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Obamacare Is a Dictatorship, not a System or Law

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The Affordable Care Act established a dictatorship more than a system of rules. With the waivers and the other alterations, delays, and other changes made in Obamacare, this is really not surprising. But I think the news about birth control

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Ron Paul on the Ebola Scam: $1.4 billion


The Ebola scam meant over a billion dollars in spending. What was that money used to do? How did it help? If you have ten minutes, you might find Ron Paul’s review of what happened with American intervention in the

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Indiana, Experimental Drugs, and Freedom

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In Indiana, experimental drugs may become legal for terminal patients. How does this comport with their “anti-homosexual” law? We all know that Indiana is a backwards state because they just moved to legalize discrimination against homosexuals, right? I mean, the

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HIV Health Crisis or Exposure of Scaremongering?

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The news report at the Sun Herald takes the position that this is an HIV health crisis story: “70 percent of Americans with HIV don’t have virus under control.” Seventy percent of Americans who have HIV do not have the

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How the Government Messes Up Drug Manufacturing

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Allegedly, intellectual property laws are supposed to protect drug manufacturing by motivating the development of new products. But economist Megan McArdle points out that the government is actually making bizarre regulations that make no sense. She noticed this because a

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Berkeley Pilots Brilliant Method for Building Permanent Caste System: Pot for the Poor

Marijuana & Cash

Berkeley, California, has, I think, revealed where the current wave of pot legalization is headed. I have to say, I’m impressed with the diabolical snare they have invented in order to maintain a caste system and ensure that the poor

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The FDA Wants to Monitor the Population’s Compliance with Big Pharma

Drug Wars

I don’t think monitoring social media is the same as “spying” unless they violate privacy settings. But before I talk about the recent happenings on the part of the FDA, let me remind you of their commitment to doing espionage

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Is The Drug War Being Waged On Legal Prescription Drugs For Those In Pain?


A reader of this blog just forwarded an email to me. It said in part: Today, 1/27, I went to Walgreens with a new prescription for pain medication and was told that they would not have any until Feb 17;

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Doubling Down On Failure: Drive Children Insane To Give “Mental Health Industry” More Government Jobs


Rahm Emanuel’s dictum about never letting a crisis go to waste seems to be the key to understand everything about Liberal culture and politics. What follows is from the UK, but something like it could easily happen here. From The

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Common Core Dollars Destroy Opportunities For ADHD Kids


Corporations buying into the federal healthcare data system using huge profits made from creating federal tests aligned with Common Core are destroying opportunities for ADHD kids. The fears of many parents of ADHD kids will likely come true. Their child’s

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Stop The Soma! The Kids Don’t Have ADHD; North America Has Societal Domestication Syndrome

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It is ironic that, right after I post on Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, I find out that now we claim that more than one in ten children has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. What a windfall for our “soma” manufacturers,

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Navy Shooter's Drug Connection Ignored


With the media and politicians looking for something to blame for the Navy Yard shooting, the real cause may be getting overlooked. The media were quick to focus on the dreaded AR-15, the scary-looking “assault rifle” that every toddler can

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