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New Fuel Prices Show Gov Doesn’t Know Future

gas tax

Recent fuel prices are spoiling the government’s plans for getting us all into alternative energy and other technologies they have been pushing on us. In every case, the government’s apologists and spokespersons claim, in the most condescending and pretentious manner

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Do Lower Energy Prices Have a Downside?

obama big oil

Technically the answer to that question is yes. Lower energy prices have a downside for people who make more money from higher energy prices. Just like tailors suffered when the sewing machine was invented, or harvesters lost their income when

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ISIS Cuts Off Water Supplies; U.S. Not Stopping Them


As the non-war war on ISIS/ISIL/IS/Wizard of OZ is getting warmed up, things are happening just as critics of the Obama Administration have predicted. The bombing runs carried out by the “coalition” — mostly the U.S. — have made some

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Green Energy Still Far Off


The official version of reality is that we are running out of what we know as fossil fuels. So gas and coal are going to become more expensive so that it becomes worthwhile to get our energy from other sources,

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Barack Obama to China, India: Please Slit Your Throats for Me


I can’t believe how stupid some people can be. The Washington Times headline is: “Obama pleas to China, India to forgo use of coal falls on deaf ears.” Their ears are not deaf! The problem is not their ears but

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Europe Learns that Green Energy is an Economic Drain

solar panels

I have noted before that “green energy” in Barack Obama’s agenda, is stretched enough to include natural gas from fracking. This was a smart move because fracking–mining natural gas–is an industry that has developed on its own, stimulated by nothing

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Russia Secretly Sponsoring Anti-Fracking Campaigns?

Frack Nation_cropped

I’m not too angry at the Russian government because 1) I already didn’t think too highly of the Russian government and 2) I know our government finances a lot of subversive activity over there. But it is important to know

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Shocker: Hybrids Aren’t as Great as They Pretend to Be

ford fusion

This should surprise no one. In theory, if energy is too expensive, then private companies have an incentive to research ways to make more energy-efficient vehicles so they can sell them. But there is nothing free-market about the current push

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Barack Obama: Climate "Deniers" Are "Threat to Everybody's Future"

barack obama u cal irvine

Addressing the graduates and their families at University of California, Irvine—or, rather, using them as an excuse to grandstand on television—Barack Obama attacked the Prime Ministers of Australia and Canada for resisting carbon taxes… Just kidding. He attacked the peoples’

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White House: There is Plenty of Oil but It Must “Stay In the Ground.”

obama podium

Thomas Friedman interviewed the President in the New York Times and this exchange blew my mind: Thomas Friedman: Every morning you get a security briefing from the intelligence community on global threats; do you now also get the same on

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Is Barack Obama Doing Pretend Environmentalism?

polar bear cub

I pointed out yesterday that Barack Obama is siding with one industry over another in his new EPA proposals. However, it is possible that all of this is fakery. Think about it. Despite the environmentalist accusations against fracking, Obama claimed

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Obama Favors One Industry Over Another: That is Corruption, not Environmentalism


So the news is out that Obama is going to destroy one industry and “stimulate” another. This act of aggression is being treated as a heroic act rather than a criminal one. Here’s Bloomberg’s version of the story: “Obama Climate

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