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Does Halle Berry Have Sexist Expectations of Her Ex-Boyfriend?

halle berry

Halle Berry is not happy with the father of her daughter. She wants him to work for a living. Halle Berry and her much younger ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Aubrey, seem to have a disagreement. He is apparently “without gainful employment” as

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Why Women Passing Combat Endurance Test Doesn’t Matter

women marines

The Problem with the Combat Endurance Test Is That It Doesn’t Provide Feminist Results From “3 Women Pass Marines’ Endurance Test.” Three women have a chance at making history in the US military after passing the Marines’ grueling endurance

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Watching a Homosexual Hate Campaign

homo wedding cake

Homosexual Hate Campaign Targets a Woman who Doesn’t Know Her Place I missed this amazing and sickening piece when it came out—written by Janna Darnelle, a wife and mother whose marriage ended when her former husband left her for a man—or really

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Liberal Hate on Teacher; You’ll Never Guess Why

vagina cupcakes

Since we have seen how Rush Limbaugh elicits hatred by simply being generous, perhaps we should point out that such Liberal hate is not as uncommon as people want you to think. So I invite you to turn your attention

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Why Wendy Davis Defends Abortion: To Justify Her Own

wendy davis

We all know Wendy Davis defends abortion. She became famous for doing so when she filibustered the Texas state legislature to prevent them from restricting some abortions. I remember her speaking strongly against men who oppose abortion, saying that they

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New Strategy for Ending Babies: DIY Abortion at Home

I Had an Abortion_cropped

The New York Times magazine has run a long story about the new strategy of DIY abortion at home. It features Rebecca Gomperts, a Dutch doctor, whose Women on the Web business is sending abortion drugs to women all around

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Michelle Obama on 2014 Election: Liberalism Is On the Line


Listening to Michelle Obama on 2014, one is amazed to find almost nothing about improving the economy. Maybe to Liberals raising the minimum wage and inflicting more lawsuits on employers establishing “equal pay” for men and women are considered helpful

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MO Gov Vetoes Abortion Waiting Period but His Explanation Makes No Sense

Jay Nixon

By all rights, my current state should be a solid red state, so why do we have such a liberal governor? According to what I have been told, Democrats run like conservatives and then rule as Liberals in Missouri. Governor

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Why Isn’t Someone Blaming Miss USA for Failing to Recommend Carrying a Concealed Handgun?

Nia Sanchez

OK, I’m really close to agreeing with Michael Savage that Liberalism/Progressivism is a mental disorder. Some people apparently live in a universe with endless rainbows, lollipops, and unicorns—a place where economic law is repealed, and no one needs to work

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How to Fight Back in the Culture War: One Man’s Example

potato skins

Sexual permissiveness means pressure to have sex. That’s why the same cultures that insist there are no rules, and that traditional morals are obsolete, usually impose a regimen of strict rules on people. So, even though our culture pretends to

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Transex Dystopia in CT: Young Men Pretending to Be Girls Can Be Dangerous!

arnold in drag

Yesterday I heard this NPR report and it upset and disgusted me. The headline was interesting: “When States Can’t Control Violent Youth, Is Prison The Answer?” More than 4,000 children are in the custody of Connecticut’s Department of Children and

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If You Want “Equal Pay” at the New York Times You Need to Find Another Job

new york times

More than once this blog has addressed the fallacy of “equal pay.” See here and here. The basic fallacy is that women as a group are identical in skills and interests to men as a group. They are not. They

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