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Public School says No Prayer; Students do it Anyway, Secularist Baffled

washington praying Last week we discussed a recent ban by U.S. District Judge, Carlton Reeves, given to Rankin County School District, saying it promoted Christianity.  What’s wrong with a public school district promoting Christianity? The Judge maintains a “legal fiction” the courts call the “Incorporation Doctrine.” Contrary to the 10th Amendment, this “Incorporation Doctrine” has been the source of an unconstitutional federal usurpation of power over and against all 50 states along with their Read more [...] Continue reading →

Christian County Clerk Refuses to Participate in Sham Marriage in Kentucky

gayMarriage Should a Christian county clerk be forced to participate in a ceremony she believes is fake and blasphemous? We know that Religious convictions can be accommodated. From the earliest days in the Republic people have been permitted to not take an “oath of office” or give an oath to tell the truth in court. Instead, they can simply make an affirmation. Why? Because some Christians believed that the Sermon on the Mount forbids oaths. Rather than persecute these people or exclude them from civic Read more [...] Continue reading →

Can Federal Judges Run Public Schools?

gavel scales law books Judicial tyranny, specifically in our American court system, has usurped legislative jurisdiction, and I am so bold as to add Divine jurisdiction, in our Constitutional Republic. We saw its egregious head again this past weekend after a Mississippi school district canceled Brandon High School’s marching band playing of the Christian hymn “How Great Thou Art” during halftime at Friday night’s football season opener. The reason? It was decided that singing a hymn was too similar Read more [...] Continue reading →

Capitalism Destroys Poverty; It Is Righteous, not Sinful

Pope Francis 1 Capitalism destroys poverty but people who fight against capitalism destroy the poor. Pope Francis has made it clear that he will use his office to promote Leftist weather scams and prefers input from pagan pantheists to skeptical climate scientists. It is quite obvious this Christian leader hates cultures of freedom, trade, entrepreneurship, and private charity. He prefers societies dominated by corrupt and totalitarian governments. He is an ambassador for turning the few islands of prosperity Read more [...] Continue reading →

We May See Chick-fil-A Banned in Denver due to Crime of Heresy

eat-more-chicken The CEO believing wrong doctrines on sexuality and marriage may get Chick-fil-A banned. America is now a place where you can be forbidden to make a living if you think the wrong thoughts. If you own a business, it can get you banned. From the Denver Post: “Chick-fil-A location at DIA paused after Denver Council cites chain's LGBT stances.” Chick-fil-A's reputation as an opponent of same-sex marriage has imperiled the fast-food chain's potential return to Denver International Airport, with Read more [...] Continue reading →

The God-Ordained Family Government

romeike_family_2 I had the privilege this week of graduating a class of homeschooling students that I taught in our summer school at IOTC. I taught them the Biblical view of Law and Government and our founder’s understanding of the founding documents. What an encouragement it was to see young students from 5th grade and up, eager to learn these essential principles of liberty. I believe one of the few bright spots on the horizon in our land today is the homeschool and Christian school movement. There are Read more [...] Continue reading →

Ferguson is Sick

Ferguson protest Jesus We are barraged again by war in our midst, a war over something as nonsensical as skin color.  This war has been with us since the creation of man in God’s own image, and its root is an innate hatred towards God, best reflected in the discriminatory destruction of our fellow man due to any quality, as seen in the case of Cain and Abel.  This hatred is a sickness we bring upon ourselves when we agree with the enemy of God that men are not created equal, nor endowed by that Creator with unalienable Read more [...] Continue reading →

Understanding the Enemy's Agenda

babel The survey conducted by Fox News July 13-15 this year asked Christians if they believed that Christians were under attack in America today. 81% of Evangelical Christians say Christianity is under attack in America, and when surveying voters as a whole 51% say Christianity is under attack in these united States. This survey was done just two weeks after the Supreme’s immoral opinion was issued. Now the interesting aspect for me is the element of surprise that this holds for the majority of Christians. We Read more [...] Continue reading →

Fox Sports Sued for Religious Discrimination over Gay 'Marriage'

rainbow football Breitbart News reported, "Craig James Sues Fox Sports for Religious Discrimination over Gay Marriage Firing." Daniel J. Flynn wrote Monday, College football analyst Craig James filed suit against Fox Sports in a Dallas court this morning contending religious discrimination for his 2013 termination over his stance on gay marriage. “Fox Sports fired James for one reason only: his religious beliefs about marriage,” the 35-page suit charges. “In so doing, Fox Sports violated the law. Specifically, Read more [...] Continue reading →

Conservative Christian Politician is a Former Homosexual

Bob Dixon And we can expect he won't be the last former homosexual whose story will offend Liberals. People get sexually confused for all sorts of reasons. In my opinion Bob Dixon’s explanation of why he did what he did is really not that important. What is important is that a man who was sinning in his youth repented and followed the way of the Lord. The media hates him for this and tries to spin the story to make it look as bad as possible. Thus, the KDSK headline, “Conservative MO lawmaker says Read more [...] Continue reading →

Jesus Christ is Lord of All History

crown In the wake of the Obergefell opinion of the Supremes, several “Christian” Colleges have already caved in in order to avoid any and all persecution from the sodomites who are controlling our land. They haven’t even considered fighting the evil; instead they have compliantly changed their policies to accommodate sodomite unmarriage. Baylor University in Texas, Hope College of Holland, Michigan, and Belmont University of Nashville as well as Notre Dame University have now approved benefits Read more [...] Continue reading →

Our Hope is in God, Wouldn't You Agree, Senator Cruz?

tedcruz2 Despite being founded on the principle of limited, enumerated powers derived from the will of the people and subject to the transcendental Will of the Creator God, the current government in Washington D.C. is now a corrupt corporation acting as an organized criminal enterprise. Departing from its roots, wherein it acknowledged the God of the Bible as the Creator and Lawgiver, it has become Godless and grasping and now has its tentacles in virtually every aspect of our lives. This situation Read more [...] Continue reading →