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Feds Approved Murderous Comedy about North Korea?

North Korea_02

Comedy about North Korea isn’t funny if the Government was behind it. I wonder if there’s an office in the Federal government that coordinates the best ways to make sure the United States is isolated and hated by the world?

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Did Republicans Produce the New Hillary Clinton Video?

hillary PAC

The new Hillary Clinton video looks like a spoof. At the Rolling Stone blog the writer admits that the song won’t be winning any CMA awards. But that really understates how bad this is! Looking back in time, learning hindsight’s always

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Christian Rapper Lecrae Writes about Police

lecrae on eric garner

The Christian Rap artist LeCrae took to Facebook about police and the abuse of authority yesterday. He started with praise. In fact, he credited a police officer with helping him come back to Jesus. My family members are police officers. I

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Leftist Complains about Right Wing YA Fiction


Popular right wing YA fiction “teach children to submit to the free market, not fight authority.” I missed it when this Leftist critique first came out in the Guardian. I think of Katniss of The Hunger Games as morally compromised and

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Unfortunate Boss: Bruce Springsteen & His Real Problem

bruce springsteen

Bruce Springsteen is one of my favorite songwriters. He and the E Street Band have been a musical inspiration to me for a number of years now. This doesn’t mean I like all of his material – in fact, there’s

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What “Evilstick” Tells Us About People in Power

evil stick reveal

People in power are not always in politics. Anyone in charge of large or influential groups—whether they be corporations, retail chains, philanthropic organizations, etc—has power. If we know that they are using their powers in ways we don’t like, we

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Hollywood Hypocrites Produce Extreme Income Inequality

Hollywood Sign

Celebrity Leftists plugging Democrat slogans about income inequality are the worst offenders! Ever wondered how much people in the lower echelons of the movie credits make? Well, here you go! From the belly of the beast—The Hollywood Reporter—you can see

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Child Porn Charges Manufactured from Celeb Photo Hack?

sex offender

Since I’m not a libertarian I think that all pornography should be illegal—not just child porn. People who exploit children deserve to be punished. It should count as a form of sexual assault. But I am having trouble believing that

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Ferguson - America’s Future Depends on Recovering Gun Culture

gun cultrue

The latest report, if true, really makes it likely that Wilson should be cleared–if gun culture is not dead yet. Fox News reported yesterday, Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, Mo., police officer whose fatal shooting of Michael Brown touched off more

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Left Behind - Should Christians Be Known for End-of-the-World Fantasies?

End of the World

I thought this Christian minister made a wise observation in classifying the forthcoming Left Behind movie with secular and horror fiction in general: In today’s news the picking of your poison has become a veritable smorgasbord. There is tension with

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Tea Party Targeted In Violent Video Game

gadsden game flag

Imagine a major videogame maker portraying the “enemies” as a bunch of pedophiles with rainbow flags on their wall. Or maybe a banner of the New Black Panthers for bad guys who only shoot white people–do you think they could

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The Robin Williams Suicide: Do We Really Want to Avoid All Moral Questions?

Robin Williams SMG

This post is not so much about the Robin Williams suicide as it is about how we are posting about it online. I wouldn’t say I was a fan of Robin Williams, but rather that he was an institution for

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