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Barack Obama Triumphs over the Keystone Pipeline


The Senate is unable to override Obama’s Keystone Pipeline veto. I don’t even care that much about the Keystone Pipeline. Now that fracking has pushed down the price of oil, it doesn’t seem as important as it once did. It

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John Boehner Caves; Funds DHS


And the winner of “Worst House Speaker in United States History” goes to… John Boehner! The New York Times headline says it all: “House Approves Homeland Security Budget, Without Strings.” The fight over funding the Department of Homeland Security that

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Liberals Defend Secret Science for EPA

secret science

Why is Congress considering a bill to outlaw the EPA from using secret science as the basis of their regulations? Because we live in an insane dictatorship. We live in a country where the President and the security agencies operate

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Media Applauds Congress for Saving Homeland Security


Instead of saving Homeland Security, Congress should save America. What a sickening missed opportunity. Congress could have forced the President to choose between funding Homeland Security and funding his executive orders (i.e. self-authorized legislation) on immigration. That would have guaranteed

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IRS Conducting Criminal Investigation of Lois Lerner Emails

irs bonuses

But while they say they are conducting a criminal investigation, what are the chances that this is not going to be a cover-up? Finally! The Washington Post reports, “IRS watchdog reveals Lois Lerner missing emails now subject of criminal probe.”

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Obama Threatens Consequences for Obeying Court Order


When Obama threatens public employees to follow orders that are contrary to a judicial ruling as to their legality, he is demanding criminal behavior. Does anyone get it? We have a Constitutional crisis in process. Here it is, from the

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Banning Bullets Means Banning Guns

Gabby Gifford AR-15

The Obama Administration has resorted to banning bullets, beginning with one cartridge. Eviscerating the Bill of Rights, one Amendment at a time! So reports the Washington Examiner: “Obama to ban bullets by executive action, threatens top-selling AR-15 rifle.” It’s starting. As promised,

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FCC Chair Spits on Congress; Will Suffer Nothing


Congress is “deeply disappointed” the FCC Chair plans to vote on a secret policy and refuses to talk to them about it. Here is the story from Andrew Johnson at the National Review’s The Corner: “FCC Chair Refuses to Testify

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Media Keeps Pretending Homeland Security is Our Only Hope


The Senate is caving on immigration and the media is providing cover for them by pretending Homeland Security is indispensable to American security. According to, the Senate has hit a wall. According to Politico, it is inching toward a

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More Hypocrisy about the Constitution in the Senate


The hypocrisy is getting so blatant that it is impossible not to call it out. Today I was sincerely pondering the command not to “speak evil of a ruler of your people”. When the Apostle Paul recites that in Acts

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Will Congress Resist the FCC or Not?

Matthew Berry

The FCC is making partisan war and Congress needs to respond! FCC leadership now trying to block Commissioner Pai’s press releases from FCC website. So much for Open Internet! — Matthew Berry (@matthewberryfcc) February 18, 2015 If this is true,

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Barack Obama’s War against the Islamic State

Obama's War_cropped

President Proposes War against the Islamic State: What Has U.S. Been Doing For Last 6 Months? The Islamic State is evil. The killing of American hostage Kayla Mueller highlighted the obvious. But that’s no reason for America to go to

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