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Ron Paul on the Ebola Scam: $1.4 billion


The Ebola scam meant over a billion dollars in spending. What was that money used to do? How did it help? If you have ten minutes, you might find Ron Paul’s review of what happened with American intervention in the

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Demonizing Fat – the FDA Pushes Outdated Science

kind bars

The FDA is demonizing fat and threatening KIND bars for claiming to be healthy. Tad Cronn has already pointed out today how wrong the food police are. Now the FDA is providing even more evidence that the government is an

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Income Inequality Is a Loser with Voters

low income workers

Yesterday was Get-nailed-by-the-IRS Day, so it was a fitting time for the New York Times to publish Thomas B. Edsall’s editorial, “Has Obamacare Turned Voters Against Sharing the Wealth?” The short answer is: Yes.  In 2006, by a margin of

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VA Uses Private Medical Records against Whistleblowers

veterans affairs

When the government has your private medical records, it will use them against you if it needs to do so. The headline at the Blaze says it all: “Shock Testimony: VA Officials Retaliate Against Whistleblowers by Illegally Accessing Their Medical

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Australia Shows How the Welfare State Controls Everything


When you depend on the government to give you money, you will find that the welfare state controls you. Whether or not you believe that vaccinations should be mandatory is really beside the point. Forget that particular issue. Just notice

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How Liberalism Ruins Economies: New York State

new york state flag

New York State is a Detroit-like wasteland thanks to Liberal rule. The Deseret News has run an eye-opening story: “How high taxes and regulation are killing one of the most prosperous states in the nation.” Upstate New York is becoming

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Obamacare Provides Accessible Healthcare Just Like 2003


Accessible healthcare? No more than before, or worse. John Goodman spells it out at By one estimate, 14 million people are newly insured because of the Affordable Care Act. In addition millions of others have more generous insurance, promising new

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The Federal Homosexual Recruitment Plan


Do not be naïve: the Federal government wants to reach into every Christian home and open up every child to potential homosexual recruitment. The mental health industry is not a system of private businesses. It is a potential army for

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Nutrition Guidelines will Oppose Meat for the Environment

cow flatulence

The fact that they can’t oppose meat for nutritional reasons should tell you something. I warned about this earlier because it was plain what the committee planned to do. Now the Hill reports, “Vegan diet best for planet.” A federal

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MO GOP: Stop Buying Good Food with Food Stamps


If we are going to have food stamps, why tell recipients to stop buying good food? Why are MO Republicans imitating Michelle Obama’s lunch program with food stamps? I hate food stamps. I wish they would be abolished. I don’t

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Obamacare Taxes Are Going to Cost $800 Billion over a Decade

obamacare tax chart

In the period 2013-2022 Obamacare taxes (18 of them) are going to shake down taxpayers for almost a trillion dollars You know, every time you hear about the necessary and much-promised Obamacare subsidies, that someone must be forced to pay

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Senate Suddenly Wants Prohibition Back

chuck schumer

Defying the FDA, a bill before the Senate would institute prohibition for a new version of alcohol. Naturally, Chuck Schumer, the omni-prohibitionist control freak New York Senator is at the center of the push to prohibit this new type of

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