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Congress Will Not Do Anything to Stop Obama’s Executive Usurpation on the Border

lawyers in congress

If Obama stops deportations by executive order, GOP leadership has assured the world that Congress will not do anything to stop him. According to CNS News, What will congressional Republicans do if President Obama takes executive action to defer deportation

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Michelle Obama on 2014 Election: Liberalism Is On the Line


Listening to Michelle Obama on 2014, one is amazed to find almost nothing about improving the economy. Maybe to Liberals raising the minimum wage and inflicting more lawsuits on employers establishing “equal pay” for men and women are considered helpful

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Boy Scout Threatened With Ten Years for Taking Picture from Road (Another Held at Gunpoint)

US Customs and Border Protection

I had seen the headlines for this horrible story but only later realized it was over the “crime” of snapping a picture from his vehicle. Apparently, U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents are as psychotic as some other kinds of “law

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More Child Immigration Crisis News: Nonprofit Accused of Not Reporting Lobbying

palm aire resort

Amid all the other news in the child immigration crisis, you may remember that Baptist Child & Family Services (BCFS) was going to purchase a resort hotel—complete with weight room, tennis courts, and Olympic pool—to house illegal aliens. They were

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Media Reveals White House is Working for DC Statehood


The media are making a big deal about Barack Obama officially claiming he is in favor of “home rule” for Washington DC. But it turns out that he has been advocating it for a long time. He even had the

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Texas Sending Troops to the Border


Texas Gov. Rick Perry announced Monday that he will send up to 1,000 armed National Guard troops over the next month to protect the southern border due to the Obama Administration’s “lip service” on the illegal immigration crisis. Perry, who

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Roaches Scatter: BCFS Refuses Deal on Palm Aire Resort for Illegals

palm aire tennis

Yowza! Shine the light, and the roaches run for cover!! Recapping: Baptist Child & Family Services were going to pay $3.8-mill for a property valued at just over $1.9-mill on the Hidalgo County, TX property records site, and the agent

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Tracking Down the Palm Aire Child Immigration Deal

palm aire resort

As you probably know by now, the Feds have given your tax money to Baptist Child & Family Services to buy and run a luxury resort hotel for illegal immigrant children. I immediately wondered if there was a crony bailout

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Refugee Children from Over our Southern Border Desperately Need You to Supply Them with… an Olympic Pool and Tennis Courts?

palm aire resort

Are you kidding me? Here is a picture of their new “refuge” via Gateway Pundit. Welcome to America! The Obama administration has awarded a $50 million contract to a charitable group to buy a Texas resort hotel and transform it

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Chicago Blacks Turn on Obama

obama podium

One of the greatest disappointments of the Obama presidency is the wasted opportunity to finally put racial divisions to an end in America. Instead of reaching out and changing hearts and minds, President Obama has proved himself a practitioner of

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United Nations About to Dictate Domestic Immigration Policy to the U.S.

un evil

Let’s see: So the United Nations is toying with the idea of “forcing” the United States to keep all of the illegal immigrants flooding across our southern border. This will give a convenient excuse to the President to say, “Hey,

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Caesar Employing the Church to Minister to Illegal Aliens?

border patrol vehicle

There are many different angles to follow on this story, but the key one to me centers on the old saying: He who pays the piper calls the tune. A great Catholic blog reposted this from Liberty News: “HHS money

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