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Conservatives Find Liberal Allies for Justice Reform


A conservative website reports on justice reform and the bipartisan consensus. What makes this story notable is that the Washington Free Beacon is reporting on it. I’ve known for awhile of a growing movement of Liberals and Conservatives cooperating together

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Police Cameras Might Be Kept Secret

video record police

Police cameras are supposed to record what police do, but if legislators get their way, they will be useless. Equipping police with cameras requires a great deal of money. So it is interesting that Yahoo News reports that, having given

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Why Are Firing Squads Such a Big Deal?


Utah has reinstated firing squads as a backup method of executing prisoners who are sentenced to die. If you don’t believe in capital punishment, then the method doesn’t matter. Anything that kills a person is objectionable because it kills. Of

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Man Suing Police for Tazing Him, Letting Son Die


A man suing police in the city of Louisiana, Missouri, claims he was prevented from rescuing his step-son, as he perished in a burning house. I don’t get how a police officer’s duty to protect and serve includes the right

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Texas Legislator Attacks First and Second Amendments for Police

police intimidation DC

A Texas legislator wants to make it a camera free buffer zone around law enforcement. Say you are in the back seat of a car and you are pulled over by a police officer. Because you are not sure why

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Killer Might Get Reprimanded or Disbarred for His Crime?

Unfair Justice

A former prosecutor might be or might not be disbarred because of misconduct in a trial that resulted in the execution of a man on the basis of false evidence. Fox News posted a short news release from the Associated

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No Charges for Gov Worker for Lost Drone at White House


A Federal employee will not be charged for his lost drone that crashed at the Obama’s residence.   Back when the story first broke of a Federal employee losing control of a drone, Bob Allen posted about it: I love

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Is the Drug War a Way to Wage Class Warfare?


Is the drug war really being waged in an equitable fashion? Or is it being used to single out poor people? Some conservatives lean libertarian on recreational drugs. Others are in favor of criminalization, but don’t want our constitutional rights

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The New Hampshire Police Union Flagger Scam

no to union

The New Hampshire police union is fighting legislation that would take away their ability to force utility companies to pay them for easy work. If you have been driving any length of time you have probably come to a place

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Here’s Proof the Nation Has Learned Nothing from Ferguson

garbage worker

In Ferguson the poor get jail time for small-time non-violent, non-damaging infractions. A prosecutor and court in the Atlanta area were just fine with that. The good news is that, when the court saw themselves in the light of a viral news

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Money Privilege in Ferguson

gavel cash money

Whether or not it falls along racial lines, money privilege is a real problem. Every time a white person is shown to have privileges we are all told with great confidence and moral superiority that this is the problem of

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Police Called to Rescue a Child from School

school bus stop

To get a child out of a Common Core test, a parent had police called because the school refused to cooperate. While this story is related to Common Core, I think it would be a mistake to focus too much

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