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Report Claims Central Banks Have No Resources for Next Financial Crisis

stock market crash

By keeping interest rates so low, central banks have no tools left when the next financial crisis hits, according to a Bank of International Settlements report. Since Puerto Rico and Greece are both in the news this week, as they

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A Woman on the Ten Dollar Bill? Why I Prefer Hillary on the Twenty.

bernanke bill dollars

The Treasury Secretary wants a woman on the ten dollar bill and I would rather not disgrace any woman I admire with a Federal Reserve note. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew says he is removing Alexander Hamilton from the ten dollar

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Jeb Bush Cannot Make Economic Prosperity

us over cliff

While economic prosperity is central to his campaign, Jeb Bush cannot make it happen with the tools he wants to use. Assuming that Jeb Bush understands how regulation hampers the economy, he might be better than many other Presidential candidates.

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Work in Retail? See If Your Boss Will Give You a Raise that Won’t Cost Him a Dime


If you work in retail bring some coins as an investment and make money of the government’s corruption of the currency! If you operate a cash register in a store or fast food place for minimum wage (or thereabouts) you

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You Are Not the Only One Who Can’t Make Ends Meet

dollare airplane crash

The majority of Americans can’t make ends meet. Bob Allen shared a message with me that you might relate to: If it seems like you always have more month left at the end of each paycheck… you’re not alone. The

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David Stockman on Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve


Video: David Stockman interviewed on the baleful record of Ben Bernanke and our economy. The video embedded below is a must-see interview!! Please… I beg you… watch it. Are you concerned about “income inequality”? You should be, and you absolutely

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Are We about to Enter Interesting Times?

Wargames movie image

I was thinking we could make it to 2017-2020 before experiencing Interesting Times. But now I wonder… The endgame for Greece in the Euro has arrived. Russia and perhaps even China are rumored to be ready to swoop in, providing

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Are We Going to See an Attempt at a New Currency?

keynes quotation

A new currency would allow our elites the control over us that they crave. As I was saying the other day… From Doug Casey’s International Man blog: “The Crowning Glory of Keynsianism.” Readers of this publication will know that for

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The Cashless Society Is Being Proposed Again

internet cash

Our ruling class would like a cashless society because it would enhance their own advantages. Keep a close watch on this idea of doing away with cash. The more The-Powers-That-Be discuss it openly, the greater the impending danger to your

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End the Federal Reserve; Stop the Widening Income Gap

printing money

If we want to stop the income gap from growing, we need to stop the Federal Reserve. A massive “Amen!” to this essay, published at Mises Canada! During the years of the Roman Republic, Cato the Elder ended every speech

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"Patiently" Killing Capitalism in America

fed reserve

Wednesday morning I checked the Dow Jones Industrial Average, and it was down just over triple digits. It stayed underwater all the way through lunch too. Then, miraculously, about 1:30 pm, it took off like a rocket, swinging 350 pts

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National Economy Run by an Unelected Committee?


What kind of democracy is supposed to have a national economy completely at the mercy of an unelected committee? Last night, this story at was featured in the Drudge Report, under the headline “Confusion,” with a pretty unflattering picture

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