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Think Unions Are Opposed By Big Business? Think Again!

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So, did you hear how workers at the VW plant in Chattanooga recently voted down an attempt by the United Auto Workers to organize? The union thugs were really, really mad about it, but they lost. Oh, but there’s more

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Good News: Supreme Court Decided in our Favor, 5-4; Bad News: We’re Still Hostages to Nine People


Two pieces of good news from the Supreme Court came out today, thought they made it by a small majority—they were not the 9-0 decisions we have seen recently. First of all, the Hobby Lobby case was decided in Hobby

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Best Court Ruling Ever? Public School Teacher Tenure Ruled Unconstitutional!

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I have never understood the idea of teacher tenure. At what other job does someone get to suddenly be free from the need to perform in order to keep one’s job? But at least with colleges and universities students usually

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The People of Seattle Elected a Kleptomaniac for City Council and Deserve What They Get

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The New American reports, Monday’s announcement that the Seattle City Council had voted 9-0 to raise the city’s minimum wage to $15 an hour was much more about advancing a political agenda than about improving economic conditions of the working poor. It

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Those Uneducated McDonald Workers Were Striking to Give Their Jobs To College Graduates


Is the staff at McDonald’s and Burger King about to get an upgrade? As my friend, Jeremy, points out, this may very well be the case. If the Labor Unions and their fast-food working pawns get their wish—and the minimum-wage

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When Ungrateful, Economic Illiterates Go On Strike, Thank Them for Identifying Themselves

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From USA Today: “Fast food workers strike for higher wages.” Hundreds of fast food workers walked off their jobs in dozens of U.S. cities on Thursday — reportedly forcing at least a few locations to temporarily close or re-staff while

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Workers Flee Unions Like They Are Fleeing Tyranny


Unions wrap themselves in the American flag and self-righteously trumpet their contributions to our society. If you buy their rhetoric, you’d think freedom would disappear from the land if Unions didn’t exist. So how come workers flee Unions like oppressed

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Government Outsources Gangsterism In Philadelphia


Government doesn’t always tyrannize us by its own soldiers. Sometimes it simply refuses to see when one group in society dominates and exploits another group. From “10 leaders of Ironworkers Local 401 charged in racketeering indictment.” They called themselves

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If These Charges Are True, Do You Really Think McDonald’s Can Afford To Pay More?

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Some former employees of McDonald’s are suing the restaurant chain in three states. In California, Michigan, and New York they are alleging that the restaurants “illegally underpaid employees by erasing hours from their timecards, not paying overtime and ordering them

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Another Bankrupt City Can’t Afford Its Unions

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It isn’t just Detroit or Stockton, California. It is happening everywhere. The Las Vegas Sun reports, “North Las Vegas mayor asks for more time to fix city’s finances.” North Las Vegas has a little more than a month to solve an

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Union In Harry Reid’s State Threatening To Go On Strike Because Of Obamacare

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Remember: Harry Reid assured us that Obamacare is wonderful and that all the “horror stories” about the Affordable Care Act are lies. Looks like the casino workers in Las Vegas disagree. They don’t want it. From Buzzfeed: On Feb. 20,

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Corrupt Illinois Continues Downward While Wisconsin Prospers After Defeating Unions

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I’ve written about Illinois corruption before, using some observations made by Mish on his Global Economic Trend Analysis blog. Recently, Mish addressed the issue again. This is easy to do since everything about Illinois seems to keep getting worse. But

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