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Pop-Culturized History Channel

constitution founding

Starting my commentary this week has been tremendously difficult.  I am torn because in just one week ABC reporter George Stephanopoulos stated he was “struck by the final line” of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s speech in which he proclaimed, “our

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No Bible, No America

calvin coolidge

There is yet more evidence that, without the Bible, America would be unimaginable. Here is a big slice of American history that academics and elitists would like to bury forever. Joel McDurmon writes about it at the American Vision website: “A

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C. S. Lewis on Mere Liberty and the Evils of Statism


The Christian apologist and author of the Narnia Chronicles hated statism. David J. Theroux, founder and president of The Independent Institute and the C.S. Lewis Society of California, discusses the writings of C.S. Lewis and Lewis’s views on liberty, natural law and

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So-called Settled Science Is Really Dogmatic Science

science is settled gore

Dogmatic Science & Arrival of Native Americans: “Science By Press Release” & Career Advancement A fascinating article has been posted at Indian Country Today in which Alex Ewen talks about a long ongoing war between linguists and anthropologists/archaeologists when it comes to

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How Will History Judge Us?

us over cliff

How might history judge us? Probably not well. It is so hard to see what is going on unless you are able to take a step back and get the panoramic view. It’s like fighting the problem with an ever-increasing

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Exodus: Is It Time to Go Beyond Hollywood?

exodus movie

A forthcoming documentary may give us help to consider the Exodus as the Bible describes it. Lots of hype surrounding the Hollywood film “Exodus: Gods and Kings” these days… but what really happened thousands of years ago in Egypt? Was

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2014 Best Year Yet? But Not Best Ever!


The Telegraph reports that 2014 our best year in some ways. I am impressed that Drudge made this story his top headline. He was right to do so. Fraser Nelson writes in the Telegraph: “Good-bye to One of the Best

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Angelina Jolie Unbroken Story Broke with the Truth

Jolie Zamperini

The Gospel is what made the original story behind the Angela Jolie Unbroken movie so amazing. Christmas is the celebration of the birth of the most influential human Who ever lived. How absurd to celebrate a birthday, and completely neglect

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Economic Theory in "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens

a christmas carol

What was Charles Dickens really doing when he wrote ‘A Christmas Carol’? “Since you ask me what I wish, gentlemen, that is my answer. I don’t make merry myself at Christmas and I can’t afford to make idle people merry.

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Was Jesus Born on This Date? Does It Matter?

manger scene

Does the significance of Christmas depend on when was Jesus born? Some people say that celebrating Christmas on December 25 was a Christianizing of a prior pagan festival. This author argues in “Calculating Christmas that it’s the reverse—that Roman Emperor

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Wisdom from Frederic Bastiat about State Control Freaks

bastiat on human nature and liberty

What makes state control freaks better than the rest of us? The French produced some of history’s finest thinkers–men like John Calvin and Frederic Bastiat–to whom  they pay virtually no attention today. Which is too bad, because they could avoid

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A New Year’s Resolution: Hope and Change – Time To “Reboot”

obama soldier hope

What should hope and change really mean? “Free health care!”  “Free cell phones!”  “I don’t have to make my car payment any more!”  Such were the excited ravings that accompanied the political slogan/promise of “Hope and Change.”  Really?  Is that

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