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Planned Parenthood Strikes Back: Time to Investigate, Prosecute Video Maker

expose planned parenthood Defenders of Planned Parenthood are attempting to use the powers of the Federal Government and California to punish their enemy. Obviously, when we see evidence of trafficking in the organs of killed babies for money and of illegal partial birth abortions, it is time to investigate… the person who provided the evidence of these crimes! From the website of Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, Reps. Jan Schakowsky, Zoe Lofgren, Jerry Nadler, and Yvette Clarke sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General Read more [...] Continue reading →

Same Sex "Marriage" Is the Dismissing of the Old Civil Rights

gayMarriage A judge with a long civil rights record is being attacked by homosexuals for not complying with their demands. When it comes to homosexuals, pretentiousness is a constant aggressive strategy. Awhile back we were treated to media tributes to Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, pretending to be an oppressed minority as a male homosexual and claiming to have deep understanding into other minorities. What do you think happens when someone from a real minority with a long history in the civil rights movement Read more [...] Continue reading →

How Many People Still Support the First Amendment?

confederate cake You can’t support the First Amendment by supporting freedom only for speech you like. It seems that people are outraged that a bakery made a cake that a customer ordered which was decorated as a Confederate battle flag. Wait... People are outraged over that? I thought bakers weren't allowed to discriminate between customers. I seem to remember a couple who had to pay out $135k for the crime of not wanting to make a cake a customer ordered. So this is freedom, right? Making businessmen slaves Read more [...] Continue reading →

Internet Rumor about Why Oregon Couple was Fined is False

rainbow gunpoint The internet rumor claims the Oregon couple was not fined for refusing to make a same sex “wedding” cake. As you probably know, an Oregon couple that owns a bakery business got fined $135,000 when they turned down a Lesbian couple that wanted them to bake their “wedding” cake. One version of this story started circulating claiming that the business was fined for publishing the names and addresses of the Lesbian couple thus making them vulnerable to various levels of hate and damages. It Read more [...] Continue reading →

Candace Cameron Bure Defends the First Amendment on the View

Bure v Raven Full House actress Candace Cameron Bure tells people that Americans are supposed to have religious freedom. In the clip above you will see Raven Symone introduce the topic as she is quoted by E! Online: "The Oregon law bars businesses from discriminating against sexual orientation, race, disability, age or religion," Symone argued, "and to me, it's the same exact thing that they did back in the day saying that black people couldn't do certain things because it's my 'religious belief.'" First Read more [...] Continue reading →

Judge Says No to Lesbian Couple Wanting to “Marry” Each Other

lesbian wedding cake A lesbian couple asked a judge to “marry” them and he refused on the basis of his Christian Faith. I suspect the government is going to do something damaging to the judge. I’m proud of him for standing on the word of God. Melanie Hunter writes at CNS News, “Toledo Judge Refuses to Marry Same-Sex Couple, Citing Christian Beliefs.” “On Monday, July 6, I declined to marry a non-traditional couple during my duties assignment. The declination was based upon my personal and Christian Read more [...] Continue reading →

Another Domino Falls after Obergefell: Church Liability Insurance

burning Christian church Getting the Supreme Court to dogmatize on same sex “marriage” may succeed in ending church liability insurance. Even without a First Amendment legal revolution in place yet, the mere threat of lawsuits might already be stripping the church of normal legal protections. David French writes at the National Review, “For Churches That Won’t Perform Same-Sex Weddings, Insurance Begins to Look Iffy.” Churches, like virtually every functioning corporation, protect against liability risks and Read more [...] Continue reading →

Having Their Cake and Eating the First Amendment, Too

Gay marriage Aaron and Melissa Klein, the Christian bakers who refused to bake a cake for a homosexual wedding in Oregon, are continuing to learn what happens when you cross the gay mafia. As the rest of the country was preparing to celebrate its independence from a tyrannical government, the Kleins were being ordered by Brad Avakian, Oregon’s Bureau of Labor & Industries Commissioner, to pay $135,000 in damages to Rachel Cryer-Bowman and Laurel Bowman-Cryer, the lesbians who didn't get their cake. As Read more [...] Continue reading →

More than Two Thirds of Populace Believe Media Intentionally Biased

corp news media In other words, most Americans believe the media are self-conscious propagandists who only use journalistic reputation to brainwash readers. When I see a headline that most people think newspaper stories and news broadcasts are “intentionally biased,” I have to admit I’m thrilled. People are waking up. The Washington Examiner reports, “Poll: 70 percent of Americans believe news media is intentionally biased.” Nearly three quarters of Americans believe the news media reports with Read more [...] Continue reading →

Guy Wants to Marry His Boyfriend and Destroy Catholic School

Gay Cupcakes He expected to keep his job (he claims) as a Catholic school teacher even when he announced his plan to marry his boyfriend. Does a Catholic school have a right to exist in the United States? Just before the Supreme Court invented the right to fake marriage between two men or two women (or more?), I posted about the question: “What Happens to Christian Schools when SCOTUS Creates Same-Sex ‘Marriage’?” The answer is coming fast. One guy says that the Federal Government has the Read more [...] Continue reading →

Christian Speech Ban: Oregon Labor Commissioner Cancels First Amendment for Couple Being Bankrupted for Refusing to Bake Same-Sex “Wedding” Cake

rainbow gunpoint Not only are Christians being punished for not speaking a Liberal message, but they are subject to a Christian speech ban. [Editor's note: Happy Fourth of July!] You think the modern rainbows are all about "tolerance," eh? Yeah, tolerance meaning: If you don't agree, we'll sue you, fine you, bankrupt you, and strip you of your First Amendment rights to even talk about what we've done to you. Uh huh, that kind of tolerance. [See also, “Christian Cake Bakers Bankrupted by State.”] As Read more [...] Continue reading →

Texas Attorney General: County Clerks Can’t Be Forced To Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

“Gay” “Marriage” While Liberals are already prepared to accuse the Texas Attorney General of treason, he is simply pointing out the First Amendment still exists. You would think that, in a nation that has a Constitution recognizing the freedom of religion, this would be completely uncontroversial. But sadly it is not. Reuters reports, “Texas attorney general says county clerks can refuse gay couples.” County clerks in Texas who object to gay marriage can refuse to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples Read more [...] Continue reading →