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More Evidence We Don’t Want Government Giving Dietary Guidelines

Milking Cow For years the government’s dietary guidelines scared us away from whole milk—and made us unhealthier! Since the Washington Post is a mainstream media outlet, I am surprised it is willing to admit how unscientific the government’s advice has been: “For decades, the government steered millions away from whole milk. Was that wrong?” U.S. dietary guidelines have long recommended that people steer clear of whole milk, and for decades, Americans have obeyed. Whole milk sales shrunk. It was Read more [...] Continue reading →

Computer Models for Hurricane Completely Contradict One Another

global warming v models NPR interviews weather expert about why no one can be sure where the hurricane will land because of the different computer models. We are told that climate change is “settled science” when the computer models are proven wrong all the time. This conversation on NPR is amazing because it admits freely that scientists can’t agree on the path of a hurricane because different computer models give them different results. The scientists are all using the same data and coming to entirely Read more [...] Continue reading →

Is It so Unreasonable that Rush Limbaugh Doubts NASA?

rush limbaugh The media assumes it is comical and ridiculous that Rush Limbaugh doubts NASA on the presence of water on Mars. The people at Politico unquestionably enjoyed this brief jab at Rush Limbaugh: “Rush Limbaugh pans evidence of water on Mars as part of 'leftist agenda'.” Flowing water on Mars? That’s just part of the liberal agenda, Rush Limbaugh says. The conservative radio talk show host addressed NASA’s announcement on Monday that it had found evidence of flowing water on present-day Mars, Read more [...] Continue reading →

Global Warming Data Is Mostly Made Up

global warming thermometer One researcher estimates that at least 92% of global warming data on surface temperature is based on estimates, not measurements. We have posted about problems with the global warming data before, but there seem to always be new levels of the problem to be discovered. One of the latest parts of the scam is described by John Goetz at the Watts Up With That blog: “Approximately 92% (or 99%) of USHCN surface temperature data consists of estimated values.” As he summarizes his findings: An Read more [...] Continue reading →

About that Disappearing Polar Ice

frozen al gore NASA finally shows us that the disappearing polar ice came back years ago and has grown larger than before. Al Gore and others of his tribe have assured us that the polar ice is receding, vanishing, melting… But then odd things happen. Sometimes we get reports that the polar ice cap is thicker than ever. Other times a ship, carrying researchers who want to investigate the disappearing ice, gets stuck trapped in the ice that is not supposed to be there. The reason, we are now told, is that Read more [...] Continue reading →

The Campaign to Criminalize Climate Change Dissent

 A group of scientists are petitioning Barack Obama to criminalize climate change dissent by prosecuting the dissenters under RICO law. Since most scientists in the United States and the Western countries generally are a pack of welfare dependents, this request amounts to the government asking itself to expand its power. “Science” is now a government-industry that has massively expanded since WWII through the state university system as well as through funding for “research.” So these Read more [...] Continue reading →

New Executive Order: Government Must Use Behavioral Science

09052012ObamaHandOverMouth Barack Obama has issued an executive order for agencies to use behavioral science to make policies. If you have ever felt that the government was trying to manipulate you… well, it might get worse. Barack Obama believes so strongly in the power of the behavioral sciences to reach us that he has made its use official. reports, A new executive order from President Obama directs all government agencies to use psychological science and data to help connect more Americans to government Read more [...] Continue reading →

Kim Davis and Care for the Soul

kim davis It has happened. In Kentucky on Thursday last week federal Judge David Bunning ordered the Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis jailed for refusing to issue a marriage license to sodomites. When the news was heard outside the courthouse, the crowd burst into a chant of “Love won! Love won!” Think of the implications of that. The supporters of sodomite-unmarriage cheered the jailing of Kim Davis claiming, “Love won.” The persecution of Christians is relabeled as a victory of Love. It reminded me Read more [...] Continue reading →

Newsweek Questions Water Fluoridation

fluoridebag1 There was no basis for the fluoridation of water when it was considered healthy, but it does nothing! Plus it causes health risks. I guess, amid all the other “science” scams the government is working hard to push onto the American people and the entire globe, they let this old standby slide. Newsweek’s headline: “Fluoridation May Not Prevent Cavities, Scientific Review Shows.” If you’re like two-thirds of Americans, fluoride is added to your tap water for the purpose of reducing Read more [...] Continue reading →

Denying Me Your Daughters’ Restroom is Bigotry!

transgender restroom A teen high school student with long hair and some makeup thinks anyone who treats him like a male is guilty of bigotry. The difference between girls and boys is not how they wear their hair. You would think high school students would know that. KMOV reports, “Hillsboro High School students stage walkout in dispute over transgender student.” More than 150 students walked out of Hillsboro High School over a dispute about the use of the girls' locker room by a transgender student. The Read more [...] Continue reading →

More Evidence the Government Does Not Care About Your Health

go4life If you want to find out about how to improve your health, free guidance from the government may cost you more than you expect! This is a politics and culture blog, not a health and fitness blog. But the posts have talked about diet and health issues more than anyone would expect because the government keeps claiming to be able to help us with its alleged expertise. As Mark Horne points out, the government’s expertise is vastly overrated. Often the government ends up hijacking health science Read more [...] Continue reading →

"We're Going to Procure a Brain" – StemExpress Whistleblower Remembers Cutting through a Baby's Face

stemexpress ex procurement The only way to get the brain intact with both hemispheres and the brain stem is to go through the baby's face. I realize that the Planned Parenthood expose videos are so disturbing that you don’t want to watch them. But don’t let that stop you. Society wants you to avert your eyes and pretend nothing is happening. Just scurry past the victim bleeding on the roadside and act like you didn’t see him. But this isn’t a visually graphic video. It merely lets a woman tell her story about Read more [...] Continue reading →