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Transgender Madness Coming to the Military

transgender inclusion

The transgender madness will soon be forced onto the Armed Forces. The Associated Press is reporting on the story as if it is a foregone conclusion that transgender is a real thing (other than a mental illness) and that they

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Dick Cheney Provides Candy for Conservatives: Don’t Swallow

bush obama men in black

Dick Cheney attacks President Obama in a way designed to make us forget about the kill list, indefinite detention, and NSA spying. Please think about this before you applaud Dick Cheney: You already knew that Barack Obama was the worst

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Lindsey Graham Promises Military Coup to Boost Defense Spending


Yes, using the armed forces to force Congress to increase defense spending is a military coup. Mediaite tells us that Lindsey Graham says he was joking: “Lindsey Graham Jokes: I’d Use the Military to Force Congress to Reverse Defense Cuts.”

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Russia Pushing All Obama's Buttons


It was one of those head-shaking moments, darn near historic in the stupidity it represented at the top levels of the Obama Administration. Secretary of State John Kerry, who by the way served in Vietnam, finally admitted in congressional testimony

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Wounded Military Get Purple Hearts for “Workplace Violence”?

fort hood memorial

Why did it take this long to give purple hearts to soldiers wounded by a “religious warrior” who wants to join the Islamic State? It seems completely incomprehensible that it would take six years to recognize people shot by a

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Hillary Clinton Destroyed Libya for No Good Reason


Others in government tried to stop her, but Hillary Clinton destroyed Libya by using her control of the State Department. Remember, Barack Obama went into Libya with no idea how to bring order to the country once the regime had

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Army Charges Bergdahl as Deserter, Source Says


Not that the Obama Administration would announce such a thing, but apparently Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, for whom five terrorist leaders were swapped, is going to be charged as a deserter, according to retired Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer, who spoke

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Obama’s Legacy of Retreat, Shame, and Betrayal

oval office obama biden

Tuesday’s State of the Union speech was yet another glaring reminder of just how out of touch our President seems to be with reality and the true threat of radical Islam on the West. Our son Aaron was a US

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Pentagon Doesn't Know Expense of Employee Conferences

pentagon cash shredder

Perhaps the Pentagon can start a new series of conferences on how to keep track of expenses for employee conferences. Posting on the Pentagon and budget misfeasance (or malfeasance?) is so easy it is almost embarrassing. To quote P. J.

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Police Militarization Financially Harmful to Locals

newark police helicopter

While it is offered “for free,” police militarization equipment can be costly. While the worries about police militarization have become entangled in the whole Ferguson controversy, the concerns have been raised long before that issue. One of the reasons to

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US Bombing Rescues 50 Civilians from ISIS by Killing Them

bomb syria

US bombing reportedly ends the lives of fifty civilians. How does that help us defeat ISIS? Leaders in the United States insist on pretending that we can wage war with technologically sophisticated weaponry that allows them to put no soldiers’

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Dear Pentagon, Maybe Those Troop Benefits Help You (by Retaining Troops!)


The Pentagon did not prepare to hire and train enough people to use the drones they purchased. As we all know, one of our major military advantages is technological. But that doesn’t mean that the American soldier is unimportant. I

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