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Texas Attorney General: County Clerks Can’t Be Forced To Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

“Gay” “Marriage”

While Liberals are already prepared to accuse the Texas Attorney General of treason, he is simply pointing out the First Amendment still exists. You would think that, in a nation that has a Constitution recognizing the freedom of religion, this

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ACLU Switches Sides on Religious Freedom because “Gay Marriage”

rainbow flag

Religious freedom is no longer of value to the ACLU because they have a political war to wage against Christians. I saw this story over the weekend, when it first broke, but didn’t have time to write about it. I

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President Barack Obama Attacked Speech as if It Is Violence


In a speech that claimed to be about “tolerance” Obama attacked speech that “targets” people. The President is certainly entitled to express his opinion on what kind of messages are true or kind of helpful. But the way he handled

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Reason Magazine's Gag Order

censored gagged

The Libertarian publisher was subjected to a gag order about the government’s demand for information regarding online commenters. Back in January I posted about the trial of Rober Ulbricht, who was accused of being “the Dread Pirate Roberts,” the manager

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Hillary Clinton Attacks Free Speech by Blaming Donald Trump for Race Violence


When she claims that political speech can “trigger” violence, Hillary Clinton attacks free speech. If Donald Trump had actually called for violence against some group, then I would have no problem with Hillary Clinton speaking out against him. But he

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Woman Needed More Than Ten Rounds to Protect Herself


While some gun-controllers insist that no one needs more than ten rounds, this woman fired thirteen shots to defend herself. Next time you hear someone claim that no one needs more than ten rounds to protect themselves, direct them to

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Montana Prosecutor Uses Defamation Law to Invent Hate Speech Crime

haters gonna hate

If you thought the First Amendment prohibited punishing hate speech, you’re right but someone missed the memo. It is so easy to say, “The courts will never allow that. They will strike it down.” But in reality, every time a

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Consumer Protection Used to Cancel First Amendment


A Jewish non-profit is on trial for counseling people dealing with same-sex desires in the name of Consumer Protection. David Jolly reported about this case back in mid 2013, but it has not gone away. reports, “Powerful Leftist Group

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How Gay Marriage Will Save the Evangelical Church in America

burning Christian church

In a matter of weeks, the U.S. Supreme Court will rule in Obergefell v. Hodges, and is widely expected to impose homosexual marriage on the whole of the United States. There has been some speculation as to what the implications

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Schools in Brave New World of Homosexual Politics


A school shows how tough it is to navigate the landscape of homosexual politics. Let’s just put aside, for a moment, the fact that homosexual practice is sinful, wrong, and self-destructive to the practitioners and look at this story at the

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Canada Warns Us of the Coming Christian Persecution


Is more Christian persecution coming in America in the name of “gay rights”? Canada’s recent history makes the answer obvious. Events in Canada are a clear warning to Christians in America: Your business, your professional position, your ability to serve

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Marines Think Bible Verses Are Threat to “Good Order and Discipline”


A marine was court-martialed because she was ordered to remove Bible verses from her work station and refused. The Bible verses that started the controversy were actually one verse printed on three separate pieces of paper. According to the Military

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