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Red Meat Is Good for You; Don’t Believe Government

butter and hamburger

The government’s constant nagging about red meat is based on stupidity, not science. I have pointed out recently that, when you allow the government to “protect” you from unhealthy eating, you end up doing more harm than good. Despite the

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Why is still not finished when we have spent so much money on it? Way back in December 2013, Bob Allen pointed to the Wall Street Journal’s report on the White House claim to have fixed This weekend

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Big Brother Food Controllers Want Higher Taxes


Tax-feeding “scientists” want us to pay higher taxes on sugary foods and drinks. From Bloomberg Business: “Tax on Sugary Foods Proposed by U.S. Panel to Fight Obesity.” Americans should pay taxes on sugary sodas and snacks as a way to

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Income Tax Refunds Messed Up for almost a Million by Obamacare

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The Affordable Care Act is interfering with the income tax refunds of about a million people. The first number reported is 800,000. So reports the Associated Press: About 800,000 customers got the wrong tax information from the government, the

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The Pits Barack Obama Has Dug for Himself

obamacare crash burn blimp

Barack Obama has dug some holes in which he is now stuck. As I peruse the news today, I recall to mind one immutable rule of this world. The Psalmist writes in Psalm 7:14-16: 14 Behold, the wicked man conceives evil

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Raccoons and American Tyranny

raccoons for sale

A grocery store “must” stop selling raccoons until the authorities can find proof that it is legal to do so. This is unbelievable. First of all, even though we are having a fight about amnesty and the Southern border at

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Let Government Protect your Health and Get Big Mistakes

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Those who think it is the government’s job to protect your health need to think about what happens when the government is wrong. The way begins the story is revealing and revolting: “It looks like Americans will be able

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The Healthy Wisdom in the Sick Threat Michelle Obama Made

school lunch

Michelle Obama tells people they need to eat healthy if they don’t want to be messed with by the Federal government. Michelle Obama decided to deliver a message via an interview in Cooking Light magazine. As the Washington Times reported:

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Democrats Will Plunder Average Families for over $10K in April

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Average families—those with two children—could owe over $11,000 to the IRS thanks to Obamacare. Just remember, no matter what problems the Republicans have, Obamacare was voted into law by Democrats and only by Democrats. As we approach “Tax day” we

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Health Insurance Giant Gets Massive Profits Thanks to Obamacare

aetna chart

The health insurance Giant Aetna is profiting a great deal through the Affordable Care Act. Burce Jaspen writes at, “Aetna CEO Says Obamacare An ‘Attractive Growth Opportunity.’” How nice for him. Health insurer Aetna said it would make more money

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Slimy Obamacare Campaigning Defeated in Tennessee

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After a horrible time of Obamacare campaigning the Tennessee State Senate did the right thing. One of the most disconcerting things about contemporary politics is that so many make no attempt to promote things accurately. The only thing that matters

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Jailed Transgender Immigrants Get Free Hormone “Therapy”


Illegal transgender immigrants who are taken into custody have “a right to hormone therapy.” In a world where men sometimes have babies and citizens have a right to have their genitals carved away, illegal immigrants also get their “fair share.”

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