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Our Great Country where Schools Can Give 11-Year-Old Girls IUDs without Parental Notification

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The Daily Mail is reporting that thirteen schools in Washington State are distributing IUDs to girls as young as eleven. Here’s a story to help you celebrate your freedoms and your right to self-government this Independence Day: The Daily Mail

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UK Anti-Terrorism Program Targets Christian Children


Using the excuse of an anti-terrorism program, UK education alerts teachers to children who view homosexual activity as wrong. You can say to yourself that this is only happening in Britain and not here. But it is certainly going to

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High School Graduate Gets the Soviet Treatment

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A high school graduate with a 4.3 GPA who is going to Harvard is not only barred from giving his valedictorian speech, but is forced into a psych evaluation. The last time I wrote about someone being evaluated to see

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Girl Sues to Use Men's Room because Transgender

transgender restroom

A men’s room is supposed to be open to women if the woman claims to be a man in her “identity.” This kind of story is almost becoming common, but we can’t let the sheer insanity of it go without

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Does the War on Drugs Turn Adults into Monsters?

marijuana plants

When you suspend a student for a year for NOT possessing or using drugs, you have allowed the war on drugs to make you insane and dangerous. We keep getting more and more bizarre stories about how public schools act

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Ivy League Schools Only Want Token Asians


Asians realize that Ivy leagues schools, for which they are more than qualified, are using a race quota system to keep them out. The liberal hypocrisy this reveals is amazing. To hear the White Liberal establishment, racial quotas are necessary

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Common Core and Progressive Domination of Math Instruction Equals Mathematic Illiteracy


A century of progressive domination of the American educational system has resulted in a growing number of Americans remaining mathematically illiterate. The Common Core standards are a repeat of previously failed federal policies which fail to develop academic skill making

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Schools in Brave New World of Homosexual Politics


A school shows how tough it is to navigate the landscape of homosexual politics. Let’s just put aside, for a moment, the fact that homosexual practice is sinful, wrong, and self-destructive to the practitioners and look at this story at the

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School Girl Learns She Lives under Atheist Regime


If you are conditioned to not talk about God in public, even in institutions you are forced to attend, you live under an atheist regime. Parents can, with reasonable freedom, pull their kids out of public school and either use

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Teacher Tells Girl Bible Quotes Banned From School


Freedom of expression. It’s not a difficult concept. Basically, every human being has the right to speak his mind without fear of government punishment or penalty. Accepted, reasonable restrictions on speech are generally very loose, like no yelling “fire” in

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Mother Shackled because Son Didn’t Have Doctor’s Note

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A sick son on the honor role who missed “too many” days of school gets a mother shackled by police. Our schools are beachheads for the state to launch totalitarian invasions. When you see a mother shackled, you are witnessing

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Fed’s AstroTurf Fights Student Grass Roots on School Lunches

michelle obama let's move chicago

The Federal Government is pushing back against students on social media to promote Michelle Obama’s school lunches. As you know, students have been posting pictures of their disgusting, unsatisfying lunches on social media. See this post for a sample lunch

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