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New York Times Admits Government Cocaine Connection

Gary Webb

The government cocaine connection is real, but the reporter who publicized the story must still be attacked, after already being driven to suicide. As I’ve noted, Hollywood is about to vindicate the marginalized and reviled reporter, Gary Webb, in a

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Confirmation: We Bombed Syria over Made-up Terrorists

khorasan not exist

The government has saved us from made-up terrorists. I’ve already posted how the National Review has noted that the story about “the Khorasan Group” looks quite bogus. This was interpreted as an attempt to not admit failure in the war

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White House Ebola Spin: What, Me Worry?


How can you not become MORE afraid when you hear White House Ebola spin? This is one of those headlines you save. It appeared in The Hill: “White House says it has Ebola virus under control.” Top White House officials on

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For First Time, Russia has More Nuke Warheads

obama dictator

Underscoring what critics have been calling a resumption of the Cold War under the Obama Administration, a State Department fact sheet released Wednesday shows that for the first time, Russia has more deployed nuclear warheads than the United States does.

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Gov Pays Settlement to Journalist for DHS SWAT Raid


Almost a year ago, I posted about Audrey Hudson who suffered a DHS SWAT raid. Hudson is a journalist and, though the stated reason for the raid was her husband’s firearms, the Homeland Security storm troopers snatched all her private notes.

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Hell Freezes over & Government Bureaucrat Resigns

julia pierson

According to yesterday evening, the resignation of this government bureaucrat was no surprise: In a not-so-shocking development, Secret Service chief Julia Pierson has resigned, reports CNBC. The move comes amid withering criticism in the wake of high-profile security lapses

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Barack Obama Doesn’t Need the Secret Service to Be Safe

secret service

The Telegraph is wondering: “Is Barack Obama’s life safe in the Secret Service’s hands?” A knife-wielding intruder allowed to run rampant through the first floor of the White House. Bullets that struck the window of Barack Obama’s private residence but

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ISIS is an NSA Stimulus Program


When you wonder why President Barack Obama seems to have done nothing to prevent ISIS from coming to power despite being forewarned, think about the value of NSA stimulus. The headline from is succinct: “The Islamic State makes electronic

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Why Did the Secret Service Fail Twice in One Weekend?

secret service

I am going to turn the tables on you today. I typically use my commentary to explain to the reader what I think is happening.  Today, I would like to hear from you. What is going on?  Something is VERY

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Can the Feds Track Terrorists Who Returned to the Homeland?


They can collect every innocent American’s emails—record every phone call—take time out to trash people’s homes and terrify them with Gestapo tactics to confiscate a vehicle they claim pollutes too much—but the Federal government can’t even keep track of individuals

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DHS Incompetence: The Good and the Bad


I find this information about DHS incompetence to be stunningly good news… and horribly bad news. It’s great news, because DHS is an abysmal idea, which can be handled by other law enforcement departments and agencies–that in many cases have

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Is Barack Obama Even Trying to Defeat ISIS?

samantha power

For years Barack Obama has wanted to get more heavily involved in Syria, and not to defeat ISIS. While the Obama Administration is still claiming they will not send American ground troops to engage in combat, they have obviously wanted

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