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How Religious Liberty Is Being Killed and Replaced

Al Mohler

Christian commenter points out the conflict between religious liberty and erotic liberty. Atlanta’s fire chief was fired for his Christian beliefs, and Al Mohler clearly sees the storm clouds fast approaching (“Religious Liberty vs. Erotic Liberty — Religious Liberty is

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School Claims Right to Question Homeschooled Students

school bus stop

The school board wants to question homeschooled students about their religious beliefs. In the United States parents have received a letter demanding that their fourteen-year-old submit their own written statement to the directors of a government entity to explain their

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Andrea Mitchell, Alleged Journalist, Despises Free Speech

andrea mitchell

Andrea Mitchell wants the French Ambassador to explain why it is legal to publish anti-Islamic satire. Andrea Mitchell, having been married for years to Alan Greenspan, going back to when he was the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, is an

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The Weird Trial of the Dread Pirate Roberts

gavel on white background

The government is about to prosecute its case of the Dread Pirate Roberts, but in an odd way. If Ross Ulbricht is indeed the Dread Pirate Roberts who runs (or ran) the darknet site “Silk Road,” then he may have

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Walmart: Second Amendment and First Amendment Related

couple pose with gun

Are the Second Amendment and First Amendment related? Attacking private ownership of firearms seems to require censorship. Since Walmart is a private company, not a civil government, it can’t be accused of directly violating either the First or Second Amendments.

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Free Speech ... for Some, but Not for You


The murders of a dozen people in Paris this week puts a bloody underline beneath the fact that much of the world’s population not only isn’t free, but actually is so fearful that they reject the very concept of freedom.

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Christians Should Not Be Siding with Islam against Unbelievers

First Amendment

The Catholic League seems to think Christians should be siding with Islam over mockery. People attack Christianity in the press all the time, mock Christianity, and otherwise blaspheme. In the United States they have the right to use their mouths

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Terrorists Win: Media Self-Censoring to Avoid Offense


Having seen publishers killed, the media is now caving into terrorist demands by self-censoring. The First Amendment promises that speech will not be restrained or abridged by the government, but when criminals threaten you then it is assumed that the

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Government Win: Writers Feel Intimidated by Surveillance State


Making writers feel intimidated is a feature of the surveillance state, not a bug as far as government is concerned. What is important to realize is that, from the perspective of our ruling class, what the New York Time reports

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Even White Separatists Get Free Speech

First Amendment

If Americans believe in free speech we need to stop judging people by what they allow other people to say. The mayor is concerned for his town’s reputation and I can understand why. But this is a learning opportunity for

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More Anti-Liberal Abolition of Tolerance from Liberals

“Gay” “Marriage”

Tolerance used to mean agreeing to disagree with those of differing convictions. You respectfully discuss an issue, and leave one another alone, even if you never experience a meeting of the minds. Today, tolerance means punishing those who disagree with

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Don’t Lose Your Temper over “Merry Christmas”

happy holidays seasons greetings

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Should Both be Received with Tolerance in a Pluralist Culture. On Christmas Eve I was driving my family to another state for our Christmas celebration and had to stop at McDonald’s to eat a quick

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