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One Year Ago: New York Times Warned of End of Snow

frozen al gore

Today journalists are preparing for a blizzard, last year they were telling us about the end of snow. Here is a post about (unintentional) humor post. It was published about one year ago in the New York Times. Maybe all

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Scientists Call a Halt to Overselling Calamities

stranded polar bear

Respected scientists are complaining about reports that are overselling calamities. When Nature magazine runs an editorial about it, the problem has to be growing to an embarrassing size. Bob Tisdale guest posted about the problem at the climate change skeptic

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So-called Settled Science Is Really Dogmatic Science

science is settled gore

Dogmatic Science & Arrival of Native Americans: “Science By Press Release” & Career Advancement A fascinating article has been posted at Indian Country Today in which Alex Ewen talks about a long ongoing war between linguists and anthropologists/archaeologists when it comes to

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The Sun Causes Global Warming

polar bears roasting penguin

Politicians don’t admit the truth because then they wouldn’t be able to “fix” global warming. Here we have the obvious truth from the Economic Times: “Fears of man-made global warming exaggerated.” Two of three scientists at a session on climate

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Science: Kids Are Sinners after All?

i am not a sinner

An earlier study said that young kids were naturally saints; the new one finds evidence of sinners. As we discovered in Portland, Oregon, some people get completely unhinged about noticing that children are sinners. Of course, “sinner” in the Bible

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Group Using Cash to Get Churches to Affirm Evolution

evolution of the hand

Can evolution be pushed at Christians with money? So it seems the BioLogos Foundation is taking a page out of government liberalism by dangling wads of cash in front of churches, academics, and ministries to get them to change their

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Don’t Thank God but Thank a Corporation?


I think Lynn Beisner is quite right to question what people are thinking when they thank God for being spared from harm. But I still think thanking Honda, not God, as she advocates in the Washington Post, is a pretty

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Galileo versus the Environmental Protection Agency


Why the Environmental Protection Agency is not the proper stage for a debate about science. The year was 1616. The year prior, Galileo Galilei’s works on heliocentrism and his Letter to the Grand Duchess Christina, arguing that heliocentrism was not contrary to

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Backing Out of the HIV Story?


A few days ago I pointed out this odd HIV story that claimed a health crisis was brewing. People with HIV are not taking the drugs that claim to slow the disease and stop it from spreading. What was odd

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HIV Health Crisis or Exposure of Scaremongering?

lies people statistics

The news report at the Sun Herald takes the position that this is an HIV health crisis story: “70 percent of Americans with HIV don’t have virus under control.” Seventy percent of Americans who have HIV do not have the

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The FDA Wants You to Have an Eating Disorder

calories in calories out

The FDA is trying to make you obsess over numbers when you eat—a recipe for an eating disorder. Following the sad lead of Michelle Obama, the Food and Drug Administration has decided that encouraging a nationwide starvation diet will make

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Censored Science Is Big Government’s Ideal

gruber meme

Why do you think the Feds prefer censored science data? The Daily Signal headline asks a question: “Why Does Washington Want to Hide Science Data From the Public?” Imagine a teacher asking this in a class where yours truly is

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