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The TSA & the Economics of a Monopoly Protection Racket


MarketWatch reports, Between shelling out hundreds of dollars in airfare and forking over even more for ancillary fees, travelers are already spending more than they have in years for plane tickets. And that’s about to get worse. Starting on July

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Why You Need to be Aware of Economic Science: To See Through Media Smears


Bloomberg recently published an amazingly ignorant and inaccurate attack on adherents to the Austrian School of economics [“Austrian Economists, 9-11 Truthers, and Brain Worms”]. Most people wouldn’t know it due to simple ignorance of the Austrian view, but this piece

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The Key to Ending Private Prisoner Exploitation is Not Regulation but Competition

jail hospital

Perhaps you don’t think it should matter if prisoners get ripped off by their phone services. Maybe you’re right. But it still doesn’t make sense to give special monopoly favors to politically-connected corporations to make money off some of the

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The Corporate Welfare Export-Import Bank is Opposed by Everyone But the Politicians and the Cronies

ralph nader

Candidate Barack Obama, according to Patrick Brennan at the National Review, Corner blog, “decried the bank on the 2008 campaign trail as wasteful and ‘little more than a fund for corporate welfare.’” He was referring to the “Ex-Im Bank.” Now, Ralph

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Seattle Minimum Wage Law Is How Some Businesses Try to Destroy Other Businesses


Fifteen dollars an hour is a painful increase in expense for small businesses. Seattle politicians had made a promise that they found voters would not permit them to forget. So now they are stuck with it. Some are suing in

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Starbucks Shareholders Giving Employees Free Tuition

starbucks cash

I applaud Howard Schultz—he is free to do what he wants with his own money… Of course, he doesn’t actually own Starbucks, so it’s not his money, but why quibble, right? As long as his shareholders back him, more power

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Do Ukraine & Russia Show Us How Economic Collapse Will Cause Foreign Conflict?

money swirl

I heard the story on the radio and then saw it at “Russia Cuts Off Gas Supply to Ukraine.” Relations between Russia and Ukraine are set to slide even further downhill after Kiev and Moscow failed to make a

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The Real Reason the Seattle Mayor Thinks the City’s $15/Hour Minimum Wage is Model for the Nation


If you remember, it wasn’t too long ago that Seattle Mayor Ed Murray was trying to soften the blow of Seattle’s promised $15 per hour minimum wage law. But having tantalized the people who voted radicals into the city government,

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Chinese Mountain-leveling Cities Show the Communists are Super-Keynsians!

chinese ghost city

It is now a proverb that Keynes believed you could stimulate the economy by paying someone to dig a hole and paying someone else to fill it up again. That should sound strange to many people, though when they’ve heard

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How to Learn from France’s Economy—Lessons Lost on Barack Obama

francois hollande

We’ve been taught today that the way to economic prosperity is through higher taxes and more government intervention. If that were true, France should be among the best performing nations of the world, but that is not the case. How

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The People of Seattle Elected a Kleptomaniac for City Council and Deserve What They Get

Kshama Sawant 2

The New American reports, Monday’s announcement that the Seattle City Council had voted 9-0 to raise the city’s minimum wage to $15 an hour was much more about advancing a political agenda than about improving economic conditions of the working poor. It

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Seattle Officially Begins Destroying Its Economy


I posted just over a month ago that Seattle was considering  inflicting a $15 per hour minimum wage law. Now they have done it. As the Daily Caller reported yesterday: In a 9-0 vote, the Seattle City Council approved a

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