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PETA Hauls Man into Court for Verbal Abuse of Sheep


For the verbal abuse of sheep to take place, they have to understand human speech, right? This reads like a joke—like a story in The Onion. But it is important to realize that real courts are dealing with this accusation

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Hillary Clinton and Monsanto Make Dem Voters Unhappy

gov monsanto

Environmentalists don’t appreciate Hillary Clinton and Monsanto in bed together. Will that be enough to stop her? In a way, I’m sorry that no Republican will get in much trouble for being a Monsanto salesman. I don’t have a firm

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On Global Warming Millennials Are Skeptical


When it comes to global warming millennials tend to disbelieve the story. I’ve mentioned before that Millennials are not quite as Liberal as the media is anxious for us to believe. They are resistant to Obamacare propaganda and tend to

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Obama on Earth Day: I’ve Stolen More Lands from States than Any Other President

Barack Obama, Al Gore

Earth Day is a rationalization for Federal land grabs in the name of the planet. The euphemism for “stole” in President Obama’s statement is “set aside.” As in the headline at CNS News: “Obama: ‘I’ve Set Aside More Public Lands

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WH Spokesman Sneers at Senate Authority

worry chart gallup environmentalism

The Constitution gives the Senate authority to ratify treaties or not, no matter what Climate-Change-believers think. Arthur Milikh has written a revealing piece at the Daily Signal: “What the Left’s Moments of Condescension Reveal.” Sometimes the left unwittingly throws gems

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The Gore Effect Strikes: Thousands Bundle Up to Protest Global Warming

frozen al gore

The Gore Effect is a name for the many times when Global Warming protests take place in unseasonably cold weather. Here’s a picture of the protestors forming a giant thermometer. Notice all that climate change lying on the ground? The

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Climate Change Is a Primary National Security Threat?

John Kerry on Global Warming

Global warming isn’t a national security threat at all, let alone a “primary” one! After the kind of things John Kerry has said about global warming as Secretary of State, I don’t think we should be that surprised that Barack Obama

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Yet More Exposure of Climate Change Fabrication


A climate scientist and climate change skeptic fires back at The Guardian’s global warming zealotry. The Cornwall Alliance email newsletter contained a great response to a piece in The Guardian: “Has The Guardian “Rolling Stoned” Christy & Spencer?” That tireless

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Modern “Science” Is often Really Secular Superstition

science is settled gore

Christians should never let secular superstition intimidate them in the name of “science.” The Daily Bell reports on one of the latest Science scandals: “Real Tragedy of ‘Science': Public Faith Declines as Fakery Grows.” Major publisher retracts 43 scientific papers

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Admitted: Global Warming Means Anti-Technology Darkness

light bulb

The global warming crowd chooses propaganda symbols that admit they are anti-technology and anti-civilization. There was a time when it got really dark at night. In the Bible you catch a glimpse of it (pun unintended) in the story of

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John Kerry: 'Climate Refugees' Coming Soon

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry testifies at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee while on Capitol Hill in Washington

I can only take John “I Served in Vietnam” Kerry in limited doses. Listening to him makes my sides hurt from all the laughing. Kerry the ketchup gigolo was speaking to U.S. ambassadors at the Global Chiefs of Mission Conference in

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Regime Propaganda Fail: Americans Worry Least about Climate Change

worry chart gallup environmentalism

The regime propaganda is not working on Americans, who are much more worried about their drinking water than about global warming. As much as I sometimes want to lose faith in Americans, sometimes I have to admit that they are

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