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Fewer IRS Audits? Oh No! That Would Be Terrible!

end the irs

Amazing how the story just came out that even with all of these alleged cuts, the IRS took in more than ever in history last quarter, and we still had a massive deficit! Kill the IRS, and then take the

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Dear Congress: About Those Hard Drives -- If You Aren’t Part of the Solution…

lawyers in congress

“…the FEC recycled Ms. Sands’ hard drive before the [Office of the Inspector General] was able to seize it…” (source). As The Blaze reported, “Would You Believe, Another Crashed Hard Drive?” House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa

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United Nations About to Dictate Domestic Immigration Policy to the U.S.

un evil

Let’s see: So the United Nations is toying with the idea of “forcing” the United States to keep all of the illegal immigrants flooding across our southern border. This will give a convenient excuse to the President to say, “Hey,

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Dare We Hope Darrell Issa Plans to Take On the White House?

darrell issa

Yesterday, I posted about a Washington Post story that showed how big government lobbies for its own expansion. Taxpayer money is used to fund campaigns that call for more taxes. Right after that piece was published, I found this story

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Bordering on Chaos


There are many lessons that can be drawn from the current border crisis, but the most terrifying is the cold truth that there is no one in charge in America. This crisis — for that’s what it is — has

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Federal Government Priorities Don't Include the Marine Imprisoned in Mexico

Andrew Tahmooressi

I’m trying really hard not to use strong language here. Here’s the story from Fox News: A Mexican federal judge sent Andrew Tahmooressi back to prison after the U.S. Marine sergeant made his first official courtroom appearance since being locked

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Clarification: Lois Lerner Sought Method for Hidden Communication with Other Federal Bureucrats

lois lerner

Mark Horne posted about this from the Washington Examiner, including quoting the story about “OCS messages.” Not everyone may realize the import of “OCS,” so let me give you some excerpts from the Washington Times story: Just as the IRS

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HHS Immigration Press Blackout: Media, Congress, Do Your Jobs & Grow Some Backbone!

bridenstine ft sill

C’mon, media brethren… get into the battle here. Take in hidden cameras and other recording devices. The entire reason for the First Amendment is because the press is supposed to be the government’s worst enemy when officials are trying to

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Dept of Health & Human Services Hireling Tells Elected Member of Congress to Get Lost

bridenstine ft sill

We already know that the executive branch thinks Congress is a joke. And we know from the stories of conveniently crashing hard drives at both the IRS and the EPA that the Federal departments also believe Congress is a joke.

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Barack Obama Promises “Unilateral” Action because Congress “Won’t Act”—It Must Be a Day that Ends with “Y”


I know it sounds shocking… except that President Obama has been vowing action or taking action like this virtually every day of his second term. The new understanding of the U.S. Federal Government is that, when Congress doesn’t do what

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Obama Hell-Bent on Changing Country With Amnesty


The situation at our southern border is deteriorating by the day, with more and more children, often unaccompanied, flooding across from Mexico, the Border Patrol reduced to cooking and diaper-changing, and violent drug cartels and jihadists taking advantage of the

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EPA Shows Executive Bureaucrats Think Legislative Branch is a Joke; Prove Them Wrong, Congress!

epa logo

If you watch the video above, you will notice they treat the entire affair as a big joke. Congress is nothing more than fodder for laughter. And the IRS is not only getting away with it, but they are showing

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