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Morally Treasonous Sony Hack Shows We Need a Savior


My snarky side finds it incredibly rich that a denizen of Hollywood should lecture anyone about being “morally treasonous.” Shall we run down the list of productions out of that town, generally, or from Sony, specifically, that have assisted in

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Lying Journalists Are the Result of a Lying Worldview

gruber meme

Lying journalists lie because they don’t even believe in the truth. Ladies and Gentlemen, Jonathan Gruber and the so-called “journalists” at the Rolling Stone are a product of the same failed worldview. They have been brainwashed over and over in

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The Deep South Is Free of Democrat Senators!

vote vote vote

No Democrat Senators are left in an entire region of the country! You already know that the Democrats have lost big, and you probably have heard that their defeat just grew by one more Senator over the weekend. But you

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The Difference between Paul Krugman and Chuck Schumer on Obamacare

krugman stimulus

Paul Krugman criticizes Chuck Schumer for criticizing Obamacare. Why are they different? Paul Krugman and Chuck Schumer are both liberals. They are both partisans to the Democrat Party. But they are displaying a divergence of opinion. As David Linton has

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False Accusations Are as Serious as the Crime Would Have Been

big lie

If you don’t care about false accusations you don’t care about crimes either. Rape is as ugly and vile as it gets. Those who truly care about the issue should be at least as outraged about those who falsely claim

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Why Is Fox News So White?

walter williams thomas sowell

Fox News should be reaching for a wider demographic. Is it any wonder that America thinks that all blacks are liberals?  Can you name one black conservative who is a consistent, recognizable face on Fox News? They have their standard

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Leftist Complains about Right Wing YA Fiction


Popular right wing YA fiction “teach children to submit to the free market, not fight authority.” I missed it when this Leftist critique first came out in the Guardian. I think of Katniss of The Hunger Games as morally compromised and

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Ferguson and Salt Lake City

police sidearms

The riots in Ferguson are a bitter reminder of the chaos in Salt Lake City early last month in a chillingly similar case: An unarmed man was shot and killed by a police officer in August. The President and Attorney

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Is the Cosby Rape Allegation about Truth?

bill clinton nato

The Cosby rape story raises the questions about why other accusations are never treated seriously.   Talk about inconvenient truths! Courtesy of the Blaze: “Bill Clinton Is an Alleged Rapist, Too. Why Aren’t You Outraged About That?” Let me be

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Justified Shooting, Unjustified Violence


The community of Ferguson, Missouri, erupted in violence once again Monday night after a grand jury finally found that there was no reason to charge Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown. Several stores were reported burned, there

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National Security Used to Prevent Report on Pedophile Ring


Media outlets about to report on pedophile ring investigations were stopped by claims of national security. If this hasn’t happened yet on this side of the Atlantic, it is only a matter of time. Imagine you are a newspaper executive

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Eric Holder Aide Called CBS to Stop Sharyl Attkisson


A DOJ Government Employee Made It Her Job to Stop Sharyl Attkisson. “I”m also calling Sharryl”s editor and reaching out to [CBS news correspondent Bob] Scheiffer. She’s out of control.” Those are the words of Eric Holder’s chief press aide,

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