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Public School Is Ruled by Statist Zombies

school kids raise hands

As in any zombie apocalypse, a small group of Statist zombies churn out an army of zombies—our children. This week I was told about a teenager who stated during a church youth group discussion that capitalism is bad, because it

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Why Spend Education Dollars Exposing Students to Porn?

no ipad

Exposing students to porn could be avoided by not wasting money on electronic toys that pretend to be “educational.” No, I’m not just talking about the sex education propaganda or the “gay straight alliance” brainwashing clubs that colonize so-called “red

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Public Education & Barack Obama’s Crusade Comments

brain wash

Public education is responsible for Obama’s Crusade comments and flaws in foreign policy. President Obama is one of many modern presidents whose foreign policy has disappointed because of flawed educational policies and political correctness. Once educational systems stopped teaching the

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Smut Plus Unions: Fifty Shades of Grey in Middle School

50 shades of grey

Fifty Shades of Grey marketing is pushed on students but parents don’t get answers. If customers begin to worry that a restaurant has vermin in the kitchen, they can shut it down by eating at other restaurants. If suddenly no one

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Why Tenure Exists: to Take Away Freedom


People think the protection of professors is why tenure exists. Here is an example of how wrong they are. The reason tenure exists is to censor speech. It is simple to see why. In order to control speech you need

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What Happens to Special Needs Kids in School

school bus driver

Parents aren’t informed how special needs children get treated in school. When discussing public school as opposed to private school or homeschooling, the subject of special needs children is typically brought up as a reason we need public school (I

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Christian College at Risk behind the Blue State Iron Curtain


Gordon College shows us how politically dominant homosexual orthodoxy will make the Red State Blue State divide into an Iron Curtain. People talk about the division of the country into red states and blue states, but recent use of homosexuality

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School Enforces Zero-Tolerance Policy for Hobbit Magic

one ring

Nine-year-old casting a Tolkien spell on a student counts as “a terroristic threat” and triggers elementary school’s zero-tolerance policy. We’ve seen students suspended for having the wrong hobby in their own homes, or for gnawing a pop tart the wrong

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Anti-Bullying HB 458: Bye-Bye, Mom & Dad


A Missouri anti-bullying bill would allow rumors and hearsay to create a litigious nightmare. On Monday, February 2, HB 458 will be heard before the Missouri House Committee on Elementary and Secondary Education upon evening adjournment.  According to the NO MO Common

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The Elementary School Mass Booty Search


An Elementary School demanded that students drop their pants to have their underwear searched for tell-tale excrement. I know working in a school can be tough and frustrating. But you have to deal with it in a human way that

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Why Teach Young Kids about How to Give Sexual Consent?

sex offenders

Sexual consent must be taught “at the very earliest stages” in school, according to some. [Note: I originally wrote “toddlers” in the headline, because “very earliest stages” seems really young. But in the context of school you are probably talking

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Civics Testing: The Next Common Core?


There is a new common core approaching. It is civics testing. There is talk among some in the Missouri House of Representatives to require High School students to pass a civics test prior to graduation. As reported in the Southeast Missourian,

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