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Better to End Civil Marriage than Pervert It?

todd russ

An Oklahoma legislator isn’t exactly proposing to end civil marriage, but he wants the state to stop issuing marriage licenses. The problem with homosexual marriage isn’t simply the question of the morality of homosexual couples, but that people who know

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Faithfulness is the Foundation

John Adams

Marital faithfulness and sexual morality are mocked into today’s culture… because we have chosen to be fools. Mississippi lawmakers this week said they want to designate the Bible as the state book. At least two bills are being filed during

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If You Don’t Let Men Use Women’s Room You’re a Bully


A basic law to stop the assault of transgender harassment is treated as the work of a bully. The first thing you see in this U.S. News story is the headline and the picture. The picture is of one boy

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Homosexual Families Are Stalinist Reeducation Camps

children of homosexual parents

As a court considers same-sex “marriage,” children are testifying about what it is like in homosexual families. Testimony in the Louisiana court case has brought to light some interesting perspectives on what it is like to be raised by a

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The Adultery Machine

children of divorce

You can’t consider the sin of adultery without thinking about no-fault divorce. It’s good to be back with you and into this New Year, the Year of our Sovereign Lord Jesus Christ, 2015. A friend of mine wrote a piece

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Will Jeb Bush Make the GOP Favor Homosexual Marriage?

jeb bush

There are signs Jeb Bush plans a hard push to the Pansexual Left. Of course, the mainstream media doesn’t call Jeb’s direction a “hard push to the Left.” Instead, the NBC News headline is: “In Early Stages, Jeb Bush Runs

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Religious Discrimination: Homosexuals and Haredim Jews


Members of a Jewish sect are expecting others to meet their weird requirements to avoid the scandal of alleged religious discrimination. We see the world is pretty much going insane over attempts to define and prevent “religious discrimination.” On the

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Whatever Became of Adultery?

broken marriage

No one understands adultery because we live in a day when marriage has been reduced to a legal contract which is the least binding of all legal contracts. As this year, 2014, draws to a close let’s take time to reflect

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More Anti-Liberal Abolition of Tolerance from Liberals

“Gay” “Marriage”

Tolerance used to mean agreeing to disagree with those of differing convictions. You respectfully discuss an issue, and leave one another alone, even if you never experience a meeting of the minds. Today, tolerance means punishing those who disagree with

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No Sex without a Contract?

marriage certificate blank

Liberals now want no sex until partners say the right words to each other. Here’s a gem from The Daily Caller: “Gillibrand: ‘Yes Means Yes’ Should Go Nationwide.” New York Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, one of the most prominent lawmakers

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The Marriage Mandate of the Federal Courts

gavel scales law books

The federal courts are on a rampage to strike down any semblance of state action declaring marriage to be exclusively a union between one man and one woman. The Montana Constitutional amendment, enacted by a vote of the people was

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Vatican : Attack on Marriage is Suicide of Humanity

broken marriage

The establishment of so-called same sex “marriage” is “a kind of suicide of humanity itself.” The human race is a biological species. Like all mammals, the species continues through sexual reproduction. Historically, the people responding for raising children have been

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