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Veteran Robbed of $60k+ for Marijuana Smell; Never Charged

civil forfeiture

Court ruled a veteran robbed of over sixty thousand dollars by Nebraska State Troopers and the DEA had no right to object to the robbery. No matter what Eric Holder promised, civil forfeiture is still going strong. According to the

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DEA Agents Bed Down Drug Cartel Prostitutes


DEA agents used drug cartel prostitutes at the sex parties they sponsored. Just the kind of people we want working in law enforcement. It is not hard to find stories that allege that the Drug Enforcement Administration is in bed

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Indiana, Experimental Drugs, and Freedom

pills dollar sign

In Indiana, experimental drugs may become legal for terminal patients. How does this comport with their “anti-homosexual” law? We all know that Indiana is a backwards state because they just moved to legalize discrimination against homosexuals, right? I mean, the

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Is the Drug War a Way to Wage Class Warfare?


Is the drug war really being waged in an equitable fashion? Or is it being used to single out poor people? Some conservatives lean libertarian on recreational drugs. Others are in favor of criminalization, but don’t want our constitutional rights

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Judge Admits He Just Followed Orders


Judge gave a man essentially a life sentence because “the system forced me to do it.” It has been awhile since we have mentioned Albert Jay Nock on this blog. But the infamous “Tory Anarchist” once wrote a true story

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Jury Banned from Hearing Why Defendants Are on Trial

Nazi Germany

A judge decreed defense lawyers may not say that defendants are on trial because they obeyed state law to deal with sickness. Trial by jury and the First Amendment are both waved about as symbols of American greatness and superiority.

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Welfare and Drugs Should Never Mix

marijuana plants

The Colorado legislature must separate welfare and drugs or welfare will be nothing but a prison for the poor. Giving someone heroine in order to create dependence is considered a disgusting crime. Marijuana is not on the same order of

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The Problem of the Jeb Bush Drug Use Story

Marijuana & Cash

Conservatives cannot ignore the Jeb Bush drug use problem. The Boston Globe ran a story about Jeb Bush’s time in Andover College. It involves reports about his marijuana use, including his selling of the drug to friends. One of those

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Kidnap Children over Dad’s Unapproved Supplement


You can’t call the police when they are the ones who kidnap children. Imagine having your seven children kidnapped—it’s exactly the situation wherein you would expect to turn to the civil authorities for quick response, and a safe return of

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Colorado, Pot, Guns - Drug Defeat or Second Amendment Victory?


What do Colorado, pot, guns have to do with one another? Many Conservatives believe in marijuana prohibition. So they might see this news from as another sad defeat for Conservative culture. Two Colorado firearms instructors are planning a ballot initiative in

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Silk Road Prosecution Attacks First Amendment and Jury

Scales of Justice

Trial by jury and freedom of speech are both supposed to be protected in the United States. In case you haven’t been keeping up with the news, “Silk Road” was the name of an internet hub that sold prohibited goods,

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Death Squad Update: Executed Victim Was Face Down when Shot, according to Attorney


I got so angry posting about this homicide that I used the term “Death Squad” for the police raid. Was I using inaccurate hyperbole? For those who don’t have time to follow the link, allow me to recap: David Hooks

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