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Study Showing Openness to Same-Sex “Marriage” was Science Fraud

truth lies

So how much other science fraud is being used by our media to scare us into submission to Leftist goals? You may remember last year about how rapidly people were changing their minds, and were likely to keep changing their

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Jay Z and Beyoncé Bankrolling Liberty or Slavery?


Jay Z and Beyoncé bankrolled protesters in Baltimore and Ferguson with tens of thousands of dollars in bail money, a writer and social activist close to both of them claimed. “I can say I’ve personally helped facilitate donations they’ve given

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The Pretense of Impartiality


There is no impartiality in our journalists or our judges; often they don’t even pretend to not be committed to a cause. Rod Dreher at the American Conservative pulls together several instances that demonstrate a complete lack of impartiality. Worse,

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Men Kill Themselves because They Care about Families

national suicide rates

Men kill themselves far more often than women do everywhere on the planet. So who is being oppressed? published a stunning graphic along with an astounding story about male suicide. Men kill themselves in far greater numbers than women

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Harvard Religious Bigotry Can’t Count

Crossing out Lies and writing Truth on a blackboard.

The mainstream media is biased, so they have no problem posturing with some Harvard religious bigotry. When you hear an “expert” prattling on about something, remember: He may be a totally ignorant, bigoted, and biased yahoo popping off about his

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Sofia Vergara Pretends She Isn’t Being Selfish to Deny Children

sofia vergara

It is understandable Sofia Vergara doesn’t want to raise children since she broke up with their father, but why should children be chattel property? The ex-fiance of Sofia Vergara wants to raise his children. And he has some. But he

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Taking Muck-Raking Journalism to New Low


When we talk about muck-raking journalism, we usually use the term as a metaphor! CBS News got a lot closer to literal. So… a Texas city councilman forgot to turn his microphone off when he stepped away to go to

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The Claim of Racist Police Doesn’t Explain Freddie Gray

joan walsh patronizing

Joan Walsh pushed the racist police explanation by claiming that everyone knows that black cops are under the control of white cops. I have complained before about alleged police brutality issues being smudged into race issues. The Freddie Gray story is

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The Myth of Right-Wing Fascists, Nazis, and Cultists

dont drink the kool aid

The Jim Jones cultists were not a religious group but a Marxist dictatorship—a mini-Cuba. A movie called “Sacrament” will be in Theaters on June 6 and is currently available on iTunes and It is an R-rated suspense thriller. I

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Hillary v. Bill Clinton? What about Hillary v. Herself

abedin clinton

The media is presenting the Clinton campaign as Hillary v. Bill Clinton because she is repudiating his record. But what about her own? Matt Drudge noticed the headline at The Washington Post: “How Hillary Clinton is running against parts of

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Amazing: A Media Outlet Identifies Muslim Murderer


Identifying a Muslim murderer as motivated by Islam? Are they allowed to do that? How dare these so-called journalists designate the murderers as Muslim! Haven’t they read the style manuals, and haven’t they listened to the President long enough to

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MSNBC Tax-the-Rich Propagandists Owe Taxes


Funny how people who constantly complain that taxes aren’t high enough for “the rich” don’t seem to be able to pay their own. From Jillian Kay Melchior at the National Review: “MSNBC’s Touré Has the Taxman on His Case.” Touré

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