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Non-Heterosexuals Make Up Less than 3% of U.S. Population


I remember back in the nineties, “experts” constantly claimed that one in ten people are gay. This was used to argue or imply that something so prevalent could not possibly be a deviation from a moral norm. Ten percent of

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Megan McArdle on Why the Secular Left was Fine Bullying Hobby Lobby

thomas tank engine

I don’t always agree with or like what Megan McArdle has to say, but this time she hit it out of the park. In reviewing the hysteria over the Supreme Court case in favor of Hobby Lobby’s freedom to not

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The Self-Righteous HomoRepublican Campaign

Bush boys

If Jeb Bush runs, you need to keep this article from Politico Magazine in mind, “Inside George W. Bush’s Closet.” The takeaway for conservatives is that many of the people working on big name campaigns are practicing homosexuals who expect

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State Department Announces Homosexual Rape of All Traditional Cultures & Nations

obama lgbt

If you want to know what John Kerry meant by warning the nations of Africa to disavow the authority of the Bible, he is now telling you. Whatever your cultural heritage, whatever your nation’s values, no matter what religious beliefs

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Marriage Is Nothing Special, or So Claims the Presbyterian Church (USA)

pcusa collapse

For the record, there are several Christian denominations with the word, Presbyterian, in their name, that had nothing to do with the public apostasy committed by the Presbyterian Church (USA) last week. NBC News reports, The top legislative body of

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Executive Branch Pushes the Pansexual Revolution onto American Society… Some More

homo wedding cake

One of the proofs that the United States culture is resistant to Homosexual “marriage” is the way that it is being forced onto American society. Marriage has been a product of common law as mediated and enforced through the states.

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The Pope Was Not Crazy to Bring Up Pets v. Children

Pope Francis

One of the scariest articles on the internet is Jonathan Last’s America’s One-Child Policy. He discusses the population implosion that is not only happening in the United States, but all over the world. He points out Japan’s economic decline is

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Giving New Meaning to “Climate Disruption” -- Disrupting Marriages?

do you feel heat

If you ask the White House, every single American problem and crisis of the past six years has been the fault of George W. Bush. From the economy to the heartbreak of psoriasis (that would be a health care issue,

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The New Evolution of the “Welfare Queen,” Transgender Medicare


Obviously, if shock jocks can be fired for mocking “transgender” mutilation benefits for city employees, then it wasn’t going to be long before Medicare would be condemned for not offering expensive surgical mutilations for men and women who “feel like”

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Santorum-backed Judge Rules Against Marriage

rick santorum

From Dave Weigel at Slate: “Gay marriage is legal in Pennsylvania today, following a ruling by U.S. District Judge John Jones…Who saw this coming? I’m going to guess not Rick Santorum. Twelve years ago, in his second and final term as

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Nintendo Quickly Caves And Promises to Promote Homosexuality to Audience


One of the greatest gifts to television was political homosexuality. It allowed TV producers to put soft porn clichés into their shows and pretend they were being cutting edge rather than just sleazy. In fact, in many episodes, lesbians would

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The Alternative to Monogamy is Sickness


About that recent article I posted, responding to people saying monogamy should be scrapped… um… From CNS News: “Chlamydia Sets U.S. Record For Most Cases of Reportable Disease.” A total of 1,422,976 new cases of Chlamydia trachomatis were reported to

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