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Women Disarm Themselves for Rapists because Feminism

voltaire revere chains

Not only do women disarm themselves, they disarm other women who want to resist! This editorial by Amanda Marcotte at the Daily Beast, “When you legalize guns on campus, rapists will have more guns to rape with,” only succeeds if

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Cal Students Demand to Rename Building for Cop Killer, Communist


UC Berkeley, the university that practically invented student protest as a form of recreation, is the site of one of the dumber recent spasms of outrage from the racial front lines. The Black Student Union says black students have been

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Janet Napolitano Can’t Stand Whiners that Liberals Cultivate


When student whiners hold an underwear demonstration against rising tuition, Napolitano doesn’t seem concerned about income inequality. This would be funny, if it weren’t so sad. The San Francisco CBS affiliate reports, “Napolitano Says ‘We Don’t Have To Listen To This

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Roman Catholic College Attacks Evangelical College


The athletic department at a Roman Catholic College has canceled all sports matches with Gordon College because the school teaches that homosexual acts are sinful. We have posted about Gordon College before. It is a Christian college that is about

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Which Fraternity Will Be Expelled for Defending Marriage?


Students aren’t supposed to be expelled for speech, but the president of the University of Oklahoma is doing it anyway. Racism is odious. Chanting racist rhymes is odious. People who willingly participate in such chants deserve the contempt of society

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Why Is Student Debt Exempt from Bankruptcy?

student loan bubble

Megan McArdle suggests that allowing student debt to be discharged in bankruptcy along with all other debt would be a good idea if done right. I realize there are arguments that we should not even allow bankruptcy. It seems to

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Police Called to Rescue a Child from School

school bus stop

To get a child out of a Common Core test, a parent had police called because the school refused to cooperate. While this story is related to Common Core, I think it would be a mistake to focus too much

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"Education" - Clarence Thomas and the KKK on Same Team


An AP Test Guide teaches children that correct political analysis teams up Clarence Thomas and the KKK. Did you know that the Ku Klux Klan and Clarence Thomas hold the same political position on the left-right scale? A Barron’s test

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School Administrators Draw Hair on Student’s Head with a Marker


Is this how school administrators are supposed to deal with violations of the dress code? When people think of government institutions in a negative way, they typically think of a place that rigidly enforces strict rules. But is that really

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Public School Is Ruled by Statist Zombies

school kids raise hands

As in any zombie apocalypse, a small group of Statist zombies churn out an army of zombies—our children. This week I was told about a teenager who stated during a church youth group discussion that capitalism is bad, because it

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Why Spend Education Dollars Exposing Students to Porn?

no ipad

Exposing students to porn could be avoided by not wasting money on electronic toys that pretend to be “educational.” No, I’m not just talking about the sex education propaganda or the “gay straight alliance” brainwashing clubs that colonize so-called “red

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Public Education & Barack Obama’s Crusade Comments

brain wash

Public education is responsible for Obama’s Crusade comments and flaws in foreign policy. President Obama is one of many modern presidents whose foreign policy has disappointed because of flawed educational policies and political correctness. Once educational systems stopped teaching the

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