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Media Keeps Pretending Homeland Security is Our Only Hope


The Senate is caving on immigration and the media is providing cover for them by pretending Homeland Security is indispensable to American security. According to, the Senate has hit a wall. According to Politico, it is inching toward a

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Jeb Bush on NSA: I Don’t Understand America

Bush boys

Jeb Bush doesn’t understand why everyone is upset with NSA surveillance. What I don’t understand is why Jeb Bush thinks he is a viable candidate for the presidency. Seriously, does anyone doubt that Bush would vote for Hillary Clinton rather

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Agenda-Driven Terrorist Warning Energizes Police State


A new terrorist warning is a transparent attempt to promote militarization of police and more no-knock SWAT raids. Watching this video about a terrorist warning and listening to the rhetoric is truly sickening. Notice how the agenda of SWAT raids

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Refugees Welcomed Despite Terrorist Risk

obama syria

Syrian refugees will be welcomed in our country despite the threat that some might be undercover terrorists. We get this interesting tidbit from ABC News: “US Officials Admit Concern Over Syrian Refugee Effort.” Top U.S. counterterrorism officials say they worry

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Government Extremism Summit Refuses to Admit Reality

Gadsden Flag Terrorism

What is the point of an extremism summit that won’t identify the problem? The Federal government is hosting an “extremism summit” this week, and looking at ways to crack down on “extremists” who use social media to recruit others, and

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David Cameron Threatening to Ban the Guardian Reporting


Guardian reporting on revelations from Edward Snowden is prompting threats of censorship. Mike Masnick writes at TechDirt: “David Cameron Working To Stop UK Press From Publishing Anything More From Snowden Leaks.” It looks like Glenn Greenwald picked the right time

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John Boehner Does Right on Funding DHS

Boehner Cave in

Congress has done their job funding DHS and defunding Obama’s executive orders. The Senate needs to get on board. I am not a big fan of John Boehner, quite the opposite. But compared to Mitch McConnell he seems rather steadfast.

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Justin Amash v. Marco Rubio on Patriot Act

marco rubio us flags

Marco Rubio wants the Patriot Act to be extended forever. Justin Amash strongly disagrees. This issue is important both because Rubio is currently a Senator and also because he might be a presidential candidate. It is also important because Marco

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Senate Can’t Win If It Fears Government Shutdown

President Obama And Vice President Biden Meet With Members Of Congress On Foreign Policy

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell has refused to allow a government shutdown, thus destroying his own power. As I have pointed out before, Congress’ main power is the power of the purse. If House or Senate officials are unwilling to

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Obama Regime: National Security Means Climate Change, Gay Rights


Susan Rice claims that national security strategy must include fighting global warming and spreading homosexual marriage. How serious is the Obama Administration about international threats to the United States? White House National Security Advisor Susan Rice recently spoke at the

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Man Framed for TSA Complaint; Agent Still at Job

tsa uniforms

Merely asking to file a TSA complaint got a man arrested and lied about in court. Here is a quotation to remember and reflect upon: I was scared to death. I have never been arrested in my life, never had

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Big Gov Republicans Have No Way to Fight Obama


You can’t fight Obama with the power of the purse if you are addicted to spending. The power of Congress is the power of the budget. Congress has the unique authority to decide spending. The problem is that Congress is

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