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Big-Name Evangelists Leading Church Astray

end-is-near Troy Anderson, writing for WND, opens his first of seven articles with this line: “God’s prophet” – famed evangelist Billy Graham – is praying America will experience another “great spiritual awakening.” OK. I’m for that, although I wouldn’t call Graham a “prophet” since he’s been wrong on a number of issues over the years. The […] Continue reading →

Jesus: The True ‘Political Outcast’

cross Many families will gather together on Sunday to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is nothing short of miraculous that anything that happened 2000 years ago is even remembered, let alone celebrated. But what is often overlooked in this event—the most important one in world history—is the political nature of the death and resurrection […] Continue reading →

Rules for the Remnant (Part 2)

elijah It should be obvious by now that a mission to the Remnant is a thankless and tiring job. We have already learned that (1) the masses aren’t much interested in Remnant messages, but despite this (2) the truth must be spoken clearly and often. These are the first two rules of Remnant work. The last […] Continue reading →

Have Jewish Voters Given Up on Israel?

state of israel is born One of the big mistakes Republicans make in presidential elections is that they believe a President’s positive policies toward Israel have an impact on a majority of Jewish voters. Most Jews are social liberals. Many are atheists. While Jews who survived the Holocaust might care about modern Israel, there’s good evidence that younger Jews have […] Continue reading →

NASA Warns Of Mayan Calendar Hysteria

scream NASA is warning that the Mayan calendar predictions about the end of the world on December 21st pose real threats to children and depressed teenagers. They don’t actually think that the world is going to end. They’re warning that rumors of an apocalypse may actually frighten young people to death. The Daily Mail reported:  “David […] Continue reading →