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Greek Debt Implosion Starting to Ripple Outward

Crashing Europe Graphic

The Greek debt crisis is affecting global markets; things are just getting started. It seems like the event that Bob Allen has often warned us about is finally beginning. The New York Times reported yesterday, “Greece’s Debt Crisis Sends Stocks

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Puerto Rico Is Our Greece and More Fallout Is Coming

money swirl

Puerto Rico has AT LEAST $73 Billion in debt and they can’t pay it back. Puerto Rico has economic disadvantages. Energy prices are high and there are other challenges. So what did Congress do? Congress made Puerto Rican bonds available

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Greece Leaving Should Surprise No One

greece protesting

With the possibility of Greece leaving the West finally being acknowledged, we ought to also acknowledge that it was predictable. Here is a headline from the Financial Times: “Washington fears losing Greece to Moscow.” Throughout the prolonged showdown between Greece

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An Open Letter to the Greek Prime Minister

eu greece

The Greek Prime Minister thinks Russia might be able to save them from the EU and their debt. From the Guardian: “Greek prime minister reaches out to Vladimir Putin for help in financial crisis.” Alexis Tsipras, the Greek prime minister,

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For Ninety Days the Debt Level Remains Exactly the Same at the End of Every Day

burning money

You can’t enforce the debt level when the government has the power to manipulate it. I reported back in April that the Treasury Department was playing the same games with the debt level that it is still playing now. The

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Unfinished Jail Shows Why Local Government Doesn’t Work

cash vortex federal employees

If you can’t hold people responsible for the damage they do then local government is a pit of corruption rather than a means of self-government. The bankruptcy of Detroit is already well known, but a recent story demonstrates how much

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You Are Not the Only One Who Can’t Make Ends Meet

dollare airplane crash

The majority of Americans can’t make ends meet. Bob Allen shared a message with me that you might relate to: If it seems like you always have more month left at the end of each paycheck… you’re not alone. The

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Downgraded Chicago: The City Is Officially Junk


Moody’s has officially downgraded Chicago bonds to the status of junk bonds. Regular readers might remember that back at the end of February I wrote about how Moody’s downgraded Chicago’s bonds to two steps above junk. Nothing has really changed

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One Fourth of Americans Have No Emergency Fund


While many Americans report suffering financial emergencies, a sizeable number have no emergency fund saved up. It seems like I post a story about this every other month because new studies keep coming out that set forth the same depressing

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Government Lies: No Debt Growth for 40 Days

truth lies

In one more instance of government lying, the Treasury Department claimed that no debt growth took place since March 13. We all know how it works. If Veterans Affairs has a legal obligation to provide for troopers on a wait

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Climate Change Is a Primary National Security Threat?

John Kerry on Global Warming

Global warming isn’t a national security threat at all, let alone a “primary” one! After the kind of things John Kerry has said about global warming as Secretary of State, I don’t think we should be that surprised that Barack Obama

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The Politics of Covetousness


It is widely known that Americans are spending themselves into debt slavery. For example, Bloomberg business reported last September that consumer debt was at an all time high of $3.2 trillion with credit cards and auto loans leading the pack.

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