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What Is the Difference Between Being Felt Up by a TSA Employee and a Fake TSA Employee?

blue gloves

Awhile back I posted about a man who was impersonating a police officer. Since we hear all the time about cops stopping people and demanding compliance, I wondered what it means for self-defense when we all know that sometimes people

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Feds Use Crack Cocaine to Lure Addict to Become Snitch


Aaron Romero doesn’t sound like a very upright citizen, but neither do the Drug Enforcement Administration agents who recruited him. Romero had been using crack cocaine for more than half of his life. He finally stopped simply because he could

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Dear Congress: About Those Hard Drives -- If You Aren’t Part of the Solution…

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“…the FEC recycled Ms. Sands’ hard drive before the [Office of the Inspector General] was able to seize it…” (source). As The Blaze reported, “Would You Believe, Another Crashed Hard Drive?” House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa

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The Department of Justice is Blatantly Giving the IRS a Free Pass

Catherine Engelbrecht

From the IJReview website: “Group At Center Of IRS Scandal Has Never Been Interviewed By FBI Investigators.” No one from True The Vote, the highest profile organization targeted by the IRS in the scandal involving improper scrutiny of conservative-leaning non-profits, has

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The Reign of Fear: What It Means That Ex-Employee Claims He Was Fired for Reporting Deputy’s Theft

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All we have in this Washington Post story are conflicting claims. Nothing has gone to court yet. Nothing has been adjudicated. But, in my opinion, the man who was fired from Target is telling what every single reader will acknowledge

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The TSA & the Economics of a Monopoly Protection Racket


MarketWatch reports, Between shelling out hundreds of dollars in airfare and forking over even more for ancillary fees, travelers are already spending more than they have in years for plane tickets. And that’s about to get worse. Starting on July

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A Mother Bereaved by Illegal Immigration Writes a Letter to Barack Obama


One of the major problems with turning a blind eye toward illegal immigration is that, by looking away, you miss an opportunity to prevent crimes against American citizens. Instead, you inflict criminals on the populace who shouldn’t be here. One

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Manassas City Police Back Down on “Chemical Erection Warrant” But Prosecutor Still Abusing the Law

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As you may know, the Manassas City Police were issued a warrant to induce an erection (via some kind of injection, hopefully) in a seventeen-year-old boy so they could photograph his private part and thus prove that the picture he

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Clarification: Lois Lerner Sought Method for Hidden Communication with Other Federal Bureucrats

lois lerner

Mark Horne posted about this from the Washington Examiner, including quoting the story about “OCS messages.” Not everyone may realize the import of “OCS,” so let me give you some excerpts from the Washington Times story: Just as the IRS

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Manassas City, Virginia: Welcome to the Porn Police State


According to the Washington Post, the cops want to force a seventeen-year-old to have an erection and then photograph his aroused genitals. They want to do this because they suspect that the seventeen-year-old took a picture of his erection and

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The Administration Knows They Have Encouraged Illegal Immigration

illegal immigration

An internal report from Homeland Security, one that we were not supposed to read, was linked to Here is an excerpt: Migration pull factors include reunification with family members already in the United States and successful migration attempts; that

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Federal Police Soon to Be Dealing with Protestors against Illegal Immigration

US marshall

From Breitbart Texas: As illegal immigrants continue to spill across the U.S.-Mexico border, federal authorities are attempting to relocate the migrants from South Texas to housing facilities in states across the nation. One such facility is located in Murrieta, California,

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