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Teen Mother Imprisoned in Abortion Clinic

bristol palin teen pregnancy

She wouldn’t have been the first teen mother forced to have an abortion, but she escaped. Here is a little story from the abortion slaughterhouse via Lifesite News: “15-Year-Old Pregnant Girl Held in Abortion Clinic Against Her Will Rescued by

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What Really Happened in the Waco Shootout?

hoodie gunpoint

Conservative alternative media is finding problems with the police version of the Waco shootout. Last Thursday I asked if the now-closed Twin Peaks restaurant was really the source of the problem the way the police said that it was. What

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Banksters Fined a Fraction of What They Looted

bankster bonus

Why were banksters fined when the penalty was so tiny compared to the rewards? Why bother? Bloomberg News reports, “Six Banks Pay $5.8 Billion, Five Guilty of Market Rigging.” Six of the world’s biggest banks will pay $5.8 billion and

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Are Police Making a Scapegoat for Waco Gang Violence?

twin peaks

A restaurant is being permanently shut down after police criticized it for some responsibility in the Waco gang violence. You have probably seen headlines about the big gang war in Waco, Texas. One of the casualties seems to be a

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Don’t Threaten the Wife of a Competitive Shooter

hoodie gunpoint

If the thugs had merely robbed the competitive shooter of money, one might still be alive. I assume they didn’t know they were abducting a competitive shooter. Here is the story from a blog about Jackson, Mississippi, where the event

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Because We Elect Cowards the Government Plunders at Will

secret service

None of us care what happens to our neighbors no matter how the government plunders them. Mark Horne recently wrote about the story of Lyndon McLellan and now the Daily Signal has reported on it: “The IRS Seized $107,000 From

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The Chinese Culture War with Islamic Extremism


While the Chinese culture war is not a complete model for government policy, it might provide helpful ideas for Americans. This blog entry showed up in my Facebook feed and I think it is quite interesting: “China Declares War on

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Houston Federal Judge Invents New Kind of Asset Forfeiture


When the Feds can use your truck in a sting operation, get it riddled with bullet holes, and pay you nothing, it is simply another form of asset forfeiture. Here is how Andy Vickery, a lawyer for a trucking company owner, Craig

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DHS Ignored Judge's Order and Granted Amnesty to Illegal Immigrants


It seems that an executive order for amnesty trumps a judge’s ruling on the Constitution. From the Washington Times: “DHS broke judge’s order, approved amnesty applications despite injunction.” President Obama’s lawyers admitted to a federal judge late Thursday that they

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John Whitehead: You Live in a Police State

Police state_Newsweek

John Whitehead is right, but to what extent is this situation the fault of the Christian Church? John Whitehead is a voice crying in the wilderness. I sure hope more people start listening: “In a Cop Culture, the Bill of

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Citizens with Guns Save Lives

concealed carry

Citizens with guns were confronted by a potential mass shooter. Because of their concealed legal firearms they were able to take him into custody. Here is a refreshing story from Fox Carolina: “Firefighter: CWPs likely stopped deaths of children, firefighters.” Firefighters

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Another IRS Robbery of a Small Business Owner

irs logo

They promised to stop doing it, but here is yet another IRS robbery “They seize a little over a hundred thousand dollars out of my business account here, which was all that was in there. It took thirteen years to

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