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Sham Equality: Women Given Extra Chances at Ranger Training

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Just like marriage equality, giving women equality in the military means treating them unequally. Even if you could justify the headaches regarding personal quarters and barracks, etc, putting women in combat in the name of equality still would make no

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Military Wasting Money for Worse Equipment


It is not surprising to see the military wasting money, but it is bizarre to see them doing so to get worse equipment. We need national defense, but with the government in charge is faces challenges much like any other

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Human Experiments on the Statist Generation


What kind of greatest generation would conduct human experiments and then abandon the victims with their medical problems? Ask the V.A. We know about recent corruption in Veterans Affairs and how they used secret waiting lists to violate the law

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New Bill for Allowing Open Trans in the Military

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Trans in the military means letting men wear women’s uniforms and vice versa. Our children are not going to understand the TV show M.A.S.H. anymore. They are going to want to know why Clinger thought dressing as a women might

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How Politics Fails to Provide: Marine Sniper Rifle

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The marine sniper rifle is an example of how the government fails in providing goods and services. What happens when the people who chose the tools are different from the people who use the tools? The tool users find that

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Marines Think Bible Verses Are Threat to “Good Order and Discipline”


A marine was court-martialed because she was ordered to remove Bible verses from her work station and refused. The Bible verses that started the controversy were actually one verse printed on three separate pieces of paper. According to the Military

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Memorial Day Means Support the Troops, not their Killers

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That sickening feeling you get on Memorial Day when you read about your government intentionally empowering terrorists. Yesterday was Memorial Day, a day wherein we honor those who have demonstrated commitment, and often suffered so much in what was usually

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After Veterans Affairs Secretary Resigned Where Are the Firings?

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The old Veterans Affairs Secretary resigned so we could have confidence that a new one would root out corruption. What happened? Do the math. There is evidence that 110 VA hospitals or other facilities kept secret lists in order to

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More Veterans Affairs Corruption in Colorado

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A year after the scandal and Veterans Affairs corruption is still costing veterans and the public. Our veterans obviously need support and care. It is the obligation of the government that used these soldiers and, in many cases, put them

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Obama’s Plan to End Militarization of Police Not Credible

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Are reports that the President will end the militarization of the police to be trusted? I wanted to believe it but the very first sentence in this summary news report killed my ability to believe that we are really going

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How to Kill without Collateral Damage


When a kill is really important we do it without collateral damage because we use a person, not a machine, and we use precision. The story reported by the Stars & Stripe: “US commandos kill senior Islamic State figure in

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The Pentagon Lets Defense Contractors Write Rules


Why shouldn’t defense contractors write laws? Other lobbyists do. This news should not surprise us at all. It isn’t special to the military; it is the price of big government. reports, “Defense contractors are literally writing their own rules

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