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State of the Union Address Contained Falsehoods


No one will be shocked to learn that President Obama told untruths in the State of the Union address. More than one mainstream media outlet has pointed out to various false statements in Barack Obama’s last State of the Union

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DOJ to Recommend Officer Not Be Charged in Ferguson Shooting


It’s not a totally done deal yet, but the New York Times reports (with indignity) that the Department of Justice is preparing a report that will recommend Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson not be charged with federal civil rights violations

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The ISIS Leadership is Faked?

syria iraq isis

The government’s statements about ISIS leadership may be a con job! Can we believe anything the government tells us? Did you see Iron Man 3? (Yes, these questions are connected. And be careful because there is a spoiler below if

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Reporter Mystified to Find ISIS is Evil


Jurgen Todenhofer, who is believed to be the first Western reporter to live among Islamic State fighters and survive to share the tale, told al-Jazeera that he was surprised by the violence of ISIS. … I know. Right? Todenhofer somehow managed to get

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Scientists Call a Halt to Overselling Calamities

stranded polar bear

Respected scientists are complaining about reports that are overselling calamities. When Nature magazine runs an editorial about it, the problem has to be growing to an embarrassing size. Bob Tisdale guest posted about the problem at the climate change skeptic

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Soros Funding Ferguson, 'Black Lives Matter' Protest Groups

Billionaire investor Soros speaks at a forum during the annual IMF-World Bank meetings in Washington

In case you’ve wondered why exactly the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, became a national news story, it’s not because it reveals any inherent racism in the system. Rather, it’s because dedicated, interconnected groups of outside agitators roused

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Newsweek Publishes Defense of Bible from its Attack

open bible

A Christian scholar has responded to the unfounded claims about the Bible made in Newsweek’s pages. OK, so it’s not a cover-story, and it’s classified as “opinion,” yet I still give Newsweek credit for at least publishing a substantive response

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Andrea Mitchell, Alleged Journalist, Despises Free Speech

andrea mitchell

Andrea Mitchell wants the French Ambassador to explain why it is legal to publish anti-Islamic satire. Andrea Mitchell, having been married for years to Alan Greenspan, going back to when he was the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, is an

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Muslims Defend Homicides in USA Today Editorial

muslim rage

The media is giving editorial space in which Muslims defend homicides. I guess we can consider ourselves “warned.” USA Today obviously thought it was a good idea Thursday to print an argument that murder of those who “insult” Muhammad is

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Bill Mahar: Hundreds of Millions of Muslims Approve Paris Killings

Bill Mahar

Why are the remarks of Bill Mahar even considered controversial? I actually wonder if “hundreds of millions” is too high a number. But it is definitely in the millions and even tens of millions. Maybe he is right. Mahar, being

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Terrorists Win: Media Self-Censoring to Avoid Offense


Having seen publishers killed, the media is now caving into terrorist demands by self-censoring. The First Amendment promises that speech will not be restrained or abridged by the government, but when criminals threaten you then it is assumed that the

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News Story Changes When “Thug” Is “Officer”


The language of a news story shifted in amazing ways from the earlier version before we learned the attacker was a cop! He was a “hulking brute.” He was a “thug.” And he did things: he attacked, he grabbed, he

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