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White, Black, or Other: Give Thanks for Privilege

voddie baucham

Whether it is White privilege or any other kind, you should feel grateful to God for it, not guilty. An African American pastor wrote, “My sons have far more to fear from making bad choices than they have to fear

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Al Sharpton Should be Arrested in Ferguson!


With a mind impervious to facts, and a heart unaffected by truth, Al Sharpton is reportedly on his way to Ferguson. If I were an official there, I’d have someone ready to arrest him for further inciting riots, the moment

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The Grand Jury Decision: What is Next for Ferguson?

Ferguson police

The Grand Jury has ruled; so the question now is: How will people receive the news? [Editor’s note: Obviously this was written soon after the announcement but before the violence was reported. Please pray for Ferguson and St. Louis.] I am

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Is Race Politics Corrupting Justice?

Embrace Diversity People

Eric Holder takes race politics to a new low when he refuses to allow the death penalty for a black-on-white murder. Some of us really don’t care about the color of skin involved. A human is a human is a

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Racists, Red Herrings & Rhetoric…Oh My!

red herring

Are you tired of being slapped with the label “racist” whenever you speak against  unconstitutional policies like affirmative action, amnesty for illegal aliens, or anyone who supports such efforts?  Who benefits from rhetorical games in matters of equality and law?

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Reducing Fertility in Poor Countries a Huge Priority to Wealthy Westerners


New injection is provided for reducing fertility in poorest countries. Recently I posted about a massacre in India where many women were killed by non-hygienic sterilizations. Women are bribed for a pittance to give up any chance of future children.

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Facts Don’t Matter to Ferguson Activists

obama reid media

The Washington Post’s story on Ferguson activists joins with them in not worrying about facts. One of the most influential media sources in the nation, and NOT ONCE does the “reporter” ask the people she’s covering to talk about the

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American Couple Abandoned as Sacrifice to Empire


In order to have a “war on terror,” we basically not only arm and support terrorists, but we bend over to stay friends with “states” that themselves practice what amounts to terrorism. A couple of recent victims of this “terrorism”

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Charles Barkley Should Have Included Whites in His Critique

charles barkley

What Charles Barkley said was not only non-racist, but much of it applied to Whites as well as Blacks. Here’s the report from the Alabama news site, “’Unintelligent’ blacks ‘brainwashed’ to choose street cred over success: Charles Barkley.” Speaking

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Don’t Judge by the Color of Skin but by the Killing


The rule to not judge by the color of skin but by the content of character means justice must be blind. We lived in Columbia for a while, waiting for a house to be finished. It was a nice little town, best

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The Tainted Testimony the Media Gave Us on Ferguson

al sharpton

When the media can only get stories from the witnesses who are not intimidated, the result is tainted testimony. Here’s the Independent Journal Review quoting The Washington Post: Ferguson, Mo., police officer Darren Wilson and Michael Brown fought for control

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Was the Michael Brown Shooting Justified? What If It Was?


A former police chief speaks on the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson. St. Louis needs to brace for impact. Police have done themselves no favors by heavy-handed and unnecessary tactics in so many instances, but you still have to let

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