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Electric Cars, Ethanol Harm the Environment

ethanol corn cob

You have probably known this for a long time, but it is nice to see the Associated Press admit electric cars are not green. People who own all-electric cars where coal generates the power may think they are helping the

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Congress Wants Government Nutritionists to Leave Environment Alone

farmer subsidies

Government nutritionists have been told to stop talking about “sustainability.” Even though I don’t believe in evolution, I am very appreciative of Robb Wolf’s work on ancestral eating. Just read the testimonials and you will find many people who have

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Global Warming Creates Extreme Weather that Doesn’t Exist


While extreme weather is constantly invoked as the result of global warming, there hasn’t been much of it lately. Every severe weather event is pounced upon as “proof” of manmade Global Warming/Climate Change/The Government Needs to Save Us. But then

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Regulating Natural?


Why should we be regulating natural stuff that grows out of the ground? In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, Caelainn Barr writes about the “Boom in Organic Farming Outpaces Regulators.” The piece is an expose of the horrors

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Galileo versus the Environmental Protection Agency


Why the Environmental Protection Agency is not the proper stage for a debate about science. The year was 1616. The year prior, Galileo Galilei’s works on heliocentrism and his Letter to the Grand Duchess Christina, arguing that heliocentrism was not contrary to

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Climategate, Five Years Later


Calvin Beisner writes about the aftershocks of Climategate. I’ve known Calvin Beisner for a long, long… long time. I’ve interviewed him and followed his efforts. I know that he’s a man who does his homework. He has to, on this

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Maryland Pols Bribe Churches to Preach State Propaganda

free money trap

Government uses taxes to bribe churches to preach an environmentalist message.   One of the big mistakes people make when it comes to taxes is assuming that the main reason for them is to collect revenue. Our government wants to

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Grubers Get Power and Influence while Happers are Ignored

gruber meme

How do Progressives get power and influence? By lying… or Grubering, if you will. Whenever a Progressive talks about so-called “Climate Change”—or any other alleged “crisis” that needs “emergency action”—please use this line: “Remember Jonathan Gruber.” Gruber should become the

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Obama Joins With China to Fight Global Warming


Fresh off a historic electoral beating, during which his radical policies and scandals were the primary inspiration for voters to return congressional control to the GOP, President Obama nonetheless decided to double down on one of the Left’s favorite fears, global

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Largest EPA Blackmail of Auto Companies, Ever

epa logo

EPA blackmail happens when the Environmental Protection Agency holds the U.S. market hostage so that a company cannot sell to them without paying off the EPA. The EPA has blackmailed Kia and Hyundai $150 million. From The Daily Caller, “Hyundai,

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Government Ebola Lie: Outbreak Result of Global Warming


The U.S. Government is an Ebola lie factory. Alleged man-made global warming or climate change has become the new version of the Devil or witchcraft. All the evils in the world, and every evil, can be blamed on it. Thus,

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Pentagon Boasts about Climate Change Readiness

Secretary of Defense - Charles Timothy "Chuck" Hagel

While the Defense Department has blown apart Syria and is unable to help Iraq, it wants to assure us of its climate change readiness. The Pentagon has made an announcement. All intelligent readers will immediately understand what the Pentagon is

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