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Media: Central Bankers Have a Special New Excrement Sandwich and You Are Going to Love It!

theft Central bankers are now planning to confiscate money from depositors and the media reports this as a bold innovation that will help the economy. The tone of this article is fascinating. It is like a doctor telling a patient he has terminal cancer by telling him a joke about it. Except in that scenario, the doctor did not cause the cancer. But the central bankers are planning on robbing people and they are announcing this as the best news for us, the little people. The media simply writes their Read more [...] Continue reading →

So How Smart Was Boasting in the Stock Market, Mr. President?

wall st bull Only two months ago Barack Obama claimed he saved the stock market. Earlier this month I pointed out that not even Politifact could support the President’s boasting in the economy. Indeed, Obama’s boasting was immense. Consider this Business Insider report from exactly two months ago: “Obama: I saved the stock market.” President Barack Obama says he saved the American economy ... and its stock market. Obama did a victory lap on comedian Marc Maron's podcast, WTF, earlier this week, and Read more [...] Continue reading →

Rand Paul Attacks the Federal Reserve

rand ron paul Why should these statements by Rand Paul be considered so radical when the media is constantly attacking the corrupt and the wealthy? Rand Paul wrote an editorial with Mark Spitznagel at entitled, “The Federal Reserve is Not Your Friend.” It begins with what I think is one of the clearest illustrations of the absurdity of our current political system. Imagine that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was a corporation, with its shares owned by the nation's major pharmaceutical Read more [...] Continue reading →

Why Is the SEC Helping Target CEOs?

wall st bull The SEC is now requiring information to be reported that could easily allow Occupy Wall Street types to target CEOs. The Los Angeles Times reports, “How much do CEOs make compared to their workers? We'll know in 2018.” The Securities and Exchange Commission approved a new rule Wednesday morning requiring publicly traded companies to disclose the pay gap between chief executives and their workers. Chief executives' pay is already disclosed in company proxy statements, so what's new is that Read more [...] Continue reading →

Report Claims Central Banks Have No Resources for Next Financial Crisis

stock market crash By keeping interest rates so low, central banks have no tools left when the next financial crisis hits, according to a Bank of International Settlements report. Since Puerto Rico and Greece are both in the news this week, as they suffer financial implosions, perhaps we should take a look at the bigger picture. What will the central banks do if this starts a bigger crisis? According to one report, they can do nothing because they have already done it. The Telegraph reports, “The world is defenceless Read more [...] Continue reading →

A Woman on the Ten Dollar Bill? Why I Prefer Hillary on the Twenty.

bernanke bill dollars The Treasury Secretary wants a woman on the ten dollar bill and I would rather not disgrace any woman I admire with a Federal Reserve note. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew says he is removing Alexander Hamilton from the ten dollar bill and putting a woman on it. I have heard people suggest women such as Susan B. Anthony the pro-life suffragette. I’m sure Lew has someone much less wholesome in mind. I hope so. I think Susan B. Anthony was a good person. Why would I want to smear her name by associating Read more [...] Continue reading →

Jeb Bush Cannot Make Economic Prosperity

us over cliff While economic prosperity is central to his campaign, Jeb Bush cannot make it happen with the tools he wants to use. Assuming that Jeb Bush understands how regulation hampers the economy, he might be better than many other Presidential candidates. He would likely be better than Hillary Clinton. But the days of tricking the country into economic prosperity are over. His brother used it up and then Obama drowned any easier path in even more debt. Jeb Bush is not going to be able to do much about Read more [...] Continue reading →

Work in Retail? See If Your Boss Will Give You a Raise that Won’t Cost Him a Dime

coins If you work in retail bring some coins as an investment and make money of the government’s corruption of the currency! If you operate a cash register in a store or fast food place for minimum wage (or thereabouts) you really need to teach yourself to identify "extra income." It's as simple as learning the distinctive ring of a silver dime or quarter, versus a newer "clad" variety. It's knowing that all dimes, quarters, and half dollars from 1964 and earlier were ninety percent silver Read more [...] Continue reading →

You Are Not the Only One Who Can’t Make Ends Meet

dollare airplane crash The majority of Americans can’t make ends meet. Bob Allen shared a message with me that you might relate to: If it seems like you always have more month left at the end of each paycheck... you're not alone. The trend is not the nation's friend, no matter how often the government and financial television lie about the glorious "economic recovery." Thanks to Congress, the economy has only recovered for the top five to ten percent of households, and the rest... are scrambling just to survive. He Read more [...] Continue reading →

David Stockman on Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve

bernanke Video: David Stockman interviewed on the baleful record of Ben Bernanke and our economy. The video embedded below is a must-see interview!! Please... I beg you... watch it. Are you concerned about "income inequality"? You should be, and you absolutely must understand why it's gotten so massive. As David Stockman brilliantly explains here it's not because of a failure of Capitalism, but a coup d'état by Central Banks in league with governments around the world. [See also, “David Stockman Read more [...] Continue reading →

Are We about to Enter Interesting Times?

Wargames movie image I was thinking we could make it to 2017-2020 before experiencing Interesting Times. But now I wonder… The endgame for Greece in the Euro has arrived. Russia and perhaps even China are rumored to be ready to swoop in, providing support in return for Russian military bases. The Federal Reserve is insolvent—leveraged more than double what Lehman Brothers was a few years ago when its collapse nearly acted as a Black Hole to the entire world economic system. An American amphibious assault Read more [...] Continue reading →

Are We Going to See an Attempt at a New Currency?

keynes quotation A new currency would allow our elites the control over us that they crave. As I was saying the other day… From Doug Casey’s International Man blog: “The Crowning Glory of Keynsianism.” Readers of this publication will know that for some time, I’ve forecasted the creation of a new monetary system by which governments and banks gain total control over all monetary transactions. On the surface of it, this may seem an impossible goal, as it would be so all-encompassing and would eliminate Read more [...] Continue reading →