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Obama Commits More Troops to Fighting Ebola Than Fighting ISIS

obama dictator

President Obama is expected to announce today that he will commit to sending in 3,000 pairs of “boots on the ground” in a major shift in the global fight on … ebola. Meanwhile, ISIS continues to rampage through Iraq virtually

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Our “Allies” in Saudi Arabia Move to Persecute Christians

Obama Saudi bow

If the President was truly a Christian, he would address our alleged “friends” in Saudi Arabia about this atrocity—after all, when your family is arrested for praying, you do everything possible to correct the injustice. From the Daily Mail: “Dozens

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A War by Any Other Name ... Is Doomed


John Kerry, a decorated veteran of the Vietnam Police Action, says that President Obama’s promise in a nationally aired speech to “destroy” ISIS is not a war. Having listened to Obama’s tough-guy speech given on the eve of the anniversary

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Democrat Senator Will Not Vote to Train Syrian Rebels

syrian rebels

With President Obama and others insisting that it is possible and advisable to train Syrian rebels perhaps some will try to argue that opposition to this strategy is merely partisan conservative resistance to Barack Obama. But the above video shows

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David Frum Turns Anti-War & Hell Is Ready for Ice-Skaters

david frum

David Frum has been horribly pro-war for a long time, though Matt Welch at Reason points out that he did apologize for his role in beating the drums for the Iraq invasion. But it is bizarre that Frum is now

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Barack Obama Wants to Arm Terrorists and Make Congress Complicit

mccain Syrian terrorists

“It’s clear to me that we need to train and equip Syrian rebels and other groups in the Middle East.” –Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid. Here’s some context for the quotation from an article in the National Journal, “Vote on

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U.S. Intervention in Syria Mobilized Terrorists like Afghanistan in the 80s

syria iraq isis

As you probably know, our government’s intervention in Syria created an Al Qaeda utopia in part of that country. Now it has spread to Iraq in an orgy of violence aimed at Christians as well as other religious minorities and

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Benghazi Security Team: 'Stand Down' Order Came From CIA


Three members of a U.S. security team in Benghazi, Libya, on September 11, 2012, have told Fox News that there was indeed a “stand down” order on that fateful night and that it came from the CIA agent in charge.

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Fight the Islamic State; Don’t “Manage” It, Contra Barack Obama


You’re sitting in your living room one evening when, out of nowhere, your house shudders violently amidst a deafening roar and dust fills the air. What in the world? Upon investigation, you discover that a side of your garage has

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Backing Into War: Iraq and Syria

syria iraq isis

Now the President has sent another 350 ground troops into Iraq, so that we seem to be backing into war. How long ago were we assured that Barack Obama wasn’t “contemplating” “boots on the ground”? Less than two months ago.

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Philippine Military Refused UN Command to Surrender to Terrorists

This story about how the Philippine military refused to lay down their arms is quite refreshing. According to an A.P. report: The Philippine military said Monday that a U.N. peacekeeping commander in the Golan Heights should be investigated for allegedly

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Obama on Strategy to Beat ISIS: 'I Dunno'


I can’t recall any time when a president gave a press conference about some foreign military crisis just to say, “We don’t have a strategy yet.” And yet, that’s precisely what President Obama did in talking about confronting ISIS, the Islamic

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