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Drunk Drone Driving Admitted… but Government Employee


Drone operator confesses but he will probably not be prosecuted. Here is Exhibit 651,906,335,007 that government employees—even in the “intelligence” realm—are fallible human beings who should not be trusted with unfettered access to great power, or our most private information.

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TSA Saves Airline Passengers from Man Learning Arabic

tsa uniforms

If you are learning Arabic, don’t put your flash cards in your pocket. The TSA will get you. This is a painful story to post, not least because it means I have to link the ACLU’s official site. But, frankly,

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Army Charges Bergdahl as Deserter, Source Says


Not that the Obama Administration would announce such a thing, but apparently Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, for whom five terrorist leaders were swapped, is going to be charged as a deserter, according to retired Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer, who spoke

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TSA Covered Up Security Lapses by Classifying Them as Secret


By claiming they were “Sensitive Security Information,” the TSA covered up failures by abusing their authority. As we all know, the Transportation Security Administration trumpets its own accomplishments, or its claims to have significant accomplishments. They want the newspaper to

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TSA Still Hasn’t Caught a Terrorist


The TSA is boasting about weapons found in carryons, but the agency exists to protect us from a real terrorist attack. The USA Today released what is essentially a Transportation Security Administration public relations memo: “TSA finds record number of

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CIA Not Guilty according to CIA Report


The agency is allowed to investigate itself and find the CIA not guilty. So at first it was an accusation that was beyond the scope of reason, according to the CIA. Then, suddenly, it was true after all; the CIA

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GOP Immigration Vote: Fighting Obama or Playacting?


The GOP immigration vote tied the issue to Homeland Security. Does this mean they plan to cave? According to Associated Press, “House Dumps Key Obama Immigration Reforms.” In an assault on one of President Obama’s top domestic priorities, House Republicans

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Dear Senator: Second Amendment Is Real Homeland Security!

flag pistol

Lindsey Graham is afraid to confront Obama fully because we can’t live without Homeland Security. Lots of fodder for discussion in this article at National Review, “What Not Even the King of England Could Do,” like: Not even the King

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Anti-Islamic Feeling in Europe is Rationality, not Racism!

merkel muslims

There are obvious reasons for anti-Islamic feeling. So one of the interesting features of the Islamic killings in Paris, is the reaction of German Prime Minister Angela Merkel. She was in Britain recently, and the Daily Mail reported on her public

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CIA Watchdog Leaving After Reporting on Illegal Spying

cia feinstein

Is it supposed to be a coincidence that the CIA watchdog is leaving now? The problem with a secret organization within government is that our government is supposed to be accountable to voters. We are supposed to be able to

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Bruce Fein in Washington Times: End the CIA!


Why should conservatives support the liberal CIA? Other than Ron Paul, during his 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns, I never thought I would hear this from a conservative outlet. But Bruce Fein has re-launched the idea at the Washington Times:

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CAIR Sues Navy Over Beard Discrimination


A Muslim sailor has filed suit against the Navy for alleged discrimination that occurred after he requested to be allowed to grow a beard for religious reasons. The Council on American Islamic Relations is representing Jonathan Berts, who requested to

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