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Was Barack Obama Ever Really Going to Enforce Immigration Laws?

marco rubio us flags The promise to enforce immigration laws was key to the campaign for “comprehensive immigration reform.” But it was a lie. As you may have heard, deportations are way down. Not only are general deportations not happening, but even criminals are getting to stay in the country rather than face deportation. Mark Krikorian writes at the National Review, The operational reason for the collapse in deportations is the Obama administration’s enforcement-suppression policies, which it has labeled Read more [...] Continue reading →

Democrat Wants People in the Country Illegally to Get Obamacare

Luis Gutierrez Representative Luis Gutiérrez has introduced a bill to make illegal immigrants eligible for Obamacare. The hypocrisy involved in all this is staggering. According to the Daily Signal, “House Democrats Propose Illegal Immigrants Gain Access to Obamacare.” The pope’s reminder of the Golden Rule during his visit to Congress inspired a House Democrat to introduce legislation to expand the Affordable Care Act. Last week Rep. Luis Gutiérrez, D-Ill., introduced new legislation called the Read more [...] Continue reading →

Charlie Hebdo Insults Are Legal but a Politician is on Trial for Objecting to Overwhelming Muslim Immigration

Marine Le Pen If you are concerned about the cultural implications of Muslim immigration, the French government will prosecute you. On January 8 of this year our writers began posting about Charlie Hebdo and free speech. The reason for this was Islamic mass murder of a rather vile publication called Charlie Hebdo. Vile or not, they were killed for what they wrote and published and drew as cartoons. So the French public, Europe, and the Western world went on a giant collective rant of words and symbolic gestures Read more [...] Continue reading →

German Rapes Show Why Free Immigration is Not Always a Good Thing

islam-will-dominate-the-world German rapes and forced prostitutions are a growing legacy of the migrant crisis in that country. Here are a few bullet points from this article at the Gatestone Institute, “Germany: Migrants' Rape Epidemic.” A 13-year-old Muslim girl was raped by another asylum seeker at a refugee facility in Detmold, a city in west-central Germany. The girl and her mother reportedly fled their homeland to escape a culture of sexual violence. Approximately 80% of the refugees/migrants at the shelter Read more [...] Continue reading →

Eighty Percent of Migrants Flooding Europe are not from Syria

denmark demographic winter Some are from Iraq but many migrants are coming for economic reasons rather than fleeing war. The Daily Mail reports, “Four out of five migrants are NOT from Syria: EU figures expose the 'lie' that the majority of refugees are fleeing war zone.” Only one in every five migrants claiming asylum in Europe is from Syria. The EU logged 213,000 arrivals in April, May and June but only 44,000 of them were fleeing the Syrian civil war. Campaigners and left-wing MPs have suggested the vast majority Read more [...] Continue reading →

Donald Trump Attracted a Fourth of Black Voters!

donald_trump Republicans have wanted more black voters for years. Trump gets them. He also attracts Hispanics. Just yesterday I was reading this fantastic interview with the black economist Thomas Sowell, in the Wall Street Journal. One part especially stuck out to me: So how can the case for reform be made? Let’s say the Republican presidential nominee has a speech lined up at the historically black Howard University. What should the candidate say? Mr. Sowell says he should tell the audience that “one Read more [...] Continue reading →

Muslims Converting to Christianity In Germany: Is It Genuine?

islam_will_dominate_world1 Maybe it doesn’t matter if the many Muslims converting to Christianity are doing it for worldly reasons. This story may show us that God, despite all the sin and unbelief in the world, may be having mercy on us: “At a Berlin church, Muslim refugees converting in droves.” Mohammed Ali Zonoobi bends his head as the priest pours holy water over his black hair. "Will you break away from Satan and his evil deeds?" pastor Gottfried Martens asks the Iranian refugee. "Will you break away from Islam?" "Yes," Read more [...] Continue reading →

Does the U.S. Have Sovereignty over Southwest Border Regions

arrested cartel A story on Ben Carson reports claims that the southwest border areas are effectively without government as cartels roam free. When you first hear about the ISIS territory inside of Iraq and Syria, it seems completely foreign to anything Americans have known. How could criminals ever set up their own “state” within the borders of sovereign countries? But this story at makes me wonder: “Exclusive — AZ Sheriff Takes Dr. Ben Carson on Helicopter Tour of Cartel Read more [...] Continue reading →

Islamic Baby Name Is the Most Popular in Britain

islam_will_dominate_world1 If an Islamic baby name is more popular than any other name for new children, what can we expect in the next generation in England? It is pretty interesting that the headline gives the reader no indication of the content of the story: “Amelia and Oliver top 62,000 DIFFERENT baby names in Britain.” The subhead was quite misleading: “PARENTS chose 62,000 different names for babies born last year as Britain becomes ever more multicultural, research revealed today.” The story doesn’t Read more [...] Continue reading →

Another Cost of Immigration: Court Interpreters

 It is toxic that we are only permitted to discuss immigration as a human rights issue and not acknowledge the cost of immigration. I am not against immigration. But the present environment in which immigration is discussed is completely toxic. The Democrat amnesty objective is obviously aimed at harvesting new Democrat voters. The way the laws have been systematically broken rather than legally changed is an outrage. The Republican Establishment has not given us any better discussion about Read more [...] Continue reading →

All Women's Employment Gains Were from Foreigners since 2007

War on Women Badge Women's employment has fallen much worse than people realize since the recession but immigrant women are gaining jobs. We have reported before on this blog about how women have been especially suffering in the Obama economy. If one blames George Bush for the 2007 recession (which I believe is a completely legitimate verdict) then we can allow him to share some responsibility for the problem. But it is indisputable that labor participation for women has been a disaster since 2007, which is why Read more [...] Continue reading →

Elites, Immigrants, and the Economy: Why Donald Trump is Winning

donald_trump Donald Trump is winning because people think he cares about their economic plight. The Washington Post’s Wonkblog posted a provocative piece headlined, “Why Donald Trump Is Winning.” The writers lead off by claiming that “deep economic anxiety” is attracting voters to Donald Trump. A CBS poll this week showed more than 7 in 10 Republican voters are confident in Trump’s economic decisions, well above any other Republican candidate.  In my opinion, though Trump is unquestionably Read more [...] Continue reading →