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Teacher Tells Girl Bible Quotes Banned From School


Freedom of expression. It’s not a difficult concept. Basically, every human being has the right to speak his mind without fear of government punishment or penalty. Accepted, reasonable restrictions on speech are generally very loose, like no yelling “fire” in

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Mother Shackled because Son Didn’t Have Doctor’s Note

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A sick son on the honor role who missed “too many” days of school gets a mother shackled by police. Our schools are beachheads for the state to launch totalitarian invasions. When you see a mother shackled, you are witnessing

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Fed’s AstroTurf Fights Student Grass Roots on School Lunches

michelle obama let's move chicago

The Federal Government is pushing back against students on social media to promote Michelle Obama’s school lunches. As you know, students have been posting pictures of their disgusting, unsatisfying lunches on social media. See this post for a sample lunch

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University Policy: Spy on Students; Bring Us Their Social Security Numbers


A bizarre university policy tells students to report on the speech crimes (!?) of other students and collect all identifying information, including social security numbers. The University of Colorado-Boulder has taken Homeland Security’s “If you see something, say something” and

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School Bureaucrat v. The People: The American Flag

student flag

Every school bureaucrat imposing arbitrary rules against basic American expression needs to be opposed in this way! Ladies and gentlemen, this is how you deal with bureaucrats and so-called “law enforcement” that overstep lawful boundaries—you band together with those being

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Kirsten Powers on Christina Hoff Sommers and the Violent Campus Cult

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Christina Hoff Sommers remembers when professors and students would argue with her; now they try to ban her. I’m not a big fan of Christina Hoff Sommers or Kirsten Powers. But they both have their good points and those points

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How the State Grows an Underclass: a Teacher’s Testimony


A teacher who writes about her experience in a Title I school has given us a glimpse of the perpetuation of an underclass. I didn’t see this essay until yesterday, so it is ancient history in internet time. But if

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Gender-Neutral Housing and Restrooms at a University

transgender restroom

Transgenders allegedly need gender-neutral housing and restrooms so a University is providing them. Missouri University, or Mizzou as it is affectionately known in this state, has decided that certain students need a “safe space” because otherwise they will feel unsafe.

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God’s Education Plan

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One of the unanswered questions with the riots in Baltimore is who was behind the aggressive social media campaign to organize a “purge” that would start at the Mondawmin Mall at precisely 3 PM on a Monday afternoon? The spark

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Girls Told Wearing Rosaries Not Allowed in Public School


Are rosaries not allowed due to guilt by association or for secularist reasons or what? When you read the headline, it sounds like a secular attack on Roman Catholics. It isn’t quite that bad, though it is even more stupid.

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Reading to Your Children Is Unfair

child through chain link fence

Philosophers think you should question whether reading to your children is the right thing to do because it promotes inequality. I guess the best way to introduce what a couple of Australian philosophers are arguing is to reproduce the headline

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Baltimore Public Schools Are Not Close to Underfunded!

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The pretense that rioting and looting is the responsibility of those who haven’t allowed enough funds to go to Baltimore Public Schools is ludicrous. Since Bob Allen quoted a news story about Democrat Representative Donna Edwards claiming that Baltimore public

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