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IRS Targeting of Conservatives: Still Happening

abolish IRS IRS targeting of conservative groups is still going on according to Darrell Issa. Issa is not the only one claiming that the IRS is engaging in criminal acts. What Judicial Watch claimed they have discovered in IRS emails has been confirmed by a House Congressman: The IRS has been targeting conservative donors. According to the Washington Examiner, “House chairman: Documents prove IRS 'political targeting' of conservatives.” The chairman of the top House committee probing the IRS Read more [...] Continue reading →

Donate to Conservatives: Get Audited

irs delete Judicial Watch has emails that show the IRS used donor lists to decide who got audited. Once again we see the IRS needs to be abolished on First and Fourth Amendment. People are not free to communicate or advocate if they can be subjected to punishments for supporting causes that the IRS does not approve of. And they cannot be free of surveillance and spying if they are required to tell the IRS what causes they support. Being audited is excruciating, even if you are ultimately vindicated. And Read more [...] Continue reading →

Unfinished Jail Shows Why Local Government Doesn’t Work

cash vortex federal employees If you can’t hold people responsible for the damage they do then local government is a pit of corruption rather than a means of self-government. The bankruptcy of Detroit is already well known, but a recent story demonstrates how much the concept of local government in the nation is a pretense for fraud and corruption. Consider this Fox News headline: “Jailhouse Crock: Unfinished prison costs Detroit area taxpayers $1.2M per month.” A prison in downtown Detroit that was deemed too expensive Read more [...] Continue reading →

What Alcohol Taxes Show Us about Taxation

shot glass There is bipartisan agreement about alcohol taxes. That means there should be agreement about all taxes. I think the headline is supposed to be humorous: “New Bipartisan Cause: Cheaper Tequila.” But the news is good for more than a laugh. It shows us that everyone knows that conservatives are right about taxes and the damage they do. Consider how the Hill reports it: “House bill would make vodka, whiskey and rum cheaper.” House Republican Todd Young (Ind.) has introduced Read more [...] Continue reading →

SOCIAL JUSTICE - The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing...

Social Justice The buzzword in government these days is "Social Justice." At a recent government event, a new caucus was established, proudly proclaiming their goal is to promote Social Justice. A real estate agent recently sent me a letter requesting contributions for a new group she established for purposes of promoting Social Justice. Seems like all you have to do these days is proclaim you are advocating Social Justice, and magically, everyone in the room applauds. Isn't this politician wonderful? She's Read more [...] Continue reading →

Tax Cheaters Get Promoted at the IRS

irs bonuses IRS managers not only refused to fire tax cheaters, but gave some promotions. Wow. The same people who accuse and prosecute you and me for making mistakes on our taxes not only get to keep their jobs, but often get promoted at the IRS. Wow. Just wow. From the Washington Times: “IRS gave promotions to tax cheaters: Audit.” The IRS refused to fire most of its own employees found to be cheating on their taxes — and in some cases even quickly turned around and promoted them within the year, Read more [...] Continue reading →

Another IRS Robbery of a Small Business Owner

irs logo They promised to stop doing it, but here is yet another IRS robbery “They seize a little over a hundred thousand dollars out of my business account here, which was all that was in there. It took thirteen years to get it and less than thirteen seconds, I guess, to take it away.” – Lyndon McLellan, owner of L&M Convenience Mart. We really do live in a third-world banana republic: A few days ago, I saw headlines about the promise that the IRS will stop robbing people. I thought Read more [...] Continue reading →

A Smoking Gun Showing that Obama Used the IRS?

irs scandal Judicial Watch claims they have evidence Obama used the IRS to audit critics. While I acknowledge that Wayne Root may be a publicity hound, there's too much smoke around his case not to reasonably suspect a fairly big fire raging in the background. Where that fire initiates could be yet another reason to nail the IRS's coffin shut, permanently. Here is a recent post of his about it: “The Smoking Gun That Ties the IRS Scandal to Obama and Democratic Party.” The IRS scandal just won’t Read more [...] Continue reading →

IRS Audits You for Mistakes but Loses $5.6 Billion in “Stimulus”

IRS sign How is it that the IRS audits us but gets away with misspending billions of dollars? What's wrong with this picture? The IRS can throw away $5.6-billion—BILLION—and no one gets punished; no one loses his job; no one suffers loss from her pension. Everyone gets a free pass! “Oops. Sorry.” (The only thing they lose is their emails when they're under investigation!!) Here is the Washington Times headline: “IRS wasted $5.6B on bogus Obama stimulus tax credits: Audit.” The IRS doled Read more [...] Continue reading →

George Soros Avoids Taxes and Makes Billions

soros obama puppet While George Soros avoids taxes he publicly champions higher taxes for “the rich”—really for people with far less wealth than what he has. The rich must pay their fair share. Unless they identify as Democrat, I guess. From Zero Hedge: “Billionaire Hypocrisy: George Soros May Owe $7 Billion in Taxes.” There’s no question that “everyday Americans” […] would be better off if they got a larger piece of the pie, but as we’ve seen over the past several months, that’s not Read more [...] Continue reading →

Republicans Adding the Spend to Tax and Spend

Capitol-Money-Dollars-Govt-Spending Forget about tax and spend Liberals; tax and spend Republicans are the people we need to worry about now. I’ve written about how the new Republicans that conservatives put in Congress are going to raise taxes. Even back before the November election, claimed that Republicans were ditching “tax cutting mania.” Sure enough, in early January Republicans were openly talking about raising the Federal gas tax—something that I can safely say no one voted them into office to do. But Read more [...] Continue reading →

IRS Took Funds Away from Customer Service

IRS sign According to a report from Congress, the IRS reduced its customer service budget and spent the money for other purposes. John Koskinen, and the rest of the executive staff for the IRS should be unemployed, tomorrow. They had one job, and because they wanted to preserve their bonuses—and 'teach Congress a lesson' for cutting their budget, they punished the very citizens they're supposed to serve. As the Weekly Standard reported, “IRS Deliberately Cut Its Own Customer Service Budget If you Read more [...] Continue reading →