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To Fight Discrimination, Two Mayors Ban Indiana

lesbian wedding cake

No one must be permitted to decide with whom they do business, so two mayors tell city employees they must ban Indiana from their travel. Indiana’s state affirmation of the First Amendment continues to be attacked as a bill legalizing

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Black Churches Tell Presbyterians to Repent of Homosexuality

keep calm say no homosex

Somehow black churches aren’t feeling compelled to help out another “minority.” I reported earlier that the Presbyterians have re-defined marriage (and mis-defined it) as a relationship between two “persons” rather than between a man and a woman. Another church group

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Lying Headlines about Religious Freedom in Indiana

threesome lesbian pseudomarriage

The lying headlines say that the law is about “refusing gay customers.” Just to be clear, I am opposed to any law that singles out practicing homosexuals for special exclusions in business service, but I think it is a fundamental

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Why It Is a Big Deal that Presbyterians Redefined Marriage

pcusa collapse

Because Presbyterians redefined marriage we are going to see more ignorance of the Bible Basically, when people want to learn something, they look it up on the internet. And, all too often, what they really want to learn is “Why

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Is Dr. Carson Making Believe?

broken marriage

Since I released my column last week titled “Just What are Gay Rights?”  I have received a lot of feedback.  Especially since a day later Dr. Ben Carson made a clarification of his Gay Rights statements.  The good doctor said

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The Republican Establishment IS the Homosexual Lobby

Illinois gay marriage

The Republican Establishment has been completely sold out to the homosexual agenda. How far back does it go? Where does it lead? Back when Lamar “I would use the army on Congress” Alexander’s Chief of Staff was busted for child

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Judge to Mother: Circumcise Son or Go to Jail

gavel scales law books

A judge has delivered an ultimatum to a mother to force her to circumcise her son. Many people assume that, if the hospital wants to cut off the foreskin from our male babies, there must be a good reason to

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Down That Slippery Slope: Three-Way Homosexual Marriage in Thailand


The Left has been all a-flutter of late about Dr. Ben Carson’s recent comments that homosexuality is a choice. In a panel discussion on that topic, self-described queer CNN host Don Lemon declared that the homosexual marriage debate has been “settled”

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Russell Brand on Fifty Shades of Grey and Porn Culture

50 shades of grey

I never expected to like anything by Russell Brand but this is brilliant. There is bad language in the video below, which I wish Brand would bleep out (or not use in the first place). But it is an amazing

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Judge Rules: Affirm Homosexual Marriage or Be Impoverished


A florist who refuses to affirm homosexual marriage is not only forced to do so, but her personal wealth is made available to her enemies. Plundering a person is an ultimate power play. That is why our so-called “law enforcement”

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Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court Defends Family against Feds

roy moore

The Alabama Chief Justice urges the governor to defy unconstitutional marriage definitions that might be imposed by Federal courts. Thank you, Lord, for Judge Roy Moore. Thank you. I refer to the report from the New American: “Alabama Chief Justice

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Better to End Civil Marriage than Pervert It?

todd russ

An Oklahoma legislator isn’t exactly proposing to end civil marriage, but he wants the state to stop issuing marriage licenses. The problem with homosexual marriage isn’t simply the question of the morality of homosexual couples, but that people who know

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