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Congress Made Obama Big Brother


The Senate snuck a provision into a bill so that Congress made Obama Big Brother. This week, while we were distracted by the torture report and the Jonathan Gruber Show on the Hill, Congress fully empowered and funded some of

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Open Christmas Letter to John Boehner

boehner war

John Boehner should find coal in his stocking. Here is the headline from the National Journal: “House Narrowly Approves Massive Spending Bill.” The House narrowly approved a massive spending bill Thursday night just before the government was set to run

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Congress Uses Budget Crunch to Hurt Pensions

cash vortex federal employees

A law to hurt pensions was slipped into the huge spending bill. Crammed within the “we have to pass it, so you can find out what’s in it” over-a-trillion-dollars spending plan currently moving through Congress with no one but the

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A Prayer regarding Trey Gowdy

trey goudy

Lord, please protect and keep me from ever being in the exceedingly unfortunate position of being cross-examined by Trey Gowdy. When you watch this, realize that Jonathan Gruber is simply doing what he does best: Boldly lying in order to

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Congress RUSHING to Push Through $1.1 Trillion New Spending


The new spending coming from Congress is massive and also largely unknown. So we all remember Nancy Pelosi saying that, if we want to know what is in Obamacare, Congress would first need to pass the bill into law. Now

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Congress to Make Taxpayers Bail Out Bank Gambles

bankster bonus

The new budget includes provisions to force Americans to underwrite bank gambles in the derivatives market. Michael Snyder writes at the Economic Collapse blog: “New Law Would Make Taxpayers Potentially Liable For TRILLIONS In Derivatives Losses.” If the quadrillion dollar

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Is Obama Pulling an Amnesty Bait and Switch?


A funny thing happened on the way to Obama signing his executive order giving amnesty to 5 million plus illegal aliens. He didn’t sign it. The National Archives have confirmed that while Obama signed two executive orders in Las Vegas

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For GOP, It's Now or Never

Obama Pelosi

Now that President Obama has officially used his executive pen to reward millions of illegal aliens with a free pass and all the government benefits they want, it’s time for the GOP to jump into the fray swinging. Either that,

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The Republican Pretense against Obama Amnesty


Taking a stand against Barack Obama’s executive order is a Republican pretense. We’ve mentioned several times on this blog the need for Congress to do something about the President’s lawlessness. One option would be to impeach him. But in light

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Federal Reserve in the Crosshairs!

fed reserve

The move to audit the Federal Reserve is back with the Republican resurgence. I have to admit I had assumed that this campaign would be quietly dropped now that the Republicans have control of the Senate. I am sure some

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All Options on the Table: Does John Boehner Mean It?

obama amnesty announced

Does John Boehner mean what he says when he threatens another government shutdown over Obama’s threatened “amnesty” order. The correct response to an executive order suspending the law as passed by Congress would be to charge the president with treason,

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Obama Joins With China to Fight Global Warming


Fresh off a historic electoral beating, during which his radical policies and scandals were the primary inspiration for voters to return congressional control to the GOP, President Obama nonetheless decided to double down on one of the Left’s favorite fears, global

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