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Liberals Turn On Obama Over Immigration


The New York Times of all papers is one of the last places you expect to read a discouraging word directed at President Obama, but it turns out even liberals are being turned off by what he’s doing on illegal

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Mexicans Violate our Borders with Impunity, but One of Ours is in Prison for Violating Their Borders


Meanwhile, as countless Mexicans violate our borders, and some murder our citizens, a U.S. Marine continues to rot in a Mexican prison, going on more than four months. Here’s part of the Fox News story, “Jailed Marine Andrew Tahmooressi back in

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The Guatemala Failed State Is a Failed Society

fredieric bastiat spontaneous order

This horrible story seems to be about a Guatemala Failed State, though it doesn’t use that term: Exhaust fumes from the old, poorly maintained cars traveling beside us infuse our cab. We pass shanty towns — settlements of poorly constructed,

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Even Washington Post Fears Barack Obama Dictatorship

obama dictator

When the mainstream media starts warning us against a Barack Obama dictatorship, we have reason to be concerned. I argued that the Supreme Court’s consensus demonstrated that the President was a radical. Now I can augment my argument. The Washington

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The State Never Has Compassion

Friedrich Nietzsche state lie

Here is the side of the border crisis story that the moralists who harangue you for a lack of compassion conveniently ignore: Consuming our resources to care for all of these illegal immigrants costs money that must be plundered from

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Thanks to Barack Obama's Dictatorship We Have Corpses on the Border

obama encourages immigration

Obama’s dictatorship is costing the lives of young people crossing the border. This story in the Daily Mail is both heart-breaking, and infuriating. “EXCLUSIVE: ‘A lot of people die out here’ and ‘all this blood…is on Obama’s hands’: Shocking images

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Police State For Us But Gentle Patience for Hostile Illegal Immigrants?

bearcat 2

If you’ve been following the news much at all, then you know that we constantly hear of a growing police state–amazing behavior on the part of police officers. The police gun down an informant and an unarmed criminal and yet

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A Congressman Explains Barack Obama’s Executive Overreach on Immigration

obama amnesty announced

Unilaterally extending amnesty to illegal immigrants would be executive overreach. Congressman Jeff Sessions explained why it would be wrong and illegal for Barack Obama to do so. According to CNS News: Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) took to the Senate floor

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If Amnesty Is Such a Good Idea, Why Is Ed Schultz Opposing It?

ed schultz

I’m not claiming that Ed Schultz is the trustworthy arbiter of what is or is not a good idea for immigration or any other area of law or policy. But his typical behavior is to support anything the president wants.

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Ebola Threat Looms Over Open Border

border patrol vehicle

The Centers for Disease Control hasn’t exactly advertised it, but its Emergency Operations Center is actively involved in trying to contain the health crisis caused by lax border enforcement and the blithe shipping of illegal aliens to communities all around

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Tennessee Is Not the Only State Where Feds Are Secretly Dumping Immigrants


Bob Allen posted about how the Feds are secretly dumping immigrants in Tennessee where he currently resides. But it is important to realize that Tennessee is not the only state where immigrants were secretly dumped. According to the National Review’s

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The Bread of Life

bread slices

The crisis on the border has just begun its planned devastation on our republic. The question I haven’t seen answered until this week is why now are all these unaccompanied minors illegally crossing our boarders at this time? It turns

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