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Big Brother Drives Your Car! New Vehicle Forces You to Obey the Speed Limit

obeys speed limit

When Big Brother drives, he isn’t just controlling you; he is attacking the American heritage. When I learned to drive, the national speed limit was still 55 miles per hour. It is impossible to explain to my children, whom I

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No Charges for Gov Worker for Lost Drone at White House


A Federal employee will not be charged for his lost drone that crashed at the Obama’s residence.   Back when the story first broke of a Federal employee losing control of a drone, Bob Allen posted about it: I love

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Spy Bill Approved as Cybersecurity “Protection”

CyberSecurity Image Number 2

The Senate Intelligence Committee has approved the  Cybersecurity Information Sharing and Protection Act, which is really a spy bill. The Senators on the committee know people are tired of all the spying they have been subjected to, so they aren’t

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Calling Something Net Neutrality Doesn’t Make It Neutral


The FCC’s secret development of Net Neutrality regulations should give us doubts about the label. Just as I was saying in regards to political labels, the labels slapped on many policies today have no relation to what the actual policy

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Hackers Caught Trying to Crack Apple Security: the CIA

bigbrother is watching

The CIA has been working for years to degrade Apple Security according to recent Snowden documents. We need the CIA to give our leaders accurate intelligence about what is going on in the world. That is why they exist and

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Ambassador Fired for Private Email Account


An Ambassador fired by Hillary Clinton’s Chief of Staff says he was punished for using a private email account. New facets of Hillary Clinton’s secret email life as Secretary of State keep coming to light. After her own account was

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Government Stingray May be Disrupting Your Mobile Coverage

one nation under surveillance

The secretive Fed technology, that fakes call towers to spy on people, might be disrupting mobile coverage for others. I’ve posted before about the mysterious “Stingray” technology that intercepts the phones of selected targets, fooling it into thinking it is

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Crispy or Original Recipe? Solar Power Test Fries Birds in Flight


Every time I think about “green energy,” a little voice in my head that sounds like Katharine McPhee starts singing “Over the Rainbow.” (Sorry, Judy Garland fans, but this is the 21st century, and Kat’s got it all over the

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Google Wants to be Internet Pope

google watching you

What makes Google as Internet pope scary is that they are claiming a much wider area of infallibility than the Pope does. I hope Roman Catholics will forgive me if my understanding of Papal infallibility is a little muddled. But

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Why is still not finished when we have spent so much money on it? Way back in December 2013, Bob Allen pointed to the Wall Street Journal’s report on the White House claim to have fixed This weekend

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Another State Persecutes Tesla


Iowa tries to hamper Tesla from reaching potential customers. The Iowa Department of Transportation has made another move against Tesla. I say “another” move because the Iowa state government has already forbidden Teslas to be sold at stores in Iowa.

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Poaching Workers? Employees Are Now Owned Animals?


Apple is accused of poaching engineers from a bankrupt company. Seriously? The Reuters headline pretends it makes perfect sense: “Apple poaching auto engineers to build battery division: lawsuit.” At first I thought (hoped) the headline was taking the perspective of

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