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The Transgender Male’s War on Women

transgender inclusion

If you want to see a real psychological war on women, look at this piece celebrating the highest-paid “female” CEO. The sheer audacity of the article is amazing. The open joke starts in the headline: “America’s Highest-Paid Female CEO Is

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AARP Admits Homosexuality Not Immutable

Eich homosex scapegoat

Is homosexuality not immutable? Robert Gagnon, the faithful Bible scholar recently observed, “I guess homosexual orientation is not immutable like race and gender after all.” He was referring to this article in the AARP magazine’s website, “Can Sexual Preference Change

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Androgynous Teen Sues South Carolina DMV over License Photo

Scales of Justice

Chase Culpepper is an androgynous teen boy who wears makeup and sometimes women’s clothing. He is now sixteen years old, which means he has come into conflict with the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles. According to KMOV in St.

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Not a Gay Bar But Wrong to Discriminate?

Let the Gays Eat Cake

Our neighbors to the north are known for being open-minded, so it was big news when two men were kicked out of a trendy restaurant in Montreal, which was not a gay bar, after publicly displaying their affection. Witnesses claim there

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Federal Judge Decriminalized Polygamy

Sister Wives Portraits

Oh, and did you hear: A Utah Federal judge decriminalized polygamy. The ride into Hell just got culturally much bumpier. NPR reports, The case is high profile partly because the suit was brought forth by the Brown family, the stars

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Justice the Guardian of Liberty

gavel scales law books

There is a monster loose in America. It is a tyrannical monster whose perfidy grows every day. He is intelligent, educated at the most elite institutions and is holding some of the most powerful and prestigious positions in our land.

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Medical Community Resistors against the Idea of Healthy Homosexuality?

speaking truth not homophobia

I thought the medical community was completely compliant with the healthy homosexuality message. Now I’m not so sure. NBC Los Angeles reports: A Los Angeles man is suing his doctor and a Southern California healthcare network, saying they ignored his

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A Court Finally Gets Constitutional about Same Sex “Marriage”


Same sex “marriage” is finally denied by a court! A “couple” from Iowa moved to Tennessee and tried to convince the courts that the state must redefine marriages as two “persons” rather than as a man and woman. According to

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Colorado Government Civil Rights Fascists Hunt Bear

vito dressed as woman

This is kind of a putrid story, but it needs to be told. There are, among homo- or bisexuals, a group often dubbed “bears.” There is a picture here that gives you an idea. It is safe for work but

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Tempting God in America

Florida_In God We Trust_Banner

The attack on God’s Holy Institution of Marriage in America has reached an unprecedented level. “In separate actions, judges stuck down constitutional marriage amendments in Virginia and Florida. Marriage is being challenged in every state that has not already redefined

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The Queens' Censors: The End of Art & the Pansex Regime

wedding photographer

Is homosexuality and “human rights” going to bring about the end of art in the United States? Robert Gagnon the notoriously straightforward Bible scholar recently pointed to this editorial from the Alliance Defending Freedom. It’s been nearly a decade since

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Same Sex “Marriage” Is Really About the Demise of Real Marriage

marriage supply demand

We’re reaching another point of impact in the ongoing train wreck that is “same sex marriage” and the courts. As the Chillicoth Gazette reports, The broadest attack yet on states’ gay marriage bans will be Wednesday in a packed courtroom

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