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The RNC Shows Contempt For Sarah Palin

palins life Perhaps some of you will think I am making an unjustified inference. After all, the RNC did not release a statement attacking Sarah Palin. They merely failed to mention her. But there is no way I can imagine them forgetting about her by accident. “Today marks the beginning of Women’s History Month, which gives us […] Continue reading →

Political Party Poison

donkey elephant boxing It is once again an election year.  Media outlets will refer to it as the “midterm election,” and political pundits from the Democratic Party will try to convince us that the problems we are experiencing in America are as result of the Republicans in the House of Representatives.  On the other hand, Republican commentators will […] Continue reading →

Living Liberty

George Whitefield Not too long ago I posted on my Facebook wall a statement explaining how I have come to treasure various colonial preachers and their sermons.  Men like Jonathan Edwards, Jonathan Mayhew, George Whitefield, and Cotton Mather whose sermons and teachings greatly impacted the lives and thoughts of America’s founders.  Indeed, “[t]here is not a right […] Continue reading →