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The IMF Has Arranged Financial Doom for the EU

euro house

The financial doom will be when every insolvent nation demands the same bailouts that Greece is getting, even though they are too big to bail. “Tyler Durden” at Zero Hedge asks, “Did The IMF Just Open Pandora’s Box?” By now

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Greece: Being a "Developed Nation" Doesn't Matter

eu greece

I wouldn’t have noticed this story in USA Today about Greece, except that Drudge linked to it with the following headline: “First developed nation to default on international obligations…” I did not find that line in the story. But I

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Don’t Believe the Unemployment Rate

lies people statistics

So, the government tells us the unemployment rate is just over 5%. These are the same people who told you “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”… that the attack on the Libyan embassy was a “spontaneous

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Report Claims Central Banks Have No Resources for Next Financial Crisis

stock market crash

By keeping interest rates so low, central banks have no tools left when the next financial crisis hits, according to a Bank of International Settlements report. Since Puerto Rico and Greece are both in the news this week, as they

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Greek Debt Implosion Starting to Ripple Outward

Crashing Europe Graphic

The Greek debt crisis is affecting global markets; things are just getting started. It seems like the event that Bob Allen has often warned us about is finally beginning. The New York Times reported yesterday, “Greece’s Debt Crisis Sends Stocks

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Puerto Rico Is Our Greece and More Fallout Is Coming

money swirl

Puerto Rico has AT LEAST $73 Billion in debt and they can’t pay it back. Puerto Rico has economic disadvantages. Energy prices are high and there are other challenges. So what did Congress do? Congress made Puerto Rican bonds available

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More Obama Economy: Americans Are Afraid

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A survey shows that Americans are responding to the Obama economy by putting off major life events because they are worried. The New York Times headline is a verdict on the Obama economy: “Americans Are Delaying Major Life Events Because

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900 Dutch Citizens Get to Wreck the Netherlands' Energy Economy

smoke stack

A court has ruled on behalf of complaining Dutch citizens that all carbon emissions in the Netherlands must decrease 25% by 2020. According to, “The ruling by The Hague District Court could lay the foundations for similar cases around

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Greece Leaving Should Surprise No One

greece protesting

With the possibility of Greece leaving the West finally being acknowledged, we ought to also acknowledge that it was predictable. Here is a headline from the Financial Times: “Washington fears losing Greece to Moscow.” Throughout the prolonged showdown between Greece

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An Open Letter to the Greek Prime Minister

eu greece

The Greek Prime Minister thinks Russia might be able to save them from the EU and their debt. From the Guardian: “Greek prime minister reaches out to Vladimir Putin for help in financial crisis.” Alexis Tsipras, the Greek prime minister,

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Moody’s Stops Rating Government Pensions on the Basis of Their own Claims about the Value of Their Investments

dollare airplane crash

Government pensions suddenly don’t look like they are funded securely now that Moody’s stops lying. ZeroHedge reports, “Cities, States Shun Moody’s For Blowing the Whistle On Pension Liabilities.” It quotes the Wall Street Journal: Other cities and counties from California

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Blacks and Hispanics Will Suffer Most from "Saving the Earth"

al gor invent global warming

The increased cost of energy from carbon taxes will enrich the powerful but hurt blacks and Hispanics the most. Back when Pat Sajack tweeted that Global Warming alarmists were racists, he was widely mocked. But he spoke the truth. Anyone

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