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Police Nab a Girl Playing within Eyesight of Her House

free range children

Why would the police nab a girl? If they were worried, then why not take her home? Generally, areas with decent law enforcement and low crime rates want to enjoy the security they have. The point in lowering the crime

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More Junk Science for Gun Control


A study claiming to prove that Connecticut background check reduced the gun homicide rate by forty percent is junk science. Well, if the FBI can do it for the cause of disarming the populace, others can produce junk science too.

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Can Charleston’s Forgiveness Square with Justice and the Constitution?

blind justice

Glenn Beck recently posted a story and video of an MSNBC anchor in tears as he witnessed a spontaneous outburst of church and community members singing Gospel songs and offering prayers of forgiveness at the Charleston Emanuel AME Church, the

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Of Course, Black People Should Shoot Back!


Mashable treats a hashtag campaign to get black people to arm themselves as if it is controversial. I guess this story is a sign of progress. But it contains such stupidity that it is hard to feel good about it.

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One Victim with No Handgun against Four Attackers with a Machete


Four Attackers and not one of them is in the hospital or the morgue with a gunshot wound! But the victim will probably have a hand amputated. The Blaze reports on what should be called “a Michael Bloomberg dream scenario”:

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Democrat Glad None of Dylann Roof's Victims were Armed

concealed carry

He claims the “horror” would have been unimaginable if one or more of Dylann Roof’s victims had been carrying. The Democrats continue to politicize the Charleston massacre by talking about guns. In fairness, I don’t have the full context. So

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Grace: It Comes with Jesus, True God and True Human


Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about the Gospel (Good News) and Grace (undeserved favor) in this shooting spree and the aftermath. Dr. Mark Jones, Senior Minister at Faith Vancouver Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Vancouver, Canada, comments on recent events: Listening to

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He Wanted a Race War but What He Got Was a National Christian Testimony


Dylann Roof claimed he wanted to start a race war but Jesus completely defeated his efforts through the blood and tears of his faithful people. I have to admit, I was too cynical about life to expect this. But it

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No Honest Conversations about Evil are Possible


We can’t have honest conversations about evil because we no longer know how to recognize it. Erick Erickson of RedState wrote a pretty moving post about the Dylann Roof massacre: “The Conversation We Won’t Have.” Yet again we have a

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Hillary Clinton Attacks Free Speech by Blaming Donald Trump for Race Violence


When she claims that political speech can “trigger” violence, Hillary Clinton attacks free speech. If Donald Trump had actually called for violence against some group, then I would have no problem with Hillary Clinton speaking out against him. But he

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Against the Leftist Race Baiters

Embrace Diversity People

Leftist race baiters are trying to manufacture grievances to justify hatred. I had no intention of sharing Paul Joseph Watson’s video when I first saw it. It was true enough, and completely fair to law-abiding African Americans like those people

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The Left will Try and Fail to Use Dylann Roof to Weaken the Second Amendment

Declaration of Independence with Gun

Dylann Roof was a coward who chose a location where he knew people would probably be unarmed. Reportedly, Dylann Roof made a reference to rape while carrying out his cowardly murderous rampage, as if that justified his actions. In comic

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