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Mainstream Media Acknowledges Baby Shortage!

empty crib

It is rather amazing that CNBC admits that we have a baby shortage. The conservative “alternative media” has warned about the demographic implosion that is starting. Colleges are beginning to feel it. But we rarely find the mainstream media acknowledging

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Editorial Shows Hatred of Corporations is really Hatred of People


A columnist lets loose on cheap oil, showing hatred of corporations. Which, it turns out, means hatred of consumers. I’m not exactly shocked by this editorial, because it matches up with news I have read. But the sheer hysteria of

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Congress Wants Government Nutritionists to Leave Environment Alone

farmer subsidies

Government nutritionists have been told to stop talking about “sustainability.” Even though I don’t believe in evolution, I am very appreciative of Robb Wolf’s work on ancestral eating. Just read the testimonials and you will find many people who have

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Study Calculates How Many Jobs Lost to Minimum Wage Law


It makes good sense to believe that a minimum wage law destroys jobs. Common sense will point out to you that, if a company is struggling, its revenue cannot increase if they are forced to pay more for employees. For

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“Drill, Baby, Drill!” Sarah Palin Vindicated Again!

gas tax

Barack Obama shows how Sarah Palin understood reality better than he does. In 2012, candidate and President Barack Obama decided to argue against the Republicans on energy. As the Daily Caller reports: it was just two years ago that President

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The Difference between Paul Krugman and Chuck Schumer on Obamacare

krugman stimulus

Paul Krugman criticizes Chuck Schumer for criticizing Obamacare. Why are they different? Paul Krugman and Chuck Schumer are both liberals. They are both partisans to the Democrat Party. But they are displaying a divergence of opinion. As David Linton has

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Modern Economics Exposed as a Source of Fraud

economic slump

Modern economics has been transformed into an arcane system—shrouded in mystery and incomprehensible terms and formulas (watch an old video of Alan Greenspan blathering on before Congress, if you question me!)—but that’s because corrupt politicians and bankers find such fog

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The Triumph of the Consumer in the Falling Oil Prices

gas tax

The news that oil prices are going down for quite some time is being reported as a gamble by the Saudis, who are supposed to have had a heavy influence on OPEC’s decision not to stop production. As Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

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Inventing Rights for Retail Workers Is a Bad Idea

ronald mcdonald sad

Retail workers can be mistreated, but so can employers. Inventing rules often does more harm than good. I completely understand that working a retail job can be frustrating. Employers can treat you badly. I have children working retail and I

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Current Pope, Despite His Virtues, Is a Socialist

Pope Francis 1

If he walks like a socialist and he quacks like a socialist… From Joel McDurnon at the American Vision website: You’ve heard of “legitimate rape,” now meet its state-sanctioned cousin, “legitimate robbery.” Or, at least, hear it in the euphemized

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Teachable Moment: Whole Foods Wants to Sell to Poor People

whole foods

The fact that Whole Foods wants to expand their market into poorer neighborhoods like Englewood in Chicago should tell you something about how businesses work. There are statements made in this marvelous story in the Washington Post’s Wonkblog that make

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Minimum Wage Vote Proves Ignorance Still a Majority


The November 4 elections included a minimum wage vote in four states. In all four states the measure to raise the minimum wage passed. Josh Barro writes at the New York Times website, The wage increase won its biggest margin

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