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Federal Judge Decriminalized Polygamy

Sister Wives Portraits

Oh, and did you hear: A Utah Federal judge decriminalized polygamy. The ride into Hell just got culturally much bumpier. NPR reports, The case is high profile partly because the suit was brought forth by the Brown family, the stars

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One Guaranteed Way to Kill the Church in America


Suppose you wanted to eradicate your opposition, to effectively kill the church, so to speak. However, you wanted to do so in a way that avoided any blowback, and lulled your opposition to sleep so that they wouldn’t know what

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Reality or Make-Believe? “Civil Rights” In Ferguson

armored truck

If your home is like my home, you have a kitchen where you, among other things, prepare and maybe also eat your meals. Again, if you are like me, you, of course, stand and walk around on the floor of

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Justice the Guardian of Liberty

gavel scales law books

There is a monster loose in America. It is a tyrannical monster whose perfidy grows every day. He is intelligent, educated at the most elite institutions and is holding some of the most powerful and prestigious positions in our land.

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Which Jesus Are You Following?


That may seem like an odd question to ask.  After all, everyone knows Jesus.  At least that is what they tell me when we’re out on the streets. Everyone knows Jesus.  Everyone!  Even the strippers who showed up with boobs-a-blazing

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America in 2039: What if Revival Doesn’t Happen?

tattered us flag

Worry seems to be at an all-time high in America. According to recent polls about 80 percent of Americans think the country is on the wrong track, 59 percent think the American dream is “unachievable” for their children, and 60

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If Allah Is So Great, Why Does He Have to Resort to Violence?

islamic state

So Muslims say Allah is so great. But why do people in the so-called “Islamic State” convert to Islam? Typically, it’s because a knife is put to their throat, or a gun to their head. Allah is obviously a pretty

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Family Reunion

open bible

One of the great differences between all the creatures God made on earth and mankind is the long period of dependency. Many creatures are up and out of the nest in a matter of a few months. Human offspring however

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Left Behind - Should Christians Be Known for End-of-the-World Fantasies?

End of the World

I thought this Christian minister made a wise observation in classifying the forthcoming Left Behind movie with secular and horror fiction in general: In today’s news the picking of your poison has become a veritable smorgasbord. There is tension with

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Ignoring Christian Persecution Goes Back Before Obama

iraq terrorism

From First Things: “Forgetting the Christians.” This past weekend, the United States began to intervene in the humanitarian crisis unfolding in northern Iraq. The Islamist group ISIS has made a lightning conquest of much of the region, persecuting religious minorities,

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The Drums of War

war obama

The Drums of war are increasing in the world this week. Not too far north of the hot war zones, with tens of thousands of Russian troops stationed along Ukraine’s western border, the Kremlin is flirting with the notion of

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Hey, Religion of Peace, Why Aren’t You Dealing with Your Own in Iraq?

Isis Iraq butchers

When adherents of the self-styled religion of peace aren’t cutting children’s heads off, and placing them in the air on sticks, they’re literally cutting other little ones in half. From the Anglican Communion News Service: “Anglican Vicar of Baghdad: ‘Child

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