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Dancing with the Stars Closets Michael Sam

peta murgatroyd

If Dancing with the Stars “accepts” Michael Sam, then why force him to act heterosexual? You will remember Michael Sam as the man who deeply kissed his boyfriend on draft day. Draft day didn’t end up being as productive for

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Homosexual Activism Is Forcing Christians to Take a Stand

God and Politics

Forcing Christians to affirm and celebrate “gay marriage” will make them into people who resist. A headline in the Washington Post reads, “‘Relationship with Jesus’ doesn’t justify florist’s refusal to serve gay couple, judge rules.” “Religious motivation does not excuse

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Homosexual Propaganda as Norman Rockwell Biography

gruber meme

Imagine what would happen if Jonathan Gruber wrote a Norman Rockwell biography… Many great and upstanding figures from American history have had their reputations tarnished by modern biographers. While it is true that no life can measure up to a

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Judge Rules: Affirm Homosexual Marriage or Be Impoverished


A florist who refuses to affirm homosexual marriage is not only forced to do so, but her personal wealth is made available to her enemies. Plundering a person is an ultimate power play. That is why our so-called “law enforcement”

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Your Allegedly Innate Desires Don’t Determine Ethics

keep calm say no homosex

Innate desires (or ones that you think are innate) can lead you into wrongdoing; the impulse doesn’t justify the deed. The headline in the New American isn’t just hypothetical; it comes from what “scholars” and “experts” are saying: “Is Pedophilia

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Why Tenure Exists: to Take Away Freedom


People think the protection of professors is why tenure exists. Here is an example of how wrong they are. The reason tenure exists is to censor speech. It is simple to see why. In order to control speech you need

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Obama Regime: National Security Means Climate Change, Gay Rights


Susan Rice claims that national security strategy must include fighting global warming and spreading homosexual marriage. How serious is the Obama Administration about international threats to the United States? White House National Security Advisor Susan Rice recently spoke at the

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Christian College at Risk behind the Blue State Iron Curtain


Gordon College shows us how politically dominant homosexual orthodoxy will make the Red State Blue State divide into an Iron Curtain. People talk about the division of the country into red states and blue states, but recent use of homosexuality

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Jailed Transgender Immigrants Get Free Hormone “Therapy”


Illegal transgender immigrants who are taken into custody have “a right to hormone therapy.” In a world where men sometimes have babies and citizens have a right to have their genitals carved away, illegal immigrants also get their “fair share.”

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Better to End Civil Marriage than Pervert It?

todd russ

An Oklahoma legislator isn’t exactly proposing to end civil marriage, but he wants the state to stop issuing marriage licenses. The problem with homosexual marriage isn’t simply the question of the morality of homosexual couples, but that people who know

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Why Teach Young Kids about How to Give Sexual Consent?

sex offenders

Sexual consent must be taught “at the very earliest stages” in school, according to some. [Note: I originally wrote “toddlers” in the headline, because “very earliest stages” seems really young. But in the context of school you are probably talking

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If You Don’t Let Men Use Women’s Room You’re a Bully


A basic law to stop the assault of transgender harassment is treated as the work of a bully. The first thing you see in this U.S. News story is the headline and the picture. The picture is of one boy

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