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The Turn Away from God means Idolizing Government


We are idolizing government and building fascism into our nation; the problem is spiritual. Throughout Barack Obama’s Presidency many have accused him of supporting Socialism. Of course, given the historical and dictionary definition of the term, that is not accurate—government

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Russia Pushing All Obama's Buttons


It was one of those head-shaking moments, darn near historic in the stupidity it represented at the top levels of the Obama Administration. Secretary of State John Kerry, who by the way served in Vietnam, finally admitted in congressional testimony

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FCC Grab of the Internet being Kept Secret from Us Peasants


Why should a revolution in the government’s relationship to the internet be kept secret? Ajit Pai, a Republican member of the Federal Communications Commission released a statement that began thus: ON PRESIDENT OBAMA’S PLAN TO REGULATE THE INTERNET Last night,

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Coming Here Soon: 3000 Operations Cancelled in the UK

healthcare human right

When politics runs medical care… prepare to wait… and wait… as you see beds fill up and operations cancelled and people die without care… 2015 isn’t beginning well for Brits relying on their government for medical care. reports, “3,000

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Socialist Medicine Fails in Vermont


“Single-Payer” Healthcare is just a euphemism for socialist medicine. The Governor of Vermont has given up on it. I am sure I disagree with many things that Governor Peter Shumlin believes and does as the chief executive for the state

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Current Pope, Despite His Virtues, Is a Socialist

Pope Francis 1

If he walks like a socialist and he quacks like a socialist… From Joel McDurnon at the American Vision website: You’ve heard of “legitimate rape,” now meet its state-sanctioned cousin, “legitimate robbery.” Or, at least, hear it in the euphemized

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Ferguson Just Waiting for the Match to be Struck


When I was in school, it occasionally happened that some bullies would “call out” a hapless victim after school. Being called out meant that you were penciled in for an appointment with doom. Specifics could vary, but essentially bullies were

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French Flee Socialism. How Long before a U.S. Exodus?

french socialism

The numbers of expatriates in London and elsewhere are growing as the French flee socialism. While we typically think of the French as “more socialist” than Americans, we need to remember that we are characterizing an entire nation of people. There

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U.S. Decline: Ranks #36 for Protecting Private Property

they hate us for our freedoms

Behind U.S. decline in economic freedom is a story of decline in spiritual freedom. As long as government makes itself the tool of injustice—failing to uphold its basic mandate to protect life (you shall not murder) and refusing to defend

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Francois Hollande Hates the Poor, According to His Ex-Girlfriend


If Francois Hollande hates the poor, Valérie Trierweiler would know about it. Of course, she could also be exaggerating since he cheated on her. (The whole relationship is bizarre since they were never married—and their relationship began while she was

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Jobs Pay 23 Percent Less Today Than Before Obama


Remember in 2009, right after coming into office, President Obama and his top aides swore they would “focus like a laser” on jobs? Sadly, it turns out that Obama apparently learned to use that laser at the Imperial Stormtrooper School

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Climate Change Summit Calls for End of Capitalism


Refreshing honesty! Alleged Climate Change is not primarily about science, or facts, or temperatures—it’s about ending capitalism, and installing global socialism that will plunder productive nations to provide graft to socialist hell holes which have devastated both their national economies,

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