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How Rape Culture Demands Helpless Women

rape free campus A recent article on Britain’s rape culture demonstrates the self-destructiveness of whining and refusing to help oneself. I wouldn’t normally read this Vice story but it was trending on Twitter so I got curious. The headline is straightforward: “Rape Is at an All-Time High in Britain, So Why Are Its Sexual Abuse Charities Fighting for Funding?” There were parts that were decent but the overall message is horrendous. People are inviting rape by adopting the attitude demonstrated in this Read more [...] Continue reading →

Abortions Aren't Just 3 Percent of Planned Parenthood's Services

prolife There's a famous book called "How to Lie With Statistics" that is an excellent primer on the myriad ways big companies, politicians and anyone else with something to sell can use numbers to paint a picture that sounds good but doesn't really reflect reality. The leaders of Planned Parenthood and their PR teams have clearly read the book. You may have heard the tall tale that abortion procedures are a mere 3 percent of the services offered by Planned Parenthood. You can even find charts proving Read more [...] Continue reading →

Denying Theology Doesn’t Cancel Biology: Working Women Have a Harder Time Getting Pregnant

pregnant tees Working women whose jobs require more than forty hours a week take longer to conceive a child even when they are trying hard to do so. There is nothing ethically wrong with a woman working at a job for more than forty hours a week. Many women have no real choice. We all need income in order to live. But our society has tried to pretend that there are no costs to any choice that makes a woman more “empowered.” And while there is nothing wrong with working women, that doesn't mean there aren't Read more [...] Continue reading →

How Does the War on Women Explain Trump?

War on Women Badge If the war on women is such a big deal, then why are women not turning against Donald Trump? I’m not quite sure why anyone expected Donald Trump to suffer badly for what he said about Megyn Kelly. If the President can get cheers by telling women to vote with their “lady parts” then there is no telling how people respond to anything anymore. Nevertheless, Reuters reports this as if we should find it surprising: “Trump's female fans shrug off 'blood' comment about TV host.” It's easy Read more [...] Continue reading →

Book Admits Babies are Removed Alive from the Womb and Used for Research before They are Killed

reproduction ethics law feminist Though the videos are censored, we already have evidence that babies are removed alive from the womb for human experimentation. Last Thursday I published about documented experiments on live babies that were accepted by the Medical establishment back in the seventies and later. The blog author who wrote about the experiments and translated the medical jargon is Stacy Trasancos. Trasancos also has an open Facebook profile. Recently she posted a couple of images with this comment: This book has Read more [...] Continue reading →

Supporting Planned Parenthood is Supporting Eugenics

5 month fetus Planned Parenthood supporters love to produce statistics such as that 95 percent of abortions worldwide occur in countries where abortion is illegal. See? Planned Parenthood actually decreases the number of abortions, the argument goes. The reality is closer to about half of abortions worldwide are performed by somebody who is unqualified or in an unsafe environment. The differences in the abortion rate between developing and developed countries is small, and the question of legality likewise Read more [...] Continue reading →

Facing 6 Months in Prison for Disagreeing with Feminists on Twitter

pc free speech A man is on trial and faces serious punishments for disagreeing with feminists when they are the ones who harassed him! The best introduction to what is going on can be found on YouTube where Paul Joseph Watson explains the new penalties being threatened for disagreeing with feminists. Here’s a story from the Canadian National Post: “Christie Blatchford: Ruling in Twitter harassment trial could have enormous fallout for free speech.” What’s believed to be the first case in Canada Read more [...] Continue reading →

Transgender Tampon Offers Eunuchs the Beautiful, Womanly Experience of Painless Periods

fem-flo The transgender tampon fakes bleeding but gender is just a social construct. Women, think about your “sisters” next time you feel your monthly cramps! The CEO of a small company that has specialized in “earth friendly” feminine hygiene says that the company now also hopes “to bring each trans-woman closer to the full female experience and diminish body dysmorphia triggers altogether.” But I’m pretty sure this has to be a satire story. For one thing the market for “post-op transgender Read more [...] Continue reading →

Woman Decides Fixing Sexism Worse than Problem

fem button A woman who wrote about sexism in the tech industry says that fixing sexism can make things worse. I thought this report by Ashe Schow in the Washington Examiner was quite fascinating: “Woman who helped launch the current uproar over sexism in tech is sorry.” Fixing sexism, it turns out, is a bit complicated. In the first place, I’m not sure the problem was correctly identified, from what I read in the story: In 2013, Elissa Shevinsky wrote an article titled "That's it, I'm finished Read more [...] Continue reading →

New York Times Declares Traditional Marriage 'Absurd'

Gay marriage Either the victory of homosexual "marriage" in Ireland has just made the New York Times editors giddy beyond belief or someone in the NYT offices was passing around the champagne. But in a rare burst of unguarded liberal honesty, the New York Times -- still thought by some people, especially those who work there, to be a leading voice of public opinion -- declared the traditional family model of a wedded mother and a father raising children together in the same household an "absurdity." It's Read more [...] Continue reading →

Girl Shot in Head for Following Singing Dream

turkishGirl A Turkish teen was sent to the hospital after being shot in the head just for following her ambition to sing in her country's version of "The Voice" TV show. Nineteen-year-old Mutlu Kaya was in critical condition Tuesday after being shot by someone who snuck into her backyard and shot her through a window while she was rehearsing. The teen had reportedly been mentored by Sibel Can, a Turkish female folk singing star, and the family said that Can was helping with Kaya's treatment. Kaya is Read more [...] Continue reading →

Men Kill Themselves because They Care about Families

national suicide rates Men kill themselves far more often than women do everywhere on the planet. So who is being oppressed? published a stunning graphic along with an astounding story about male suicide. Men kill themselves in far greater numbers than women do virtually everywhere in the world. In fact, briefly looking at the data, Japan and South Korea stand out as anomalies where the male suicide rate does not more than triple the woman’s rate. So why do men kill themselves? The Quartz story Read more [...] Continue reading →