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Government Wants Citizens Disarmored as Well as Disarmed.


Politician makes new attempt to leave Americans disarmed — by banning body armor. Back in the beginning of 2013, Gary DeMar wrote an astute post entitled, “It’s OK to Kill When You’re the Government.” Among other things, he said: In

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Man Profiles, Attacks Concealed Carrier

African American

A concealed carrier, who happened to be a minority, got assaulted because a young white guy saw his weapon. I’m not saying that the attack was racially motivated, but it is hard not to suspect that racial stereotypes helped the

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The Ultimate Counter-Terrorism: No Soft Targets

concealed carry

A crime story shows how the U.S. can fight terrorism by providing no soft targets. When terrorism takes the form of shooting people in an office or gunning down shoppers at a store, it becomes even more obvious where the

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Thomas Massie: End Federal Gun Ban in Schools!

rifle team

The Federal gun ban is unconstitutional and makes students easy targets for shooters. One of Ron Paul’s heroic attempts to liberate the American people seven years ago has been revived! Rare reports, “Thomas Massie introduces bill to repeal law banning

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Principal: Let Children Protect Themselves With Cans


Since the nation’s public schools are gun-free zones, that makes them plum targets for any crazy looking to get his name in the paper by shooting a bunch of people. Liberals won’t ever admit that, but they know it or

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Dear Senator: Second Amendment Is Real Homeland Security!

flag pistol

Lindsey Graham is afraid to confront Obama fully because we can’t live without Homeland Security. Lots of fodder for discussion in this article at National Review, “What Not Even the King of England Could Do,” like: Not even the King

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Colorado, Pot, Guns - Drug Defeat or Second Amendment Victory?


What do Colorado, pot, guns have to do with one another? Many Conservatives believe in marijuana prohibition. So they might see this news from as another sad defeat for Conservative culture. Two Colorado firearms instructors are planning a ballot initiative in

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If Only Police Should Have Guns, Will We Be Safe?

bastiat on human nature and liberty

Another story that should shake the faith of anyone who thinks only police should have guns. Because only police should have guns. You see, they’re a special, angelic form of people who never shoot the innocent or gun someone down by

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Driving While Gun-Owning is the New Driving While Black

police gun

Driving while gun-owning in Maryland will get you targeted by a “legal” search. When you hear people complain about how the cops can stop people for “driving while black” that basic contention is that there are so many laws that

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Why You Should be Armed in Your Home

handgun table

When a gunman puts the barrel against your wife’s neck you will want to be armed in your home. Bob Allen recently posted a video demonstrating why you should be armed in your car. Now here is a story demonstrating

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Hero Cop Disarms Assailant


A true hero cop takes effective but non-lethal action. Portraying cops as heroes is sometimes unrealistic, not because cops are villains but because they, just like the rest of us, have a right to not be heroes. A cop who

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Video Shows Why You Should be Armed in Your Vehicle

fake cop road rage

When you are armed, you have another option besides begging for help over 911. What would you do if a vehicle was pursuing you, attempting to force you off the road, flashing a badge and purporting to be an officer,

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