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New Jersey: Pension Promises are Meaningless, Unenforceable

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If you are relying on pension promises for your retirement, maybe you need to reconsider. No matter what is promised and no matter what the law says, if the money does not exist, you will not be paid. I am

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Why Should Cops Have a Right to a Job at Taxpayer Expense?

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You don’t have a right to a job; so why should they have one? A Victoria, Texas, police officer was caught on video tasering a seventy-six year old man twice for allegedly having expired inspection sticker. (Do I even need

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New York Post Whines for More Arrests


Newspaper panicked that cops won’t make more arrests over “minor crimes.” In the first place, let’s be clear about the New York Post’s narrative. They are claiming that current police behavior is driven by fear of being shot. Their headline

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Union Wages Don’t Matter if Cost of Living Rises

Union Money

Union wages seem better until you realize they cause price inflation. Unions are desperately trying to make progress using illegal aliens but Republicans are getting ready to fight them. In preparation for that struggle, no doubt, The Daily Signal has

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The Political Payoff for Amnesty: Union Recruitment

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New story about union strategy reveals the political payoff for amnesty. Why use an executive order to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens? The most obvious answer is voting. By harvesting millions of illegal aliens the Democratic party ultimately

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De Blasio Can’t Control His Police State

The lesson here is that, when you run a police state, it runs you. Cops who live in New York City vote, but there are lots of other voters as well. Bill de Blasio, who is as vile and disgusting

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Guess Why a Cleveland Cop Got His Job Back

police intimidation DC

The police department tried to fire a Cleveland cop but the police union presented a winning defense. A police officer got into a bar fight while drunk and, in the altercation, “lost” his badge and his official firearm. He waited

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Shooters are Guilty for Shooting, not Protesters

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When people commit homicides, the shooters are guilty and not anyone else. The police should stop blaming protesters. [Editor’s Note: This post applies to attempts to shut down criticism of police by blaming critics for the deaths of innocents (as

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Unions Force Non-union Workers into Their Recruitment Events

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Even when they lose a court case, unions get to force the winners to do their will. With tyrants, the answer is always the same: My way, or my way. Here is an example from Illinois Watchdog: “Illinois funnels training

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Federal Employee Still Paid by EPA after Porn Scandal

will rogers government

As a friend of mine said: Here is proof positive that it takes an act of Congress to fire a worthless Federal employee. The guy spent up to three fourths of his day surfing porn… and you and I are

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Michelle Obama Campaigns against Scott Walker

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Just how much of a threat is Scott Walker to the liberal agenda? We already know that the Left is willing to use police state banana republic tactics to take down the governor of Wisconsin. But now we see another

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When Opposing Censorship Is Cover for Unions?


When I wrote “When Opposing Censorship Is Cover for It,” I took the story at face value that there was a huge dispute over curriculum. The school board voted to teach a certain way and the students objected.litle However, it

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