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Obamacare Already Rations Healthcare so Let’s Kill Babies if They Have Defects

death panel reaper obama

A Princeton professor is blunt about his call to kill babies by intentional withholding of care. They intentionally deceived the nation to pass “The Affordable Car Act”… and the truth keeps flowing about what they intended to accomplish with Obamacare

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Politicians and Voters Both Live in Make-Believe World

Pope on Subway

Pope Francis has become a propagandist for the make-believe world of the EU and the US ruling regime. Here is a rousing commentary on the foolishness of both Pope Francis and the Eurocrats: “The Pope joins the EU in a

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Unaffordable Care: Obamacare Prices May Go Up 30-50% in Some Regions

repeal obamacare

Anyone who was honest and not stupid knew that Obamacare prices would skyrocket, so naturally politicians imposed it on us. Do you think health care costs are unaffordable under the (heh) Affordable Health Care Act? Well… medical insurance premiums under Obamacare

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Daily Beast Writer Figured Out Minimum Wage Hurts Poor

minimum wage

She writes as if she hates admitting that real economists have said for centuries that raising the minimum wage hurts poor people. Even as she raises the issue she tries to make “conservative economists” appear unreliable: This week, the Los

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Even If Man-Made Global Warming Was Real, Environmentalists Would Still be Wrong

polar bears roasting penguin

Man-made global warming would not make big government competent to fix it. If you think that just because you are not personally a climate scientist you therefore have no right to an opinion about anything Al Gore says the government

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Obamacare Spending Is Consuming the Economy

money vortex

While GDP barely improved, Obamacare spending has exploded. As I mentioned recently, mainstream news outlets are admitting that the economy is grinding to a halt. A Washington Post article revealed that the economy only grew a fifth of a percentage

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God’s Law regarding Economics

When travel plans go awry it can be frustrating. My flight out of BWI on Monday was canceled due to equipment breakdown. I’m glad that was discovered by the crew as we sat on the run way rather than in

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No, Harry Reid, Crushing Poverty Does Not Cause Violence

poverty etc

Harry Reid thinks crushing poverty explains the violence of the riots—though he is quick to say he does not condone the violence. Before I explain how wrong he is, let me first thank Harry Reid for bringing up justice reform

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Obama on Earth Day: I’ve Stolen More Lands from States than Any Other President

Barack Obama, Al Gore

Earth Day is a rationalization for Federal land grabs in the name of the planet. The euphemism for “stole” in President Obama’s statement is “set aside.” As in the headline at CNS News: “Obama: ‘I’ve Set Aside More Public Lands

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L.A. Stage Actors Understand Economics! No to Higher Wage.

minimum wage

L.A. stage actors want to be exempt from minimum wage hikes because they don’t want their employers driven out of business. This is great but it is infuriating. Doesn’t anyone realize that all other businesses are affected by the same

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What Entrepreneur Charity Proves about the Living Wage

minimum wage

Paying all employees a living wage is a grand experiment in charity. calls Dan Price a Seattle CEO, but identifies him as an entrepreneur. That is important to keep in mind because Price is definitely starting a risky

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Iceland Is Fighting the Banks but Could Do Better

iceland finance

Though they would do better with a sound monetary theory, it is great that SOMEONE is fighting the banks! The Daily Bell has a great piece out, “Iceland vs Banksters.” Iceland’s government is considering a revolutionary monetary proposal – removing

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