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Sharia Law: What Was Wrong With Franklin Graham Saying “Go Back Where You Came From”?

islam-will-dominate-the-world CNS News is just reporting this, and it is worth considering. Franklin Graham, Billy Graham’s son, gave an interview to the Charlotte Observer. His statements about Muslims and Sharia law are what I want to comment on. Graham, who oversees the international Christian aid group Samaritan’s Purse, said, “We should be afraid of Sharia law. We […] Continue reading →

CAIR Says It's Against Islamic 'Honor Violence,' but Don't You Dare Talk About It

MegynKelly The Muslim principle of taqqiya -- lying to unbelievers -- is well-known. There is also the principle of kitman, lying by omission. In addition, the Quran contains several examples in which Mohammed deceived enemies or in which Allah's deceitfulness is praised. Although Muslims are admonished to be truthful with each other, the Muslim tradition from […] Continue reading →

Our “Ally” In Afghanistan Doesn’t Want Our Troops There, So We Are Threatening Him

Afghanistan Map What kind of friend has to be forced by threats to meet your demands? Hamid Karzai is supposedly the democratically-elected leader of Afghanistan. That is a laughable fiction, but it is one the U.S. supports. Obama wants Karzai to sign a “bilateral security agreement.” The administration even claimed that the agreement had been reached by […] Continue reading →