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Defense Authorization Offends Spending Limits

pentagon cash shredder

The National Defense Authorization Act blows spending caps away. While we are waiting to find out what kind of budgetary betrayal the RINOs in Congress have cooked up, we already know that the NDAA is a disaster. The House has

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Is John McCain Right about White House Pentagon Decisions?

Secretary of Defense - Charles Timothy "Chuck" Hagel

Are Pentagon decisions being made “within a small group in the White House”? There is no love lost between John McCain and me. I don’t often agree with him. In fact, I often strongly disagree with him—both on domestic policy

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Ferguson Mayor Ignored When He Requested National Guard


The Ferguson Mayor could not get anyone on the phone. The first responsibility of public officials is to defend the freedoms of the People, and also to provide for their protection from threats—foreign and domestic. Given that, I think the

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Barack Obama Secretly Authorizes More Afghanistan Fighting

caesar obama

It isn’t just Iraq; the President has ensured more Afghanistan fighting as well. We already know that Barack Obama is intent on sending Americans back to fight in Iraq, and the Pentagon is encouraging him to do so. But now

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Al-Qaida, ISIS Kiss and Make Up


Ah, twin brothers reconciling and reuniting again. It warms the cockles of your heart. Or it would if we weren’t really talking about two of the most barbaric, bloodthirsty groups of Islamo-fascists on the planet. Representatives of al-Qaida and ISIS

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Military Reconsidering Putting Ground Troops in Iraq

troops in iraq

We were promised no ground troops. Now that he has sent over 3000 of them, the Pentagon is “reconsidering” ground troops. According to the Washington Times, President Obama’s top military advisers revealed Thursday that the administration is rethinking whether to

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The Nobel Peace Prize Winner Sending Us Back to Iraq

syria iraq isis

With the announcement of doubling of troops, it is clear that the White House is sending us back to Iraq. Because we made Iraq unstable and unable to defend itself from terrorists, we are now sending a surge of American

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The Tea Party Needs to Be Hated by the Defense Industry


If the Tea Party stands for anything, then it needs to earn the hostility of the Military Industrial complex. We already know that the Chamber of Commerce and other “moneyed Republicans” have declared war on the Tea Party. If the

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214 Days in A Mexican Prison


How Obama’s Lack of Character Led to Sgt. Tahmorressi Spending 214 Days in A Mexican Prison “…the United States of America does not ever leave our men and women in uniform behind.” – Barack Obama On March 31st, 2014, Sgt.

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Should Canadians Be Surprised at a Terrorist Attack?

canadian terror shooter

Before any response to this critique of the Canadian government’s statements about the terrorist attack, read the entire post–including the addenda. I put this here to stimulate some much needed thought and conversation. (Note that the editorial was actually written about

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Washington Needs to Stop Squandering "Defense" Dollars

pentagon cash shredder

Washington Should Stop Squandering “Defense” Dollars On Rich Allies And Failed States. America accounts for nearly 40 percent of globe’s military outlays, but Republican Party hawks believe that the federal government never spends enough on the Pentagon. The war lobby’s

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Chemical Weapons in Iraq? From Whom?

Iraq War

So now the New York Times is claiming that there were chemical weapons in Iraq all along. Wow. But according to’s summary, there are a couple of oddities about these weapons. For one thing, these chemical weapons were kept

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