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A Stupid Way for Republicans to Attack a Democrat: IRS Troubles

little house on the prairie IRS troubles could possibly indicate a character flaw, but not necessarily. Attacking someone for being behind in their taxes is not going to work well. As you may have heard, Melissa Gilbert is running for the House of Representatives to represent a district in Michigan. Gilbert was the actress who in her younger days played Laura Ingalls Wilder in the TV series, “The Little House on the Prairie.” The TV series was based on a book series by the real Laura Ingalls Wilder with a lot of editorial Read more [...] Continue reading →

PolitiFact is Too Ashamed to Lie for Obama Economy

obama-economy11 PolitiFact exposes the President’s Claim to Jon Stewart that the economy is better "by every metric." I think of PolitiFact as mostly regime propaganda, but sometimes the lies are so outrageous that they can’t pretend otherwise. Thus, we read, During his farewell visit to Jon Stewart’s Daily Show, President Barack Obama took a bit of a victory lap. At one point in the extended interview posted online, Obama said, "Here's the thing I can say, Jon. I can say this unequivocally: The VA Read more [...] Continue reading →

Jon Stewart, Obama Operative

obama-tuxedo Jon Stewart met secretly with President Obama to be “cultivated” by the White House. claims that Obama aides took an “unusual step” by “cultivating” Jon Stewart. There aren’t that many people with the influence that Jon Stewart has, so yes, it is unusual because the White House does not cultivate everyone. But we have no idea how many other people with the influence of Jon Stewart might have been given a secret meeting, or two, with the President. The media seems Read more [...] Continue reading →

Huffington Post Doesn’t Get It: Politics IS Entertainment

donald_trump The Huffington Post has moved reports on Trump to the Entertainment page. But they are all Entertainment! By now you have probably seen the announcement of the Huffington Post about Donald Trump: After watching and listening to Donald Trump since he announced his candidacy for president, we have decided we won't report on Trump's campaign as part of The Huffington Post's political coverage. Instead, we will cover his campaign as part of our Entertainment section. Our reason is simple: Trump's Read more [...] Continue reading →

Love Gov – New Libertarian Satire Series

LoveGov A five-part video series of Libertarian satire points out the nature of government: coercion. The Independent Institute has released a very timely, bold, new satirical video series on liberty—Love Gov: From First Date to Mandate. Premiering on YouTube, Love Gov personifies the increasing folly, cost, and intrusiveness of government in the lives of everyone, especially the young. The 5-part video series depicts the federal government as an overbearing boyfriend—Scott “Gov” Govinsky—who Read more [...] Continue reading →

No, Tom Selleck Did Not Steal that Water

tom selleck Tom Selleck bought the water that he used; it was legally his but people like to hate. If a sitting judge will practice bias against a man for posing as a conservative, then you know the media will do the same to a conservative in spreading national hysteria against him. But all those headlines you saw were telling you an untrue story. The Associated Press finally published a story I do not think will be as widely distributed: “Official: Water Tom Selleck accused of stealing was paid for.” Water Read more [...] Continue reading →

New Movie on Dealing with Homosexual Culture

audacity A new movie used secular, pro-homosexual actors to portray a Christian message. Ray Comfort has a new film coming out, and the way he produced and cast it... I don't see how even he could have imagined what God was going to do. The film is a timely exploration of how Christians should respond in the midst of a world awash in pro-homosexual sentiment. The Westboro cult has it entirely wrong, and this presentation powerfully depicts how we should prepare ourselves to discuss the Gospel—no matter Read more [...] Continue reading →

The Supreme Court’s Gay Fashion Disaster

dolce gabbana The SCOTUS marriage decision is being claimed as an influence on gay fashion — which means the general fashion industry for men — despite two notorious homosexual heretics. I never thought I’d end up blogging about fashion on this website (or anywhere else), but this article at the Wall Street Journal caught my eye: “Men’s Labels Show Swagger on European Runways.” After mentioning a couple of sports stars who are being used as PR for this year’s male fashion industry, the article Read more [...] Continue reading →

Next Step in Mass Hysteria: TV Land Stops Dukes of Hazzard Reruns

dukes of hazzard Dukes of Hazzard is suddenly unfit to broadcast. The stupidity and moral panic is bottomless. It just keeps getting worse. A horrible, psychotic racist walked into a Bible study and, after being confronted, opened fire with a handgun and killed nine people. The proper response is to blame the shooter, try him for multiple murders, convict him, and punish him. The more swiftly you do these things, the more likely a lesson will be learned in society that you had better not lose your mind to Read more [...] Continue reading →

Apple CEO Tim Cook is a Full Brownshirt Fascist

ultimate general gettysberg Apple has removed a Civil War computer game from their store because a Confederate battle flag is displayed in it. I thought Warner Brothers’ termination of “Dukes of Hazard” toys was insane (and it is!) but this is even worse. It showed up in my twitter feed and I assumed (or hoped) was some new satire site. If you've been watching the news recently, you'll know of the huge debate in the U.S over the role of the Confederate flag in contemporary America. Many see it as Read more [...] Continue reading →

Transgender MMA Fighter Bashes Women in the Ring

fallon fox facebook He’s proving himself a real man, using Transgender MMA as an excuse to make female fighters require medical care. If I had written a novel in the early nineties predicting all this stuff it would have been considered too unrealistic for science fiction. Let’s remember another case where females were put at risk from violence from a “transgender woman” for the sake of political correctness. This happened in a Connecticut juvenile correctional facility. I listened to an NPR report that Read more [...] Continue reading →

John Cusack Claims Obama “As Bad or Worse” than Bush

bush obama men in black According to John Cusack, Obama has built on and continued many of Bush’s policies. I suppose this qualifies as “better late than never.” The Washington Times reports, Actor John Cusack argued Wednesday that President Obama is “as bad or worse” than former President George W. Bush for his policies concerning drones, the NSA, and an open and free press. In an interview published Wednesday, the “Love & Mercy” actor was asked by The Daily Beast what he thought about a recent CNN Read more [...] Continue reading →