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Government Debt Can Never Be Repaid

dollare airplane crash

Government debt has grown so large that it is now mathematically impossible for the government to pay it back. Sports fans are familiar with the calculations in which your team is “mathematically-eliminated” from any possibility of making the playoffs (something

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Open Christmas Letter to John Boehner

boehner war

John Boehner should find coal in his stocking. Here is the headline from the National Journal: “House Narrowly Approves Massive Spending Bill.” The House narrowly approved a massive spending bill Thursday night just before the government was set to run

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I Can’t Breathe

us over cliff

What makes us unable to breathe? I want to say right up front that I do not think that the cops are always right.  In fact, my involvement in on-the-street pro-life ministry has proven to me that the average cop

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Congress Uses Budget Crunch to Hurt Pensions

cash vortex federal employees

A law to hurt pensions was slipped into the huge spending bill. Crammed within the “we have to pass it, so you can find out what’s in it” over-a-trillion-dollars spending plan currently moving through Congress with no one but the

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Would a Government Shutdown Really Be So Bad?


A government shutdown seems more and more like a corruption shutdown. I won’t get into an extended discussion of how Republicans are abjectly stupid in addition to spineless–the mere fact they’re publicly expressing concern about not wanting to “shut down

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Stop Ignoring It! Our Debt Is Sinking our Nation


America is the Titanic  and our debt is an iceberg. The Sovereign Man blog points out: “Five complete lies about America’s new $18 trillion debt level.” On October 22, 1981, the government of the United States of America accumulated an

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Treasury Madness: Go into Record Debt to Repay Debt


It is insanity to repay debt with more debt, but that is how the U.S. government works. This is what the mainstream media has been pushing for years. So no one should be surprised at what the Treasury Secretary, Jack

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Obamacare Deficit Running in the Hundreds of Billions

cash vortex federal employees

Instead of the promise of an Obamacare surplus, we have the reality of an Obamacare deficit. “I will not sign a plan that adds one dime to our deficits.” – Barack Obama. Let us revisit those CBO projections about sign-ups

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Debt Slavery May Be Our Future


Through the banks and governments in league with them, we are heading toward debt slavery on a planetary scale. This is very long, but overall a very fine assessment of the problems plaguing the world financial system. “The Zombie System: How

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Bloomberg: Deficit Reduction “Victory Lap” Was Premature!


Any deficit reduction victory will soon be forgotten amid a national debt crisis. A few days ago Bob Allen responded to Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew’s “victory lap” over the historically small deficit. You know you’re doomed when your

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The National Debt Keeps Piling Up, But Government Boasts


Record taxes mean that the Feds “only” added a half-trillion dollars to the national debt this year. Let’s celebrate? You know you’re doomed when your Secretary of the Treasury takes a “victory lap” simply because the Federal Government devoured an

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Do Lower Energy Prices Have a Downside?

obama big oil

Technically the answer to that question is yes. Lower energy prices have a downside for people who make more money from higher energy prices. Just like tailors suffered when the sewing machine was invented, or harvesters lost their income when

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