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Add a Bit of Homosexuality to Make Polygamy PC


San Francisco newspaper site sings praises to polygamy, probably because it started as a Lesbian couple. This story is a bit dated. But since we are seeing this pushed in, and a threesome in Montana is pushing for it,

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No Honest Conversations about Evil are Possible


We can’t have honest conversations about evil because we no longer know how to recognize it. Erick Erickson of RedState wrote a pretty moving post about the Dylann Roof massacre: “The Conversation We Won’t Have.” Yet again we have a

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Washington Post: All Millennials Racist because Dylann Roof


It seems the actions of one lone killer means that we can condemn all Millennials and their children to sensitivity training. I don’t like millennials as a group very much because I’m old and don’t like those kids “on my

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The So-Called Rubio Problem

marco rubio us flags

There is lots to appreciate about Marco Rubio. His Cuban background offers him an enviable connection with the Latino population. There are over 25 million Latin voters eligible to vote. And Latin voters pick out the unsophisticated American candidates trying

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Reason Magazine Sold Out to Trannies Years Ago

george orwell two two four

The Editor in Chief of Reason Magazine is pretty upset with conservatives pointing out liberal hypocrisy about transgender. Here’s the thing about gender and race: If anything is a social construction rather than a fact of nature it is race.

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Media Pushes Junk Science for the Cause of Abortion. What Else?


The scientific evidence for fetal pain after twenty weeks is overwhelming but the media is happy to assure us of junk science. You have to enjoy the irony. The same people who assure us that a man is “really” a

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Paul Ryan and Barack Obama Working Together on an Unread Trade Bill


Since everyone knows that Paul Ryan and the President are allied, CNN reports it as if it is an irony. No, it is business as usual. This CNN story says it all, “Paul Ryan’s new partner: Obama.” If things had

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Transgender America Wants Your Kids to Drink the Kool-Aid

ugly parent in drag

Yes, Transgender America deserves the Jim Jones reference because we are in the power of a seriously delusional and dangerous cult. A father needs to model many things to his son, including a basic confidence in himself, a proper attitude

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CNN on Transgender: Brief Moment of Temporary Sanity


The coverage of CNN on transgender has been mostly bad, but they actually interviewed someone who spoke against his own mutilation. My son was at the local military base (because he was getting ready to fly out to his basic

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Bruce Jenner Now Adopts Fake Beauty Standards

vanity fair jenner

Fake beauty standards are wrong for women but OK for men pretending to be women? Bruce Jenner was born in October of 1949. With that in mind, I want to remind you of this video that was quite viral back

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Bob Schieffer: Our Job Is to Tell You What to Think

bob schieffer

Bob Schieffer is retiring from CBS News but he’s continuing his career in arrogance. I don’t despise Bob Schieffer especially. And even though I haven’t watched a news show in many years I found parts of this video somewhat endearing.

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Study Showing Openness to Same-Sex “Marriage” was Science Fraud

truth lies

So how much other science fraud is being used by our media to scare us into submission to Leftist goals? You may remember last year about how rapidly people were changing their minds, and were likely to keep changing their

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