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Marriage by God’s Standard

family If a group were to conspire together in the goal of destroying a country without firing a shot, how would they pull that off? The most effective way to destroy a land is to collapse it at its foundations, and the most fundamental building block of any civilization is the family. As the family goes, so goes everything else. So the most effective pathway is to declare war against marriage and the family in order to completely destroy a society. The strategy to destroy the American family began Read more [...] Continue reading →

Several Studies Point Out the Benefit of the Biological Family

family Even Liberals admit the biological family (or the Biblical one) is better for children and society. A few days ago we wrote about a report put out by the American Enterprise Institute. Jonah Goldberg wrote in the L.A. Times that this was one of several reports, and the others were from sources much further to the left. In recent weeks, a barrage of new evidence has come to light demonstrating what was once common sense. "Family structure matters" (in the words of my American Enterprise Institute Read more [...] Continue reading →

Only Four Years Ago Pushing Homosexuality was Embarrassing to Clinton

Hillary-Clinton Emails show that Hillary Clinton was not happy about pushing homosexuality on passports. The National Review is reporting on this as an embarrassment for Hillary Clinton, but I think it embarrasses the pro-homosexual forces even more: “E-mail: Hillary Clinton Lashed Out at Staff over Gay-Friendly Passports.” An e-mail included in the latest tranche of Clinton documents released by the State Department on Wednesday shows the then-secretary of state exploding at her staff over plans to replace Read more [...] Continue reading →

Tennessee Bill Forbids Enforcement of Supreme Court Opinion on Same-Sex Marriage

we the people constitution The Tennessee Constitution does not recognize same-sex marriage and the state is not obligated to agree with opinions held by Supreme Court Justices. As we all know, five Supreme Court Justices have recently claimed that there is such a thing as same-sex marriage and that homosexuals have a right to be married. This is a false claim. But, apart from that, it is obviously outside the Supreme Court’s, or any federal court’s, jurisdiction. The Constitution does not define marriage and the legislation Read more [...] Continue reading →

Coming Here Soon: South African Courts Deciding If Churches Can Ban Homosexual Marriage for Pastors

church-and-state Today it is a county clerk but South Africa shows that it will soon be churches and pastors required to accept homosexual marriage. To put it another way, it won’t just be bakers being fined for not baking a cake. In South Africa we are getting a glimpse of the endgame for these pervertocrats. Life News reports, South Africa's highest court is poised to uncork a powder keg as it decides whether it has any business second-guessing the country's Methodist Church for firing a pastor in 2010 who Read more [...] Continue reading →

Judge Has Acknowledged Right to Not Perform Same-Sex "Marriages" but Is Investigated Anyway

gavel on white background Everyone admits the judge is not required by any law to do any same-sex "marriages" and yet they are still persecuting him. The Oregon judge is not in jail yet, but what is happening to him is even more unjustified that what has been done to Kim Davis. Newsweek reports, “Oregon County Judge Refuses to Perform Same-Sex Marriages despite Supreme Court Ruling.” Doesn’t that headline make it sound like the Judge Vance Day is defying the Supreme Court’s authority? I think that would Read more [...] Continue reading →

Kim Davis and Care for the Soul

kim davis It has happened. In Kentucky on Thursday last week federal Judge David Bunning ordered the Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis jailed for refusing to issue a marriage license to sodomites. When the news was heard outside the courthouse, the crowd burst into a chant of “Love won! Love won!” Think of the implications of that. The supporters of sodomite-unmarriage cheered the jailing of Kim Davis claiming, “Love won.” The persecution of Christians is relabeled as a victory of Love. It reminded me Read more [...] Continue reading →

Show Us the Law or Free Kim Davis

we the people constitution This past Saturday, I had the great privilege of addressing a rally in support of Kim Davis. Kim Davis is the elected clerk of Rowan County, Kentucky, and she has been jailed by a federal judge for disobeying his order to her to issue marriage licenses to people of the same sex. She refuses to do so. Other speakers at the rally addressed the moral argument against her confinement.  That argument rests on the idea that our rights come from God and that no government can grant a right Read more [...] Continue reading →

Kim Davis Gets Unprecedented Treatment by a Judge

kim davis No one else who defied a court order to provide licenses has gone to jail; only Kim Davis. The case for Kim Davis is pretty simple. She ran for office in good faith believing she could and would perform the duties of the office. The Supreme Court then claimed to change those duties (see more on this claim below) and tried to force Christian county clerks to sign off on lies—that there is such a thing as same sex marriage. They might as well have ordered them to sign an agreement that 2 + 2 = Read more [...] Continue reading →

Transgender Feminism Is Beyond Satire

lesbian wedding cake Nothing a conservative could write to make up a satirical story about transgender feminism can be more foolish than reality. The post appears on a website that purports to be about “Everyday Feminism.” “My Partner Came Out As a Man – And I Struggled With Losing My Lesbian Identity.” Kendra Lee writes of her homosexuality when she first “discovered” herself: My parents, on the other hand, weren’t as thrilled. They spent years praying it was just a phase (spoiler: it wasn’t). Read more [...] Continue reading →

Irony: Deputy County Clerks Issue Fake Marriage Licenses

wedding cake gay kink Deputies are obeying a judge’s order to give out marriage licenses that are probably “not worth what they are written on.” It is somewhat satisfying to see Liberals engaging in symbolism that only demonstrates their own impotence. The judge in this case has imprisoned Kim Davis until she recants and agrees to issue marriage licenses to couples of whatever sexes (she stopped issuing all marriage licenses after the Supreme Court decision). The judge also threatened the deputies and got Read more [...] Continue reading →

While Kentucky Lets a County Clerk Go to Jail, North Carolina Protects Religious Freedom

GayWeddingCake Many North Carolina civil magistrates refuse to participate in same sex “marriage,” but their religious freedom hasn’t been terminated. If you think the jailing of Kim Davis was unavoidable, unless she submitted to the Supreme Court as her Lord and Savior, here is evidence that you are wrong. YWFF 4 reports: “Dozens of N.C. magistrates refuse to perform gay marriages.” The number of North Carolina magistrates recusing themselves from performing civil marriages under a new law has more Read more [...] Continue reading →