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Minimum Wage Lesson: Union That Campaigned for It Wants Exemption


The union officials who demanded no exceptions to the Los Angeles minimum wage hike are now giving us a minimum wage lesson by asking for an exception. Minimum wage increases don’t increase unemployment, they argue. Or, rather, they assert. There

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Meet One of Wisconsin’s Organized Crime Bosses

john chisholm

District Attorney John Chisholm is no better than an organized crime boss… because he IS a criminal running an organization, the state. Meet yet another poster child for severely limited government: Milwaukee County, Wisconsin District Attorney, John Chisholm. Here’s a

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L.A. Stage Actors Understand Economics! No to Higher Wage.

minimum wage

L.A. stage actors want to be exempt from minimum wage hikes because they don’t want their employers driven out of business. This is great but it is infuriating. Doesn’t anyone realize that all other businesses are affected by the same

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Wisconsin Liberals Terrorize Conservatives with Armed Force

SWAT gunpoint

Wisconsin liberals go after political enemies with full police state—including dawn SWAT-style raids and threats against victims if they told. You don’t have to read dystopian novels to see secret police raids used on Americans in response to their exercise

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Another Victory over Unions!

no to union

Kentucky is pioneering local Right-to-Work ordinances, giving us another potential victory over unions. For a long time now, the question of Right-to-Work laws has been considered exclusively the domains of the state legislatures. However, there are good reasons to question

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Lawsuit: Child Harmed, Humiliated by School Bathroom Policy

school kids raise hands

Why would a school bathroom policy be implemented that denied basic student needs? Because students are for schools, not vice versa. According to a mother, her ten-year-old girl is constantly having accidents now, after she basically injured herself trying to

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The New Hampshire Police Union Flagger Scam

no to union

The New Hampshire police union is fighting legislation that would take away their ability to force utility companies to pay them for easy work. If you have been driving any length of time you have probably come to a place

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Scott Walker Shows the Country Wants Financial Sanity

scott walker

If Scott Walker is aiming at the White House, we can be pretty sure that his bill-signing is giving voters what they want. Does anyone remember when Chris Christie was pumped up as the great fighter of unions? What happened to

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Obama Seeking Emergency Court Order to Restore Amnesty

obama amnesty announced

An emergency court order could process illegal immigrants and thus make it harder to enforce an overturn of the executive overreach. The Executive Branch, including the Department of Justice, wants an emergency court order. What do you think are the

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Smut Plus Unions: Fifty Shades of Grey in Middle School

50 shades of grey

Fifty Shades of Grey marketing is pushed on students but parents don’t get answers. If customers begin to worry that a restaurant has vermin in the kitchen, they can shut it down by eating at other restaurants. If suddenly no one

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The TSA Intimidates and Punishes Whistleblowers


While misusing its authority to withhold information, the TSA intimidates and damages anyone who exposes their deeds. The National Review has now published a full article about the TSA misuse of secrecy to cover up their incompetence: “Transportation Secrecy Administration.”

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New Jersey: Pension Promises are Meaningless, Unenforceable

money swirl

If you are relying on pension promises for your retirement, maybe you need to reconsider. No matter what is promised and no matter what the law says, if the money does not exist, you will not be paid. I am

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