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Government Ebola Lie: Outbreak Result of Global Warming


The U.S. Government is an Ebola lie factory. Alleged man-made global warming or climate change has become the new version of the Devil or witchcraft. All the evils in the world, and every evil, can be blamed on it. Thus,

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Pentagon Boasts about Climate Change Readiness

Secretary of Defense - Charles Timothy "Chuck" Hagel

While the Defense Department has blown apart Syria and is unable to help Iraq, it wants to assure us of its climate change readiness. The Pentagon has made an announcement. All intelligent readers will immediately understand what the Pentagon is

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Report: Oceans Cannot Explain Lack of Global Warming


We posted about the so-called “pause” in global warming back in the summer of 2013. We also reported back then on how scientists invoked the ocean to explain the “pause.” There were several problems with this analysis. In the first

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The Attack on Ridesharing Doesn’t Go Anywhere

lyft logo

Why the attack on ridesharing? Taxi Cab companies are corrupt monopolies that benefit a few in city government and a few who can pay off the city government and are putting transportation out of reach of the poor. So they

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Public Land: Government Hijacks Un-owned Property

forest service

Of course, the government claims that public land is owned because the government claims to own the land in trust for the “public.” But holding the land for “everyone” turns out to be the same as owning it for one’s

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Koch Brothers Deserve Prison for Climate Change Treason?


Climate change treason? Wow. This is becoming one of the most egregious cases in history of doubling-down when the evidence for your arguments is weak, or non-existent. Here is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr: From CNS News: Kennedy made the remarks

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Google Severs Ties With Reality


This may come as no surprise, but Google is severing ties with a group of conservative legislators called the American Legislative Exchange Council. The stated reason is “climate change,” which must be stopped because our secret masters have taught us

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Climate Change March Trashes New York City? What Can We Learn?

trashed nyc

It seems that people who went to New York City to participate in a climate change march–to agitate to get the government to “do something” about alleged climate change–did not impress some observers. Specifically, some reported that these protestors trashed

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Global Warming Cred: Are Rockefellers Stupid or Frauds?

john d rockefeller

This is such transparent foolishness that I want to think the Rockefellers have to be following a crafty plan designed to fool people.  But it is hard to be certain. People deceive themselves and make stupid decisions all the time.

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Green Energy Still Far Off


The official version of reality is that we are running out of what we know as fossil fuels. So gas and coal are going to become more expensive so that it becomes worthwhile to get our energy from other sources,

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Coming Soon to U.S.: Brits Hoard Banned Vacuum Cleaners

light bulbs

A story about banned vacuum cleaners sounds like it comes from a comedy show about a future dystopia. But it is a true story and thus a tragedy of our present dystopia. The Brits, being ruled by a foreign government

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No Global Warming for 19 Years So UN Searches for a Cheerleader


No global warming for 19 years. 19 years! But we’re all gonna die… soon. And the ice at the polar cap is gonna melt one of these centuries (instead of becoming huge, as it has this year). Really. Al Gore

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