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Eric Holder Wishes He Could Punish More Victims of False Allegations


While Eric Holder wishes it were easier to prosecute civil rights cases, he throws out his own imaginary accusations to show where that would lead. Everything you need to know about Eric Holder and his failed ideology is contained in

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What Do Fake Racist Attack Stories Tell Us about the U.S.?

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A fraudulent racist attack allegation shows us that power is available through victimhood. After a horrific triple homicide, a great many people wanted to convince us that the crime was really bad because of an alleged racist motivation. Now we

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Teaching Children to Cheat and Use the Race Card

baseball bat

Is this what Little League is supposed to be teaching children about life? From ABC 7: After Jackie Robinson West was stripped of their national title in the 2014 Little League World Series, some are saying that racism influenced the Little

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Michael Bloomberg Says Some Races Should Be Disarmed


The former New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg, says cities should get guns away from some races to keep them alive. It is amazing to me what Liberals will say. At a time when African Americans are re-discovering the Second

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Is Triple Murder for Wrong Motives Worse than Other Kind?

haters gonna hate

Media and police are all worried about whether a triple murder was committed for the wrong motives. Why? Three people were murdered. The media is reporting on how wonderful these three victims were. I think it is great to give

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Muslim Men Get Away with Rape because White Privilege

see no evil

The way Pakistani men were allowed to get away with targeting white girls for sex trafficking proves the myth of White privilege is designed to justify racial injustice. Back in August I posted about the scandal in Rotherham, England: “Child

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United Nations Plans to Scrub Internet Free of Hate Speech

I hate You

Mass global censorship of hate speech is the United Nation’s self-proclaimed goal. After the Islamic attack on the Charlie Hebdo newspaper we saw incredible posturing about freedom of speech. But it was all a ruse. There is no free speech

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More Criminals in Ferguson. Will They Too Get Rewarded?

Dorian Johnson

Why should they be punished if Dorian Johnson was rewarded with a city job? According to a report in the Smoking Gun (“Surveillance Video Shows Tidal Wave Of Looters Ransacking Ferguson, Missouri Market.”), authorities are asking for assistance to identify nearly

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European Jews Beg for Permission to Arm Themselves

concealed carry 5

Why should anyone need to beg for permission to protect their own lives? The Washington Free Beacon shows us what kind of tyranny Western Europe is under: “Europe’s Leading Rabbi: Jews Must Begin Carrying Guns.” One of Europe’s most prominent

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Do Black Lives Really Matter to Black Leadership?


Activism is driven by money, not black lives. I hope this makes all the race-baiters squeal.  They can save their ink and they can save their time; I will not apologize for speaking the truth.  Someone needs to expose the

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Obama, Holder Have More White Privilege than Most Whites


White privilege is real but it isn’t white. Since a state senator in my area recently promised to remember the crimes of white privilege, I think I will take this opportunity to publicly agree with her. According to a local

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Even White Separatists Get Free Speech

First Amendment

If Americans believe in free speech we need to stop judging people by what they allow other people to say. The mayor is concerned for his town’s reputation and I can understand why. But this is a learning opportunity for

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