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More Junk Science for Gun Control


A study claiming to prove that Connecticut background check reduced the gun homicide rate by forty percent is junk science. Well, if the FBI can do it for the cause of disarming the populace, others can produce junk science too.

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Knives Don’t Kill; People Kill!

Kitchen knives

While the news seems like it must be satire, the British police really are offering amnesty for people who turn in their knives. Only two days ago I wrote about a vicious attack on an unarmed young man by a

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One Victim with No Handgun against Four Attackers with a Machete


Four Attackers and not one of them is in the hospital or the morgue with a gunshot wound! But the victim will probably have a hand amputated. The Blaze reports on what should be called “a Michael Bloomberg dream scenario”:

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Democrat Glad None of Dylann Roof's Victims were Armed

concealed carry

He claims the “horror” would have been unimaginable if one or more of Dylann Roof’s victims had been carrying. The Democrats continue to politicize the Charleston massacre by talking about guns. In fairness, I don’t have the full context. So

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Proof that People Believe in the Second Amendment: They Want Armed Neighbors

gun in the house gallup

More important than personal gun ownership, the Second Amendment is upheld because people want their neighbors to own guns. Not everyone owns a gun. But that doesn’t mean they don’t believe in the Second Amendment. A person who was not

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FBI Pushed Junk Science on Mass Shooting Trends


We were assured mass shooting occurrences were increasing. We were fed junk science. As you read this short article, think: Climate Change science. From the Patriot Post: Last fall, we noted that the FBI used bogus stats in its pre-election mass shooting

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Woman Didn’t Follow Gun Banners' Plan for Victimization

woman helpless to gun

Gun banners wish this Texas woman had been robbed—or worse. While in New Jersey a woman was stabbed to death waiting for the gun banners to graciously grant her permission to exercise her right as recognized by the Second Amendment, in

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Woman Stabbed to Death Waiting for Gun Permit

gun control

The state needs to keep us all safe, even at the cost of a woman stabbed to death. Since I reported on a woman who survived an armed attack because she was permitted more than ten rounds, perhaps it would

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Woman Needed More Than Ten Rounds to Protect Herself


While some gun-controllers insist that no one needs more than ten rounds, this woman fired thirteen shots to defend herself. Next time you hear someone claim that no one needs more than ten rounds to protect themselves, direct them to

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Michael Bloomberg for President? Seriously?


Some think Michael Bloomberg should run for the Democratic nomination if Clinton drops out. An editorial in USA Today calls for the nomination of former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. What are the chances of disaster for Hillary? Surely no

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The Freddie Gray Knife: Illegal or Legal?

ban knife

The ambiguity over the Freddie Gray knife reveals a national problem. Is it legal to carry a knife in your state or your city? I have found it really hard to get a sure answer to that question. Every kid

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Don’t Threaten the Wife of a Competitive Shooter

hoodie gunpoint

If the thugs had merely robbed the competitive shooter of money, one might still be alive. I assume they didn’t know they were abducting a competitive shooter. Here is the story from a blog about Jackson, Mississippi, where the event

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