eastern Christians are putting their lives on the line to stand against the Islamic State. What a contrast with the West! Behold the results of debauched American leadership. Afghanistan – descending into chaos. Libya – Now in the hands of

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Larceny Isn’t So Grand


I had the privilege of participating in the Reasons for Hope Conference this week as one of their panelists. There were many excellent presentations given, but one statistic grabbed my attention because of its critical importance to where we are

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Are All Hate Crimes Equal?

coke pepsi hate

Hate crimes, if they mean anything, have to be assigned in an equal manner. Will that happen for a case of arson against a church? A church experienced some vandalism and arson. According to WKMG channel 6, “Vandals set fire

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Hero from Kentucky Goes to Help Iraqi Refugees

Iraq map

A dentist is taking time to travel to serve Iraqi refugees and help them in other ways. Hero (noun): A person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. North American – another

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Do Christians Count as much as Charlie Hebdo?

isis killing xians

Do the leaders who condemned the killing of the Charlie Hebdo twelve care about the Christian twenty-one? In January, world leaders gathered in France under the banner “Je suis Charlie”—proclaiming solidarity with the twelve killed by Islamists at the offices

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The Structure of Liberty

liberty bell

America is in trouble. It’s not just the economy.  It is not just the troubles in the inner cities of our land.  No, the greatest threat is to the very purpose for which our ancestors came to these shores –

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Our Ruling Class Believes Rights Come from Man

ny under arrest

CNN’s Chris Cuomo insists that our rights come from man, not God; the Declaration of Independence means nothing. Howard Dean calls Scott Walker “uneducated” because he didn’t complete college, and allegedly doesn’t believe in macroevolution. Yet Chris Cuomo has degrees

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Is America Waging War on Law?

no rule of law

Who can change the source of law? Can a judge? Can a city counsel? A president? Congress? America! America! God shed His grace on thee And crown thy good with brotherhood From sea to shining sea! Does this song describe

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