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Racism in Illinois Concealed Carry Permits?

hypocrisy meter

A black gun owner denied a concealed carry permit, along with many others, raises questions about racism in Illinois government. Liberal racists? If so, this should not surprise you at all! Didn’t Michael Bloomberg tell us that minorities must be

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Black Families, Poverty, and the Barack Obama Regime

poverty rate black married

How have black families fared financially under the Barack Obama Administration? Not well. A couple of days ago I read a fascinating column by Thomas Sowell over at “Race, Politics, and Lies.” Among the many painful ironies in the

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The Claim of Racist Police Doesn’t Explain Freddie Gray

joan walsh patronizing

Joan Walsh pushed the racist police explanation by claiming that everyone knows that black cops are under the control of white cops. I have complained before about alleged police brutality issues being smudged into race issues. The Freddie Gray story is

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Baltimore: Whatever Happened to Martin Luther King?

love changes

The tactics of Martin Luther King appear to have been completely forgotten. “Protestor #1″ – Yo, did you hear what they did to Freddie Gray?!? That ain’t right! Police can’t treat us like no animals. “Protestor #2″ – That’s right…

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Toni Morrison Is an Ignorant Psycho

police gun

Toni Morrison says she wants “to see a cop shoot a white unarmed teenager.” Ed Krayewski at says that this is “borderline sociopathic.” Drop the first word and then I will agree. He quotes from Toni Morrison’s interview at

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Clorox Reveals We Are Nation of Idiot Whiners

clorox bleach

Clorox made a simple tweet about bleach that brought down the wrath of the guardians of racial orthodoxy. I had seen this story before, but decided it was too stupid to write about. Then it showed up in more mainstream

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College Professor Doubles Down on Christian Hatred


Rutgers University Professor Brittney Cooper is not the sort of person you want your children having as a teacher. That much is clear. Lately, she’s making quite an infamous name for herself because of her Holy Week essay titled “The Right’s

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This Cannot Be a Hate Crime, Comrades

coke pepsi hate

Black men beating up a white man for failing to answer a question about Michael Brown correctly: definitely not a hate crime. Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure (fight starts at about 1:40): According to my local Fox 2 Station: The

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Cal Students Demand to Rename Building for Cop Killer, Communist


UC Berkeley, the university that practically invented student protest as a form of recreation, is the site of one of the dumber recent spasms of outrage from the racial front lines. The Black Student Union says black students have been

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Race Together - Starbucks Gets Beaten Back via Twitter

starbucks cash

A Starbucks Senior Executive found his politically correct Race Together campaign was silly; twitter let him know. If you think “race” is invoked for non-racial reasons all too often in this country, then the Starbucks campaign can only irritate you.

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Money Privilege in Ferguson

gavel cash money

Whether or not it falls along racial lines, money privilege is a real problem. Every time a white person is shown to have privileges we are all told with great confidence and moral superiority that this is the problem of

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Harry Reid Endorsed White Male for Office: Racism!


Liberals think that political endorsements should be given according to affirmative action so that a minority gets office instead of a white male. While it is delicious to read about Harry Reid becoming the target of Liberal bullying, it still

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