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Only Big Government Makes Increased Longevity into Bad News

social security_cards 2 Because human longevity is improving in the United States, the Social Security Trust Fund is going to run out of money sooner than expected. Why should it be a financial and economic disaster for the United States that people are living longer? One word: pensions.  Our nation’s pension is known as “Social Security.” CNBC reports, “Social Security's in worse shape than you thought: Study.” The Social Security Administration projects that its trust funds will be depleted by 2033—not Read more [...] Continue reading →

Space, the Final Frontier: No Straight White Boys Allowed

 Gaia forbid a white male should put on a spacesuit and go overpopulating the universe. That's the short version of the Left's latest tangent. According to Martin Robbins, writing in The Guardian: "To paraphrase Douglas Adams: 'Space is white. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly white it is.' It’s also very male and European. Women in space-colony fiction have generally been presented as sexy walking vaginas, whose main purpose is to provide the male astronauts with Read more [...] Continue reading →

Over a Half Million Illegal Aliens Have Social Security Numbers

Social Security Card_03 These illegal aliens qualify for social security, including social security disability benefits. CNS News reports on the Obama White House: “Administration Gave Social Security Numbers to 541,000 Illegal Aliens.” Social Security numbers (SSNs) were given to 541,000 illegal aliens, according to Carolyn Colvin, acting commissioner of the Social Security Administration (SSA). In a March 12 letter, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) had asked SSA: “How many individuals have applied for SSNs as a result Read more [...] Continue reading →

Not Speaking English is a Social Security Disability?

rise in disability Over two hundred Puerto Ricans were granted Social Security disability status because they claimed they could not speak English. I missed this story last week, but it deserves some outrage even at this late date. The Washington Post reports that the Social Security Administration has realized that it makes no sense to grant “disability” status to Puerto Ricans: “Puerto Ricans who can’t speak English qualify as disabled for Social Security.” Hundreds of Puerto Rico’s residents qualified Read more [...] Continue reading →

Down That Slippery Slope: Three-Way Homosexual Marriage in Thailand

polygamyGay The Left has been all a-flutter of late about Dr. Ben Carson's recent comments that homosexuality is a choice. In a panel discussion on that topic, self-described queer CNN host Don Lemon declared that the homosexual marriage debate has been "settled" by the courts. "There is no definition of marriage as between a man and woman. Marriage is between two people," according to Lemon. "The courts in many states and the Supreme Court has decided that marriage is between two people, whether it’s Read more [...] Continue reading →

Obama Wants $6,461 More Taxes Per Person

President Obama And Vice President Biden Meet With Members Of Congress On Foreign Policy The budget calls for more taxes... and more debt! Get ready to open your wallets a little wider. President Obama dropped his new Progressive budget plan to transform America on Congress, and all it will cost you is $6,461 more than you're paying in taxes already. That would add up to about $2.1 trillion more in revenue for the government. Naturally, Obama's budget calls for increasing spending by $2.4 trillion. That gap of $300 billion or so? Fuggeddaboutit. That's for your kids and Read more [...] Continue reading →

Ferguson is about Entitlement, Not about Justice

want it now The entitlement mentality is burning down our world. One thing that is becoming ever so clear about Ferguson is that it is not about race or justice. The video clips of the looters reveals multiple races, not just one. It is about entitlement. You can see this in the conduct prior to the announcement of no indictment and you can see it in the conduct of the protesters after the announcement. First, prior to the announcement, there was a demand for an indictment. It did not matter what the Read more [...] Continue reading →

FDR’s Second “Bill of Rights”

Obama FDR This is, perhaps, the most remembered phrase attributed to the cartoon character Pogo in a syndicated cartoon strip of the same name.  Pogo was the invention of cartoonist Walt Kelly and first appeared 66 years” We Have Met the Enemy, and He is Us: FDR’s 2nd Bill of Rights” ago, this week, on October 4th, 1948. The phrase “We have met the enemy, and he is us” pretty well sums up the Kelly’s attitude toward the foibles of mankind and the nature of the human condition.   Indeed, Read more [...] Continue reading →

Federal Addiction to Short-Term Debt Will Not End Well

money swirl Short-Term Debt Means a Sudden Rise in Interest Rates Will Crush Us. The short-term picture looks deceptively stable. The long-term picture is not so good. On David Stockman’s website: “Uncle Sam’s $8 Trillion Annual Debt Churn: Why Washington Is Pertrified Of Honest Interest Rates.” When discussing the national debt, most people tend to only focus on the amount that it increases each 12 months.  And as I wrote about recently, the U.S. national debt has increased by more than Read more [...] Continue reading →

The Moronic Superstition of Government Compassion

government by emergency We have created government welfare state, on the grounds that this is identical to government compassion. I have argued that it is the opposite. We have set up a perverse system that spreads poverty so that, what starts as a relatively small social problem of some who are in need, becomes a massive tidal wave of spreading poverty until the system can no longer support so many people and collapses. I have already posted a great picture that illustrates the nature of what is happening. One Read more [...] Continue reading →

The Doomed Welfare State, Illustrated

picture of welfare state The Welfare State implosion is so obviously approaching and yet politicians still claim that anyone who says welfare or the entitlement state is “unsustainable” is a radical extremist. To paraphrase George Orwell, anyone who does math is a radical extremist. For those of you wondering about the exact phrase Orwell wrote, I paraphrased two of them: Recently, Zero Hedge tried to get around the way words are suppressed and denied by pointing out what is happening in a picture. Keep Read more [...] Continue reading →

Buying Birth Control For Others Is an Obligation of Citizenship?

hobby lobby Supreme Court Justice (sadly) Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been out and about propagandizing about birth control. In her bizarre world all the widespread availability of contraceptives at cheap prices in the United States don’t count for anything. Unless women have the state forcing other people to pay for their birth control, then there is a grave miscarriage of justice. Katie Couric on Yahoo! News provided her with her latest soap box. According to CNS News, “Some people say there’s Read more [...] Continue reading →