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Obamas Complain of all the Bias They've Faced


It’s certainly a rough life where you get to attend black tie dinners and eat at fancy restaurants on a regular basis. Just imagine the difficulties of having to struggle through that while being black. Well, President Obama and the

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Grand Jury: No Charges against Jasper, Texas, Cops

diggles of jasper

A grand jury refuses to indict fired police officers caught in a controversial video. Here is the footage that started the controversy: In this case, the two policemen in the video were fired along with another who conducted a strip

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Why Is Fox News So White?

walter williams thomas sowell

Fox News should be reaching for a wider demographic. Is it any wonder that America thinks that all blacks are liberals?  Can you name one black conservative who is a consistent, recognizable face on Fox News? They have their standard

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Jon Stewart on Eric Garner: Pushing Race

police gun

I want to like him, but Jon Stewart on Eric Garner really disappoints me. One of the Freedom-oriented pages in my Facebook feed shared a link to Jon Stewart’s rant about Eric Garner, with their own headline, “Jon Stewart Loses

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Christian Rapper Lecrae Writes about Police

lecrae on eric garner

The Christian Rap artist LeCrae took to Facebook about police and the abuse of authority yesterday. He started with praise. In fact, he credited a police officer with helping him come back to Jesus. My family members are police officers. I

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Can We Please Dump the Racism Accusation?


The racism accusation serves no purpose but to confuse issues and manufacture outrage. Here’s an interesting headline from the Washington Times: “David Clarke, black Milwaukee sheriff: Eric Holder has ‘disgusted’ me.” Attorney General Eric Holder is guilty of race-bait tactics

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Charles Barkley Refuses the Ferguson Story

charles barkley

Charles Barkley defended the grand jury while condemning rioters. The sports star refuses to feel pressured to conform to racial (racist?) expectations. He has his own opinions. He recently shared them on the Philadelphia radio station 97.5 The Fanatic. Here

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Thoughts on Ferguson and Race

Ferguson protest Jesus

Here I stand: a Latin American analyzing the Ferguson scene. What follows is a less-than-eloquent analysis, but an analysis nevertheless. I have little to offer, except to say that I have been racially profiled on several occasions. At one time,

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The Nazis among Us Keep Killing Minorities and Disabled

Nazi Germany

Nazis claim to be Liberals because they are soooooo compassionate. Seriously: What do you call a movement that ardently defends homicide with a special emphasis on the disabled and on racial minorities? Does this name change if the members of

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Rams Football Players Defame Police in Public for Ferguson


There is no IQ test that qualifies pro football players —that we know. Here is the report on the Rams and Ferguson from, “St. Louis Cops Fume Over Rams’ Ferguson Protest.” At yesterday’s game, five players for the St.

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Affirmative Mortality

race card

Affirmative Morality is the altering of the moral rule book.  It is a different set of rules for different players (often according to their race). If Barack Obama had a son I guess he would live in Ferguson, Missouri. I

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White, Black, or Other: Give Thanks for Privilege

voddie baucham

Whether it is White privilege or any other kind, you should feel grateful to God for it, not guilty. An African American pastor wrote, “My sons have far more to fear from making bad choices than they have to fear

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