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AARP Admits Homosexuality Not Immutable

Eich homosex scapegoat

Is homosexuality not immutable? Robert Gagnon, the faithful Bible scholar recently observed, “I guess homosexual orientation is not immutable like race and gender after all.” He was referring to this article in the AARP magazine’s website, “Can Sexual Preference Change

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No Global Warming for 19 Years So UN Searches for a Cheerleader


No global warming for 19 years. 19 years! But we’re all gonna die… soon. And the ice at the polar cap is gonna melt one of these centuries (instead of becoming huge, as it has this year). Really. Al Gore

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Farmer’s Almanac Predicts Severe Winter, Not Warming


Other experts are beginning to agree with their predictions, but not many people give credence to the Farmer’s Almanac. It makes predictions based on a secret method, but we are told that they use sunspot activity in making their calculations.

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Now Admitted: Fluoride in Drinking Water Reduces Intelligence

tooth decay trends 2

Scientific American now admits that fluoride in drinking water may reduce the intelligence of the drinker. To evade the impact of this admission, they misdirect readers to be concerned about wells in Maine rather than about any other drinking water

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Jimmy Carter Advocates Taxing Carbon Dioxide

jimmy carter

Jimmy Carter is no climate scientist, but he acts like simply assuming an alleged consensus is all the authority he needs. In a world where the claims of global warming have been dismantled and the climate change believers are already

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Playing With Ebola is Gambling With Human Lives


There’s hardly a student today who is not inflicted by the leftist version of history in which all evil is America’s responsibility. In that version of reality, Europeans beginning with Columbus committed “genocide” against native Americans by simply bringing illnesses with

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“Science” “Shows” Children Raised by Homosexual Couples Are Happier

children of homosexual parents

A guy raising a child with his male partner did a study that shows that the children raised in homosexual homes are “healthier and happier” than children raised otherwise. Think maybe his agenda overcame his “science”? Family Voice Australia research

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BBC Wants to Publish “Disappearing Redhead”-Type Stories without Pushback

no redhead

The “disappearing redheads” story is here: “In pictures: Climate change could make red hair a thing of the past if Scotland gets sunnier.” Redheads could become extinct as Scotland gets sunnier, experts have claimed. The gene that causes red hair

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Washington Ministry of Truth Bureaucrat & Chief Weather Wizard is Immune from Accountability


Wow. I wonder if I can get the White House to post videos of my own “personal opinions” and use government resources to spread my totally unsupported claims (wait, I try NOT to make any totally unsupported claims, but… let’s

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Wall Street Journal Pushes Back Against Transgender Delusion

john hopkins hospital

Thus far three states have passed laws forbidding psychiatrists from trying to help children get rid of the feeling that they are different than their gender. These laws are based on superstition. The entire civil rights industry that has sprung

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Barack Obama: Climate "Deniers" Are "Threat to Everybody's Future"

barack obama u cal irvine

Addressing the graduates and their families at University of California, Irvine—or, rather, using them as an excuse to grandstand on television—Barack Obama attacked the Prime Ministers of Australia and Canada for resisting carbon taxes… Just kidding. He attacked the peoples’

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Scientist Association Can’t Force Members to Agree with Manmade Global Warming Despite Trying Hard


From JoAnne Nova’s blog: So much for the consensus.  In 2012 The Geological Society of Australia (GSA) was one of the few associations to make a slightly skeptical position on climate. For poking their heads above the parapet they’ve had years of

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