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Did You Really Think NSA Workers Were any Better than the TSA?

we are all snowden

You may remember that TSA insiders assured us that, yes, they were laughing at our bodies when we went through the nudie scanners at the airport. Well, here’s a newsflash for those who need it: the TSA is not some

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Manassas City, Virginia: Welcome to the Porn Police State


According to the Washington Post, the cops want to force a seventeen-year-old to have an erection and then photograph his aroused genitals. They want to do this because they suspect that the seventeen-year-old took a picture of his erection and

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Pointing The Finger


It is an understatement to say that we live in desperate times. And it is easy to point the finger at our illegitimate and tyrannical governments in Washington and in our own state capitols and our own counties and complain about

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“Science” “Shows” Children Raised by Homosexual Couples Are Happier

children of homosexual parents

A guy raising a child with his male partner did a study that shows that the children raised in homosexual homes are “healthier and happier” than children raised otherwise. Think maybe his agenda overcame his “science”? Family Voice Australia research

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LGBT Technology Partnership and Institute: Public Schools Should Provide Less Filtering of Internet

Internet search

The homosexual group wants schools to allow students to have more access to homosexual websites. According to the Daily Caller, the reason to reduce filtering is that the gay community has “particular needs” for the internet that call for government

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School Board Decides To Encourage Pre-Teens to Make Babies

children having children

Some teens and even pre-teens have sex and some of them get pregnant. In those cases, if you could go back in time and force the couple to use a condom, that pregnancy would have been prevented. But if you

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California Proposes a License to Breed


One of California’s many elected mother hen Progressives, Sen. Kevin de Leon, known for advocating various gun control measures, has come up with a doozy this time. In light of investigations into sexual misconduct at various universities, de Leon is proposing

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Giving New Meaning to “Climate Disruption” -- Disrupting Marriages?

do you feel heat

If you ask the White House, every single American problem and crisis of the past six years has been the fault of George W. Bush. From the economy to the heartbreak of psoriasis (that would be a health care issue,

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The New Evolution of the “Welfare Queen,” Transgender Medicare


Obviously, if shock jocks can be fired for mocking “transgender” mutilation benefits for city employees, then it wasn’t going to be long before Medicare would be condemned for not offering expensive surgical mutilations for men and women who “feel like”

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Houston Mayor Gets Her Pansex Utopia: Racial Minorities Out; Transgender In

homosex sin christ

Houston now has an “anti-discrimination ordinance” that enforces the acceptance and normalizing of homosexuality and transgender. Naturally, the NAACP is on board with the new Houston ordinance, but that doesn’t mean that racial minorities favor it. It just means that

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Using Prostitutes and Drug Dealers to Boost GDP

stock market crash

As you may have heard in the news yesterday, the economy actually contracted in the first quarter. Of course, we are given many assurances that this is nothing to worry about. It only happened, we are told, because of all

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Where did the Virgin Murderer Get His Worldview?

elliot rodgers

From the Daily Mail: “Social media reveals the privileged life of Elliot Rodger.” Elliot Rodger often complained on his YouTube videos that his life wasn’t fair. But, his own social media presence reveals that the son of Hunger Games assistant

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