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The U.S. Gov Kills Civilians Indiscriminately and Everyone Knows It


When Barack Obama kills civilians “by accident” he knowingly commits acts that we condemn as terrorism when others do them. Interesting headline: “Pakistanis see double standard in drone strikes, ask Obama apology for civilian deaths.” And here’s a choice quote: “the

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VA Accountability Officer Has the Perfect Background

veterans affairs

The VA Accountability Officer has experience that the government probably wants in a person doing that job. This story goes along with the one about the IRS ethics officer who was disbarred for ethics violations. As summarized by The Week,

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More Pentagon Corruption: $1.3 Billion Missing

pentagon cash shredder

Pentagon corruption has cost us trillions in the past, and the money continues to bleed. I have seen other headlines about other instances of missing money. A few hundred million here, a billion there… no one seems to care. Here’s

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What our Troops Need Now Is Hope

military graves

Our troops have faced disappointment upon disappointment until they finally concluded that America just doesn’t care. As the mother of a fallen Navy SEAL killed in action on August 6, 2011, I spend a lot of time talking to men

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Military Discouraging Christians from Joining, Staying

Biden Delivers Commencement Address At US Military Academy At West Point

Why is the military discouraging Christians from being part of the Armed Forces by fostering a hostile environment? From the Washington Times: “U.S. military ‘hostile’ to Christians under Obama; morale, retention devastated.” Christians are leaving the U.S. military or are

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The Next Veterans Affairs Scandal is Here

veterans affairs

This will not be the last Veterans Affairs scandal until someone goes to prison. The Washington Times reports, Another veterans scandal hit the Obama administration Wednesday with the emergence of an internal Veterans Affairs memo that allowed bureaucrats to cook

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The Pentagon Teaches How to Interpret the Bible

historical influences sexism

In order to combat sexism, the Pentagon has constructed a comprehensive ideological training system that includes how one may interpret the Bible. According to Ashley Rae Goldenberg at the Daily Caller, as her headline states, “Defense Department: The Bible, Constitution

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VA Uses Private Medical Records against Whistleblowers

veterans affairs

When the government has your private medical records, it will use them against you if it needs to do so. The headline at the Blaze says it all: “Shock Testimony: VA Officials Retaliate Against Whistleblowers by Illegally Accessing Their Medical

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Secret Naval Operations in the Twin Cities?

nazi army

What is the point of Naval operations that include exercises for “collecting evidence” for criminal prosecutions? The Twin Cities Daily Planet recently published a report that might be quite important: “Minneapolis police records shed light on 2014 military training.” In

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The VA Priorities: $288K for Moving from DC to Philly

veterans affairs

The VA priorities are supposed to be the health and well-being of the veterans. Is that where the resources are going? This story from The Inquirer is mainly concerned with the fact that Veterans Affairs seems to be dragging their

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Pentagon Didn’t Support the Troops in Desert Storm

desert storm

The Gulf War syndrome reported by soldiers deployed in Desert Storm wasn’t just their imaginations. And they continue to suffer. If you’re my age or older, you remember Desert Storm. It was George W. Bush’s big push for a “new

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Transgender Madness Coming to the Military

transgender inclusion

The transgender madness will soon be forced onto the Armed Forces. The Associated Press is reporting on the story as if it is a foregone conclusion that transgender is a real thing (other than a mental illness) and that they

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