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It is Time for a Christian Values Party


A Christian Values Party is needed as an alternative to the GOP. [EDITOR’S NOTE: Different writers for this blog have different opinions about third parties (see here, for example). I am posting this in the interest of considering opposing views

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Government Debt Can Never Be Repaid

dollare airplane crash

Government debt has grown so large that it is now mathematically impossible for the government to pay it back. Sports fans are familiar with the calculations in which your team is “mathematically-eliminated” from any possibility of making the playoffs (something

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Recovery Delivers Sinking Wages for Younger Workers

crash and burn cash

Millennials are experiencing sinking wages across almost every industry. So we keep hearing about this “recovery” that is going on. Even in an article about descending wages, the writer rehearses the standard line. The evaporation of real wages for young

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Mainstream Economist: Retirement is History

social security_cards 2

You probably knew already that retirement was over, but it is worth noting that a liberal economist is admitting it. Of course, she doesn’t hold herself or the institution where she once worked (the Federal Reserve system) in any way responsible

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The U.S. Empire Could End Abruptly

fiscal cliff_02

While many envision the slow decline of the U.S. Empire, that might not be how it happens. Many envision the end of the United States with the proverbial story of the frog in the boiling pot—a slow cooking, where the

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Federal Reserve in the Crosshairs!

fed reserve

The move to audit the Federal Reserve is back with the Republican resurgence. I have to admit I had assumed that this campaign would be quietly dropped now that the Republicans have control of the Senate. I am sure some

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Debt Slavery May Be Our Future


Through the banks and governments in league with them, we are heading toward debt slavery on a planetary scale. This is very long, but overall a very fine assessment of the problems plaguing the world financial system. “The Zombie System: How

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More Evidence that the Federal Reserve Is Failing

federal reserve 6 reasons teaser

If you walked the streets, asking citizens the purpose of the Federal Reserve, my guess is that in any place other than a major financial district, not one-in-a-hundred people could tell you. Probably not one-in-a-thousand. If I told you the

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American Workers Impoverished During “Recovery”


Politicians don’t care about American workers impoverished by their policies. If it seems like it gets harder and harder each year to make ends meet… that’s because it is. There is still opportunity out there, but government regulation (Obamacare, other cartel-protecting

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Hillary Clinton on Jobs: Governments Make Them

hillary oligarchy

According to Hillary Clinton, businesses do not create jobs. I know Clinton is a Leftist (or a power-hungry climber who finds support in Leftist rhetoric), but I still can’t believe she said it: “Don’t let anybody tell you, you know,

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Did the Stock Market Receive a Secret Bailout?

wall st bull

Is someone in the Government-Banking Complex actively manipulating the Stock Market? Only a few days ago, the stock market was groaning and “analysts” were blaming Ebola panic. But then things changed. Yesterday ended a four-day “winning streak” for the S&P.

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Americans Robbed of over Ten Percent of Their Wealth Since the Recession

printing money 2

Over and above taxes and other scams, how were Americans robbed? By the Federal Reserve through inflation. Let me preface this by saying I have never been a Glenn Beck fan. I only saw this because of a link on

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