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Establishment Member Is Telling Everyone to Prepare for Economic Breakdown

crash and burn cash The advice sounds like it comes from a prepper or a goldbug, but it is coming from a bona fide political establishment member in Britain. If you frequent conservative and libertarian blogs that analyze the state of our economy, you probably have read this kind of advice before. You could easily see it on an alternative media twitter feed: “Advice on the looming crash, No.1: get hard cash in a safe place now; don't assume banks & cashpoints will be open, or bank cards will work.” “Crash Read more [...] Continue reading →

Government Bureaucrats Can’t Predict Our Economic Future

lies people statistics Whether it is managing healthcare or alternative energy, our government bureaucrats repeatedly fail to see our economic future. As we all know, our stock market is finally starting to shred the delusions that have built it up over the past months and years. One major domino that started the cascade was China’s experience of the same thing. When China started to show major signs of shredding, Jack Lew was asked about it. Jack Lew is President Barack Obama’s Secretary of the Treasury. I’d Read more [...] Continue reading →

CBO Predicts 2018 Will Mean Unsustainable Debt

us over cliff The CBO predicts 2018 will end a good period in American finance, but he is assuming the economy continues to recover. I expect the mainstream media, to the extent they cover the story, will spin the Congressional Budget Office report as a “glass half full” story. But the CBO predicts 2018 will be when the glass starts emptying. I think the Washington Times headline is accurate: “CBO report forecasts unsustainable debt in long term.” The economy is sluggish but growing and inflation remains Read more [...] Continue reading →

So How Smart Was Boasting in the Stock Market, Mr. President?

wall st bull Only two months ago Barack Obama claimed he saved the stock market. Earlier this month I pointed out that not even Politifact could support the President’s boasting in the economy. Indeed, Obama’s boasting was immense. Consider this Business Insider report from exactly two months ago: “Obama: I saved the stock market.” President Barack Obama says he saved the American economy ... and its stock market. Obama did a victory lap on comedian Marc Maron's podcast, WTF, earlier this week, and Read more [...] Continue reading →

Telegraph: Economic Doomsday Is Here

stock market crash The inevitable collapse of China is finally happening and with it comes economic doomsday — but we should welcome it. The Telegraph has an excellent account of what is happening in the world economy: “Doomsday clock for global market crash strikes one minute to midnight as central banks lose control.” Here is a video that illustrates the report: The article begins with an obvious whitewash: When the banking crisis crippled global markets seven years ago, central bankers stepped Read more [...] Continue reading →

The Secret Trade Deal for Europe

keeping secrets no The European Commission is taking steps to make sure their secret trade deal stays secret. It is a complete mockery of freedom and self-rule for laws to be made in secret and then imposed on an ignorant populace who is never allowed to know about them until after they are ratified. Yet that is precisely what we got in the United States with the Trade Promotion Authority, which was passed by Republicans and Democrats combined against the American people. As one of our writers said, in bitter sarcasm: Yes Read more [...] Continue reading →

Denying Theology Doesn’t Cancel Biology: Working Women Have a Harder Time Getting Pregnant

pregnant tees Working women whose jobs require more than forty hours a week take longer to conceive a child even when they are trying hard to do so. There is nothing ethically wrong with a woman working at a job for more than forty hours a week. Many women have no real choice. We all need income in order to live. But our society has tried to pretend that there are no costs to any choice that makes a woman more “empowered.” And while there is nothing wrong with working women, that doesn't mean there aren't Read more [...] Continue reading →

The Coming Solar Panel Bailout

solar panels Why a solar panel bailout? Because a solar panel bubble will cause a solar panel bust. Directly funding private corporations isn’t always possible in the United States. It looks like you are taxing the poor to build up the rich. That is because, when you give corporate welfare, you are taxing the poor to build up the rich. So what do you do? You come up with a relatively cheap way to “stimulate” the industry and then, when the inevitable collapse takes place, you portray the situation Read more [...] Continue reading →

Food Stamps and the Low Labor Participation Rate

Food Stamps Why wouldn’t labor participation be low if people get free food but don’t have to look for work? Here is a really interesting headline from Fox News: “Most states waiving work requirements for food stamps, despite improving job market.” Most states still are waiving work requirements for those on food stamps, raising concerns that despite an improving job market the Obama administration is feeding government dependency -- and all at the expense of taxpayers. Forty-four of the 50 states Read more [...] Continue reading →

Fair or Not, Millennials Need to Hustle

millennials Claiming it is unfair to tell Millennials to get a job is irrelevant. Millennials have shown a great deal of promise, in my opinion. I may have formed some unfavorable impressions of them but I have also seen some great things. Most recently, the citizen journalist who has launched an amazing attack on Planned Parenthood is a Millennial. And the way he has been treated by the old guard (a name that can be taken quite literally in most cases) is akin to a blue-hair telling a youth that children Read more [...] Continue reading →

Sixteen States Reject Energy Regulations that Will Destroy Their Economies

obama-tuxedo The states reject energy regulations that Barack Obama is imposing on the nation. Reading the Associated Press story, I wonder how Barack Obama thinks he can get away with this. Does he want a Republican to win the presidency in 2016? Every Republican candidate should spell out how energy prices are going to be jacked up by the President’s use of executive authority. Sixteen states want nothing to do with it. The campaign to stop President Barack Obama's sweeping emissions limits on power Read more [...] Continue reading →

Elites, Immigrants, and the Economy: Why Donald Trump is Winning

donald_trump Donald Trump is winning because people think he cares about their economic plight. The Washington Post’s Wonkblog posted a provocative piece headlined, “Why Donald Trump Is Winning.” The writers lead off by claiming that “deep economic anxiety” is attracting voters to Donald Trump. A CBS poll this week showed more than 7 in 10 Republican voters are confident in Trump’s economic decisions, well above any other Republican candidate.  In my opinion, though Trump is unquestionably Read more [...] Continue reading →