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Green Berets Getting Hit Under Obama Administration

war obama Several stories indicate that the Green Berets, and the military in general, will not be the same after the Obama Administration is done. Friday, I posted about a Green Beret who was involuntarily discharged after he shoved an Afghani police who had raped a boy and beaten the mother for reporting his crime. Over the weekend the Washington Times has released a story claiming this is part of a trend in the Green Berets: “Green Berets have growing doubts of duties with skittish political leadership.” Rowan Read more [...] Continue reading →

Army Lets Go Green Beret Who Confronts Child Abuser

green beret A Green Beret is being involuntarily discharged because he shoved an Afghan police he was training when he found he was a child-rapist and woman-beater. How would you react if you found that a man you were training for an important job in government used his authority to rape a boy and then beat up the mother when she reported him? How would you respond if you confronted him and he laughed that you would even care about such a small thing? Let me change focus slightly and ask the question a Read more [...] Continue reading →

Making the War on ISIS Look Good

pentagon The military’s Central Command has been writing reports on the war on ISIS that include positive conclusions that aren’t justified by the information. Jason Ditz reports for, “Centcom Skewed ISIS War Intel To Be More Upbeat.” The perennial positivity of all public Pentagon assessments on the war against ISIS, despite major, glaring losses on the ground, has been a matter of no small controversy for awhile, and has also successfully kept the elected officials who are on the Read more [...] Continue reading →

L.A. Office of Veteran Affairs Shredded Mail Telling Veterans about Benefits

paper shredder We still don't know why Veteran Affairs shredded mail or how much mail they destroyed. It seems that Veterans Affairs has the same relationship to veterans that the Environmental Protection Agency has to the environment. While about a third of veterans have died waiting for VA care, the new scandal involves mail that was supposed to be sent to veterans. According to the Washington Examiner, The VA's Office of Inspector General said it launched an "unannounced inspection" of the Los Angeles Read more [...] Continue reading →

Why Republicans Blaming Obama for Domestic Terrorism Will Probably Backfire

concealed carry The shooting of the four marines obviously indicates a problem, but blaming Obama gives him permission to exert power and end more freedoms. Is Barack Obama to blame for the ISIS attack that killed those four marines yesterday? I am sure he was. But the Republican attack on Obama is dangerous. According to the Washington Times, “Republicans blame Obama policies for rise in domestic terrorism.” President Obama called the murder of four Marines in Tennessee Thursday “heartbreaking” and Read more [...] Continue reading →

Fake Success: Fake Schools in Afghanistan, Courtesy of the U.S. Government

burning money The schools in Afghanistan that our government claims to have built and run… don’t exist. There is one major school that still kind of exists that was reported to be a wild success. It did start well. Nearly four years later, water seeps through the leaky roof and drips onto students in this more than $250,000 construction. Doors are cut in half; some are missing altogether. There is no running water for the approximately 200 boys — and zero girls — who attend. But the school did enrich Read more [...] Continue reading →

Sham Equality: Women Given Extra Chances at Ranger Training

ranger logo Just like marriage equality, giving women equality in the military means treating them unequally. Even if you could justify the headaches regarding personal quarters and barracks, etc, putting women in combat in the name of equality still would make no sense. We know this because we are trying to do it and it is making no sense. The Libertarian Republic reports, “Females at Ranger School Get Third Try.” Three of the eight women who signed up for Ranger School at Fort Benning two months Read more [...] Continue reading →

Military Wasting Money for Worse Equipment

f-35 It is not surprising to see the military wasting money, but it is bizarre to see them doing so to get worse equipment. We need national defense, but with the government in charge it faces challenges much like any other area of socialism. It starts out at least somewhat competent and it seems impressive. But as time goes on, everything degenerates. Thus, this story in the Libertarian Republic, “America’s New $1 Trillion Fighter Jet Can’t Outmaneuver The Plane It’s Replacing.” Yes, Read more [...] Continue reading →

Human Experiments on the Statist Generation

pentagon What kind of greatest generation would conduct human experiments and then abandon the victims with their medical problems? Ask the V.A. We know about recent corruption in Veterans Affairs and how they used secret waiting lists to violate the law about serving veterans. We know how they used private medical data of whistleblowers to punish them. But there are other elements of Veterans Affairs corruption that go back decades. The Libertarian Republic recently posted about a scandal going back Read more [...] Continue reading →

New Bill for Allowing Open Trans in the Military

transgender restroom Trans in the military means letting men wear women’s uniforms and vice versa. Our children are not going to understand the TV show M.A.S.H. anymore. They are going to want to know why Clinger thought dressing as a women might allow him to return home. According to the Washington Times headline, “Estimated 15,500 troops could serve openly as transgenders under Speier’s House bill.” Notice the word “openly.” People who claim to be transgenders are probably already in the military. Read more [...] Continue reading →

How Politics Fails to Provide: Marine Sniper Rifle

ferguson sniper The marine sniper rifle is an example of how the government fails in providing goods and services. What happens when the people who chose the tools are different from the people who use the tools? The tool users find that they are not equipped the way they ought to be. The Washington Post published a story yesterday about how, despite prodigious military spending, Marine snipers are outgunned by the Taliban and many other armies. The Marine Corps is known for fielding older equipment. In the Read more [...] Continue reading →

Marines Think Bible Verses Are Threat to “Good Order and Discipline”

bibleSchools A marine was court-martialed because she was ordered to remove Bible verses from her work station and refused. The Bible verses that started the controversy were actually one verse printed on three separate pieces of paper. According to the Military Times, The case involves former Lance Cpl. Monifa Sterling, who in May 2013 was assigned at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, to a desk job handling complaints from other Marines experiencing issues with their Common Access Cards. Sterling taped three Read more [...] Continue reading →