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Teens Work Hard to Serve Customers until Police Stop Them

snow removal

Police stop youths from offering their snow shoveling services door to door. No they weren’t drug dealers. They weren’t trying to sell marijuana to anyone. They weren’t even selling loose cigarettes. But the police warned them to stop offering services

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TSA Saves Airline Passengers from Man Learning Arabic

tsa uniforms

If you are learning Arabic, don’t put your flash cards in your pocket. The TSA will get you. This is a painful story to post, not least because it means I have to link the ACLU’s official site. But, frankly,

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Police State in Mississippi… because Bulldogs

stop bsl

The Mississippi legislature is set to create a police state to monitor people with the wrong dogs or thought to have such dogs. As far as I can tell the Stop BSL website stands for stopping “Breed-Specific Laws.” You can

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DOJ to Recommend Officer Not Be Charged in Ferguson Shooting


It’s not a totally done deal yet, but the New York Times reports (with indignity) that the Department of Justice is preparing a report that will recommend Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson not be charged with federal civil rights violations

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Man Profiles, Attacks Concealed Carrier

African American

A concealed carrier, who happened to be a minority, got assaulted because a young white guy saw his weapon. I’m not saying that the attack was racially motivated, but it is hard not to suspect that racial stereotypes helped the

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Do Traffic Police Have Authority to Ban Burgers for Drivers?

more laws equal less justice

Traffic police obviously have immense authority since they can always find a reason to pull you over… but a hamburger? People can be distracted while they drive for all sorts of reason. Children in the back seat are one example.

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Police State Rising: SWAT Teams Occupy America

swat team

No good thing can come from the overuse of SWAT Teams. Since a major report about the overuse of flash bang grenades, and the damage they do, was published recently, it is interesting that the Week also published a feature

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Being Disfigured by Fire a Just Penalty for 0.1 Oz Marijuana?

dukes burns

A woman never got her day in court before getting disfigured by fire from a police grenade. Any time you discuss the penalties that are imposed in some Muslim countries you usually find most Americans, whether Christian or not, blame

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Sexual Conduct with Prostitute Legal for Cop if He Arrests Her

Vice Squad

When a police officer reported that a fellow member of the force had used a prostitute, the bosses found an excuse to fire him. I have argued that no cop has a right to a job at taxpayer expense. Some

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Kidnap Children over Dad’s Unapproved Supplement


You can’t call the police when they are the ones who kidnap children. Imagine having your seven children kidnapped—it’s exactly the situation wherein you would expect to turn to the civil authorities for quick response, and a safe return of

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Did Eric Holder Just End Asset Forfeiture?


It looks like the Department of Justice has put the brakes on Federal involvement in asset forfeiture. Here is the Guardian’s report: “Attorney general Eric Holder puts halt to warrantless ‘stop and seize’ tactics.” State and local police will no

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Soros Funding Ferguson, 'Black Lives Matter' Protest Groups

Billionaire investor Soros speaks at a forum during the annual IMF-World Bank meetings in Washington

In case you’ve wondered why exactly the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, became a national news story, it’s not because it reveals any inherent racism in the system. Rather, it’s because dedicated, interconnected groups of outside agitators roused

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