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Michigan Federal Judge Rules Fathers and Mothers Are Dispensable

“Gay” “Marriage” A Federal Judge has struck down the Michigan state constitution’s denial of the existence of same-sex marriage. The judge ruled that the state constitution violated the “equal protection” clause of the Federal Constitution. This ruling, of course, assumed that homosexuals are more or less a minority just like non-white races currently are. But, as homosexuals […] Continue reading →

How Atheists Should Respond to the Trayvon Martin Shooting

Nature Red in Tooth and Claw_cropped Journalist Virginia Heffernan has kicked the evolution hornet’s nest by declaring that she’s a creationist (see my article). As usual, the evolutionary cockroaches have poured out from behind the walls of ignorance and pounced on her. Here’s what one nutball evolutionist wrote: “Virginia Heffernan is a science-phobic angel-believing climate change skeptic. She just said that. […] Continue reading →

Journalist Virginia Heffernan Admits She’s a Creationist and Drives Evolutionists Crazy

Bacterial Flagellum In the midst of the George Zimmerman “not guilty” verdict, rioting, beatings, threats of violence, calls for “checking your white privilege,” and demands that we “give money to the Dream Defenders, to the Urban League, to the Southern Poverty Law Center ... because racism is a natural disaster just like hurricanes and bombings and shootings […] Continue reading →

Taxpayer Dollars to Study 5,000 Yr Old Mortuary, Male Prostitution, Ecotourism in Guatemala and More

wasting taxpayer money Remember the dreaded earth shattering economy ending blight known as Sequestration?  President Obama, Vice President Biden, Sen Reid and Rep Pelosi all predicted gloom and doom if sequestration went into effect, which it did back in March.  The Democrats claimed that we didn’t have enough money to pay for many important and necessary things like […] Continue reading →

New Twin Study: People Not Born Gay

happy_face_ The argument is simple enough. If a person is born a certain way, who are we to judge what they are? A person born with black skin is that way because of his or her genes. We’ve been told that homosexuality is gene-directed. A person’s DNA determines sexual attraction and identity even though the sexual […] Continue reading →