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More Pretend Law Enforcement from Congress over Criminal IRS Behavior

irs bonuses

If Republicans were serious about criminal IRS behavior they would have already sent a SWAT team to Lerner’s home, and seized all of her personal computers (as has been done with so many innocent, average citizens by the IRS in

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Will the IRS Monitor Sermons? They Promise Atheist Group to Do So

1st amendment

Why would the IRS monitor sermons? Let’s get real about the First Amendment and modern Pansex culture. The Bible teaches that marriage is between a man and woman and that there should be no sexual activity outside a marriage. Defining

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So Just HOW Did the Lois Lerner Hard Drive Get Scratched at the IRS?

lois lerner

What an amazing set of “coincidences.” “Failed” computers, prematurely “retired” equipment, dumping the IT backup vendor just after the investigation began: these guys make Watergate look like knocking off a kid’s lemonade stand. As the Daily Caller reports, Ex-IRS official

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Why Not Make the U.S. a “Tax Haven” for Corporations? Or for Everyone?!


We Americans like to flatter ourselves that we have the lowest taxes in the Western “Democracies.” That’s because we look at individual tax rates. When it comes to corporations, our tax rates are not low at all. There are many

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The Spanish Version of Banksta’s Paradise


First, the nations of the West quietly implemented “bail-in” laws, so that in the event of a banking crisis, account-holders will pay for the sins of their bankers. Citizens in Cyprus found out the hard way that the phrase “as

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The Truth About the IRS Scandal? The Computer Ate It


Ah, those dear old days of school, when you hadn’t done your homework and told the teacher that Rover, the faithful family dog, had mistaken your project for kibble. Such excuses are a little less endearing in grown-up life, especially

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Ethics Complaint Filed Against 9 Senators For Directing IRS Against Conservative Groups

chuck schumer

Back in late January, I posted about how New York raving Democrat, Senator Chuck Schumer, advocated using the IRS to obstruct and harass the Tea Party. This was long after the IRS scandal had broken. So, at the time, I

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How to Learn from France’s Economy—Lessons Lost on Barack Obama

francois hollande

We’ve been taught today that the way to economic prosperity is through higher taxes and more government intervention. If that were true, France should be among the best performing nations of the world, but that is not the case. How

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IRS Used Tea Party Donor Lists to Select Targets to Punish with Audits


If lots of people don’t go to jail over this, then the Republic is dead. And lots of people are probably never even going to see a court room, let alone go to jail. No, Lois Lerner going to jail

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Lois Lerner Needs to Tell Us the Truth But She is a Secondary Target

sarah hall ingram

Here’s a suggestion: Put Lois in prison as soon as possible. Perhaps after a couple of months she’ll finally be ready to talk. From Roll Call: “In Showdown With Lerner, House Imprisonment Not Out of the Question.” Former tax official

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State Retirement Funds Are Scams to Rip Off Struggling Workers

free money trap

Why is Detroit bankrupt? Why is San Bernardino following in Detroit’s footsteps? Why is Illinois descending into financial crisis? In these cases, and in many other states, the answer is their pensions. They are supposed to pay up to retirees

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The Biblical Rules on Restitution Compared to the Modern Destroyer-State

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From the Campaign for Liberty: A widow owed her county $6.30 in property taxes and unpaid interest. When she didn’t pay- she claims she wasn’t aware of the outstanding bill- the county decided to seize her home and sell it

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