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Strangers Abduct and Hold Unsupervised Children Captive

free range children

Unsupervised children were taken by strangers so that their parents were terrified. They were taken by an outlaw organization. Alexander and Danielle Meitiv believe that their children will develop best if they are given time to be together without immediate parental

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Could a Bad Economy Cause Death by Loneliness?


Health experts are saying that loneliness is a health hazard. A bad economy can encourage loneliness. I have written before about how our current poor economy (whether officially in recession or not) can have long term consequences that cause further

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Judge to Mother: Circumcise Son or Go to Jail

gavel scales law books

A judge has delivered an ultimatum to a mother to force her to circumcise her son. Many people assume that, if the hospital wants to cut off the foreskin from our male babies, there must be a good reason to

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Police Called to Rescue a Child from School

school bus stop

To get a child out of a Common Core test, a parent had police called because the school refused to cooperate. While this story is related to Common Core, I think it would be a mistake to focus too much

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Parents Responsible for Unsubstantiated Neglect. Really.


For letting their children walk outside together, CPS has ruled parents are responsible for unsubstantiated neglect. Those were the words officially released by Maryland Child Services. Thus the Washington Post headline: “‘Unsubstantiated’ child neglect finding for free-range parents.” The Maryland

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Russell Brand on Fifty Shades of Grey and Porn Culture

50 shades of grey

I never expected to like anything by Russell Brand but this is brilliant. There is bad language in the video below, which I wish Brand would bleep out (or not use in the first place). But it is an amazing

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Transgender Lying to Kids: “Sometimes Men Have Babies”

truth lies

What happens to education when transgender lying becomes policy? Let me just cut to the punch line of this perverse, sickening joke of a story from the CNS News blog: When asked what they will tell their children one day

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Homosexual Families Are Stalinist Reeducation Camps

children of homosexual parents

As a court considers same-sex “marriage,” children are testifying about what it is like in homosexual families. Testimony in the Louisiana court case has brought to light some interesting perspectives on what it is like to be raised by a

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The Adultery Machine

children of divorce

You can’t consider the sin of adultery without thinking about no-fault divorce. It’s good to be back with you and into this New Year, the Year of our Sovereign Lord Jesus Christ, 2015. A friend of mine wrote a piece

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School Claims Right to Question Homeschooled Students

school bus stop

The school board wants to question homeschooled students about their religious beliefs. In the United States parents have received a letter demanding that their fourteen-year-old submit their own written statement to the directors of a government entity to explain their

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Parents Threatened for “Enclosing” Children in Park?

CPs corruption

Why are parents threatened for letting children play? Remember the series of horror stories we heard about parents leaving their kids in vehicles? Well, just recently a Maryland mother was charged with allowing a child under the age of eight

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Turkey’s President on Birth Control Treated as Farce by Media

slut obamacare

The same media that constantly condemns “Islamophobia,” will use it to discourage thinking about birth control. According to “Birth Control Is Treason: Turkey Prez.” Since assuming the Turkish presidency, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said that Muslims discovered America and

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