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Guy Wants to Marry His Boyfriend and Destroy Catholic School

Gay Cupcakes

He expected to keep his job (he claims) as a Catholic school teacher even when he announced his plan to marry his boyfriend. Does a Catholic school have a right to exist in the United States? Just before the Supreme

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Don’t Believe the Unemployment Rate

lies people statistics

So, the government tells us the unemployment rate is just over 5%. These are the same people who told you “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”… that the attack on the Libyan embassy was a “spontaneous

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Commission Destroys Uber as a Viable Business


Uber is a rideshare app that the California Labor Commission has ruled is an employer that owes employment benefits. As the economy get worse, developing new ways of living more cheaply becomes more and more important. Ridesharing technology is one

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Colorado Supreme Court Makes Wrong Decision on Marijuana

gavel scales law books

The Colorado Supreme Court affirms freedom for businesses, but only under Government Control. I don’t know that I agree with the way Dish Network treated their former employee Brandon Coats. In fact, it seems kind of cruel to me, if it

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Minimum Wage Lesson: Union That Campaigned for It Wants Exemption


The union officials who demanded no exceptions to the Los Angeles minimum wage hike are now giving us a minimum wage lesson by asking for an exception. Minimum wage increases don’t increase unemployment, they argue. Or, rather, they assert. There

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Daily Beast Writer Figured Out Minimum Wage Hurts Poor

minimum wage

She writes as if she hates admitting that real economists have said for centuries that raising the minimum wage hurts poor people. Even as she raises the issue she tries to make “conservative economists” appear unreliable: This week, the Los

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Once Again, Labor Force Participation Rate Sinks to Record Low

people not in labor force

More people are not part of the labor force than has ever been the case since 1977. Why do we keep blogging about this story in 2012, 2013, 2014, and now? Because the labor force participation rate keeps getting worse!

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New York Times Discovers Work is Hard

korean manicurists

For manicurists in major cities, work is hard, but how does abolishing the jobs help those workers? The New York Times has released a major exposé of the nail salon industry: “The Price of Nice Nails.” It shows some pretty

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Regime Tool Meredith Vieira Lies about Women’s Pay

meredith vieira

Meredith Vieira ambushed Stacey Dash with misleading statistics; media covers for her. Awhile back Meredith Vieira was a host on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.” In that game, the contestant had to know the answers to questions. But if

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Slaves Liberated from Walmart. Where’s the Celebration?

Walmart trying to repel looters

Suddenly thousands of employees were liberated from Walmart oppression. Why aren’t they happy? From Business Insider: “Wal-Mart suddenly closed 5 stores and laid off thousands of workers and no one knows why.” Wal-Mart suddenly closed five stores in four states

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What Entrepreneur Charity Proves about the Living Wage

minimum wage

Paying all employees a living wage is a grand experiment in charity. calls Dan Price a Seattle CEO, but identifies him as an entrepreneur. That is important to keep in mind because Price is definitely starting a risky

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More Surprised Economists, More Bad Economic News

stock market crash

Once again we are told of “unexpected” bad economic news. As I have already pointed out, the media is constantly telling us that we should be surprised by the most obvious developments in the economy. They almost always give us

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