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Jay Z and Beyoncé Bankrolling Liberty or Slavery?


Jay Z and Beyoncé bankrolled protesters in Baltimore and Ferguson with tens of thousands of dollars in bail money, a writer and social activist close to both of them claimed. “I can say I’ve personally helped facilitate donations they’ve given

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Sofia Vergara Pretends She Isn’t Being Selfish to Deny Children

sofia vergara

It is understandable Sofia Vergara doesn’t want to raise children since she broke up with their father, but why should children be chattel property? The ex-fiance of Sofia Vergara wants to raise his children. And he has some. But he

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Madonna Praises Margaret Thatcher for Bravery, then Flees

instagram maggie madonna

It would be nice, when Madonna praises Margaret Thatcher as a positive example, if she would follow it. I have to admit, the fact that Madonna even wanted to praise Margaret Thatcher is impressive to me. But people who make

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Transgender Rights and Real Atrocity in Prisons

prison bars hands

Two homosexual celebrities are lobbying the DOJ to “do more” for transgender rights. Elton John and Michael Stipe (the singer and songwriter for R.E.M. before it broke up) are lobbying the Department of Justice to “do more to end the

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Russell Brand on Fifty Shades of Grey and Porn Culture

50 shades of grey

I never expected to like anything by Russell Brand but this is brilliant. There is bad language in the video below, which I wish Brand would bleep out (or not use in the first place). But it is an amazing

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Dancing with the Stars Closets Michael Sam

peta murgatroyd

If Dancing with the Stars “accepts” Michael Sam, then why force him to act heterosexual? You will remember Michael Sam as the man who deeply kissed his boyfriend on draft day. Draft day didn’t end up being as productive for

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New Bill: Stop Federal Workers from Viewing Porn on the Job

xxx keyboard

Viewing porn on the job is such a big problem in government that Congress is trying to force them to stop. We already know that Federal employees can get performance awards even when it is known they have been spending

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Johnny Cash Movie Shows How Liberals Frame Christians

walk the line

Walk the Line made June Carter Cash into a saint and had to frame Christians to pull it off. Much like our President. I loved the movie Walk the Line and I am a fan of Johnny Cash (I am

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Bill Mahar: Hundreds of Millions of Muslims Approve Paris Killings

Bill Mahar

Why are the remarks of Bill Mahar even considered controversial? I actually wonder if “hundreds of millions” is too high a number. But it is definitely in the millions and even tens of millions. Maybe he is right. Mahar, being

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Have Americans Been Trained to be “Good Germans” ?


Not too long ago, being “good Germans” meant showing compliance to the will of government agents when they had no warrant. It was considered un-American. I notice I got mixed responses from my post about the cop assaulting a girl (which

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Angelina Jolie Unbroken Story Broke with the Truth

Jolie Zamperini

The Gospel is what made the original story behind the Angela Jolie Unbroken movie so amazing. Christmas is the celebration of the birth of the most influential human Who ever lived. How absurd to celebrate a birthday, and completely neglect

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Feds Approved Murderous Comedy about North Korea?

North Korea_02

Comedy about North Korea isn’t funny if the Government was behind it. I wonder if there’s an office in the Federal government that coordinates the best ways to make sure the United States is isolated and hated by the world?

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