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ISIS Boasts In Terrorists Slaughtered in Texas

twitter evan sayet

I’m not sure why ISIS boasts about being defeated, but hopefully they will have more opportunities to do so. Somehow, if I were ISIS, I wouldn’t be bragging about this one. Dear ISIS, You “sent” two armed yahoos in (jihadis…

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The Claim of Racist Police Doesn’t Explain Freddie Gray

joan walsh patronizing

Joan Walsh pushed the racist police explanation by claiming that everyone knows that black cops are under the control of white cops. I have complained before about alleged police brutality issues being smudged into race issues. The Freddie Gray story is

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We Don't Know Right Verdict for Freddie Gray Prosecutions


Police union pushes back on Freddie Gray prosecutions. This we know: Freddie Gray is dead. Beyond this, we can have suspicions but we don’t know anything. I was reminded of this when I read NBC News on the police union

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Why Were Baltimore Police Ordered to Stand Down?

Baltimore flames

The Baltimore police could have done more to stop the riots and protect the city. Why weren’t they allowed to do so? Need a reminder of why you should be careful whom you elect to lead your city? Recent events

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How the Freddie Gray Family Showed Real Character

Baltimore flames

It takes real character to refuse to join a mob when you are grief-stricken about a loved one’s death, which is what we see in the Freddie Gray family. I’m not suggesting that it is somehow especially worthy to refuse

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Baltimore: Whatever Happened to Martin Luther King?

love changes

The tactics of Martin Luther King appear to have been completely forgotten. “Protestor #1″ – Yo, did you hear what they did to Freddie Gray?!? That ain’t right! Police can’t treat us like no animals. “Protestor #2″ – That’s right…

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Million Dollar Settlement for Police Raid: Not Enough

burned baby

A police raid that left a baby’s face disfigured and caused over a million dollars in medical debt got settled for a mere million dollars. Normally, when I hear someone won a million dollar settlement from a local government I think

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Teacher Sues Schools for Terrorizing Her with Gun

shooting drill

She was doing her job when a gunman with a hoodie began terrorizing her. He was there with the school’s permission. Back in May 2013, Phil Hodges posted about the incident here at Political Outcast. He wrote: A charter school

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Wisconsin Liberals Terrorize Conservatives with Armed Force

SWAT gunpoint

Wisconsin liberals go after political enemies with full police state—including dawn SWAT-style raids and threats against victims if they told. You don’t have to read dystopian novels to see secret police raids used on Americans in response to their exercise

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Why They're Called FIBS: FBI Admits Lying about Evidence


Lying about evidence was the universal practice regarding forensic hair evidence up till 2000. People were executed. We can hope that the people who were executed or who died in prison were, in fact, guilty. The hair follicle evidence was

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Cop who Killed Walter Scott had a History

michael slager

Michael Slager was the subject of abuse accusations before he killed Walter Scott. According to Sputnik News, Robert Wayne Bishop was one of several people who lodged a complaint against Officer Michael Slager. He filed a lawsuit over what happened

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Did a Tragedy Happen Because of a Pretend Cop?

bates harris

Many (including Conservatives) are saying a deputy accidentally killed a suspect because he was a pretend cop, but that is a distraction. It happened on April 2, but the video was just released: According to the New York Daily News,

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