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Don’t Threaten the Wife of a Competitive Shooter

hoodie gunpoint

If the thugs had merely robbed the competitive shooter of money, one might still be alive. I assume they didn’t know they were abducting a competitive shooter. Here is the story from a blog about Jackson, Mississippi, where the event

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Democrats Want Ban on Online Ammo Purchases


Scratch a Democrat, find a pro-government, anti-citizen gun grabber. How many times have we heard the false mantra that restricting legal sales of guns or ammunition will “save lives”? They’re at it again. After the recent defeat of the Bureau

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Hero Cop and Hero Bystander

handgun table

A hero cop did not shoot a criminal in the back and almost got beaten to death except an armed bystander took action. This is a story about a heroic legally-armed citizen who probably saved the life of a police

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Ted Cruz Explains Second Amendment: Leftists Freak

constitution revolver

Daily Kos readers need a safe space because Ted Cruz campaigning on the Constitution is a triggering event for most of them. Here’s the headline: “Presidential candidate Ted Cruz says Americans need guns in case they need to shoot the

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Twenty-Five Year High in Support for the Second Amendment

opinions on gun control

More people are expressing support for the Second Amendment than those who oppose it. Back on April 10, I wrote about what I considered the “complete failure” of the propaganda push against guns that started with the Sandy Hook mass

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Armed Bystander Saves Group from Wild Gunman


An armed bystander fired back at a shooter, neutralizing him as a threat. The next best thing to having a firearm on your person when you need it is being near an armed bystander who is skillful and courageous enough

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Total Sandy Hook Propaganda Failure: Guns Surging

glock constitution

The Sandy Hook propaganda failure could mean a complete counter-revolution against Liberalism. Have hope! Last Saturday I posted about the new gun law in Kansas. Or rather, I posted about the new recognition on the part of the Kansas state

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Another Family Saved Because of the Second Amendment


A man being quick to use his gun meant another family saved. Gun control freaks act as if it were absolutely certain that, if they banned the private ownership of firearms, there would be no more armed criminals. It is

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Liberal Sandy Hook Failure: No Permit Needed to Carry in Kansas

Second Amendment

Kansas governor signs bill that acknowledges no permit needed for gun owners to carry their weapons on their person. Since Sandy Hook, we have been subjected to an intense barrage of propaganda and pressure to create new gun restrictions in

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Victory! DC Abandons Appeal to Stop Second Amendment


Giving up court case to stop Second Amendment, DC will acknowledge that residents can possess handguns outside their homes. Of course the trick here is that they will develop regulations for concealed carry that may be way too burdensome. The Washington

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Three Armed Intruders, One Armed Homeowner and Wife

revolver pointed

How many bullets does a man need in his handgun for multiple armed intruders? We should have “common-sense gun laws” like a limit of ten or even seven rounds in a magazine. Haven’t we heard that constantly for gun controllers? Why

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Women Disarm Themselves for Rapists because Feminism

voltaire revere chains

Not only do women disarm themselves, they disarm other women who want to resist! This editorial by Amanda Marcotte at the Daily Beast, “When you legalize guns on campus, rapists will have more guns to rape with,” only succeeds if

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