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Heard the One about Not Interfering with Consenting Adults?

wedding rings

Florida is legalizing cohabitation because government shouldn’t interfere with consenting adults. What about florists and cake decorators? Believe it or not, a man and woman living together in sin (as Christians call it) has been illegal in Florida since at

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Cal Students Demand to Rename Building for Cop Killer, Communist


UC Berkeley, the university that practically invented student protest as a form of recreation, is the site of one of the dumber recent spasms of outrage from the racial front lines. The Black Student Union says black students have been

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Why It Is a Big Deal that Presbyterians Redefined Marriage

pcusa collapse

Because Presbyterians redefined marriage we are going to see more ignorance of the Bible Basically, when people want to learn something, they look it up on the internet. And, all too often, what they really want to learn is “Why

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Down That Slippery Slope: Three-Way Homosexual Marriage in Thailand


The Left has been all a-flutter of late about Dr. Ben Carson’s recent comments that homosexuality is a choice. In a panel discussion on that topic, self-described queer CNN host Don Lemon declared that the homosexual marriage debate has been “settled”

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Why Lie?

Nature Red in Tooth and Claw

If there are no moral absolutes, then why not lie? Lying and moral relativism are rampant in America today.  Consider the problem with them. If relativism were true, then lying along with stealing and murder are all perfectly acceptable as

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How Do You Forget Your Military Service?

Crossing out Lies and writing Truth on a blackboard.

Robert McDonald claimed that his military service included Special Forces. That is now called a “mistake.” Why not call it a lie? Is this a problem that is spreading among media personalities, politicians, and heads of government agencies? Veterans Affairs

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Who's to Blame for ISIS? Boring Old People, Obama Reveals

mohammad bomb head

We already know that religion, specifically the Islamic variety, has nothing to do with terrorism, according to our president. The White House this week floated the notion that Muslim countries just needed jobs to turn jihadists’ attention from terrorism and

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Larceny Isn’t So Grand


I had the privilege of participating in the Reasons for Hope Conference this week as one of their panelists. There were many excellent presentations given, but one statistic grabbed my attention because of its critical importance to where we are

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The Egomaniacal Ruling Class Must Have Orgies!

sex offender

Dominique Strauss-Kahn boasts of his sex parties, showing we have an egomaniacal ruling class. No sooner do I post about how the Clinton campaign might expose the pervertocracy we live under, than I find a Telegraph story about Strauss-Kahn’s testimony

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Why Spend Education Dollars Exposing Students to Porn?

no ipad

Exposing students to porn could be avoided by not wasting money on electronic toys that pretend to be “educational.” No, I’m not just talking about the sex education propaganda or the “gay straight alliance” brainwashing clubs that colonize so-called “red

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Will the Clinton Campaign Expose the Pervertocracy?


New accusations make it possible that the Clinton campaign will reveal the dark deeds of our rulers and their wealthy friends. It is almost impossible to know exactly what kind of perverse victimization goes on among the rich and powerful.

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New Bill: Stop Federal Workers from Viewing Porn on the Job

xxx keyboard

Viewing porn on the job is such a big problem in government that Congress is trying to force them to stop. We already know that Federal employees can get performance awards even when it is known they have been spending

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