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Three Armed Intruders, One Armed Homeowner and Wife

revolver pointed

How many bullets does a man need in his handgun for multiple armed intruders? We should have “common-sense gun laws” like a limit of ten or even seven rounds in a magazine. Haven’t we heard that constantly for gun controllers? Why

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Women Disarm Themselves for Rapists because Feminism

voltaire revere chains

Not only do women disarm themselves, they disarm other women who want to resist! This editorial by Amanda Marcotte at the Daily Beast, “When you legalize guns on campus, rapists will have more guns to rape with,” only succeeds if

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Video: Raped Woman Asks Why She is Forbidden to Carry a Firearm in Maryland

woman helpless to gun

A raped woman speaks directly to the Maryland legislator about why they have disarmed her and all other woman, leaving them vulnerable to stalkers and others. Thanks go to the Daily Mail for posting the video, under the headline, “Moment

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Use Choke Point on the Justice Department

josh burns family

Operation Choke Point demonstrates the perversity and endless appetite of Big Government. This is the result of Statism, whether you call it socialism, fascism, or anything else. Once government takes excessive regulatory control of businesses, certain individuals with severe character

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BATFE Backs Off, Will Not Ban Bullets … For Now

haley bullwinkle nra t-shirt

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives has ended plan to ban bullets, or—more likely—has paused it. Last month Bob Allen wrote about how, “Banning Bullets Means Banning Guns.” The BATFE was trying to make ammunition for the AK-47

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Is Tennessee about to Honor the Second Amendment?

mae beavers

State Senator says the Second Amendment is compromised by requiring a permit to carry a handgun, whether open or concealed. If you think I don’t give enough love to politicians, take note that I give credit where it’s due. My

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Second Amendment Can be Disregarded for Officer Safety?


The Obama Administration invokes officer safety to justify banning bullets. As Bob Allen reported on Friday, the Obama Administration has devised a way to effectively ban certain guns by banning their ammunition via the BATFE. Since there are such things

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Banning Bullets Means Banning Guns

Gabby Gifford AR-15

The Obama Administration has resorted to banning bullets, beginning with one cartridge. Eviscerating the Bill of Rights, one Amendment at a time! So reports the Washington Examiner: “Obama to ban bullets by executive action, threatens top-selling AR-15 rifle.” It’s starting. As promised,

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Should a Student go to Prison for a Batman Suit?

batman armor

A college student made a combat ready Batman suit with Kevlar armor. People in our government think owning bulletproof armor should be a crime. A headline at caught my eye yesterday; it appealed to the nerd within me: “Student Builds Functional

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Jails Not Full Enough so Lets Ban Machetes


Anti-Second-Amendment thinking makes an attempt to ban machetes look intelligent. Once you have accepted the premise that people must be disarmed for their own good, then you really have no way of stopping where that thinking leads you. Thus, the

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In NJ, Second Amendment Doesn’t Even Cover a Musket!

Declaration of Independence with Gun

The police can arrest you and throw you in prison for a decade for having an unloaded musket in your car. Remember back when Piers Morgan was making a fool of himself by claiming the Second Amendment only applied to

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BATFE Takes a Break from Gunrunning to Ban More Guns

ar-15 angle

The BATFE is now about to prohibit ammunition for AR-15 rifles. The fact that a new gun ban is being threatened is really the secondary story. The real story is that a government organization has the power to simply end

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