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Why Do We Have a High Infant Mortality Rate?


You should be neither excited nor depressed that the U.S. has a high infant mortality rate. There are lies, damn lies, and statistics. For a developed country, the United States have a high (yea, verily, very high) infant mortality rate.

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Big Insurance Companies Were Always Behind Obamacare


Don’t believe the lie that big insurance companies opposed Obamacare and then got won over. You may have noticed a couple of days ago some stories about how the insurance companies are now defending the Affordable Care Act. The Washing

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Reducing Fertility in Poor Countries a Huge Priority to Wealthy Westerners


New injection is provided for reducing fertility in poorest countries. Recently I posted about a massacre in India where many women were killed by non-hygienic sterilizations. Women are bribed for a pittance to give up any chance of future children.

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Why Do McDonald’s Customers Need the FDA?

mcdonalds building

Are McDonald’s customers safer because of the Food and Drug Administration? We need the FDA to keep our food safe, right? But what if people don’t trust the FDA? As it happens, the Food and Drug Administration has declared the

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Sign-ups Not Matching Obamacare Projections

obamacare millennial propaganda

The number of people signing up for insurance under the Affordable Care Act is lower than the Obamacare projections of the CBO. The ugly truth about Obamacare: We detonated the entire system of medical care and insurance in the United

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Obamacare Architect Confesses He is Lying Elitist Garbage

keg obamacare

MIT economist and Obamacare architect admits Affordable Care Act “written in tortured way” to deceive CBO and American voter “stupidity.” One of my friends sent this video to me earlier today, but I finally just got around to watching it.

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Super Gonorrhea May Be Spreading


As far as we know, a newly discovered antibiotic-resistant strain of gonorrhea has not come to the U.S. yet. But one could easily argue that, as far as we know, it is already here. Given our lax to non-existent border

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The Kissing Bug & Barack Obama Immigration Policy

kissing bug

The Kissing Bug involves yet another disease coming from Mexico and South America. First, it was Enterovirus-68, which has killed and paralyzed many American children, and that was almost certainly brought into the country—and widely spread—by Barack Obama’s foolish actions

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Begging Obama to Be a Better Food Dictator

paleo food pyramid

We need food freedom, not a food dictator. This editorial in the Washington Post has some truthful statements but it starts with a false premise that it later retracts without acknowledging the discrepancy. The premise is that there is no

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Is This How Obamacare Compromise Happens in GOP?

pat roberts

Obamacare compromise is one of the big things that conservatives need to watch for in this new Senate. Dr. Milton Wolf ran for the Senate seat in Kansas but Republican Pat Roberts won. I went to Roberts’ senatorial website and

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Internet Security

Surprised by the abysmal security? You shouldn’t be. Because the Obama-compliant media is all too willing to let us forget, it is almost hard to remember all the incredible problems with the government’s healthcare exchange. But one major problem

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Now that We Won the Senate: Dump Obamacare!


The mainstream media is pretending that the public likes Obamacare and that nothing will happen to it now that we won the Senate. But that is simply not true. As the editors at the National Review have pointed out, Obamacare

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