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Brittany Maynard Delays Date with Death

assisted suicide

Though she declared her plan to kill herself on November 1, now Brittany Maynard delays her suicide. I’m very sorry that Maynard has a terminal disease that means she will die young. I’m glad she wants to go on living

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Confirmed: Obamacare Raised Premiums

obamacare premiums

A new study proves that Obamacare raised premiums for insurance in all but six states, and raised them the most in some of the most populous states. As I’ve already posted, the New York Times and USA Today have both

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Obamacare an Economic Failure for the Middle Class - USA Today

obamacare symbol

Naturally the newspaper did not admit that they were telling us that Obamacare is an economic failure. They didn’t mention Obamacare at all. But that is what they ended up saying anyway. The (hidden) admission occurred under the depressing headline:

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New York Times: The Obamacare Rip-off

train oil spill

Is the Obamacare rip-off hurting consumers? The New York Times shows us that it is doing so. I’ve already noted that Obamacare forces consumers to ration themselves. It charges a lot for a Bronze plan (the cheapest legally allowed to

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If You Need Proof Obama Is a Control Freak…

obama dictator

Barack Obama often seems disengaged, so why is he acting like a control freak over state Ebola quarantines. While I think the President’s agenda often reveal him to be a control freak, I don’t see it often in his personal

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Ebola Case in New York City!

craig spencer

Officials are now tracking down and quarantining all the people who were in contact with the latest Ebola case, a doctor who had been working in Guinea. More ABC news videos | ABC Health News From ABC News: “Doctor Isolated at New

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Nassim Talem: An Ebola Overreaction Is Rational

ebola garb

An Ebola overreaction demonstrates accurate knowledge of mathematics. The headline caught my eye from Business Insider: “Nassim Taleb: Here’s What People Don’t Understand About Ebola.” Multiplication — that’s what people don’t understand about Ebola, according to Nassim Taleb, the author

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Storm of Obamacare Insurance Cancellations Hits Colorado

crash and burn cash

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, notice of Obamacare insurance cancellations are going out to many Coloradans. It is all just more fallout from the Big Lie: “If you like your plan you can keep your plan.” The Colorado Division

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Ebola Czar Choice Shows How Obama Got Elected

obama dictator

The Ebola Czar shows that people want to believe in magic. They want to believe in magic people who work like genies granting wishes. It is pretty clear that no one knows how to manage the PR and the real

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Obamacare Rationing by Price: Accident or Design?

Obamacare chains

Customers are imposing Obamacare rationing on themselves. There were a couple of reasons given for the Affordable Care Act, one of which should lead us to expect Obamacare rationing. On the one hand, we were told that people were not

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New Michelle Obama Lunch Program: Going Hungry

school lunch

Photograph of lunch program reveals not much food. Going hungry is not healthy and it does not help do anything about childhood obesity. If anything, it will increase the amount of junk food that children will buy at gas stations

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Why the Centers for Disease Control Hides the Truth

cdc logo

I’ve already posted today about the problem with treating the Centers for Disease Control as the central authority that can save us. Perhaps the CDC’s “quiet” changes in the description of Ebola and its dangers will help us see the

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