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Obamacare: IRS Fining Millions of Americans for 2014


Why is the IRS fining millions of Americans? Because they didn’t buy bad insurance. Here comes the bill for your “free” health care. Oh… but of course that’s only if you’re actually a hard-working person in the Middle Class—you know,

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A Summer War over Obamacare?

Obama Death Star

If the Supreme Court overturns the subsidies, a hot war over Obamacare will start immediately. It is impossible to predict how the Supreme Court will rule on the latest challenge to the Affordable Care Act, but if it overturns the

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healthcaregov is no different than any other alliance between politicians and supposedly “private” businesses. Whenever you hear about “public private partnerships” you are being told the government is selling you to a corporation for their benefit. As we have pointed

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Kidnap Children over Dad’s Unapproved Supplement


You can’t call the police when they are the ones who kidnap children. Imagine having your seven children kidnapped—it’s exactly the situation wherein you would expect to turn to the civil authorities for quick response, and a safe return of

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Gov-Run Healthcare Scandal: Pharmacists Err with impunity

veterans affairs

There is yet another healthcare scandal associated with Veterans Affairs. Back when the Veteran’s Affairs hospital scandal broke out, I pointed out that this was sign of the future for all of us under Obamacare. Government healthcare produces shortages. Shortages

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Comatose Patient Aware; Hears Mother Wish Him Dead

euthanasia 2

A comatose patient became aware of all that was going on, but was paralyzed. NPR ran an amazing story: “Trapped In His Body For 12 Years, A Man Breaks Free.” It was the late ’80s, and young Martin Pistorius, growing

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Harvard Profs Taste Their Own Obamacare Medicine; Don’t Like It


Obamacare has come to the Harvard Profs and they are angry at having to suffer under their own “genius.” I know I shouldn’t laugh… I really shouldn’t. It’s simply sad, but… it provides me with at least a tiny ray

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Indian Doctor on Why You Should Still Love America

american-flag (2)

While the country may disappoint and be headed down the wrong road, it still makes sense to love America. NPR produced an amazing story about a doctor who provides cheap and skilled open heart surgery for poor people: “India’s Philanthropist-Surgeon

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Transgender Nation: Taxpayer Must Pay for Sexual Mutilation


So now, thanks to a recent court decision, the “right” to “healthcare” means the “right” to sexual mutilation, in the name of transgender identity. Here’s the man displaying his “cure” brought to him by the government. Here is NBC News

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Gruber Admitted Obamacare Increased Costs: As Stimulus

gruber meme

Gruber Argued It Was OK If Obamacare increased costs, because it would create more jobs that way. While Gruber was lying elitist scum, he also sometimes told the truth. For example, as this Daily Caller story points out, he admitted

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Secret Service Shows How Big Government Degrades

secret service

The Secret Service is a legitimate agency of government. Except for anarchists, just about everyone believes that the government is supposed to protect people from harm, including the government itself. But here is the problem. What happens to a competent

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Obamacare Success: More Medicaid Enrollees; Less Medicaid


The government has arranged more Medicaid recruitment with less Medicaid reimbursement. What could go wrong? Only a zealous statist (i.e. worshiper of the state) would be so blind as to not see what was going to happen. I’m sure there

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