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Green Berets Getting Hit Under Obama Administration

war obama Several stories indicate that the Green Berets, and the military in general, will not be the same after the Obama Administration is done. Friday, I posted about a Green Beret who was involuntarily discharged after he shoved an Afghani police who had raped a boy and beaten the mother for reporting his crime. Over the weekend the Washington Times has released a story claiming this is part of a trend in the Green Berets: “Green Berets have growing doubts of duties with skittish political leadership.” Rowan Read more [...] Continue reading →

Army Lets Go Green Beret Who Confronts Child Abuser

green beret A Green Beret is being involuntarily discharged because he shoved an Afghan police he was training when he found he was a child-rapist and woman-beater. How would you react if you found that a man you were training for an important job in government used his authority to rape a boy and then beat up the mother when she reported him? How would you respond if you confronted him and he laughed that you would even care about such a small thing? Let me change focus slightly and ask the question a Read more [...] Continue reading →

Making the War on ISIS Look Good

pentagon The military’s Central Command has been writing reports on the war on ISIS that include positive conclusions that aren’t justified by the information. Jason Ditz reports for, “Centcom Skewed ISIS War Intel To Be More Upbeat.” The perennial positivity of all public Pentagon assessments on the war against ISIS, despite major, glaring losses on the ground, has been a matter of no small controversy for awhile, and has also successfully kept the elected officials who are on the Read more [...] Continue reading →

Has Barack Obama’s ISIS Started the Destruction of Europe?

Crashing Europe Graphic Is Islamic refugee immigration bringing about the eventual destruction of Europe as we know it? If you have a problem with my calling them “Barack Obama’s ISIS,” you need to do some basic research. We have addressed the issue many times on this blog (here is one of my own brief contributions that is probably the most recent). Up until today, I had thought of President Obama’s actions in the Middle East (and President Bush’s before him) as a disaster for the peoples of the Middle East, Read more [...] Continue reading →

New Book Provides Further Evidence US made ISIS

isis killing xians The US made ISIS in order to destroy Syria’s secular dictatorship, without caring about the Christians or others they knew would be raped, tortured, and murdered. I’ve already posted about how the US made ISIS by funding terrorists. We have seen how officials try to evade obvious questions when they are posed by reporters (which they do all too seldom). But now there is a new book out which documents more of the actions involved in taking a declining group, Al Qaeda in Iraq, and nourishing Read more [...] Continue reading →

No, Jeb, Invading Iraq Was Not a Good Deal

iraq terrorism Invading Iraq gave Iran a religious ally, al Qaeda a new playground, and the Christian church a new onslaught of persecution. Jeb Bush wants us to believe that everything wrong in Iraq is the fault of Clinton and Obama while everything done by his father and brother was "a good deal." This kind of obvious wishful thinking is what could destroy a Republican victory in 2016. A Bloomberg report begins: Jeb Bush defended some of his brother's Iraq war decisions as president while also seeking to Read more [...] Continue reading →

Journalist Asks the Right Question: Did the Federal Government Support ISIS?

syria iraq isis How could anyone following the news over the last few years claim the government did not support ISIS? Of course they have to call it ISIL, and then speak the letters rather than simply pronouncing it as a name: I - S - I - L. But it is great to see a government bureaucrat start to squirm. This video is, as far as I can tell, floating around without any written commentary. The reference to Bashar al-Assad's "lack of legitimacy" is insane. The main reason for his "lack of legitimacy" Read more [...] Continue reading →

Jeb Bush: "Let's Help Free Syrian Army" What Could Go Wrong?

syria iraq isis Isn’t the Free Syrian Army simply the U.S. supplies and weapons acquisition unit for ISIS? It blew my mind when I watched the foreign policy debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama in 2012 that Romney pretended we had natural allies in Syria that we could support to overthrow Bashar al-Assad who “had to go.” It was completely delusional thinking and it wasn’t any different from what Barack Obama was already doing. Back then, Mark Horne pointed out that people who beat their enemies Read more [...] Continue reading →

The Foreign Policy Shell Game and Iran

iraq iran First of all let me say this, “The Iranian leaders are bad people”. But that’s also my opinion of the Chinese leaders, Russian leaders, and frankly, the European technocrats too. I’m equal opportunity when it comes to central states and foreign policy. I do not like any of them. But a question keeps rolling around in the back of my mind, “Why does the United States hate Iran so much?” Really it doesn’t make any sense. I know, I know, they were chanting death to America the other day. Read more [...] Continue reading →

Chaldean Christians Don’t Get to Freely Enter the United States

isis killing xians Why should Chaldean Christians, of all immigrants, get held up at the border? As Mark wrote under the post headline, “State Department Refuses Help to Christians because They Are Christians,” we have evidence and testimony that indicates the United States Federal Government has no intention of acknowledging Christian persecution in the Middle East or allowing Christians to avail themselves of the same provisions for religious refugees that others may use. In fact, the headline may understate Read more [...] Continue reading →

Fake Success: Fake Schools in Afghanistan, Courtesy of the U.S. Government

burning money The schools in Afghanistan that our government claims to have built and run… don’t exist. There is one major school that still kind of exists that was reported to be a wild success. It did start well. Nearly four years later, water seeps through the leaky roof and drips onto students in this more than $250,000 construction. Doors are cut in half; some are missing altogether. There is no running water for the approximately 200 boys — and zero girls — who attend. But the school did enrich Read more [...] Continue reading →

ISIS Murders POWs Using Children

isis child killers Be prepared to hear vehement denials that ISIS murders are in any way related to Islam. The Religion of Peace doing what Muhammad did. Here is the report in the Daily Mail: “Slaughter in the Roman amphitheatre: Horrific moment ISIS child executioners brutally shoot dead 25 Syrian regime soldiers in front of bloodthirsty crowds at ancient Palmyra ruin.” Child executioners are shown in the video being forced to brutally slaughter a group of more than 25 regime soldiers.  The video shows Read more [...] Continue reading →