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Government Outsources Gangsterism In Philadelphia

sopranos Government doesn’t always tyrannize us by its own soldiers. Sometimes it simply refuses to see when one group in society dominates and exploits another group. From “10 leaders of Ironworkers Local 401 charged in racketeering indictment.” They called themselves "the Helpful Union Guys" - "THUGS" for short - and woe awaited any contractor who […] Continue reading →

If These Charges Are True, Do You Really Think McDonald’s Can Afford To Pay More?

mcdonalds evil Some former employees of McDonald’s are suing the restaurant chain in three states. In California, Michigan, and New York they are alleging that the restaurants “illegally underpaid employees by erasing hours from their timecards, not paying overtime and ordering them to work off the clock.” According to the New York Times: The lawsuits were announced […] Continue reading →