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Australia Prefers Lower Energy Prices to Global Warming Alarmism

wind turbine eagle

The Australian government is cutting back on “clean energy” mandates to lower energy prices for voters. While a court sided with nine hundred Dutch believers in global warming and imposed economic hardship on the entire Netherlands that won’t, if global

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900 Dutch Citizens Get to Wreck the Netherlands' Energy Economy

smoke stack

A court has ruled on behalf of complaining Dutch citizens that all carbon emissions in the Netherlands must decrease 25% by 2020. According to, “The ruling by The Hague District Court could lay the foundations for similar cases around

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EPA and Sierra Club Communicated through Private Email on How to Destroy Coal

coal is dead

Hillary Clinton is not the only one in government who has been using an unofficial private email account for government work. Guess who “helped” the Environmental Protection Agency develop rules to destroy regulate coal? According to the Daily Beacon: “Top

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Is Pope Francis the 'Most Dangerous Man on the Planet'?


While the Left celebrates the pope’s Marxist leanings in his new encyclical that addresses global warming, Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld has called Pope Francis the “most dangerous man on the planet.” Gutfeld just about blew a gasket when discussing the

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Blacks and Hispanics Will Suffer Most from "Saving the Earth"

al gor invent global warming

The increased cost of energy from carbon taxes will enrich the powerful but hurt blacks and Hispanics the most. Back when Pat Sajack tweeted that Global Warming alarmists were racists, he was widely mocked. But he spoke the truth. Anyone

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CNN Claims the Pope Has Hurt Republicans. Doubtful.

Pope Francis 1

Why should a pope spouting global warming propaganda hurt Republicans more than Democrats are hurt by abortion? It is pretty clear that Pope Francis is a socialist who is trying to undo the good that Pope John Paul pursued during

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California Cuts Off 114 Water Rights Holders


The small, master-planned community of Mountain House, California, is within days of running out of drinking water after the state cut off its sole water source. Mountain House general manager Ed Pattison said, “We’re out there looking for water supplies

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Global Warming — Not About the E-Word (Environment)

Listen to propaganda from the EPA and MDE, and you would think “Climate Change” programs are about saving the environment, but you would be wrong. I’ll start by defining a term I created: “climateer”- – Someone with a vested interest

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Stewardship of the Earth

California Flag and US Flag

While I was in California a little over a month ago I became aware that the well publicized drought there is largely man made. Not that there isn’t a lower than average rainfall, but the truth is there is plenty

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Mark Steyn on Climate Change Scamology

polar bears roasting penguin

In case the more pedestrian prose of spokesmen, scholars, and scientists doesn’t do it for you, here are some humorous quips from Mark Steyn. They hammer home points I’ve passed along previously—Climate Change hysteria is a product of temperatures that

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Senator Thinks We Need Climate Change Heresy Trials

global warming v models

Obviously, without climate change heresy trials, there will be no way to uphold the “settled science” of global warming. The center of cultural influence in Western society has shifted from the Church to the laboratory. Whereas cads and charlatans historically gravitated

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Ethanol Is a Failure so EPA Wants to Force Us to Use More

ethanol corn cob

The EPA is trying to impose more environmental damage and less fuel-efficiency on the American people, along with higher food prices, for the sake of ethanol. It is far, far, far beyond time for Congress to de-fund, and shut down

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