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Natural Law Won’t Help You, Christian


Trying to use natural law so that you won’t be accused of reasoning from the Bible is a fool’s mission. It has been pretty common for some Christians and Christian traditions to insist that we should reason about matters of

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Good News for the Future: More Babies!

pregnant tees

Women are having more babies, finally. But is it enough? Reading this story at USA Today, you would think that the main point of women having more babies is that it shows the recession has really ended. Here’s another sign

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David Brooks Tries to Find Good News in Youth Job Crisis but Thirty is Too Late


David Brooks shares some sobering news about college grads and then tries encourage readers that it is not so bad. The encouragement is not convincing. I don’t often write positively about David Brooks because I think almost everything he ever

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Japanese Family Values and Business Ethics

no marriage

Our ally is setting precedents that show how family values mean something completely different from what we expect in the U.S. In a sense, this story shows how strange Japan is to Western values. But it also might show how

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Florida Soviet Grabs Kid from Front Yard

CPs corruption

The state grabs kid because he didn’t have food available and puts him in a home where all he got to eat was cereal. If you’re supposed to be home at a certain time to let your kids in the

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Who Owns the Family?

This week I had a bit of an unnerving experience. Just having new tires put on the car, Neil, Joe and I were driving back from a speech I gave in Northern Baltimore County. It seemed like there was some

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Transgender America Wants Your Kids to Drink the Kool-Aid

ugly parent in drag

Yes, Transgender America deserves the Jim Jones reference because we are in the power of a seriously delusional and dangerous cult. A father needs to model many things to his son, including a basic confidence in himself, a proper attitude

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About Time! Parents Cleared of Letting Children Play Outside … for Now

free range children

The Meitivs were charged with neglect for letting their children play outside; they have been cleared in one of the two instances. Child Protective Services has, in one case, cleared parents of the accusation of “neglecting” their children by letting

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Black Families, Poverty, and the Barack Obama Regime

poverty rate black married

How have black families fared financially under the Barack Obama Administration? Not well. A couple of days ago I read a fascinating column by Thomas Sowell over at “Race, Politics, and Lies.” Among the many painful ironies in the

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Reading to Your Children Is Unfair

child through chain link fence

Philosophers think you should question whether reading to your children is the right thing to do because it promotes inequality. I guess the best way to introduce what a couple of Australian philosophers are arguing is to reproduce the headline

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School: Boston Marathon not Educational; Unexcused Absence

rossi family

A school told a father that taking his kids with him on a Boston Marathon trip to see him run is not an excused absence. Here’s a letter that a mother and father in Rydall, PA, received from the school

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Strangers Abduct and Hold Unsupervised Children Captive

free range children

Unsupervised children were taken by strangers so that their parents were terrified. They were taken by an outlaw organization. Alexander and Danielle Meitiv believe that their children will develop best if they are given time to be together without immediate parental

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