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University Apologizes for Mexican Food Due to a Few Complainers

mexico Is Mexican food racist? Campus Reform reports, “Clemson University apologizes for serving Mexican food.” Clemson Dining’s "Maximum Mexican" night, has become a student favorite over the last several years, and this year was no different, at first. […] Everything was going great. Students were loving the food and festivities. Except for two students, who took to Twitter to voice their displeasure with the school's decision to host such a "#CUlturallyInsensitive" event. […] While Read more [...] Continue reading →

No Multiculturalism Here: College Professor Refuses to Tolerate Concealed Carriers

concealed carry Tolerance for different cultures ends when it comes to gun culture according to one college professor who quit his job. It is quite amazing how a college professor feels so free to express his contempt for others who think differently. His claims to be motivated by safety concerns are laughable. This is pure prejudice and bigotry. According to Inside Higher Ed, Proponents of Texas’s new campus carry gun law say it could help save lives in an active shooter scenario, since those with guns could Read more [...] Continue reading →

Porn Culture Ending School Dances

school dance Principal blames porn culture from MTV and other outdated media for his decision to stop school dances except for prom. The media is mocking the principal to some extent because he is still in the nineties when it comes to his understanding of pop culture. A high school principal in Maine is canceling school dances because of students' dance moves and the, "culture of grinding," reports CBS Boston. Gorham High School Principal Chris Record sent a letter to parents and students explaining Read more [...] Continue reading →

Lenore Skenazy Shows Public School Will Damage Children for the Sake of Policy

lenore skenazy A girl was allowed to suffer a coughing fit that led to vomit because public school policy required inhaler to have her name on it. Lenore Skenazy regularly writes at and has covered several amazing stories about how officials attack parents for violating rules about child-rearing that they make up. She also covered this wonderful story about a judge who showed some common sense in the area of child endangerment charges. On her Free Range Kids blog, she recently pointed out this Read more [...] Continue reading →

Fewer College Graduates “Strongly Agree” Their Education was Worth What They Paid

gallup According to a new Gallup poll, recent college graduates are showing another sign of the end of the tuition bubble. For now, nothing is likely to happen since a majority of students still agree that their college degree was worth the cost. But those who graduated since 2006 are far less likely to “strongly agree” that their education was worth it. Gallup tells us, Amid recent controversy over rising tuition and mounting student debt totals, half of college graduates in the U.S. Read more [...] Continue reading →

Public School Bans Tag for Students’ "Emotional Safety"

child through chain link fence Parents are upset when a public school bans tag claiming to do so for the sake of the emotional health of students. Kids have been playing tag forever. It is part of their culture which gets handed down as older children interact with younger children. The real tragedy lately is that children are trained to stare at a TV screen or a computer monitor or a smart phone to be entertained, rather than being forced to come up with group entertainment outside which forces them to run and respond quickly Read more [...] Continue reading →

When Zero Tolerance Is Gun Control on Steroids: What Happens When ALL Self-Defense is Illegal?

bullying race Zero tolerance means that one person rescuing another person from violence might be prosecuted as a crime some day. While there are times when one wishes for more police accountability, many other times they are the most sensible of public employees. In fact, they can often use common sense when others refuse to do so. A recent instance of this occurred when a teen began attacking a legally blind kid by punching him. Another teen intervened by punching the bully and knocking him to the ground. According Read more [...] Continue reading →

New Student Loan Data Shows Government Can’t Stop College Collapse

tuition A college collapse is inevitable and the federal government might delay it but it can’t stop it from happening. Not all schools are the same and not all professors are the same. Some people just want to go college to party and get a degree as a minimal requirement for their entry into the job market. Others want to follow a rigorous path of study in order to be able to become and sell themselves as some of the best in their chosen field. So you can’t classify all education as the same. Read more [...] Continue reading →

Government: Colleges Independent of Us Don’t Exist

College_graduate_students The government’s list of colleges shows they think that only ones getting federal funds are real. Originally, the government was going to rate all the colleges on one giant spectrum of best to worst. That idea was unworkable and even liberals opposed the idea. So now we have simply a list of colleges with some information about graduation rates and the average income of graduates. We need the government to provide such information because the private sector never provides it. Just ask Wikipedia. But Read more [...] Continue reading →

Boy with Muslim Name and Science Project Meets School Police State

racial_profiling The school police state puts a boy in handcuffs for a “hoax bomb” that the boy claimed was a clock because it was a clock. One of the things that bothers me about this story, is it may have been a CAIR sting operation. But the problem is that, if so, no one should have grabbed at the “bait.” This boy should never have been put in handcuffs. I don’t object to the school authorities being cautious (even though there shouldn’t be any school authorities; the entire public school Read more [...] Continue reading →

Rape Culture Hysteria: 13-Year-Old Boy Charged with Assault for Kissing 14-Year-Old Girl

no kissing Is this what is meant by "rape culture"—a young teen facing criminal charges because he kissed a girl on a dare? I don’t think thirteen-year-olds should be kissing teen girls against their will. Both the boy and the other students who encouraged him should be punished. I hate to sound old, but when I was a student, a teen might receive physical discipline for such an act. Now we are much more enlightened. We don’t lay a hand on students; we just bestow on them a permanent criminal record. WBFF Read more [...] Continue reading →

Why Would Anyone Think the Constitution Allows Parents to Choose a School for Their Children?

School bus_02 When the government dictates to parents the school for their children, that’s totally okay with our wise judges. It is a horrible story but I had to laugh at the headline at the Wall Street Journal blog: “No Guarantee of Public School Choice in Constitution, Appeals Court Rules.” How funny! These judges can find homosexual marriage in the Constitution. They can find authorization for a Federal Department of Education in the Constitutions! But they can’t find anything that allows parents Read more [...] Continue reading →