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Is the Price of Butter Economic Bad News? No, but It Is Bad News for Michelle Obama

butter in coffee

It is easy to get discouraged when you see a story about the price of butter going up. With money pouring into the economy from the Federal Reserve’s “quantitative easing” program, prices get destabilized. Food and energy are especially prone

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Obamacare Success – Employed Work Fewer Hours to Keep Subsidies

Obamacare chains

I call this an Obamacare success because I can’t believe that the people who designed it were unaware of this consequence.  They chose it. We already knew that Liberals were aware of the problem because they admitted to it. They

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Financial Collapse? JPMorgan Wants to Scapegoat Russia

dollare airplane crash

While seeing our financial elite try to scapegoat Russia, I recall a movie about forced honesty. Remember the 1997 Jim Carrey movie “Liar, Liar,” where an attorney was “cursed” with the inability to lie for an entire day? I wish

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Raise Interest Rates? You Must Be Joking!


The idea that Janet Yellen would raise interest rates was nothing more than a useful deception. The Federal Reserve doesn’t want to publicly admit that they have absolutely no idea about how to help the economy other than shove interest

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If You Think Babies Are Expensive, Wait Until You Pay the Price of All the Missing Ones


How many news stories can be written to tell us that babies are expensive? Here’s a new one: “Report: Raising Today’s Child Tops $245K.” Naturally, it is based on a Federal Department that wants to remind us all of how

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When Puppy Love Means Disaster: Pets as a Sign of Demographic Winter

dog stroller

As another warning of demographic winter, the headline at the New York Post is arresting: “More young women choosing dogs over motherhood.” If you’re wondering why playgrounds around the city are so quiet and dog runs are packed, a new

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Jobs Pay 23 Percent Less Today Than Before Obama


Remember in 2009, right after coming into office, President Obama and his top aides swore they would “focus like a laser” on jobs? Sadly, it turns out that Obama apparently learned to use that laser at the Imperial Stormtrooper School

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Cash for Clunkers Hurt the Auto Industry

government competence

Cash for Clunkers was presented as an easy way for the government to help the auto industry. But it didn’t. The government is so big and powerful it should be able to help an industry. Even as a conservative, I

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End the Evil! End the Fed!

fed reserve

Why must we end the Fed? Mark Horne nails the evil Federal Reserve System with this conclusion: When preparing for the future becomes too difficult to accomplish, people tend to push it out of their minds. They are not failing

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McDonald’s Sales in Decline So Let's Raise Minimum Wage!

ronald mcdonald sad

As you may know, unions are scheming for ways to force fast food franchises to raise their minimum wage. Usually, McDonald’s is treated as the wealthiest of these franchises. Everyone seems to assume they have plenty of money and are

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One Fifth of Seniors Have Nothing Saved for Retirement; Almost One Third of Everyone Have Nothing Saved

Broken piggy bank

Twenty percent of people fifty-five years of age and older have nothing saved for retirement. Thirty-one percent of adults of all ages have no retirement savings. According to the Washington Post: The sobering statistic was one of many released by

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Why Some Corporations Prefer a Bad Economy

business closings

A bad economy is supposed to be tough for businesses. In many ways it is tough for them. But even so, it is possible that they see a silver lining. Consider this post from the Wall Street Journal blog: Not

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