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Woman Decides Fixing Sexism Worse than Problem

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A woman who wrote about sexism in the tech industry says that fixing sexism can make things worse. I thought this report by Ashe Schow in the Washington Examiner was quite fascinating: “Woman who helped launch the current uproar over

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New York Times Declares Traditional Marriage 'Absurd'

Gay marriage

Either the victory of homosexual “marriage” in Ireland has just made the New York Times editors giddy beyond belief or someone in the NYT offices was passing around the champagne. But in a rare burst of unguarded liberal honesty, the

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Girl Shot in Head for Following Singing Dream


A Turkish teen was sent to the hospital after being shot in the head just for following her ambition to sing in her country’s version of “The Voice” TV show. Nineteen-year-old Mutlu Kaya was in critical condition Tuesday after being

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Men Kill Themselves because They Care about Families

national suicide rates

Men kill themselves far more often than women do everywhere on the planet. So who is being oppressed? published a stunning graphic along with an astounding story about male suicide. Men kill themselves in far greater numbers than women

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Space, the Final Frontier: No Straight White Boys Allowed

Gaia forbid a white male should put on a spacesuit and go overpopulating the universe. That’s the short version of the Left’s latest tangent. According to Martin Robbins, writing in The Guardian: “To paraphrase Douglas Adams: ‘Space is white. You

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Why Do We Need More Women Soldiers?

toy soldiers

The Navy Secretary announces we must have more women soldiers for the Navy and the Marines. CNS News reports, “Navy Secretary: ‘We Don’t Have Enough Women in Navy or Marine Corps’” “We don’t have enough women in either the Navy

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Regime Tool Meredith Vieira Lies about Women’s Pay

meredith vieira

Meredith Vieira ambushed Stacey Dash with misleading statistics; media covers for her. Awhile back Meredith Vieira was a host on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.” In that game, the contestant had to know the answers to questions. But if

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Hillary Clinton Plans to Change “Religious Beliefs” for Abortion


Having seen what the Obama Administration has done for homosexuality to corrupt marriage, Hillary Clinton plans big things for abortion when she wins the Oval Office. Here is the quotation. I don’t think my interpretation is inaccurate at all. Far

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Rape Culture Zombies Are About to Get Violent

Oberlin stalking posters

Believers in rape culture are publicly targeting people for not agreeing with their politics, pretending they are aggressors. Everyone knows that aggression is wrong and self-defense is a proper response to it. That is why one of the main tools

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Remembering the Eugenicist Founder of Planned Parenthood

planned parenthood plan expand

Margaret Sanger, the Founder of Planned Parenthood, wanted “a stern and rigid policy of sterilization, and segregation.” The American Center for Law and Justice published a needed reminder about the agenda and ideals of the founder of Planned Parenthood. Here’s

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Denmark Legislature Bans Bestiality 91-75

Animal Disease

So now oppressed zoophiliacs will have to vacation to Hungary, Finland, or Romania for their bestiality fix. Five Danish legislators abstained. I can’t imagine what they were thinking. Here’s the story at Mashable: “Denmark passes law banning bestiality.” Debate over

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The Pentagon Teaches How to Interpret the Bible

historical influences sexism

In order to combat sexism, the Pentagon has constructed a comprehensive ideological training system that includes how one may interpret the Bible. According to Ashley Rae Goldenberg at the Daily Caller, as her headline states, “Defense Department: The Bible, Constitution

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