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How Liberalism Ruins Economies: New York State

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New York State is a Detroit-like wasteland thanks to Liberal rule. The Deseret News has run an eye-opening story: “How high taxes and regulation are killing one of the most prosperous states in the nation.” Upstate New York is becoming

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The IRS is Facing Demographic Winter

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One of the best things about demographic winter is that it might starve the government bureaucracies. While the media and the government like to pretend we are overpopulated, the truth is that we are facing population pressures from too few births,

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Obamacare Taxes Are Going to Cost $800 Billion over a Decade

obamacare tax chart

In the period 2013-2022 Obamacare taxes (18 of them) are going to shake down taxpayers for almost a trillion dollars You know, every time you hear about the necessary and much-promised Obamacare subsidies, that someone must be forced to pay

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Democrat: Heirs Must “Earn” Inheritance from Parents

death tax

A Democrat Congresswoman, Linda Sanchez, recently displayed her thinking about justice, inheritance, and the “death tax.” Here are some quotations: What work requirements are there to inherit up to $10 million tax free? Why is that [a single mother] should

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Stephen King Wants to Be Taxed More Heavily

stephen king

Maine Governor’s stupid mistake allows Stephen King to preach taxing the rich again. The great American novelist Stephen King has been given a bunch of free press because Governor Paul LePage thought he had left Maine to escape taxes. LePage

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Why Democrat Tax Hike Proposal Should be Taken Seriously


The Tea Party needs to seriously consider the meaning of this proposed tax hike. I’ve called Republicans “Traitors” for suggesting a tax hike, and I am not interested in cooperating with a Democrat’s proposed tax hike. The reason I think

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Barack Obama Will Raise Taxes through Executive Order


Barack Obama has already been rebuffed by his own party, so he will try to raise taxes through executive order. Bernie Sanders is a self-described “socialist.” Even though he caucuses with the Democrats, he refuses to join them, running as

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IRS Gouges Citizens and Gives Tax Refunds to Illegals

IRS sign 2

How can people who never paid taxes get tax refunds? They can and the IRS is not backing down. Yet another consequence of President Barack Obama’s executive order for amnesty has come to light. According to the Washington Times: “IRS

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Taxpayers Playing Chicken with IRS on Obamacare

repeal obamacare

Americans are playing chicken with the government by refusing to buy insurance, apparently hoping that the government will back down rather than impose the penalties. Frankly, I find the idea of risking the IRS penalty to be a scary prospect.

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Big Brother Food Controllers Want Higher Taxes


Tax-feeding “scientists” want us to pay higher taxes on sugary foods and drinks. From Bloomberg Business: “Tax on Sugary Foods Proposed by U.S. Panel to Fight Obesity.” Americans should pay taxes on sugary sodas and snacks as a way to

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Yet another White House Cover-up: IRS Spying Scandal

keeping secrets no

An investigation into how the IRS shared private information about Conservatives has run into another White House cover-up. Once again we have an Administration that promised transparency refusing to cooperate with any attempt to learn the truth. In this case

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Income Tax Refunds Messed Up for almost a Million by Obamacare

obamacare death star

The Affordable Care Act is interfering with the income tax refunds of about a million people. The first number reported is 800,000. So reports the Associated Press: About 800,000 customers got the wrong tax information from the government, the

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