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The Media Endeavors to Defend Planned Parenthood Based on Planned Parenthood

expose planned parenthood Does it seem appropriate to defend Planned Parenthood by “reporting” on a study sponsored and promoted by Planned Parenthood as if it was real news? Earlier I posted about how the White House defended Planned Parenthood by doing nothing more than rehearsing the talking points released by Planned Parenthood. Now we find the entire news media is following the White House’s example. Thanks to Twitchy for pointing this out in their post, “Mollie Hemingway amazed how quickly Planned Parenthood’s Read more [...] Continue reading →

Will CNN (and the RNC) Lock Out Carly Fiorina?

carlyfiorina The rise of Carly Fiorina in the polls won’t get her invited to the debate unless CNN is made to acknowledge recent history. Two questions come to mind reading this Politico story about the next debate and whether Carly Firoina will qualify for it. First, is this CNN’s decision alone or did someone at the RNC approve it as well? Second, isn’t CNN’s method aimed at penalizing anyone who actually changes their poll numbers in a positive direction? Fiorina, the only female candidate in the Read more [...] Continue reading →

What First Amendment? Virginia State Police Forced BBC Journalists to Delete Video

bill-of-rights BBC journalists at the scene of shooting suspect's car crash were threatened if they did not delete video as ordered. So I assume you have all heard that a homosexual African American shot and murdered two straight whites on live TV. This was, of course, not a hate crime and never will be labeled as one. This story from PRI caught my eye and makes me wonder why we even claim to have a First Amendment: “Virginia police order BBC journalists to delete footage of suspected shooter's crash.” BBC Read more [...] Continue reading →

Are Republican Voters "Crazies"?

03312012Obama President Barack Obama is happy to call the people who swept the Democrats out of the Senate and the House "the crazies." The Hill reports on a new level of arrogance and casual disrespect from our President: "President Obama has a new term for opponents: 'The crazies'" President Obama has a new term to describe his opponents: "The crazies." On his first day back from vacation, the president hit the road to attend a clean energy summit in Las Vegas hosted by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid Read more [...] Continue reading →

Planned Parenthood: “That Was a Dead Premature Baby PRETENDING to Be an Aborted Fetus.”

harvesting organs Planned Parenthood wants you to know that wasn’t a fetus but a 19-week stillborn baby that they would have gladly killed if paid. A recent news story shows how Planned Parenthood is pretending that the videos catching them in their ghoulish, Hannibalesqe commerce are fraudulent. Based on the high risk they are taking in their PR strategy, we can deduce they must be really worried! The Hill reports, “Anti-abortion video showed stillborn baby — not fetus.” The anti-abortion-rights Read more [...] Continue reading →

Study Shows GOP Couples Happier; Mother Jones Worries about Bias

republicans4blacks Mother Jones blogger wants to end discussions of whether Republican married couples are happier than Democrats. If same-sex “married” couples claimed they were happier than “other” married couples, the news would have been shouted in the pages of Mother Jones as the assured results of objective science. (By any scientific analysis, same-sex marriages are not marriages at all but couples in relationships who may adopt children or have children outside the relationship and then adopt them. Read more [...] Continue reading →

"We're Going to Procure a Brain" – StemExpress Whistleblower Remembers Cutting through a Baby's Face

stemexpress ex procurement The only way to get the brain intact with both hemispheres and the brain stem is to go through the baby's face. I realize that the Planned Parenthood expose videos are so disturbing that you don’t want to watch them. But don’t let that stop you. Society wants you to avert your eyes and pretend nothing is happening. Just scurry past the victim bleeding on the roadside and act like you didn’t see him. But this isn’t a visually graphic video. It merely lets a woman tell her story about Read more [...] Continue reading →

Trump Is a Loudmouth but Joe Biden Is a Serious Candidate. Sure He Is.

biden-jester How can the media pick at the faults of Republican candidates while pretending Biden is a serious candidate? Back when John McCain publicly announced he was “suspending” his Presidential campaign and returning to the Senate to “save the country” from financial ruin by putting taxpayers on the hook to bail out bankers, the media treated it as a joke. And they were absolutely right to do so. The only one who believed John McCain’s rhetoric was probably John McCain himself, since no one Read more [...] Continue reading →

Once Again “Trump Is Finished” Means Trump Is Winning

trump plaza Trump is winning despite doing and saying things that everyone claims should knock him out of the race. I am not a Trump fan, but his ascendency is directly the fault of the Republican establishment. They created this opportunity for him and it is somewhat pleasant to watch them predicting his downfall while he demonstrates theirs. Thus, the New York Daily News reported yesterday, “Donald Trump knocks Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker out of first place among Iowa Republicans: poll.” It reports Read more [...] Continue reading →

How Does the War on Women Explain Trump?

War on Women Badge If the war on women is such a big deal, then why are women not turning against Donald Trump? I’m not quite sure why anyone expected Donald Trump to suffer badly for what he said about Megyn Kelly. If the President can get cheers by telling women to vote with their “lady parts” then there is no telling how people respond to anything anymore. Nevertheless, Reuters reports this as if we should find it surprising: “Trump's female fans shrug off 'blood' comment about TV host.” It's easy Read more [...] Continue reading →

A Stupid Way for Republicans to Attack a Democrat: IRS Troubles

little house on the prairie IRS troubles could possibly indicate a character flaw, but not necessarily. Attacking someone for being behind in their taxes is not going to work well. As you may have heard, Melissa Gilbert is running for the House of Representatives to represent a district in Michigan. Gilbert was the actress who in her younger days played Laura Ingalls Wilder in the TV series, “The Little House on the Prairie.” The TV series was based on a book series by the real Laura Ingalls Wilder with a lot of editorial Read more [...] Continue reading →

We Have Not Yet Begun to Fight Planned Parenthood

joker lion pp To fight Planned Parenthood requires a long-term commitment. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but while I am posting about the loss of stature of Planned Parenthood, I also need to report that we have a long way to go. Here’s Mollie Hemmingway in The Federalist: “Thanks To Media Blackout, Most Americans Are In The Dark About Planned Parenthood Videos.” That seems incredible to me, but there are still a great many people who don’t watch Fox and don’t pay attention to the conservative Read more [...] Continue reading →