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Radical Islamic Anti-Christian Expulsion Is 100% Made in America—a U.S. Government Creation

Iraq map

In Iraq, all Christians have now fled from Mosul. As one blogger writes: This evening, our brethren the Syrian (Syriac) Catholics and Chaldean Catholics, who worship in the language of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and all other Christians are gone from

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Theocracies Come in Many Flavors: Islam and Liberal/Progressivism are Two


Modern followers of Muhammad show their true colors when given the reins of power. “Convert” (imagine the mockery… a god who allegedly accepts a profession of allegiance at the threat of death!), be extorted to pay for things one does

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Men Who Take Bribes Often Do Other Evil Acts; We Need New Leadership

iraq terrorism

Can we try an experiment: One election cycle without a single politician “educated” in an Ivy League school. The Yale, Harvard, Princeton Axis-of-Evil is an intellectually-inbred group of imbeciles who have convinced themselves they are smart enough to control the

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Your Tax Dollars at Work: 8 Christians Crucified in Syria

isis crucifixion

No, this is not a “blame America first” headline. I’m well aware that Islamic extremism is responsible for all sorts of evil. But there have been Christians in Syria for centuries. In the contemporary world, we haven’t heard of Muslims

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Why Are We Sending Green Berets into Northern Iraq?

troops in iraq

If you were worried about us being gradually entangled in Iraq, stop worrying. There is nothing gradual about what is happening. We are practically rushing in. The latest is that we are sending Green Berets north into Kurdish territory. Jason

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Hamas Murders Teens, Israel Strikes -- Here We Go Again

obama pen

Israeli Air Force jets struck back at 34 targets in the Gaza Strip after the bodies of three kidnapped Israeli teens turned up, having apparently been tortured and murdered by members of Hamas. We’ve seen this sort of thing countless

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And Then There Were… 900 Pairs of Boots on the Ground

caesar obama

First, Barack Obama sent three hundred to Iraq to protect embassy personnel. I really don’t blame him. Benghazi probably made him skittish. Then, even after we were assured that he wasn’t “contemplating” ground troops, he dispatched another 300 to help

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Does Anyone Expect Israel to Let Islamic Radicals Occupy Golan Heights?

golan heights

From the Times of Israel we read, “Anti-Assad rebels said to seize 95% of Syrian Golan Heights.” Almost the entire Syrian side of the Golan Heights is now under the control of rebel forces, including radical Islamist groups, a senior

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Now John Kerry Thinks He is the Ruler of Kurdistan

iraq terrorism

Now that Iraq is becoming a failed state—a fate that became inevitable the moment we invaded—the Kurds have a chance at something the great powers have denied them for a long time. They might gain an independent state. Naturally, John

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Rep. Walter Jones Explains Why It Is Wrong to Use Our Troops as World Police

walter jones cspan

I was amazed that the only reference in the press that I could find to this interview was in the Sacramento Bee where it quoted him on a minor matter without reporting his anti-empire presentation. Long-time readers of Political Outcast

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Can Rand Paul Make the Establishment Admit it’s Open Crimes in Syria?

obama syria

Watching this video from CNN, I cannot believe the pushback Rand Paul is getting into this interview. We are supposed to forget all past history, and “deal with the current situation” as if learning from past mistakes (a way too

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Wait. How Did Barack Obama Get Authority to Bomb Syria?

drone missile

The ridiculous myth is that Barack Obama gained the authority to bomb or send ground troops to Iraq because of a vote in Congress back in 2001 or 2002. Nancy Pelosi insists this gave him forever power to attack any

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