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Chemical Weapons in Iraq? From Whom?

Iraq War

So now the New York Times is claiming that there were chemical weapons in Iraq all along. Wow. But according to’s summary, there are a couple of oddities about these weapons. For one thing, these chemical weapons were kept

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White House Pretends to Loosen Standards for Drone Killing


Drone killing, as anyone knows who bothers to keep up with it, doesn’t have very strict standards. As the New York Times reported back in June, The group found that more than a decade into the era of armed drones, the

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Are We Fighting ISIS or Helping Terrorists?

bomb syria

Barack Obama’s strategy in fighting ISIS may end up helping terrorists. I am not referring to the insanity of training and arming militants in Syria on the grounds that they are moderates who will fight ISIS rather than collaborate with them.

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Democrat Senator Denies Obama Can Make War on Syria

Tim Kaine

It is not every day that we see a Democrat Senator criticize President Barack Obama for violating the Constitution. Frankly, we don’t see it enough from Republican Senators. So this is refreshing: According to the National Review, Virginia Democratic senator

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Does Iraq War 2014 Make any More Sense than Iraq War 2003?

Iraq map

When the first earlier Iraq war was being pumped up in the press, we were told that the war would be easily affordable, that it would pay for itself, that our troops would be welcomed as liberators, that we could

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Those Boots on the Ground Are for Dying In

syria iraq isis

President Barack Obama has said no boots on the ground, but, as I have posted, they are already in Iraq. He has already sent them. But if you don’t want to believe me, Politico Magazine has published the analysis of

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Is America Really “Outraged” into War?


We tend to think, or at least most of us tend to think, that when nations, including these united States, make public statements or take policy positions, these statements or positions are based on moral considerations. Actually, I have become

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Media Lie: Barack Obama has Been Peace President until Now

caesar obama

Now that Barack Obama has openly called for war, Michael Hirsh has decided it is time to try to revive the pretense that, until now, Obama has been a peace president. In his article in, “America’s New War President,”

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Is Barack Obama Even Trying to Defeat ISIS?

samantha power

For years Barack Obama has wanted to get more heavily involved in Syria, and not to defeat ISIS. While the Obama Administration is still claiming they will not send American ground troops to engage in combat, they have obviously wanted

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So-Called Moderate Syrian Rebels Cooperate with ISIS

obama syria

Oh, wow; this news about the moderate Syrian rebels is such a massive surprise. Who would have ever guessed? I mean, the United States has a glowing record in picking the right jihadists to support, train, and equip (See: Osama

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ISIS Is Being Fought to Create a Forever War

forever war

Perhaps I should say it is being fought in a way to continue a forever war. The CIA has allowed their skepticism to leak to the press. According to the Huffington Post, At a recent closed-door congressional briefing on the administration’s

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Racial Violence and It Isn’t a News Story

brown tevin

Off the top of my head I can think of two angles on this story, both having to do with racial violence. I saw it in the New York Daily News site: “Suspect says he murdered New Jersey teen as revenge

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