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Drug War

Rethinking the Prison-Industrial Complex

prison bars hands While some Democrats are advocating prison camps, others are pointing out the prison-industrial complex is claiming too many Americans. Some conservatives think that drug laws are necessary and others have a more “libertarian” approach. But there is no way to deny that some of the penalties imposed have been insane. Weirdly, at the same time that a prominent Democrat is advocating “segregation” in camps for what amounts to pre-crime, many Democrats and Republicans are reconsidering the Read more [...] Continue reading →

Cops Made Money Laundering Money for Drug Cartels

police corrupt Bal Harbour Police Department and the Glades County Sheriff’s Office made $2.4 million by laundering money and charging three percent. Remember all the nice cars and boats that the police had for undercover work in that old TV show, Miami Vice? We may now have a clue how a police department could have enough funds to afford such lavish toys. Nick Sibilla of the Institute for Justice writes at, “ Posing as money launderers, police in Bal Harbour and Glades County, Fla. laundered Read more [...] Continue reading →

Black Man Gets Eight Years for Exercising Second Amendment in Self Defense

orange and black He’s just another black man in an orange jump suit now so no one cares about his life being destroyed by criminal Feds. This story is so enraging. Bonnie Kristian writes at “This man’s life was ruined because federal drug agents stormed his house unannounced.” Joel Robinson of Orangeburg, South Carolina, was home alone one morning in October of 2014. It was 6 a.m.—still dark out—when suddenly a group of men burst onto the property, armed and yelling. Alarmed and assuming Read more [...] Continue reading →

Feds Rob Man of Life Savings because They Can

robber When the Feds rob a man they simply list a groundless accusation which they never prove in court; the victim is not even charged. Tim Cushing at TechDirt writes of another typical outrage in the former United States of America: “Nail Salon Owner Sues for Return of Life Savings Seized by DEA Agents at Airport.” Here's something you see all too rarely -- not because the government's civil forfeiture programs aren't routinely abused – but because it's a good way to spend lots of money fighting Read more [...] Continue reading →

New Mexico Police Complain They Can No Longer Plunder the Public

drug-war When police complain about their budgets they are basically admitting they want to live by theft. I wouldn’t be so harsh about this story if they were actually requesting increased funds. But how the New Mexico police complain certainly sounds like they are mainly lobbying to get back their old freedom to simply take stuff from others without having to convict anyone at trial, or even having to charge someone with a crime. The story comes from the Four Corners News in New Mexico: “Civil Read more [...] Continue reading →

Police Suspect No Foul Play when Dead Man is Found in River

andrew sadek Because why would anything about a body shot in the head, wearing a backpack full of rocks, suggest foul play? I understand if you don’t have the almost ten minutes right now to watch this video. But let me tell you about it below: On June 27, 2014, the body of 20-year-old Andrew Sadek, a promising electrical student at the North Dakota State College of Science (NDSCS) in Wahpeton, North Dakota, was pulled from the Red River bordering North Dakota and Minnesota. Missing for two months, Read more [...] Continue reading →

Colorado Supreme Court Makes Wrong Decision on Marijuana

gavel scales law books The Colorado Supreme Court affirms freedom for businesses, but only under Government Control. I don’t know that I agree with the way Dish Network treated their former employee Brandon Coats. In fact, it seems kind of cruel to me, if it is true that Coats had a real medical need. According to the Denver Post, Coats became quadriplegic in a car accident and used marijuana to control leg spasms. He had a medical marijuana card and consumed pot off-duty. He was fired in 2010 after failing a random Read more [...] Continue reading →

Police Disabled Cameras on the Raided Property? Why?

speed-camera Once the police disabled cameras in a marijuana dispensary, they appeared to consume the prohibited merchandise. As NSA apologists are wont to say... "Gee, if you're not doing anything wrong, why should you care if they're watching you, and reading your email? And so I say: "Gee, if the officers aren't planning to commit crimes, why would you take down all of the surveillance cameras (that you can find, anyway!)?" There is no legitimate reason for officers to ever—ever!—take down surveillance Read more [...] Continue reading →

Marijuana Raid Lets Cops Munch on Marijuana Edibles?

marla james raid Should a marijuana raid be a party? The Orange County Weekly has posted three videos along with a report. The videos seems to show cops who raided a marijuana dispensary eating some of the treats that are dispensed there, getting rather relaxed, playing darts, and sitting around telling jokes. It is possible that they just happened to bring snacks with them to the raid and just felt relaxed that day, but it certainly appears that they are getting a bit stoned. The footage was obtained because Read more [...] Continue reading →

Does the War on Drugs Turn Adults into Monsters?

marijuana plants When you suspend a student for a year for NOT possessing or using drugs, you have allowed the war on drugs to make you insane and dangerous. We keep getting more and more bizarre stories about how public schools act when students are accused of possession or use of drugs. For example, when a school came into possession of a student's private journal, and read it, and found she wrote that she had used marijuana, I thought their response was insane and possibly criminal. But at least in that case, Read more [...] Continue reading →

The Asset Forfeiture Police Station Shows Why Taxpayers Allow It

police corrupt Richland, Mississippi, sports a new asset forfeiture police station and demonstrates why it is tolerated. I remember when I was a young child watching a lot of animal shows. They would often show a predator—typically some kind of big cat like a lion or cheetah—sneak up on a heard of grazing herbivores like antelopes, deer, or cattle of some kind. When they charged, the grazers scattered and fled. Usually, the grazers then went a little distance away, calmed down, and started grazing again. It Read more [...] Continue reading →

Woman Tasered for Opposing Illegal Search

Taser Another woman tasered, another illegal search—just another day in our police state with our compliant neighbors. Here’s the situation... Border checkpoints aren’t just for the border. They are for any road anywhere within a hundred miles of any border. That, in case you didn’t know, means two thirds of the population of the United States can be stopped and questioned for driving on local roads. Supposedly, the only reason they are permitted is to check that a person is not an illegal Read more [...] Continue reading →