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84-Year-Old Retired General Subjected to Police Brutality?

police brutality He said in response to the police brutality, “It’s the first time in my life I’m ashamed to be an American.” Here is the video report of a local media outlet on what happened: The line at the end really gets to me—that if military police under Retired Army General William J. Livsey's command back in the day had behaved as the police behaved in his house, he would have court-martialed them. According to Mint Press News: This all started when a delivery driver said his debit Read more [...] Continue reading →

What First Amendment? Virginia State Police Forced BBC Journalists to Delete Video

bill-of-rights BBC journalists at the scene of shooting suspect's car crash were threatened if they did not delete video as ordered. So I assume you have all heard that a homosexual African American shot and murdered two straight whites on live TV. This was, of course, not a hate crime and never will be labeled as one. This story from PRI caught my eye and makes me wonder why we even claim to have a First Amendment: “Virginia police order BBC journalists to delete footage of suspected shooter's crash.” BBC Read more [...] Continue reading →

The First Legal, Armed Police Drones Are Here!

drone Thanks to drone industry lobbyists, we now have armed police drones in one of our states. How long before other legislatures are purchased and pressured? It is a small start. The first armed police drones only have taser weapons. But it is still a start. Where will it end? The most disturbing element in this is the role of technology businesses in taking sides in the legislative process. Much of the Daily Beast article is taken up with the debate in the legislature about whether to require Read more [...] Continue reading →

Mother, Children, Terrorized by Police by Mistake

SWAT gunpoint She was naked, clutching her children, and praying as her fiancé was also terrorized by police. I guess Marianne Diaz should count herself lucky that no one in her household was shot dead, while lying face down. CBS Boston reports, “SWAT Team Raids Wrong Worcester Home, Residents Say.” Marianne Diaz and her fiancé, Bryant Alequin, felt their lives were in danger when a SWAT team raided their third-floor apartment on Hillside Street with guns drawn. Diaz says she grabbed her seven-year-old Read more [...] Continue reading →

How Rape Culture Demands Helpless Women

rape free campus A recent article on Britain’s rape culture demonstrates the self-destructiveness of whining and refusing to help oneself. I wouldn’t normally read this Vice story but it was trending on Twitter so I got curious. The headline is straightforward: “Rape Is at an All-Time High in Britain, So Why Are Its Sexual Abuse Charities Fighting for Funding?” There were parts that were decent but the overall message is horrendous. People are inviting rape by adopting the attitude demonstrated in this Read more [...] Continue reading →

Police Commissioner Wants Law Prohibiting Recording Police

police intimidation DC Police are allowed to scan us with radar guns and the government uses traffic cameras to fine us, but recording police in public should be illegal? In the past this blog has covered attempts to impose draconian penalties for recording police. We have seen that police are more than willing to intimidate people who record them at work. People have been jailed for recording police—though the victims have sometimes pushed back in court. Now, the Boston Police Commissioner is advocating more of Read more [...] Continue reading →

The New York City Third World Holding System

prison bars hands A report on the bail system shows the Big Apple is a third world nightmare bureaucracy for anyone swept into its jails. Mark Horne has written about a horrifying case of a youth spending years in Rikers Island without ever getting a trial. That story had a horrible ending since the victim committed suicide. But while what happened to that kid might be an extreme instance, it nevertheless represents many tyrannies that people suffer at the hands of a broken system that seems to belong in a third Read more [...] Continue reading →

Black Lies Matter More Than Truth on Ferguson Anniversary

fergusonAnniversary And here we go again with another state of emergency in Ferguson, Missouri. In case you have blessedly forgotten what all the fuss was about, Ferguson was the scene a year ago of the shooting of black teen Michael Brown by a white police officer, what's-his-face. I don't say that to be disrespectful to Officer Darren Wilson, who has had his life ruined for doing the right thing. But the majority of the media stories on the anniversary of that shooting focus on Brown and seem to have forgotten Read more [...] Continue reading →

Drug Dogs Allow Cops to Search Almost Anyone They Want

k-9 Courts refuse to reconsider drug dogs, allowing cops to fabricate probable cause. What makes this all so much more insidious is that the police are not necessarily trying to be corrupt and illegal. They bring in the drug dog because they have a hunch and have the right to use the dog. And the dog could, in theory, sniff out drugs or not. But dogs like to please their masters and if the police officer gives the dog any hints in his body language, then the dog will usually react. This gives the Read more [...] Continue reading →

Federal Agency Installs Surveillance Grid over Major City without Local Government?

Speed Cameras_Yellow Seattle is now under a surveillance grid of cameras thanks to the BATF, who did not consult the Seattle PD or city government. When I first saw this story I thought it must be one of those hoax/satire sites that sometimes fool conservatives. But it looks like a bona fide news site dedicated to happenings and issues related to the Seattle area. The headline: “ATF confirms surveillance cameras installed throughout Seattle.” The Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) Read more [...] Continue reading →

Planned Parenthood Busted for Illegal Second-Trimester Abortions

planned parenthood Because of their loss of stature, we get to watch Florida facilities belonging to Planned Parenthood busted for breaking the law. Abby Johnson said, at a Texas hearing, that they always knew when the inspections were going to happen when she was the director of a Planned Parenthood abortuary. It is hard to believe that the Florida abortuary lacked such accommodations from the government. But they don’t seem to have them now! Live News reports, “Inspections Catch Florida Planned Parenthood Read more [...] Continue reading →

Cops: Our Right to Privacy Violated because We Failed to Disable Cameras before Breaking the Law

marla james raid Police are claiming that footage of them using marijuana is a violation of their right to privacy. Back in June Mark wrote about a raid of a marijuana dispensary. The first thing the police did after clearing out everyone else is disconnect all the security cameras. But they missed a couple. The next thing that happened is that they appeared to be eating food they found on the site. The dispensary sold marijuana edibles. It appeared that the police were getting high on the substances that were Read more [...] Continue reading →